Nigel Lawson and the paedophiles

Nigel Lawson

It’s a little known fact that Tory scumbag Nigel Lawson is a high-ranking Jewish satanist.

Predictably, the old bastard has been shouting his mouth off recently about the police wasting too much money on investigating VIP paedophiles.

So has his sicko son, Dominic Lawson who recently called abuse victims ‘fantasists‘.

Dominic Lawson

Of course, Nige himself loves nothing better than taking part in batshit satanic rituals and coincidentally comes from the notorious Hampstead area of London along with boy-rapist Greville Janner and paedo-lover Esther Rantzen.

Greville JannerEsther Rantzen

Nige was best pals with yet another boy-rapist, Leon Brittan, who recently faked his own death ( as did Janner).

Poor old Bernie Hogan-Howe of the Met had no choice but to apologise to Brittan’s wife this week for doing no more than investigate the serious rape and torture allegations made against Leon.

naughty-leon-brittan3Tory Ministerpaedo-ring-number-101

The Met are under the thumb of the sordid British Establishment and will do their masters bidding whether they want to or not (did Robert Peel foresee that one day Britain’s police force would be at the fucking beck and call of a bunch of child rapists?).

Old Nige is also a longtime pal of murderous, shit-face pervert Harvey Proctor.

Proctor has the Establishment by their STD infected goolies which is why he’s being treated like a king every time he gives a press conference claiming there’s a gay witch-hunt against him.

Harvey ProctorProctor filth

Don’t be such a fucking liar Proctor.

You’ve strangled and raped so many innocent boys in your lifetime it’s turned your brain to shit, but we know for a fact who and what you really are you vile piece of scum.

And what of Nigel Lawson?

Scumbag Lawson

On an anonymous blog discussing VIP paedophiles, the following chilling comments were made:

Boy ‘D’ is semi literate for he was never able to learn how to read and write because he was raped all week long from the age of 4 to 6 (he canโ€™t remember precisely how old he must have been) by the likes of Lord Nigel Lawson.

The latter raped D on regular basis of once a week or bimonthly in council houses. D was taken from his school in the army camp neighbourhood where his father was an officer serving in Oman, Libya, Jordan and other posts.”

D said that Surrey military towns and Aldershot where he grew up and was raped on a daily basis have loose sand patches ideal for making concrete and cement mortars. He remembers sessions of rape by the likes of Lord Nigel Lawson, Harvey Proctor (used to beat up D and strangle him for added kicks) , when young boys and girls were buried in the sand and were left to die.

They then dug holes and laid the children face down in the sand to suffocate. D and other little boys and girls were then asked to jump up and down and cover the bodies including heads with loose hands. Young bodies were left to die and the crowd dispersed for raping and mutilating to continue in another council house”

How very, very strange indeed.

It’s about time Nigel Lawson was dragged in for police questioning by his stinking, sagging arse as a matter of fucking urgency.

We’re sure he’d be only too delighted to help.









17 thoughts on “Nigel Lawson and the paedophiles

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  2. Perhaps there are elements within domestic or foreign intelligence services who are actually not happy with the current state of affairs and are anonymously and carefully drip feeding information against political enemies in the hope of turning public opinion? Or at least focussing some of it on some of the psychos in government with a hope that improvements can be made to our governance (e.g. I was impressed recently with the speed that the current Tory lot shut down Kid’s Company…seemed like damage control to me…also a few low rank child abusers have been paraded as sacrificial lambs and a few have been retired and “killed” off to calm the mob, plus a few cabinet reshuffles have probably removed the most overt perverts from the public eye…), so maybe Coleman and others are having some a limited but positive effect? Another possibility is that its a giant honeypot operation by Big Brother to identify dissidents…either way the information from coleman appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ It seems objectively valuable and has the ring of truth to it to me, regardless, it is always interesting to receive alternative opinions and judge the veracity oneself. Free speech and all that ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I actually contacted “SIS..but the public commonly refer to the Security Intelligence MI6”..& asked if anyone who was considering ‘whistleblowing’..if they were still alive? would contact me..! incl. in the online site contact..quite a lot of my ‘opinion’..regarding..1st..Security…were they only considering actually providing any? 2nd..Intelligence..I have seen no evidence of there being any! & as they ‘piss in the pool’..where they recruit..everywhere..& therefore the ‘dumbing down’ of ‘us’..incl..’them’..was this the explanation for ‘them’ using almost..exactly the same ‘modus operandi’..since..well? forever? whom? other than Israel..& certain others..& they do have an unelected member who sits everyday in either house..The City of London..or? most/some of those from that square mile state within our borders..this ‘unelected foreigner’..a Mr.Remembrancer? Ensures that nothing actually gets done, by the [s]elected members..that ‘is the will of those they claim to represent’..any new fool..who thinks that it is their job to ‘serve the people in the constituency’..gets that ‘misconception’ explained out of them..& is told of the possible consequences for thinking so..which might be unpleasant! at best! fatal..well.? incl.their ‘personal & familial etc.’ connected to them if they ‘fail to see reason’? & my final point was we ‘commonly referred to as ‘us’..from whom..they get anything or no small ‘us’?’ can expect them to do anything to make sure we are secure..amongst other things that is implied by the term..’service’? & as we live in the Panopticon Age..where the lower case ‘i’ used to define ‘anything that is considered to be technological..or uses ‘technology’! would they be ‘applying this indicative meme’ to their own name, to clarify,,they use technology..tho’ it’s probably a minimum of 50yrs ahead of what iUS..can even wonder what this is? even if we include ‘science fiction fantasy’ to iUS’s guess? So how soon would they be applying the meme to their name to iindicate they use tech..therefore should be ‘iSIS’..? Or have iME..missed the point..? &..?
        “No answer”! came the stern reply..? I do hope it was ‘something I said’..intermingled with a more general ‘theme’..from all of the best abusive my ‘Vast Lexicon’..even if I do say so myself!
        lurve n peas to all of ‘eye’US? from this crazy old cat lady..;Q xxx

  3. It makes me wonder if all this EU referendum bollocks is a media stunt – to get the Great British Unwashed off the scent of UK MP Paedos and distract them with another story that the shite corporate media will flock to death upto 23rd June and keep these MP Paedo stories off the pages and airwaves for months – the great British unwashed are being made into stupid kittens that when you flash a torch on the floor – they stop what they were doing – easily distracted and start chasing the light around – with the torch bearer knowing full well – the kitten will never win = going to catch the light !

  4. There are several ex-Intel whistleblowers, police and social workers who have no other means to get their word out.

    I will today check with an old Intel friend on Keith Joseph, but Jewish boy rapists all claim diplomatic immunity.

    Such as Leon Brittan, Yuri Geller, James Randi, Bee-Gees Robin Gibb, Peter Mandelson, Peter Tatchell, Jimmy Savile, Alan Freeman, Michael Barrymore, Freddie Mercury, Greville Janner, etc, etc and this is wrong they should face the same laws as our people.

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  6. They have protection from the very laws that slam us…it’s all pretend law. They are the criminals running amock. It is well past midnight and these Nonces need to be put to sleep. Like a rabid dog they are deranged grotesque predators.

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