Who knows the truth about Britain’s missing care children?


As we edge ever and ever closer to discovering the true and horrifying scale of  Britain’s VIP child-abuse and murder ring, why are there so few reports on the shocking scandal of thousands of children ‘disappearing’ from council care?

According to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act, a staggering five thousand children have gone missing over the past two years, including babies, some of whom have yet to be found.

Missing BoysAbused child

How the bloody hell can the Met police be given millions of taxpayers money to search for one child, Madeleine McCann, yet thousands of care children are discarded without so much as a missing person’s poster?

RIP Maddie

What is really happening to Britain’s missing care children?

The tragic truth is that most of them have been wrongly snatched in the first place, taken from loving parents by psycho-social workers, desperate to get a filthy bonus and meet their paedophilic master’s targets.

Social Workers LiarsSocial Worker LiesFemale MP Abused Boy in Care

Parents are often poor and powerless and are unable to fight against secret courts, lying scumbag lawyers and the evil and twisted SS.

Their children are then thrown into a deliberately chaotic care-system, which is not monitored at all, and parents are not allowed any further contact with them so they conveniently ‘fall off’ the radar. ( parents are actually jailed if they dare to talk about their child).

Unfortunately, this means they often end up being groomed, raped, abused, and sadly sometimes murdered, by not only foster parents, care-home workers etc. but also by members of Britain’s VIP paedophile ring.

Jason SwiftSocial work misery

Labour filth, Margaret Hodge knows all about these rings and is the ultimate child-snatcher for her paedo pals, having instigated the vile Children’s Act, which gave the SS more and more powers to steal children from innocent parents.

She cackles like a demented slag when yet another family is split apart.

Hodge filthy cowMandelson and Hodge

Some voices terrifyingly claim that mass graves exist in this country, filled with the little bodies of children who have been ritually abused then killed by these scumbags.

Blood Oaks Farmblair-cover-up2

There have been many notorious care-home scandals that have seen poor boys trafficked to be abused by VIP filth.

These have included the Elm Guest House in Richmond ( where boys were trafficked from Grafton care home)

ELM ABUSE HELLElm GuestRantzen and Keith Vaz

The Dolphin Square boy-rape brothel ( where boys were trafficked from the Bryn Alyn care home in North Wales):

dolphinsquare pimlicoDolphin Square abuseBryn Alyn Abuse HomeBryn Alyn HallHague Savile

The Kincora boys home in Northern Ireland ( where hundreds of poor boys were raped and murdered in an intel blackmail racket). Strangely, the fake Justice Goddard inquiry has decided to exclude Kincora from their remit- how fucking surprising:

Kincora filthKincora scandalKincora

The Jersey Haute de La Garenne care home ( which links to Jimmy Savile and the royals):

Jersey Satanic HorrorsDSC_0119JerseyChild Killer Mirror HeadlineSavile and Philip

The Islington care home scandal where hundreds of children were trafficked around the country and the whole operation was overseen by VIP pimp Margaret Hodge and her sicko sidekick, Keith Vaz ( who incidentally adored Greville Janner, the notorious boy rapist who abused boys in care for decades).

Hodge bitchJason SwiftCurrie, Janner and GoveSick bastard JannerVaz filth

This shit goes deep.

Dear reader, is it any wonder therefore that thousands of children in care go missing every year, yet get virtually no media coverage of any sort?

Of course it fucking isn’t.

Because the child-raping scum who run this septic isle of ours need a steady of supply of victims and what better way of meeting their depraved demands than by using Britain’s forgotten children?

It’s about fucking time the police started smashing down care home doors as a matter of urgency.

After all, why the hell wouldn’t they?


( Further reading:

” The horrific child-abuse and murder scandal linked to the BBC, Parliament and Royalty shows no sign of abating.

Satanic Abuse

This excellent article by T. Stokes gives a chilling insight into the depraved and satanic world of the filthy British Establishment and how it links to the abuse and disappearance of thousands of vulnerable boys in care.

” British police ran Operation Arundel which was to grow into Operation Ore and later to Operation Radium, Arundel was a cleanup of the pop music scene, many of those who became early DJs were there to sexually exploit teenagers, in almost every case boys at teen discos and later from care homes.

Chris Dennning, Joe Meek, Allan “fluff” Freeman, Jonathan King, Bill Goldsmith, Jimmy Saville, Brian Epstein and other heterophobics were complicit in enticing boys into sex acts and to parties where they were given drinks and drugs then molested.


Some boys were still at school and some were the androgynous scooter riding teenage lads on motor scooters called Mods, which the DJs called ” nancy boys”.

Operation Ore explored this sordid interest into new realms including politics, especially Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair’s New Labour, so damaging was this shaping to be for the New Labour cabinet that Blair used the D Notice system to sweep it all under the secrecy carpet.

Blair Cover Up

For the final sweep in Operation Radium we owe a big debt of thanks to ex-Chief Constable of Cambridge Julie Spence who ignored political correctness to close 119 migrant brothels in the Cambs, Lincs and the Norfolk areas, releasing women and boys from the awfully sordid lifestyle.

The Russian mafia is extremely active in the general area and imports in youngsters who are forced into prostitution and sometimes killed.

Because the Queens estate is at nearby Sandringham Norfolk, the Royal protection officers had some input and I am grateful for some of the info given here and from Scallywag magazine, the underground student newspaper Rsouls, and workers at News International which as they said “should really be in the public domain” plus London social workers who spoke out along with a retired police doctor who was seriously hassled by a Gay pressure group.

Prince Andy PaedoAlisa

So while all 3 operations were loosely intertwined, one thread ran through them all, the care homes scandal which has always gone on and is nothing new, and is often related to freemasonry/occult/black magic sacrifice.

Edward Paisnell “the beast of Jersey “was the Satanist who terrorised boys into keeping quiet about what was being done to them over many years at the Haut De la Garenne children’s home.

Jersey Satanic Horrors

Children were tortured, sexually abused and at times killed, the only time this stopped according to Christian News reporter Michael Newman was when the Germans ruled the Island in WWII where any homosexual acts would be punished severely, and word was perpetrators would be hung in the market square.

Literally hundreds of mainly boys go missing from care homes each year and many “snuff” movies bought at boot fairs are said to be made of various ritual sacrificial slayings.

The passage in Leviticus 53:2-5 then God said; : “take your only son Isaac, whom you love and go to the region of Moriah, sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains” that the Jews of the Old Testament did sacrifice children there can be no doubt as confirmed by Rabbi Teitelbaum and many others.

Greville Jannerdannythefink-and-greville-janner1

The huge numbers of children going missing each year in the UK and never found, suggest just how big this problem is.

William Mcgrath was housemaster at Kincora boys home and was in the same huge sex ring as Ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath, Edward Paisnell, Nicholas Rabet, Sydney Cooke, Neil Hocquart, Tom Driberg ,Sir Anthony Blunt and grand masonic master Sir Knox Cunningham, Blunts close friend.

Kincora filth

Neil Hocquart who blackmailed old single men to make him beneficiary in their wills, died mysteriously during investigations and from him police found Walter Clack also known as William Clack and Wallace Crake who had massive files of childporn who also died before justice could be served.

Clack had links to the Jersey care home and to Islington care homes and to bigwigs in the Evangelical church in Norfolk, Clack had lived in Cambridgeshire and had known Anthony Blunt in the fifties.

Jason Swift

Special Branch has photographs of boys bound and gagged in the back of a van off to a “party”on the Isle of Wight, the photos were said to be taken in the 1990s, no one was ever charged for these offences, but child killer Fred West did say that several missing kids would be found there.

Labour party operative Tom Driberg was a member of several rings, his British MI5 file was numbered as 2573 and was listed as a PF or “personal file ” he was alleged to have partaken in child sacrifices with Aleister Crowley, his file was later changed to a PP file and these came under Victor Fergusons section GI, both were intel informers.

Lambeth abuse enquiry

Dr. Alexander Cannon at the Colney Hatch Hospital treated many in public office for disturbed sexualities long before the Maudesley Hospital took over with experts like Ruth Sieffert and Joyce McDougal.

Documents presented in the Operation Arundel’s court case against DJ. Jonathan King, were that he invited back boys from the Walton Hop club, and would also drive round in his Rolls Royce outside schools enticing boys into the car to help him with a pop quiz, he had a secret ‘fantasy room’, a large rectangular suite in his Bayswater mansion bedecked in lush black leather sofas, large swastika flags hung ceremoniously from ceiling to floor.

Although Jewish he had commissioned elaborate faked photo blow-ups of himself in SS uniform, shaking hands with Hitler, he also screened 16mm projections of Nazi films which seemed to excite him.

Jonathan King filth

Boys were told if they mentioned to anyone what had happened the police it would be told they had taken drugs and would be in serious trouble.

So the boys in the main kept quiet, one report shown to me said these DJs were regular visitors to the 12 London care homes and boys taken out were known as “the sweety boys” as they always came back with sweets.

Margaret Hodge (Oppenheimer ) was the children’s minister who was accused of hiding up the child abuse scandal, she was alleged to be close friends with Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Jonathan King.”

Mandelson and Hodge

Make no mistake about it.

Justice is about to descend on this septic isle of ours and, when that happens, the filthy scum who are embroiled in this scandal will fucking pay for their sick crimes.

It’s only a matter of time…”








29 thoughts on “Who knows the truth about Britain’s missing care children?

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  2. The government’s own Nene report (which children’s minister Margaret Hodge and Tony Blair shredded because it contained damning evidence) showed that 16 London boys homes were being visited by homosexuals, and boys were being abused on what the ukcolumn said was on an ” industrial scale” if this got out it would derail the governments pro homosexual agenda so it was suppressed as was Operation Ore and the Longford documents on child abuse

    • Isn’t it about time that the Nene report was put online? Or copied onto data sticks and distributed to those would be interested in reading it??

      I’d be fairly confident a copy still exists. They always seem to…….

  3. Again Coleman we are indebted to you for connecting so many disparate facts to make sense of this evil network and their reach. I’m sure there are many people such as ex-intelligence officers, retired detectives etc who are now considering what to say and to who that should be.

    • Well, it would be far more productive to have private prosecutions and citizens’ arrests than ‘official enquiries’ and the CPS/DPP deciding who to prosecute….can you just imagine the reputation of a Prime Minister who altered the framework of UK law to prevent a private prosecution of VIP paedophiles?! I’m sure they’d be most keen to go out and about amongst the citizenry after doing that…….

  4. RE: The photo of Michael Gove with ‘the late’ serial child rapist, Lord Janner.

    The woman pictured with them looks like Edwina Currie? I can’t be sure if it is Currie, but if it is, I’m afraid few of your readers should be surprised.

    Remember, Edwina Currie has been identified as the female MP who sexually abused Andrew Ash when he was 13 years old (see the Youtube interview with anti-child abuse campaigner and independent filmmaker Bill Maloney).

    What follows is an excerpt from a report in the Express newspaper concerning the sexual abuse that Andrew suffered:

    ‘Of his encounter with the female MP, he [Andrew Ash] said: “She was extremely drunk and was laughing as she did it.

    “I didn’t really know what was going on but the others around her were goading her on.

    “I must have been about 13 years old at the time and felt humiliated.”


    Infamously, Edwina Currie initiated what we must assume was a phony (at least as far as she was concerned) relationship with John Major. From Currie’s perspective, what would that relationship have accomplished?

    ANSWER: It provided the ideal opportunity for the paedophiles and their collaborators to ‘discredit’ Simon Regan and Scallywag magazine in the eyes of the general public.

    Simon Regan and his allies needed to be stopped: In the pages of Scallywag they were, issue by issue, systematically exposing the paedophile network that encircled Westminster – the network of which Edwina Currie was a key part according to reports (see above).

    The solution was to fatally undermine Regan’s credibility.

    Downing Street caterer Claire Latimer was used (by Currie we assume) as part of clever ploy. Regan *knew* that John Major was having an adulterous affair (as did half of Fleet Street), but Currie’s apparent ploy was to see that Regan became convinced *Claire Latimer* was Major’s mistress, not sly old Currie.

    When Regan fell into Currie’s apparent ‘trap’ and printed an article erroneously naming the caterer as Major’s mistress, Currie sealed the trap door shut by having both Major and Latimer sue Regan for libel. This undermined the reputations of Regan and Scallywag among the general population, who weren’t aware of the accomplished trick that had been played.

    2. Edwina Currie’s relationship with Major would have allowed her to tap the prime minister’s brains, to see what he knew or suspected about the paedophiles operating within and around Westminster. The relationship would likewise have allowed Currie to ‘keep an eye’ on the prime minister, in case he got any ideas about sacking, demoting, moving or investigating known paedophile MPs. For both these purposes, Currie’s maneuverings had to be covered-up as much as possible.

    Quite possibly, Currie initiated the affair with John Major for the same apparent reason that she entered the paedophile network: because she is an operative of the intelligence services, domestic and/or foreign. An alternative explanation would be that Currie is simply a paedophile determined to abuse children, cover her tracks, and get away with it.

    * * *

    To summarise:

    In terms of Edwina Currie’s alleged involvement in perpetrating child sexual abuse, and covering up child sexual abuse, her ‘noted pederast’ statement about the late Sir Peter Morrison, her closeness to other known paedophile MPs, and the allegations by Bill Maloney – all seem to implicate her.

    Whether Ms Currie has been staggeringly ignorant or criminally complicit cannot be definitively determined outside of a courtroom. But the evidence that has emerged really does not look good for her.


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