Why does Esther Rantzen want VIP paedophiles to escape justice?

duplicitous cow and a paedophile

Sly old witch Esther Rantzen has claimed that police should no longer investigate so-called ‘historical’ VIP child-abuse allegations.

Oh yeah?

Well she would fucking say that wouldn’t she?

The duplicitous hag has been a key-player in Britain’s vile high-level paedophile ring so of course she wants current investigations shut down.

But if Rantzen really does want us to focus on current abusers then she herself needs to be arrested as a matter of urgency along with the following faces who may have important information for officers:


Rantzen and Yentob

Rantzen and Keith Vaz

Nigel Lawson

Uri and Esther

Chris Tarrant

Cowell and Clifford

Fry and hubbie

Proctor filth

Michael Grade BBC

What a charmer



Scum of the fucking earth



Weirdo Malcolm Rifkind


Derek Laud Big Brother

Cliff sings

Falconer and Mandelson

Gerald Ronson Filth

Nick Ross BBC

Naughty Harriett Harman

Waheed Ali wears fur

Alan Farthing cover up merchant

Christian Gordon

Naughty Paul Knapman

Hague Savile

David Cameron

Mandelson and Rothschild

Naughty Councillor Robert Davis

Cleggie adores Hughes

Theresa May

Kate Middleton


Jonathan King filth

What a stunner

Prince Charles and Paul Boateng

David Hockney young

Warwick Spinks

Knighted Bob Geldof

Naughty Julian Lewis MP

Kenneth Clarke cigar

Naughty Edwina Currie

Witch Bekkie

Nigel Slater BBC

Mark Thompson BBC

Michael Barrymore Big Brother

John Whittingdale MP

David Aaronovitch

bramall and queenie

You may well live to regret your words Rantzen because if and when the full truth about Britain’s dirty secrets finally emerges your role in the abuse and torture of thousands of innocent children will be exposed for the whole world to see.

satanic slagheap

The clock is ticking now.

It’s only a matter of time.










16 thoughts on “Why does Esther Rantzen want VIP paedophiles to escape justice?

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  2. Why is this the only information about these horrendous crime, yous seem to have information on all of the before mention on your page. But if I hadn’t started reading these I would not have heard any thing on these people.when is cliff Richards going to be treated like M Jackson. I still have heard his name and songs on radio.

  3. “‘At feeding times, each dog had an individually designed menu, including an array of homeopathic and herbal remedies. Their food was served by a butler in an eclectic collection of battered silver and porcelain dishes,’ he writes.

    As I watched, the Queen got the corgis to sit in a semi-circle around her, and then fed them one by one, in order of seniority.”

    Is this a joke???


  4. They are all Ashkenazi cousins…they are a tribe of foreigners who have infiltrated our power structures. TV . Royals. Our parliament. We are their most hated Goyim. They are here to finish the UK off. Time to out this evil Elite. Lords and Ladies…don’t make me laugh. Scum the lot of them.

  5. Weird how these sadistic freaks all get these thin, unkind lips.. like they’ve had to keep their mouths so tightly shut for such a long time. Never trust anyone with those frog-faced lips; especially not if they have ever worked in the BBC.

  6. Relating to Dunblane, Thomas Hamilton etc…Rantzen with previous.

    “On his return after the summer break The Housemaster said he continued with his duties and on 11th December 1991 he wrote to the parents of every one of his 57 house charges telling them their children were in danger due to the bullying and abuse that was endemic at the school. He gave them the phone number of Esther Rantzen’s “Childline” and urged the parents to contact it.”

    “The Housemaster said he had exhausted himself in his efforts to bring about change to his old school. He had written to the Duke of Edinburgh, Esthter Rantzen, the Secretary of State for Scotland, his MP, petitioned the European Parliament, all to no avail.”

    “The Housemaster told me of how, in about 1990, he believed boys from his then school were being bullied by their peers at the school and sexually abused, both at the school and away from the school. He told me the latter was done by a clique of paedophiles connected with the school (teachers etc. and their friends) and another group of “toffs” who visited the school and took carefully targeted boys away for weekends.

    The Housemaster and his wife lived in a flat at the school which was immediately above the main entrance and he said that in the evening they would see big fancy cars (sometimes chauffeur driven and displaying pennants, and badges of office) arrive with well known faces of politicians, judges and other celebrities who, when he enquired as to who they were, and what they were doing, was given the answer that these people were “Friends of QVS” who were taking certain boys out for a treat.

    The Housemaster was not comfortable with this situation, which was done, ostensibly at least, for charitable reasons, and he knew the people were influential as some of these strangers he saw were often the same people he and his wife had just seen on the TV News.

    The Housemaster told me of how he noticed that certain boys had been taken away for weekends by the “Friends of QVS” and would return to the school in a distressed state, but flush with money. He also told me of hearing noises in the night and on investigating found used condoms in the dormitories.”

    “The Housemaster said he was resigned to getting on with his life when in 1996 he switched on the TV at his home in Unst Shetland and saw the face of Thomas Hamilton the Dunblane mass murderer, who The Housemaster immediately recognised as one of the “Friends of QVS” and a close friend of another housemaster, Ben Philip who lived in the flat below him at the school.

    The Housemaster then said his feelings of failure were compounded as he felt that if he had somehow managed to have the school and its inadequacies investigated thoroughly, then Thomas Hamilton may have been prevented from going on to carry out his murders in the other Dunblane school.”

    “Finally, there is a link in the case of Savile and the efforts of The Housemaster, who wrote a valedictory note to David Ross, at that time a reporter with the Scotsman, a copy of which was sent to me. It was a somewhat melodramatic though poignant synopsis of his efforts, it told of all the people he had contacted with his allegations, but who failed to help him (including Esther Rantzen who he told but she ignored him, just like she ignored the green room gossip) and ended in the words: “I can do no more now”.


  7. There are potential overlaps/links between Margaret ‘Oppenheimer’ Hodge and Esther ‘Barnato’ Rantzen, through the ‘diamond trade’ (robbery of the indigenous, South Africa) De Beers, Rhodes and the Rothschilds. Rantzen was Barney Barnato’s great-grandniece. Barney worked tirelessly to get accepted into Rhodes’ VIP circle and it took him years to achieve this, but achieve it he did, The Kimberley Club, mixing with British Royalty, Churchill etc.

    I posted this on Icke a while ago…
    We know Rantzen is a type of bloodline…she is the great-grandniece of Barnato (De Beers diamond mining) who had major dealings with ’roundtabler’ Cecil Rhodes (an illuminati type). Rhodes set up his scholar priestcraft (agents) to protect and consolidate (under the guise of altruism/philanthropy) these types of families/bloodlines going forward. It is the Rothschild’s that actually administer the Rhodes estate & trust. Rhodes and his ilk were nothing but thieves, stealing wealth from the indigenous…which is still very much an on-going programme. The same ‘power families’ that rape nations, would (imo) undoubtedly see raping ‘Goy’ minors & individuals as a lesser crime…in their grand scheme of things.

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