The weird world of Harvey Proctor

dirty bastard

Dirty old cunt Harvey Proctor has been whinging that Operation Midland made ‘bizarre’ allegations of paedophilia against him and he’s totally innocent of any wrong-doing.

What a fucking liar.

proctor cunt

The filthy bastard was indeed a key-player in the VIP child-rape ring which ran (and stills runs) through the sordid British Establishment and he fucking knows it.

He’s hoping that raisin-in-a-wig Cliff Richard is also exonerated from similar claims and says Cliff is being ‘dignified’ throughout his ‘ordeal’.

Cliff is Vile


What a fucking laugh.

Old Cliff get his kicks from young boys pissing and shitting in his mouth and is up to his neck in filth of the very highest order .

Weirdo Cliff

Is is any wonder he’s getting sympathy from the likes of Harvey Proctor?

Proctor thinks he’s being clever because his raping colleagues have paid for his recent high-profile media appearances and have appointed him a top legal team.

evil cunt

Why the fucking hell would they if he were merely a decrepit old shit who ‘spanked’ a few lads in the seventies?

It’s because they know full -well that Proctor is a loose-cannon who knows their dirty secrets and would have no hesitation in revealing them.


He’s now being wheeled-out all over the place and playing the “poor-me” victim card, when the real victims of this scum are vilified and accused of false memory syndrome.

Dolphin Square abuse

The powers-that-be are pulling out all the stops in a desperate effort to keep a lid on Britain’s child-raping secrets and will use any dirty tactics available.

But here’s a word of warning for Proctor and his debauched paedophilic cohorts.

Tory Minister

If you think you’ve ‘won’ just because Operation Midland has been forced to close down, you can fucking think again.

We won’t give up until every single one of you is exposed for the disgusting scum you really are.

You have our fucking word on that.

It’s only a matter of time.









60 thoughts on “The weird world of Harvey Proctor

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  2. Excellent, thank you Coleman.

    For those who don’t know the background, here’s some supplementary information on Harvey Proctor, the poor victim:

    1. Harvey Proctor mentored alleged paedophile Derek Laud at the racist Monday Club that Proctor chaired. More on Derek Laud below.

    2. While studying at the University of York, Proctor’s contemporaries included (i) Christine Hamilton, (ii) Michael Brown, and (iii) Harriet Harman:

    Christine Hamilton later worked as a secretary to MP Wilfred (“Wilf”) Proudfoot, who was PPS to Sir Keith Joseph and a close friend of… Harvey Proctor. In more recent times, we find Christine Hamilton working as a publicity agent for Derek Laud, the alleged Dolphin Square paedophile and child pornography importer. Derek Laud’s cohabiting boyfriend during the time of the alleged Dolphin Square child sex attacks was… Michael Brown MP.

    Michael Brown was reportedly cohabiting with his partner Derek Laud at the time of the Dolphin Square child sex attacks. Allegedly Brown engaged in many of the same paedophile crimes as Laud. The couple were both involved in the racist Monday Club with Proctor; indeed Proctor “mentored” Laud at this club, as stated earlier.

    Harriet Harman is the niece of the late Lord Longford. Coleman has reported on Lord Longford’s links to Cliff Richard (whom police continue to investigate in relation to multiple child sexual assault allegations) and the late Sir James Savile, arguably Britain’s most prolific child rapist. Speaking of Savile, I’m told that Proctor’s solicitor was first based at Roundhay Road in Leeds, close to where Savile resided. Remember, Savile was not just a serial child rapist, but also an alleged satanist. Another alleged paedophile satanist was the late Conservative MP Enoch Powell.

    3. Speaking of Enoch Powell, as a student at the University of York, Harvey Proctor invited Powell to address a meeting.

    4. Harvey Proctor was succeeded as the MP for Billericay by Teresa Gorman. Bizarrely, within a few days of Proctor’s bomb-shell press conference last year, Gorman dropped down dead.

    5. Harvey Proctor sexually assaulted a 15-year old boy in Morocco, who was found underneath Proctor’s bed, naked:

    6. Harvey Proctor is a very sadistic paedophile according to the available reports. Infamously, he was convicted of viciously assaulting 17-year-old youths – and this was very much in Proctor’s character. Indeed, on one occasion Proctor attacked someone so severely that police had to be called:

    7. Harvey Proctor has been seen at child rape ‘parties’ by *two* *separate* witnesses:

    8. Proctor’s entry in “Who’s Who”:


    To summarise, Harvey Proctor appears to be deeply enmeshed in the Westminster/VIP paedophile network alongside his close political friends and allies. These are understood to include Christine and Neil Hamilton; Michael Brown and Derek Laud; (and indirectly) David Cameron’s former boss Lord Lexden, and Cameron’s late father-in-law Sir Reginald “Reggie” Sheffield (Sheffield was good friends with Derek Laud).

    Also linked to the same Tory network are Michael Portillo, Peter Lilley, and *possibly* the late Michael Colvin. David Cameron’s knowledge of the paedophile network can be fairly surmised.

    Reportedly, the network’s centres of operation spanned:

    (i) Dolphin Square and numerous other London establishments, including those operated by Local Authorities (Westminster, Lambeth, Richmond and Islington) and possibly the Elm Guest House;

    (ii) the Bryn Alyn Community children’s homes in North Wales (where visiting paedophiles and child procurers/traffickers included Lord McAlpine and Jimmy Savile);

    (iii) southern England properties destroyed by catastrophic fires in which foul play was suspected. Michael Colvin MP was killed by a suspicious fire in his home at Andover. Young survivors of sexual abuse at Bryn Alyn were killed in a suspicious fire at a rented house in Hove.

    Poor, poor, Harvey Proctor. Definitely not a predatory, violent, sadistic, racist, lying, conspiring, child-raping criminal. At all.

    See also:


    • National treasure, when did he get dug up then? I never liked the stumpy, short arsed, shit bag, he was too cocky for me and as cruel as it sounds, I was glad to see the back of the little shit! He was another recipient of one of queen lizard’s ‘iffy’ honours too wasn’t he? Hmmm is about right Christinne!

  3. Tony Blair ‘D noticed’ Operation Ore which would have unmasked many of these homosexual paedophiles, but the evangelical minister Fred Seaman from Norfolk was the key to gaining a lot of identities from his filthy magazine ” bumboy”.
    Children’s Minister Margaret Hodge (Opppenheimer) shredded the Nene report which named so many care homes and orphanages where boys were being abused by homosexuals. It’s time all this came out into the public gaze.

    • Hodge may, or may not, be a master criminal hiding in plain sight. I lean 51% on the side of believing her dangerous.

  4. He will likely ” die ” just like Leon Brittan and Greville Janner and Cliff is Barbadian and can’t be extradited. The PTB are way ahead of the gormless British public and are laughing at how easy it is to feed them their lies, and get away with it.

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  6. That top pic of Proctor says it all really, he looks just what he is in my opinion, a fucking nonce through and through!

  7. It seems that the Daily Mail prepared an article last year about the hotel in Morocco where Harvey Proctor raped a 15 year old boy.

    But the Mail’s editor apparently decided to shelve the article – it was never published(?)

    In any case, I can’t find a matching article in the Daily Mail archives…(?)


    Website REMOVES photographs and captions attributed to a report created or commissioned for the Daily Mail but never published.

    The article described how Harvey Proctor raped a 15-year old boy in a Morocco hotel. For whatever reason, the Daily Mail “lost” or changed its mind about publishing this particular article after it was written or commissioned and photographs had been taken at the hotel in Morocco where the rape took place.

    The photos and captions appear to have been removed from the applicable website earlier today.

    Unfortunately for the Daily Mail and Harvey Proctor, this action to remove the photos and captions came too late. All the screenshots have been taken & saved.


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    • Exaro has likely been infiltrated.

      Alternatively, it’s been a security services’ front organisation since day 1 (the “controlled opposition” — used for manufacturing public opinion, as well as for intelligence-gathering purposes).

      At the very least, Exaro’s abject failure to counteract the Establishment’s lies about VIP child rapists shows that it is quite effectively “contained” by the ptb.

      No one should be putting too much faith in Exaro, sadly.

      I very much hope to be proven wrong.

  10. Yeah…fry, gays are not paedo’s…sure. then why are they ALWAYS hanging round parks, toilets & cemeteries lookin AND/OR meeting up with their ‘chickens’ (underage rent numbers. It’s brutal in Edinburgh… EVERYONE KNOWS WHY THIS TWAT PISSED OFF TO EUROPE IN THE 90s………… Rik Mayall R.I.P. You complete, total & utterly brilliant bastard X ★

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