Stephen Fry’s on the run

Fry and Husband

Dirty old man Stephen Fry let his filthy mask slip at this year’s BAFTA awards.

The MSM have deliberately focussed on the ‘bag lady’ joke he made about costume designer Jenny Beavan, slyly making no mention of his disgusting joke about paedophila within the Catholic church.

A fucking sick sightVile cunt

Fry has reverted to his old tactics by lashing out at everyone and shutting down his Twitter account in faux outrage at his critics.

He’ll no doubt  be telling us how severe his bipolar depression has become and playing the ‘poor me’ victim card yet again.

The perverted old bastard has also announced he’s planning to move to Los Angles with his tiny toyboy ‘husband’.

Oh yeah? Why the fucking hell would that be Fry you sick piece of filth?

What many people may not realise is that Stephen Fry has been making ‘jokes’ and gags about paedophilia for years.

Quite strangely, less than two weeks ago we published a post exploring Fry’s links to paedophiles, and now in front of the nation he’s shown us all a glimpse into his sordid and debauched mind.

Here’s the article in question:


26 thoughts on “Stephen Fry’s on the run

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  2. The whole state sponsored BBC needs blowing up. It has sunk to the sewer. People like Fry are predators. The BBC is awash with these sick luvvies passed off as talent. It is a club of perverted deranged monsters who have no place in a civilised world. We have outed this corporation for its criminal intent. A traitorous mouthpiece for the filthy Zionist freakes who hate us all.

  3. Coleman,

    I see Boris Johnson’s Special Assistant, David Russell Walters, is the director of an active company called ‘Second Circle Symposia’, apparently referencing the Second Circle of Hell from Dante’s Inferno, “for people overcome by lust”.

    Whatever could it be?

    Surely Mayor Boris can’t be aware of what his Special Assistant is up to?

  4. Dr James Gordon Brown, former UK Prime Minister

    James Gordon Brown was part of a paedophile ring, according to self-described former freelance journalist Mike James (allegation published 2010).

    Nigel Griffiths was part of a paedophile ring, according to ‘Scallywag’ magazine (allegation published 1994).

    Gordon Brown and Nigel Griffiths used to live together.





  5. Support Child Sexual Abuse Survivors
    Support the ‘WRITE FOR JUSTICE’ Campaign!!

    details here!:

  6. So Stephen Fry, the God hating, Oscar Wilde loving luvvie is now fronting Child Rescue Alerts. Hard to believe this scheme is anything but yet another sinister attempt to silence abused children. To keep a lid on this huge can of worms. Does anyone have any information on this new campaign?

  7. He’s got a prison record yet travels freely into America & wants to live there…No one else with a criminal record can even travel there supposedly, not even for a holiday. Lets hope the yanks accept him & we wont see this sweatly bloated paedo in Britain ever again.

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