Why the bloody hell hasn’t Alison Saunders been arrested yet?

Alison Saunders

Establishment hag, Alison Saunders, has announced plans to clampdown on online ‘trolls’.

Oh yeah?

What she really means is that her masters have told her to do everything she can to stop social media reporting on VIP paedophiles in power.


Under the guise of protecting the victims of crime,  Saunders is slyly trying to bring in laws to stop Twitter and other sites ‘harassing’ victims and ‘hurting their ‘ feelings’.

Of course, in reality Alison Sunders couldn’t give a fuck about real victims.

She has in fact  spent her legal life as an Establishment ‘gatekeeper’ very much in the same vein as paedophile-lover Esther Rantzen.

satanic slagheapesther savileEsther NSPCC

Despite being a lowly barrister, Saunders has inexplicably risen through the ranks to become head of the CPS (crown prosecution service) and then Director of Public Prosecutions.

Alison gatekeeper

Without a doubt Saunders has been strategically placed in key positions throughout her career to keep a lid on Britain’s dirty secrets and that’s why she wants to imprison social media commentators.

Because behind the scenes, the powers-that-be cannot understand why their former tactics are no longer working.

Paedo Ring Number 10Monday Club abuse ring

Their years of shutting up and vilifying abuse victims to prevent the truth emerging are failing in this new media age and there’s nothing they can do about it.

That’s why they’re trying to criminalise those who are speaking the truth about Britain’s vast and sordid VIP paedophile ring.

Dame Roberts

Well here’s a word of warning.

If you bastards running this septic isle behind the scenes think the threat of imprisonment is going to stop the truth emerging you can fucking think again.

It’s gatekeeprs like Alison Saunders who should be locked up along with her shady husband Neil Saunders.

Dear reader. did you know that Alison Saunders was responsible for keeping a lid on the Hillsborough disaster for a staggering 20 years causing outrage amongst the families of victims?

In memory of Hillsborough victimsHillsborough


Did you know that Alison Saunders was responsible for prosecuting Barry George for the murder of Jilll Dando, when she knew damn well that he was an innocent patsy?

Barry GeorgeJill Dando Daily Star Headline

Jill was in fact shot dead in the head as she was about to blow the lid on the Jimmy Savile BBC scandal.



Did you know that Alison Saunders deliberately allowed boy-rapist Greville Janner to escape prosecution on at least three occasions and was heavily criticised by his victims for doing so?

greville-janner2Naughty Greville Janner and Naughty Cherie Blair



Did you know that Alison Saunders works closely with Brian Leveson and David Neuberger, both Jewish judges with links to the blackmail and abuse racket that keeps MP’S pro-Israeli ( in cahoots with vile scum Rupert Murdoch).

LevesonneubergerMurdoch and Beccie

Leveson was in charge of a fake media-inquiry which was a ruse to shut down the media and Neuberger’s wife used to work with Esther Rantzen at the BBC. He recently said he wants to clamp down on Twitter and other sites ( we bet you fucking do).

Twitter must be brought under control over super-injunctions, judge urges

Did you know that Alison Saunder’s husband, Neil, is also a barrister and his boss is Alex Cameron ( brother of David Cameron).

Mr and Mrs SaundersAlex Camerontrio of filth

Alex Cameron represented top sociopathic blackmailer Rebekah Brooks and his brother was recently accused of committing a sex-act on a dead pig.


We’ve been informed that the act took place on a dead child.


Did you know that Alison Saunder’s husband, Neil, is being investigated by HMRC tax-avoidance because he launders money via dodgy, fake film companies?

Mr and Mrs Saunders


A similar scheme was used by Bob Geldof who is up to his neck in filth of the highest order along with paedo-judge Adrian Fulford.

Tony and BobWaheed Ali wears fur

Geldof’s daughter was recently bumped-off after she started tweeting  names linked to the paedophile ring.

He also shares a company with paedo- Lord Waheed Ali and Rupert Murdoch’s daughter.

This shit goes deep.



Did you know that Alison Saunders pushed for the prosecution of footballer Adam Johnson yet allowed Eton paedophile Andrew Boeckman to use his mother’s maiden name of Picard in court to avoid publicity.

INS News Agency Ltd...27/10/2015 *************** Picture by Kerry Davies *************** An Eton College student found with more than 2,000 indecent images of children had encouraged youngsters to strip for him on webcam, a court heard. Andrew Picard was aged 17 years at the time he is accused of making indecent photographs of children at the prestigious private school near Windsor, Berks. Dressed in a suit with a blue striped tie, Picard, now aged 18 years, entered no plea to 12 counts of child abuse. See copy INSpic

Philip J Boeckman

Many boys are raped at Eton to pass an initiation and then rise through the ranks of society.

Cameron and BorisEton College

David and Alex Cameron went to Eton as did their cousin Boris Johnson.


Did you know that Alison Saunders travelled to Portugal pretending to find Madeleine McCann but was in fact sent to find out what Portuguese police officers were up to?

RIP Maddie

Madeline McCann’s murder links to the VIP ring.

The nephew of Margaret Hodge was on holiday at the same resort and took photos of her.

Margaret Hodge ( nee Oppenheimer) is a a key-player in the ring and was in charge of Islington Council at the time of the Jason Swift scandal.

hodge-filthy-cow2catholic-blair1Jason Swift

She was unbelievably promoted to Children’s Minister by Tony Blair and is responsible for child-snatching laws that allow children to be stolen by social workers and abused in care.


Did you know that Alison Saunders wants social media commentators to be jailed for exposing Britain’s dirty secrets when she herself needs arresting?


It’s about time the police hauled her rotten, sagging arse in for questioning as a matter of urgency.

Because you see it’s not us who’s going down Saunders.

You have our fucking word on that.

It’s you and your dirty, satanic child-raping cohorts.













33 thoughts on “Why the bloody hell hasn’t Alison Saunders been arrested yet?

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  2. She looks almost exactly like an ex-co worker who was Jewish and not a pleasant person to know/work with. She also looks a bit like criminal traitor Angela Merkel.

  3. I wonder what kind of shit Murdoch must be in that he had to distract us by marrying Jerry Hall. It’s beyond ridiculous.

    • marie e, how very perceptive of you, yes, she is, she’s killed my Ann Widdecombe fantasy stone dead, she is absolutely, stunning, no sorry, I meant, ‘she absolutely wants stunning’! I have this fantasy of her and me in a lonely field with the sun shining overhead, me gently stripping off her clothing, and rubbing her down with a handful of dry straw, before patting her on the head and feeding her a sugar lump, or two before the Abattoir lorry arrives! I must admit I had the very same thoughts about Princess Anne and Camilla Parker-Bowles many years ago, way, way back before my Ann Widdecombe phase!

  4. Another demon in high office, answerable to her master, Satan, just like all her fellow demons in control of our planet. They can hear the tick tock Coleman, you can be sure of that, and their fate is of a hell, unimaginable to any punishment they could receive in this life.

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  6. I saw a face like that when I was seven years old, it was in a pork butcher’s window, with an apple in it’s mouth! It scarred me for life, I still can’t look at a pork roast without shuddering!

  7. OMG, If she had a scarf on her head, you could take her for the dark and pervy ‘Tubs’ character in the fabulous comedy The League of Gentleman back in the 90’s! … 😄

    • Thanks for posting this, Christinne, I watched it yesterday, but it seems to have been removed today. Fancy that, eh? I watched it out of interest, to see if it shed any light on Rik Mayall’s sudden demise. Add him to the list with Robin Cook, Steig Larrson, Peaches Geldof, Jill Dando, all the way back to Icarus.

    • Revealing passage from that article:

      ‘To put … the Queen’s reaction to Diana’s death, in perspective, you have to look at how she reacted when the “father figure” to whom she took so many of her troubles, Earl Mountbatten, was killed with others on his little fishing boat by an IRA bomb in Ireland in 1979.

      ‘On that occasion, too, she was at Balmoral. As a royal aide who was there recalls: “Her reaction was terribly matter-of-fact. I remember her coming in and saying: ‘I’m afraid, everybody, Uncle Dickie has been killed.”

      And we then got on with lunch…”‘


      Article from the Daily Telegraph:

      ‘”A high-scoring psychopath views the world in a very different way,” says Hare. “It’s like colour-blind people trying to understand the colour red, but in this case “red” is other people’s emotions.’

      ‘At heart, Hare’s test is simple: a list of 20 criteria, each given a score of 0 (if it doesn’t apply to the person), 1 (if it partially applies) or 2 (if it fully applies). The list in full is:

      – glibness and superficial charm [Queen = 2 points]

      – grandiose sense of self worth [Queen = 2 points]

      – pathological lying [2 points]

      – cunning/manipulative [2 points]

      – lack of remorse [2 points]

      – emotional shallowness [2 points]

      – callousness and lack of empathy [2 points]

      – unwillingness to accept responsibility for actions [2 points]

      – a tendency to boredom [unknown. 0 points reflects benefit of the doubt]

      – a parasitic lifestyle [2 points]

      – a lack of realistic long-term goals [seemingly plans to continue the charade through her 90s and beyond. 2 points]

      – impulsivity [unknown. 0 points purely reflects lack of information]

      – irresponsibility [2 points]

      – lack of behavioural control [0 points reflects lack of information]

      – behavioural problems in early life [0 points]

      – juvenile delinquency [0 points reflects lack of information]

      – criminal versatility [2 points]

      – a history of “revocation of conditional release” (ie broken parole) [she’s a dangerous recidivist = 2 points]

      – multiple marriages [0 points]

      – promiscuous sexual behaviour [2 points based on reports]

      A pure, prototypical psychopath would score 40. A score of 30 or more qualifies for a diagnosis of psychopathy.’

      [I calculate Queen Elizabeth scores 28+ – i.e., borderline psychopathy]


  8. With a view to 5 years in prison – to be decided in a July trial, if two applications won’t be dismissed on 08 April in Blackfriars Court, I put this document together:https://mckenzies4fairness.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/16-03-11-alleged-abusers-as-accusers-of-whistleblowers6.pdf

    I’m also studying “Children for the Devil – Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crimes” – by Tim Tate who was part of the Cook Report team and published that book in 1991. Unfortunately Police took the publisher to Court and won.

    Please hope and pray that our trial will NOT be a repeat of the consisting pattern of

    1. horrendous crimes against children: in the Hampstead Case we’re talking about 66 children altogether!

    2. institutional cover-ups combining Councils with their Social Services, Police and Courts, as well as the High Court, the mainstream media and internet companies; my latest discovery is that http://www.whistleblowerkids.uk does not appear on the list for ranking by http://www.alexa.com;

    3. hounding whistle-blowers quite regularly and systematically. In my case ever since I fled UK jurisdiction and dared to come back… But then my mother said that her daughter is fearless… Not true any more, since I was handcuffed after midnight with forced entry by Police… But, this, too, will pass…

    THANKS for pointing out the high-level cover-ups!

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