Katie Hopkins and the paedophiles

Katie Hopkins

Deranged rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins has caused outrage by calling footballer Adam Johnson’s victim a ‘slag’.

Hopkins tweetAdam Johnson footballer

Of course, Johnson has been treated in a very different way to Eton scum, Andrew Boeckman/Picard who was allowed to walk away from court scot-free, despite making and distributing thousands of disgusting child-rape images.

Andrew Boeckmanscumbag Peter Ross

To keep the heat off Boeckman and his family’s links to this country’s elite baby-raping scum the Sun published a photograph of Johnson with the headline ” Paedo in his Speedos.”

Adam Johnson

This was done deliberately to confuse readers because it is in fact Andrew Boeckman who is a semi-professional swimmer (and disturbed paedo)  and his father is Chair of the very shady Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club.

Philip J BoeckmanCWSCDame Roberts

Andrew Boeckman was even allowed to change his name for the court case to Picard in a pathetic attempt to stop his vile past being linked to his family.

Fucking epic fail on that score then.


What a state

Strangely, Katie Hopkins never tweets about VIP paedophiles such as Leon Brittan, Greville Janner and Jimmy Savile etc.

Boy rapistNigel Lawsonduplicitous cow and a paedophile

She appears to have been placed in the limelight by the security services to gauge public reaction to her “controversial” views.

She was a key asset in Zionist filth Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. All his top assets are child-raping satanists.

Wrinkle Rupe

Many of her media colleagues are VIP-rapist apologists, such as David Aaranovitch, Danny Finkelstein and Nick Cohen.

David AaronovitchDaniel 'the fink' FinkelsteinNick Cohen

Hopkins recently tweeted about the Madeleine McCann case but conveniently played  on the false idea that Madeleine was abducted when there is zero evidence to this effect.

RIP Maddie


It’s a little known fact that Katie Hopkins was trained at top military school Sandhurst.

SandhurstIntelligence Corps

Hopkins was sponsored throughout college by the Military Intelligence Corps.

bramall and queenie

The military are key players in Britain’s VIP-paedophile network.

Shortly before her death, Peaches Geldof argued with Katie Hopkins on This Morning.

Peaches and Katie

In July 2014, we posted the following:

” Did Peaches Geldof really die of a heroin overdose, or was she murdered, like many before her, because she had knowledge of the powerful VIP paedophile ring linked to the BBC, Government and Royalty?

Peaches Geldof This Morning

Are the filthy British Establishment willing to stop at nothing to cover their sordid secrets?

She had already tweeted the name of the mothers who helped depraved singer Ian Watkins abuse babies.


Ian Watkins Fearne CottonIan Watkins FilthPeaches tweet

Ian Watkins was once the boyfriend of Fearne Cotton.

Fearne Cotton’s second-cousin was BBC executive, Bill Cotton.

BBC PaedosThe Real BBCFearne and Peaches

Did Peaches Geldof contact Fearne Cotton about what she knew?”


Peaches Geldof links to many other mysterious deaths at the paedophile infested BBC, including Jill Dando, Mike Smith and Mark Speight.

Jill Dando Daily Star Headlinemikesmith

Katie Hopkins works for LBC radio.


Decrepit hag Shirley Porter founded LBC at the same time she was keeping a lid on Westminster Council’s links to the Dolphin Square boy-brothel scandal.

Shirley PorterDolphin Square abuse

She also ran a fake charitable trust with Jewish peer, Gerald Ronson.

Gerald Ronson FilthLeon BrittanTop Tory Filth

Ronson is the cousin of boy-rapist Leon Brittan and Malcolm “the poof” Rifkind.

Malcolm Rifkind spent years in charge of Britain’s Military Intelligence Services and is a top Mossad agent.

Weirdo Malcolm RifkindMossadMaxwell Mossad

This shit goes deep.

Last year Alisa and Gabriel blew the lid off the Hampstead satanic scandal involving the rape and torture of children by the very upper echelons of the Establishment.

Gabriel and AlisaSavile SatanSatanic Abuse

The media and intel agencies went in to overdrive to vilify the children’s supporters and play down any mention of satanic rituals.

Satanic child murderedsavile cunt

Children across Britain are being brutally raped and murdered and these vile ‘snuff’ films are being sold across the world for millions. The money made from these films is then laundered through fake boiler-room companies and children’s charities.

In a strange twist, Katie Hopkins recently formed her own company.

evil biatch

She named it Satan’s Mother.


How very strange indeed.

Is there more to Katie Hopkins than meets the eye?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?




49 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins and the paedophiles

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  2. Thank you so much Coleman! The demented ravings of this psychopathic idiot had even penetrated as far as my airwaves and I found her statements provocative rubbish…now I know why…

  3. “In a strange twist, Katie Hopkins recently formed her own company.

    She named it Satan’s Mother.”


    I guess its de rigueur among elite assets carrying out “manufacturing-of-consent” projects to associate themselves with satanic sounding descriptors?

    Katie Hopkins – Satan’s Mother

    Esther Rantzen – Blood Oaks

    Cliff Richard – Black Knight

    Peter Mandelson – The Prince of Darkness

    … to give just a few recent examples. I guess there’s a certain appeal and advantage to hiding in plain view?

  4. Well done Coleman for picking up on that most interesting headline in The Sun which when I saw it at the newsagents I too had to give a double take as I could not believe they had put Broekman on the front page. As you say no it was all about dropping the ignorant white goy in it (a la Ched Evans all over again). I myself wonder if the whole gig was a set up with both the football player and the girl being lined up. This is along the wires of Minority Report elite engineered pre-crime, simply then to distract from the real paedo menace. My betting is on this kind of thing happening now all over the place. Zap and program a few people here and there in order to manufacture the right kind of crime to create the narrative you want for the ignorant scum British public (let’s face it they have allowed the elite to get away with it and in effect have forced all of this onto the true victims which is us on here who would and are fighting it – jail/execute the elite and jail most of the good for nothing UK public I say).

    On a separate note did anyone else notice the disturbing scenes at the Premiere of the Jewish mainstream anti-White racist movie “Grimsby” starring the degenerate jew Baron-Cohen?


  5. I would not be surprised if some of the people shown in the photographs on your blog start getting killed in the near future. It is either that or it will be the suffering of the innocent that will increase from now on. It can either go in one direction or the other from here on. It cannot stay the same that is for certain. The status quo of hidden filth and depravity, keeping the broad mass in poverty and ignorant docility is gone. I have to ask where is the outrage? Where is it? This place is now almost God Forsaken.

  6. Notice the huge coverage of Adam’s sick sex romp while the rest of the mess is carefully kept a lid on. Its like the football player has become a national scapegoat. They conveniently “forgot” about the much more important scums to focus on this man.

  7. Nature spoiled a perfect arsehole when it put a tongue in Katie Hopkins mouth, it seemed to me that Katie Hopkins and Katie Price would say and do anything to grab the spotlight in a ME, ME, ME, way, until I just read the bit about Hopkins and Military intelligence, that’s really changed my perception of her somewhat! The other Katie { Miss Price} on the other hand, could never be associated with intelligence, military or otherwise!

    • Have you ever wondered why the other useless lump, Price, receives so much media attention and publicity, in spite of zero talent or any degree of intellect ? Well, for starters, her maternal grandmother is Jewish, making her Jewish, which must have been of great appeal to the Zionist media, as she appears to enjoy a very cosy relationship with “media mogul” sleazeball and rabid Zionist, Richard Desmond. Thus our hijacked press took her on board to help dumb down the less brighter members of the populace by prompting her dysfunctional, hedonistic lifestyle and multiple partners, one of which is still pushing the transgender agenda by pretending to be a cross-dresser and who she said was ready for a “sex-change” (yeah, right) and her latest job, sexualizing her very young sprog with great aplomb by covering her in make-up and shoving her into beauty contests.

      Let’s face it, a nation full of vacuous, self/sex-obsessed morons are going to be a lot easier to control than a nation full of scientists, as the NWO merchants well know.

    • I note Hopkins is wearing 6 sun-disks in a pyramid style and is that a Monarch Trama based mind control BUTTERFLY printed on her dress upper left arm.

      It’s most likely she called her company ‘Satans mother’ – because she is an Illuminati ‘mother of darkness’ baby SRA programmer. The Illuminati also refer to themselves as the ‘circle’ which is 360 degree = 3*6 = 18 = 666 – children of the Antichrist. I also suspect her bloodline will be linked to the royals.

      The BIG question no one is asking is, is Hopkins a MAN – with his broad manly shoulders, no thighs, big nose, no shape at all – it all there to see she is a trani (those children are adopted: media-make-believe):

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  9. The actress Cheryl Ferguson made a comment last year that this individual, Katie Hopkins, was a “member of the lluminati” – perhaps a little overstated, as the woman does not have the bloodline to actually be a member as such, but most definitely one of these lickspittles working for them and certainly perhaps an initiated ‘member’ in one of their NWO satanic cults that the media have been trying desperately to keep a lid on.


  10. It occurred to me a while ago that no one could be that vile and pushed to the forefront of the media without being paid to spout such nonsense, so I did a wiki search on Hopkins. Well, well, well. Sponsored through uni by the military. Say no more. Bought and paid for.

  11. Johnson is the latest in a long line of celebrities thrown to the wolves for relatively minor offences while VIP child abusers with the ‘right’ connections remain at liberty.
    Hopkins is the latest agent of our foreign-owned media, whose aim has long been to turn British people against each other rather than the evil people running the country.
    I assume Hopkins ‘speaking out’ is connected with Murdoch’s involvement with the Premier League – they are probably worried there are more scandals lurking beneath the surface which might ruin his business model.

  12. In the 1970s the work I was involved in meant I had to connect closely with the police, and I had inside knowledge of some very sensitive topics, and the majority were good hard working coppers, sure we would hear of bad apples but they usually did not last too long.

    One day a detective I knew came in with another policeman I did not know, the detective looked upset and I asked him what was wrong, I had to press him and he told me the following story:

    He said an old lady had phoned her police station that loud moans and silenced screams were coming from the old mans house next door, she was asked what she knew of the man and she just said he lived alone and kept himself to himself, but was worried about the sounds.

    In those days the police used to actually leave their nice warm police stations and come out, and a car went round to the house and one policemen went to the front door and one climbed over the fence round the back while one sat in the car, the policeman who climbed over the back fence radioed to the other two to join him round the back where he could see in the window, and the detective said there were possibly 10 men sat round a crowded bed sewing their balls to the bedsheet, I laughed and said “yeah right you are pulling my leg ” but I could see the colour had drained from his face and he was serious as he went on, we went in and spoke to the men who were involved in the gay S & M scene, I could think of nothing pleasurable about sewing my balls to a bedsheet and replied how strange it was and he said one of these men was an aspiring politician who asked the policemen if he could speak to them on his own.

    Now up until this point the detective I knew said there was little they could charge them with as it was only themselves they were hurting and seemingly, deriving pleasure from it.

    The policeman went on to say the politician said if they would let him go he would tip them off about some very serious sexual stuff in the homosexual underworld, so the police listened hard.

    As a result of the tip-offs two plain clothes officers visited a club in Manchester, one in London and later a club meeting in a Brighton Hotel lounge, they said at the London club they saw men come in with white gloves hanging over the back pocket, white meant virgins, brown gloves meant excreta and bum fetishists, and red gloves meant spilt blood.

    I thought my brain would explode with what I was hearing, but some famous people would be seen mixing with the men who were all waiting to pair off and go to a dimly lit end of the room which contained settees and soft furnishings, apparently one of the regulars here was Denis Nielsen the man who would become the mass murderer who would later go on to murder and eat several young men, it was said at the club that people found this subject as boring as his stories of love of socialism and what he would do if he ran the country, they were just so sick of hearing about him.

    Nevertheless, he spent time in the army and the police where his psychotic opinions and behaviour made him an unpopular loner.

    Also filmed coming out was John Vassall the Admiralty clerk who would be blackmailed over his sexual antics for the Soviet Union, it was said he owned many pairs of hand made shoes and 35 beautiful hand made Saville Row 3 piece suits, and this on a clerks pay never rang alarm bells ?

    The club in Brighton the police said had some very young boys there with the men who were all filmed as they came out, the staff of the spiritualist newspaper were all homosexual and would attend these parties but he said the Manchester club had the DJ Jimmy Savile with his two regular minders running the evening.

    Savile was a miser and kept bills receipts and diaries from this period, and after his death police and Special Branch entered all his homes interested to find and take away the diaries and paperwork, which may have leads to other abusers, several of which included both show biz DJs and politicians who have already been named.

    The red gloves symbolise “blood sports” one of the criminal Kray gang was said to be sexually aroused by the sight of blood, this is I believe called Sanguiphilia, and Lord Moran after W W II claimed Winston Churchill had bouts of it, the healer and osteopath Stephen Ward was murdered to conceal what he knew of old Winston and the royals.

    It was alleged at the time that the Duke of Edinburgh had attended black-magic rituals at the Astor residence ( Samantha Cameron’s family), but i cannot verify this.

    Black magic always has homosexual sex as part of its ritual, this is why it was banned in every religion, because it raised negative low vibrations.

    The consumption of human bodily organs is an integral part of the Bush meat industry, where meat from rare animals and even people is brought into the UK for the immigrant communities, and a net search shows that some of the missing children were sold through butchers shops in with other meat.

    It is believed in some communities that eating a child’s organs will give you the youth and health of the child, and some voices in Interpol say that because of the cottage industry of Israel importing in vast amounts of body parts for experimentation and transplants, blood drinking is actually more common than many realise and the Old Testament covers this well.

    I was consulted on many past cases as other experts came to me for info.

    • Great info, but see the hypocrisy of religions who apparently banned anal sex because of “lower vibrations” while it was allowed and practiced big time among their leading members (and not only). Pedophilia and sex abuse are basically found in all religions and this is nothing new.

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  14. That motor mouth Katie Hopkins had a small part of her brain removed in February of this year in an effort to cure her of epilepsy, that’s rich for a woman who said on April the 7th 2015 that people with Dementia are just ‘Bed Blockers’ !
    In her Sun column on April the 17th 2015 she claimed Migrants were ‘Cockroaches’ and ‘Feral Humans’ and they were spreading like norovirus! What an absolutely wonderful and caring member of the human race she is!

  15. Looks like a Jewess to me. It is strange there is no information on her mother and that her father was an “electrical engineer”. What is she hiding?

  16. Dolphin Square abuse: Is the Prime Minister ‘in on it’?

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