Who wants to sabotage Britain’s VIP paedophile investigations?

What a beauty

It’s becoming clearer as each day passes that the British Establishment will stop at nothing to prevent the truth about its VIP paedophile ring emerging.

Satanic AbuseKincora filth

They’re trying every trick in their sordid book to put the genie back into it’s bottle and are yet again employing the classic tactic of smearing and vilifying victims and witnesses who come forward to report abuse.

Dolphin Square abuseLambeth abuse enquiryJersey Satanic Horrors

Unfortunately for them though, thanks to social media, this ploy is failing and they’re now becoming increasingly desperate.

Their biggest fear is that we’ll uncover the blackmail, satanic-ritualised abuse and murder of thousands of innocent children in this country that the very crème -de- la -crème of British Society are responsible for ( i.e. let’s keep the focus on Asian gangs in Rotherham if you don’t fucking mind).

Prince Andy Paedo`Charles and SavileDiana Murdered

They’re now putting the Met and other police forces under extreme pressure to close down existing operations investigating abuse claims including Operation Midland.

Although there are decent police officers who genuinely want perpetrators bought to justice, the upper echelons of the police are mostly Establishment puppets who are hardly likely to bite the hand that feeds them.


They’re willing to do everything their masters ask so they can be handsomely rewarded with a gold-plated pension scheme and the possibility of a medal from Queenie for their ‘loyalty’. If that means putting the kibosh on serious investigations then so be it.

Since the allegations of Jimmy Savile first emerged we’ve seen a concerted campaign by the media, legal bods and MPs’ who’ve tried to downplay his abuse and also lessen the claims of his victims.

Savile SatanSavile and Philip

The same scenario has played out with the claims against Greville Janner, Leon Brittan, Lord Bramall and many others.

Janner filthbramall and queenieNaughty Leon BrittanTop Tory Filth

Victims have been called ‘fantasists’, ‘ money-grabbers’., ‘liars’ and ‘nutjobs’.

Some of the most vicious anti-victim voices have come from the camp of Rupert Murdoch, which is hardly surprising since the old cunt is a key player in this country’s ‘honeytrap and blackmail’ sting.

Murdoch and BeccieBlackmailJill Dando Daily Star Headline

Old Tory duffers have also been wheeled out to try and dampen legitimate abuse claims which is no surprise either when you consider Margaret Thatcher was a top paedophile-protector and loved to fill her cabinet with boy-rapists.

thatcher and savilePaedo Ring Number 10

The following are just some of the faces who’ve been working overtime to keep a lid on Britain’s dirty secrets.

They’re doing everything within their power to blame and vilify victims whose only crime has been to come forward and name their abusers.

dannythefink-and-greville-janner1jc5874 x10845NerYisroelPannel

Danny ‘the fake’ Finkelstein: Times editor and top paedo-protector

David Aaronovitch

David Aaronovitch: Times journo and all-round weird cunt

Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil: Former Sunday Times editor and total Murdoch lackey.

Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen: Guardian journo and total bastard. Claims abuse victims are ‘fantasists’.

What a charmer

David Mellor: Former Tory MP and fucked-up pervert. Is wheeled out 24/7 on LBC etc to discredit abuse survivors.

Lord Carlisle

Jewish Peer Lord Carlisle: Slippery cunt who led the defence for boy-rapist Greville Janner in the House  of Lords.

Nigel Lawson

Nigel Lawson: Former Tory MP and top-ranking satanist. Claims the police should shut down investigations to save money.


Harvey ProctorProctor filth

Harvey Proctor: Former Tory MP and known sadist. Claims there’s a gay witch-hunt against him. Knows where the bodies are buried so has the Establishment by their shrivelled goolies.

Barbara Hewson

Barbara Hewson: Sociopathic bitch barrister who wants the age of consent lowered and has led the campaign to vilify victims. Is the cousin of sicko lawyer Jonathan Denby who represented Harvey Proctor. This shit goes deep.

Vaz filthElm Guest House Daily Mail

Keith Vaz: Labour MP and top paedo-protector. Close friend of Greville Janner and by a strange coincidence was the LA solicitor for both Richmond and Islington boroughs when abuse claims surfaced.

Mandelson and HodgeHodge filthy cow

Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge: Labour MP and former head of Islington Council. A key player in child-trafficking and abuse rings. Always plays the victim when found out.

Blood Oaks Farmesther savileRantzen and Yentob

Esther Rantzen. Top BBC scumbag. Lures children into reporting abuse via Childline  then ensures they’re silenced., Pretended to be unaware of Jimmy Savile abuse claims. A fucking liar. Knows where all the bodies are because she buried them. Works closely with BBC slimeball Alan Yentob.

So you see dear reader, we’re witnessing in front of our very eyes the most high-level, orchestrated cover-up by the British Establishment ever seen.

They want to hide the truth about Britain’s dirty secrets forever by any means possible.

But despite that the truth will out anyway.

It’s only a matter of time.










32 thoughts on “Who wants to sabotage Britain’s VIP paedophile investigations?

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  2. When the story broke, a few weeks ago, about the exposure of Kids’ Company for what it really was, Channel 4 News invited a young curly-headed Jew on the programme to give his views on the (in the opinion of some) disaster. He was quite clearly exceptionally upset about KC’s demise – almost tearful, if I remember rightly. Since national treasure Alan Yentob was also up to his neck in it, I couldn’t help wondering why Kids’ Company had been so important to the Jews. As far as I know, no one has explained this, and I’m still wondering.

  3. Speaking of paedophiles, it may have escaped the attention of the British public, but the British govt has slapped a p.i.i.c(public interest immunity certificate) on police intelligence files relating to the abduction and believed murder, as her body has never been found, of Arlene Arkinson. This young girl disappeared in co. Tyrone in the 1990’s and the main suspect was child killer Robert Howard. He died recently in prison where he was serving life for murdering a girl in England. In their wisdom the British govt has refused to release files relating to Arlenes investigation to help with her inquest, even though the main suspect is dead. It looks very much like there is something to hide and perhaps Howard was more than just a lone murdering paedophile?

  4. Kids Company are victims for raising the networks. I expect Yentob was there to keep a lid on them doing this and has played the fall guy with no real cost to him whilst Camilla gets shafted.

  5. The Rotherham scandal doesn’t take away attention from other paedophile scandals. No more than Libor distracts from other banking scandals.

    • The Torah is Jewish law. You are talking of the Talmud. Torah does not say it’s ok to rape kids be they jew or gentile. Talmud is man made rules. Jesus warned of those who cling to the traditions of men and not the law of God.

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  7. I was very reassured by the recent article in the Times explaining why the allegations of child sexual abuse published by Scallywag are total and utter lies from start to finish and must be ignored.

    To be quite frank, I’d been a bit concerned that children had been abused in children’s homes and elsewhere. But now I can see how woefully misguided these concerns of mine were.

    Thanks to the Times, I now understand that the editor of Scallywag, Simon Regan, was a deranged alcoholic and deeply evil man. Moreover, it seems Julian Lewis MP was in fact, the innocent victim of this malicious, deranged servant of Satan! And definitely not a scheming, ethically-challenged associate of two Tory lobbyists linked to ‘paedophile parties’ in Dolphin Square.

    Likewise, it’s helpful to know that the North Wales child abuse scandal was another total fabrication of the demonic, alcoholic, Labour-voting Regan. And to think some people actually fell for it!

    The ridiculous, absurd, fantastical, totally untrue articles (that I advise everyone to completely ignore because they are so alcoholic and deranged) are here:

  8. Peter if you are reassured by the Times you are totally off your trolley. Scallywags articles have been proven again and again to show up in what people are saying now. These networks are worldwide. You are either A SHILL or STILL BRAINWASHED

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