The weird world of Chris Tarrant

Chris Tarrant

In 2013, Chris Tarrant claimed there was a ‘witch hunt’ taking place following the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Along with BBC hag Esther Rantzen, he also denies any knowledge of Savile’s child-raping ways, and recently stated ” I dont know how he got away with it for so long“.

Savile filthesther savileRantzen

Savile used his image as a zany children’s presenter to gain their trust before abusing them and pimping them out to his friends in royalty and showbiz.

Chris Tarrant used to host zany children’s show Tiswas.


He has close links to the Royals and was awarded an OBE by Queenie.

An OBE appears to be a badge of honour amongst VIP paedophiles:

Rolf OBECliff Richard OBEJimmy Savile OBECyril Smith OBEStuart Hall

One of the only people to win Who Wants to be A Millionaire was Judith Keppel, a relative of the royals.


Chris Tarrant used to work with Prince Edward’s wife Sophie Rhys-Jones, who was infamously snapped topless before her wedding.


Edward is rumoured to be gay.

His brother Charles loves paedophiles and was a key player in the recent Peter Ball scandal, as well as being a close friend of Jimmy Savile.

Charles and Peter BallCharles Savile

Prince Andrew also loves paedophiles and is linked to top-ranking VIP pimps Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Prince Andrew 4-Day StayPrince Andrew, underage girl and Maxwell

Their father, Prince Philip, is a known boy-rapist who loves to visit children’s homes and abuse lads.

What a charmerElm Guest House Daily Mail

Princess Diana was a Patron of the children’s homeless charity , Centrepoint.

Princess Diana Centrepoint

Coincidentally, so is Chris Tarrant.

As Patron of hundreds of charities, Diana had a special affinity for the homeless charity Centrepoint, but, as with most things in filthy Britain, Centrepoint may not be as it seems to be:


What do we really know about the young people’s homeless charity Centrepoint?

It was established in Soho in 1969 by Reverend Kenneth Leech.

Reverend Leech wanted young homeless people to have a night shelter.

Reverend Leech knew the Kray twins.

Reverend Leech was the “advisor on exorcism and the occult” to the London Bishops.

Many young people who go to Centrepoint are vulnerable and have been in and out of the care system.

Many young people who go to Centrepoint could disappear and nobody would know about it.”

Could a young person have confided in Diana about children going missing from care and ending up in VIP boy-brothels?

As Diana herself once said:

” Anyone in distress can always call me. I will come running, wherever they are.”

Did someone in distress call her and divulge a most terrible secret?”

Prince Philip and Prince Charles both wanted Diana dead.

Was this because she’d stumbled across Britain’s murderous VIP paedophile network?

philip-hates-meDiana letter

By a strange coincidence, Chris Tarrant is the patron of another children’s charity yet again linked to Diana, this time the New School at West Heath for disadvantaged children, which was previously the private school she attended.

Chris and childrenNew School West Heath

Esther Rantzen is also a patron.

Rantzen is a key-player in the abuse network and runs the front Childline organisation which filters calls about VIP abusers. Ex-intel officers have claimed that her Blood Oaks Farm estate has children’s bodies buried on it.

satanic slagheapBlood Oaks Farm

In a recent post we wrote that Levi Bellfield is innocent and has been falsely jailed for the murder of Surrey schoolgirl Milly Dowler.

Levi BellfieldMax Clifford Surrey HouseMilly Dowler

Milly Dowler was the victim of Rupert Murdoch’s blackmail abuse ring.linked to VIPs and of which Max Clifford was a top- agent.

Murdoch and BeccieMax Clifford FilthBlackmail

In yet another twist, we find that Chris Tarrant is a trustee of ‘ Milly’s Fund’ which was set up in her memory.

Tiswas TarrantMillie Dowler

He is also the patron of the Phoenix Centre for disabled children with special educational needs.

Chris Tarrant

In an anonymous blog discussing Jimmy Savile, the following chilling comments were made:

Chris Tarrant transported disabled children including those in wheel chairs from somewhere to a Mason affiliated workmen’s club (the place has no name). On one occasion, the driver had just offloaded a bunch of disabled kids from his bus under the supervision of Chris Tarrant.

A young boy had wheeled himself in, only to be lifted off his wheelchair, placed on the pool table and raped by Johnny Walker who also had a rent boy set up for providing boys for MPs, police barristers and others to rape.  

The disabled kids Chris Tarrant transported and supervised to be raped by VIP’s were nick named “Sad Salads

How fucking sickening.

Is there more to Chris Tarrant than meets the eye?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?















34 thoughts on “The weird world of Chris Tarrant

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  3. These people really are repulsive…disabled children defenceless and dependent on other humans. How vile and depraved is Chris Tarrant and his cohorts. They have to be stopped…. this is beyond insane. They are criminals and perverse. What kind of illness is this????

    • This shit goes so deep it’s almost beyond the comprehension of normal people and that’s exactly what this filth count on.
      Disabled children make easy victims because how the hell can they report what they’ve been through?

  4. “A young boy had wheeled himself in, only to be lifted off his wheelchair, placed on the pool table and raped by Johnny Walker who also had a rent boy set up for providing boys for MPs, police barristers and others to rape.”
    Is this Johnny Walker the Radio 1 – 2 DJ?

  5. Remember when Chris Tarrant encouraged a young girl to pull her top up live on TV in his programme Tiswas ? It was disgusting since Tiswas was a Saturday morning kids’ programme. Sickened me at the time because my kids loved the programme and I remember thinking , why bring sex into this? Another Public School twat ( Bromsgrove )

      • It was called OTT (Over The Top), I remember it.

        The programme’s origins can be traced to Independent Broadcasting Authority worries about the increasingly risqué content of Tiswas. To find an outlet for this aspect of Tiswas’s content, Tarrant joined up with Gorman, Henry and James in a live tour of nightclubs and colleges called The Four Bucketeers. The success of this tour (plus album, single and Top of the Pops appearance) made them realise that an appreciative adult audience existed. On 28 March 1981, Tarrant, Carolgees, Gorman and Henry left Tiswas for good to start work on O.T.T..

        In January 1982 Chris Tarrant told Kenneth Kennaugh: “We know it has enormous potential appeal for adults. Quite what that appeal was remained remarkably ill defined.” The same article stated that Lenny Henry “doesn’t know what he will be doing in tonight’s O.T.T.. But one thing is sure. When the show ends he’ll be standing under a hot shower – ‘just to recover’ … Henry loves the uncontrolled humour where even he never knows what is going to happen next. Tiswas was marvellous to work on. It was a new style of lunatic humour, and we got away with murder. When I first started Tiswas, my nerves used to go before each show simply because it was live. But now, in OTT I just get on with it.”

        Name origins…Rick Wakeman:
        “an elite showbiz club, called ‘Over The Top’ in the late seventies. I became chairman and the president was a record plugger called Allan James, who also used to supply some of the music acts for Tiswas. We would all meet up in restaurants. There were about 20 of us in all, and whilst the evening meal would start quite normally, it usually ended in ejection or sometimes arrest as things became very similar to that of the Tiswas programme. We called ourselves the Over the Top Club and that indeed was where the name and idea for the spin-off TV series of the same name came from, hosted by Chris Tarrant. Membership was elite and we were banned eventually from at least nine restaurants to my knowledge.”[1]

  6. Circa 1977 ( approx ) Tarrant visited Lodge Farm Middle School Redditch Studley Rd, Redditch B98 7HH where he & others filmed a program called “Good Health” Boys in the year above myself were filmed naked in the showers causing considerable disquiet amongst we pupils. Some of the footage was later broadcast. Oddly there now appears to be scant internet results re this incident of the program ?

    Good Health, a health education programme made by ATV/Central

    ITV Schools (full name: Independent Television for Schools and Colleges) was the educational television service set up in 1957 by the Independent Television Authority, broadcasting learning programmes for children ages 5 to 18 across ITV-affiliated stations. It was an example of public service broadcasting on a commercial television network (as opposed to the public BBC and their service BBC Schools).

    Where might that footage reside ?

    East Midlands Television Centre in Nottingham began operation in September 1983.[18] but was officially opened by H.R.H Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip in March 1984.[19] The studio was eventually sold in 2004 to the University of Nottingham as an independent facility and as the home of the Media Archive for Central England, where most of ATV’s and Central’s programmes are archived.

  7. The new school at west heath is a concern on a level few realize, there is far far more wrong than the 1 sex case. If you are a parent think the worst

  8. Not directly related to Tarrant. Centrepoint was the building that featured in The Med-usa Touch film (Medusa, gorgon of terror), an early example of mass 9/11 predictive programming/mind control propaganda. A 747 aircraft is remotely flown into a tower block (Centrepoint) via mind control. The film was funded/produced by Jew/Zionist Lew ‘ITV/ITC/ATV’ Grade, in association with Arnon ‘Mossad/911’ Milchan (who has links to Murdoch, the Zionist controlled ‘Fox’ 9/11 propagandist and elite paedophile guardian). Grade gave Milchan $2 million for the foreign film rights, before it had even been made!

    The aircraft struck tower, Medusa, Gorgon of Terror, mind control (telekinesis – telly/TV kinesis) The hidden hand via Nelson.

    Lew and Leslie Grade dominated UK show business entertainment in the post war years, Lew got his start by joining up with showbiz colossus Joe Collins, father of Joan and Jackie. Grade’s nephew Michael (as you no doubt already know) held positions as BBC director general and BBC chairman, he was also instrumental in Channel 4. Michael Grade got his start via LWT (circa 73) and by the early 70s Murdoch already had a near 40% ownership interest in LWT. Murdoch was ousted as LWT chairman, due to worries about his foreign and multiple media ownership. (my how times have changed, this Murdoch cunt now controls most of the UK’s media and the minds of the masses!).

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