Paedophile Andrew Picard/Boeckman attended the same school as Keith Vaz

Andrew Boeckman Picard

Eton paedophile Andrew Boeckman made and shared thousands of images of toddlers and children being raped and abused.

The bastard was let-off because Judge Peter Ross said “ your family has suffered enough’.

scumbag Peter Ross

Oh yeah?

Are you having a fucking laugh?

Boeckman was even allowed to use his mother’s maiden name of Picard in court.

The media would have us believe that Andrew Boeckman was working alone when he asked young boys to rape each other and filmed a two-year old girl being raped by a dog.

But how likely is that?

It’s much more likely he was working as part of a larger and highly organised child-rape operation possibly in collusion with his father and others.

Andrew Boeckman was no lone teenager sitting in his dorm and spreading this filth.

Not by a long shot.

Dame Roberts

His father is wealthy lawyer Philip J Boeckman , a chairman of the Chelsea and Westminster swimming club.

Philip J BoeckmanCWSC

Is he linked to Britain’s vast and sordid paedophile ring?

Is Eton College also linked to the scandal?

” What do we really know about exclusive boy’s boarding school, Eton College?

Eton CollegeHarry and Wills at Eton

Many of Britain’s top politicians, actors, diplomats and royalty were educated there.

Here are some well-known Old Etonians:

1) David Cameron (Prime Minister)

Cameron and Boris

2) Boris Johnson (Mayor of London)

3) Ian Fleming (007 author)

4) Damian Lewis (Actor)

5) Myles Ponsonby (Diplomat and MI6 officer)

6) Princes William and Harry (Queenie’s grandchildren)

7) Alan Clark (deceased politician)

8) Douglas Hurd (Politician)

9) Christopher Cazenove (deceased actor)

10)  Sir Francis Richards (former head of spy-station GCHQ)

11) Oliver Letwin (politician)

12) Geoffrey Adams (Diplomat)

13) Ian Ogilvy (actor -The Saint)

14) Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury)

15) Darius Guppy (criminal)

Some people claim that children are often buggered in exclusive public schools.

This buggering is supposed to instill a stiff upper-lip into children.

Some say it makes children susceptible to conditioning techniques.

There have been several child-abuse scandals involving Eton College.

The authorities have been very lax in their response to these claims.”

Before moving to Eton College, Andrew Boeckman and his siblings attended the £17,000 per annum Upper Latymer School in Hammersmith. ( Their parents Philip and Erin Boeckman are named in the following report.)

Curiously, sicko MP Keith Vaz ( a lawyer) also attended Upper Latymer as did Joshua Rosenburg of the paedophile-infested BBC. The recently deceased Alan Rickman was also a pupil.


Vaz filthJoshua RozenburgSavile SatanAlan Rickman

The old school-tie boys network eh?

In a bizarre twist we find that Joshua Rozenburg and his decrepit wife Melanie Philips’ son recently became the Labour representative for the West Hampstead area of Camden.

Evil looking biatchHampstead Christchurch

Hampstead was at the centre of abuse allegations last year which were quickly closed down by the media and intel-agencies. Alisa and Gabriel said they were raped at swimming pools and local schools by rich ‘clients’.

Alisa and GabrielBoy rapist

Philip Rosenberg also works for the Jewish Board of Deputies of which boy-rapist Greville Janner was President.

Keith Vaz is one of the country’s top paedophile protectors and has been strategically placed in various Local Authorities as their solicitor at the time of child-abuse claims: Islington at the time of the Jason Swift  paedophile scandal and Richmond-upon-Thames at the time of the Elm Guest House.

Rantzen and Keith Vazgreville-janner2Hodge filthy cow

The filthy bastard has also been a staunch ally of boy-rapist Greville Janner and needs arresting as a matter of urgency.

Dear reader, this shit goes so deep there’s not enough andrex in the land to clean it up.

It’s about fucking time Keith Vaz, Philip J Boeckman, Eton College and Latymer Upper School came forward and told the police everything they know about paedophiles in their midst.

After all.

Why the hell wouldn’t they?



30 thoughts on “Paedophile Andrew Picard/Boeckman attended the same school as Keith Vaz

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  2. Mr. Coleman, in case u havent seen this, its about time to. I was sure I read of Christopher Cazenove being involved in the paedo mess and it wasnt just Fellows who said that, if Im not wrong it was a slight and passing mention of it in our beloved Daily Fail (and it wasnt quoting Fellows at all). Besides, much like most ppl, I cant stand that Joan Collins creepy hag whos in deep shit above her head. I wonder if she is still a “madam”, her call girls net is legendary….

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  4. I hope someone’s going to track this creep’s progress through life, and keep us informed. The thought that he could drop out of sight, following a name-change and a touch of plastic surgery, is scary.

  5. Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz MP provided a very useful service in respect of the ‘Jacintha Saldhana Murder Incident’. Indeed, Vaz was probably complicit in the cover-up of the murder of Ms Saldhana (assuming murder in fact took place).

    Moreover, depending on whether, and the extent to which, Mr Vaz was apprised of the apparent ‘murder plot’ before it was carried out, Mr Vaz could well be an accessory to murder (which would be entirely in Mr Vaz’s character.)

    Recall, we were told that Jacintha Saldhana – a nurse working at King Edward VII’s Hospital – ‘hanged herself’ because she was ‘mortified’ about ‘falling for’ a prank call by radio presenters purporting to be the queen.

    This explanation was of course laughably absurd! Given what we know of the queen, prince Philip and their minions, a more plausible explanation is either:

    (a) That nurse Saldhana’s death warrant was signed because she saw something that no ‘layperson’ is permitted to see and remain living. And/or,

    (b) That nurse Saldhana was ritually murdered to produce auspicious energy for the birth of ‘Prince George of Cambridge’ (whoever his true parents might be). And.or,

    (c) That nurse Saldhana was murdered (or ‘murdered’) to create a big distraction and TV spectacle: drawing attention away from bizarre aspects of Catherine Middleton’s stay in the hospital and the (apparent) childbirth.

    Keith Vaz, who is not and has never been the MP for Westminster where the apparent murder occurred, hot-footed it over to the hospital in order that he could parade Ms Saldhana’s ‘grieving family members’ before the world’s TV cameras.

    To those of us watching the news footage, it was painfully unclear why the crocodile tears of a random politicians from a different constituency (among the UK’s most disingenuous, cynical, corrupt and criminal MPs) would benefit the deceased’s ‘grieving relatives’ (if that is what they were) in any way at all.

    A more appropriate response to having oily Vaz draping his arms around one would be to call for help – unless of course the persons being ‘hugged’ by that evil little octopus were not all they appeared to be, either.

    In conclusion, Keith Vaz – while entirely corrupt and criminal – is not really all that bright.

    His daily actions provide us with useful information about crimes being committed, previously committed, or in the process of being committed. For wherever Vaz is, corruption and evil is surely near at hand.

  6. So former Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson, whose crimes are of a different order of magnitude to those of Andrew Boeckman, will face years of imprisonment.

    In stark contrast, we learn that well-connected Eton alumnus, Andrew Boeckman, will spend no time in prison whatsoever.

    Should we be at all surprised by this sentencing discrepancy? Let’s recall:

    – John Stingemore was convicted; Sir Peter Telford Hayman KCMG CVO MBE, strangely, never was.

    – Rolf Harris was imprisoned; the Right Honourable The Lord Brittan of Spennithorne QC PC DL, strangely, never was.

    – (James) Stuart Hall was imprisoned; Sir Edward Heath KG MBE, strangely, never was.

    – Maxwell Clifford was imprisoned; the Right Honourable The Lord Janner of Braunstone, strangely, never was.

    – John Allen was imprisoned; Baron McAlpine of West Green, strangely, never was.

    – Raymond Teret was imprisoned; Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile OBE KCSG, strangely, never was.

    How reassuring it is to know that British justice is blind.

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