Kudos to Bernard Hogan-Howe


Whatever you think about the Met Police (and let’s be honest they have a shit reputation), there’s no denying that Bernard Hogan-Howe wiped the floor today at the HoC select committee.

When faced with questioning from political weirdo Tim Loughton and all-round sicko Keith Vaz about Operation Midland’s investigation into VIP paedophiles, BHH stood his ground and refused to be bullied into apologising.

Rantzen and Keith VazSick bastard JannerTitty Tim Loughton

According to the Guardian:

” Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan police commissioner, has refused to apologise for his force’s investigation into sexual abuse allegations against former army chief Lord Bramall in the face of a grilling from MPs.

Appearing before the home affairs select committee on Tuesday, a defiant Hogan-Howe said he would not be “bullied” into saying sorry for the force’s handling of claims against Bramall, who was ultimately told by police he would face no further action.

bramall and queenie

The 92-year-old former chief of defence staff and Normandy veteran was interviewed under caution last April by Metropolitan police officers working on controversial murder and abuse investigation Operation Midland. His home in Farnham, Surrey, was raided by 20 officers but he has not been formally arrested and has always denied the allegations. His wife, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and has since died, was at home at the time of the raid.

MPs on the committee pushed Hogan-Howe to apologise for the force’s investigation and the length of time it took to inform Bramall that he faced no further action.

Asked by Tim Loughton if he would apologise given the coverage given to Bramall’s case, Hogan-Howe said: “If you want me to be bullied into apologising that isn’t going to happen.

“I can’t say that I am [going to apologise], not at the moment. I’ve said that at least four times today.”


Scotland Yard was also scrutinised over its inquiry, which was eventually dropped, into a claim that former home secretary Leon Brittan raped a 19-year-old woman known as “Jane” in 1967.

Lord Brittan, who denied the allegation, was interviewed under caution in May 2014 while suffering from terminal cancer. He died in January last year, aged 75.

Hogan-Howe later apologised to Brittan’s widow in person for not telling her earlier that her husband would not have been prosecuted over the allegation if he had been alive.

Asked how the Brittan and Bramall cases differed, Hogan-Howe told the committee: “There was something to apologise for in our delay in telling her about the outcome of the inquiry and in Lord Bramall’s case … there is nothing clearly to apologise for.”

Loughton argued that a disproportionate time was taken up by Brittan and Bramall’s cases due to their high-profile status, which had undermined confidence in the force.

“I couldn’t disagree more,” the commissioner fired back. “In this case [Bramall] it’s not possible to apologise for an investigation. We don’t treat anyone differently by their background, or only apologise to people because they’re famous.”


Of course, as Hogan-Howe is a fully signed up member of the British Establishment he’s no doubt being put under extreme pressure behind the scenes to close Operation Midland by Mi5 and MP’s ( with subtle and not so subtle threats being made).

Because the very last thing they want is for the truth to emerge about Britain’s sordid VIP paedophile network which has seen thousand upon thousand of innocent children abused and murdered for decades.

But despite that the truth will out anyway.

It’s only a matter of time.



22 thoughts on “Kudos to Bernard Hogan-Howe

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  2. Sounds like Hogan-Howe did himself and his profession proud today. Sure, he’s a human being & must buckle sooner or later as they tighten the screws, but good on him for making them sweat it.

    If Hogan-Howe’s a man conscience as he seems to be, he’ll ensure that no matter what stunts they pull in the coming days & weeks, the truth gets out regardless.

  3. I’m surprised you’ve fallen for the Kabuki theatre. We know from the Vaz and Tom Watson exchange that a known paedo defender Vaz ripped into Watson and Watson said nothing. It’s all establishment acting. Hogan knows where the bodies are buried as he protected Blair’s Minister paedo.

  4. I think Hogan-Howe should be more careful about ev’rything from now on, u know what I mean. As dirty as he may be, I really dont want to read about him that he “killed himself” or died by some “accident”.

  5. Its the same old rule/thing: the more they try to cover the shit, the heavier the stench and eventually a cleaning team will show up to do what it should be done.

  6. I know of a policeman with connections to this. He said whatever we do we are harassed by politicians, we spend ages in time and money investigating and then we are told close it down, this is why so much police whistleblowing goes on on the net, most of it comes from us.

    The Nene report alone catalogued 16 London care homes where boys were raped on a daily basis,
    and this bit where we cant nick boy abusing Jews because of diplomatic immunity makes us sick.

  7. We have to keep in mind what “government” really is and how it came about if we are to fully understand the situation as it exists today.

    I envisage a time, long ago, when there was no government. The people would have lived in more or less self-sustaining and self-regulated communities, bartering any surpluses with neighbouring groups.

    Inevitably, an occasional malcontent would arise, someone who’s behaviour was unacceptable, and because Whites are a compassionate people, these would simply have been driven out, to join another group or to roam the land causing trouble.

    Over time, these outcasts would have formed roaming gangs, taking whatever they wanted wherever they could get it.

    There would have been inter-gang rivalry, culminating in the most vicious, most vile, most depraved inhuman savages eventually defeating all others and declaring their leader “king”.

    We are still ruled by the descendants of those criminals, so we shouldn’t be surprised to find they’re still behaving as they always have, as they always will, until WE stop them.

    It’s not “the” government that’s at fault, but the whole concept of “government”.

    What we need is an sdministration (not a “government”) working on behalf of, and answerable to, we the people, not a bunch of depraved filth dictating what we should do while they continue doing whatever the hell they like.

    Those who want power over others are exactly those who should never have it.

    • That’s funny, I was thinking along similar lines. I remember Michael Tsarion explaining that, in the tribes of the past, the essential work of the druid or the shaman was to detect what we would now call the psychopath – the one born with the diseased brain – who would emerge from time to time among the group and to cast him out. It’s probable these creatures would end up flocking together creating their own psychopathic tribe, causing trouble and – why not? – taking revenge throughout the ages on those who rejected them – no better way of doing this than by insinuating themselves into their institutions.

  8. Bernard Hogan-Howe: soon to ‘commit suicide’ in the woods after cutting his wrists with a fruit knife or falling off a mountain – maybe?

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  10. I agree, Coleman. There is clearly at least an element in the police not toeing the line, otherwise establishment organs like the Telegraph would not be lambasting them at every opportunity. Full marks to Hogan-Howe for standing his ground. The aim is to bully and humiliate anyone who dares even suggest a VIP paedophile ring – this has been the tactic all along, from McAlpine onwards.
    But what the rest of us have on our side is it would only take allegations against one of these VIPs to officially hold water for the entire mainstream media narrative to be discredited – which is why they are getting so desperate to shut down the debate.

  11. They already shutting down the police force…you don’t see many bobbies anymore. I spoke with a police woman the other day, she knew that the police and courts are now limited companies, profit driven.All those fines! They are now a privatized security firm and it will become more and more obvious as time goes by.Controlled by….. guess who? Paid for by…guess who?

  12. Interesting how Field Marshall Bramall and Harvey Proctor do not merit an apology, however, Lord Brittain’s widow has one laid on promptly. So what distinctions and criteria are really at play here? Answers on the back of a yamulke please.

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