The tragic case of Tina Rayson and Britain’s new SS

Tina Rayson

Time and time again we hear tell of the devastating effects Social Services are having on families across Britain.

Sociopathic social workers are so hell-bent on getting their child-snatching bonus,  they’ll stop at nothing to split up and traumatise families under the insidious guise of ” child-protection”.

Thousands upon thousands of children are taken from loving families every year, despite parents complying with everything asked of them by the authorities.

Social work misery

What most people don’t realise is that whether parents comply or not once the SS get their claws into a family they are almost certainly going to lose their children in this country’s evil secret court system.

Corrupt lawyers, barristers and judges are all making big money from the fostering and adoption industry and they couldn’t give two shits if children end up being abused in care or parents are destroyed due to their loss.

Social Workers LiarsSocial Worker Lies

According to the Telegraph:

” Hundreds of social services staff accused of disciplinary breaches, including paedophile offences, were left free to look after vulnerable people while decisions about whether they should be suspended or struck off were delayed.

Hearings into their cases were put off for months, and in some cases years, so that the regulator could delay paying the costs, according to a report for ministers. Some of the most serious cases were abandoned with “little or no” investigation, by staff who felt under pressure to shelve cases regardless of the dangers to the public.”

Many decent social workers have deserted the profession and that’s left the gate wide open for only ruthless, aggressive and sociopathic social workers to remain.

The recent tragic case of Tina Rayson highlights just how devastating it can be to have your children snatched from you.

Tina Rayson

Tina killed herself after social services took her children when she had an affair with a drug user even though she ended the relationship and did everything within her power to obey the orders of the evil SS.

If drug use is their criteria why the hell haven’t George Osbourne’s children been taken into care then?

Drugged up twat

He’s one of the biggest fucking crackheads going and should be locked up in rehab as a matter of urgency.

And what about David Cameron’s children too?

His wife is a total druggie and he’s a fucking necrophiliac.

David CameronHow strange

They also left their daughter behind in a fucking pub because they’ forgot ‘about her but still no social services involvement.

This country is a complete and utter fucking joke.

The Mail reports on the Tina Rayson tragedy:

Tina Rayson

” A single mother-of-four jumped to her death off a bridge after social services took her children away from her after she had an affair with a drug addict.

Tina Rayson, 41, of Blackburn, had dumped her lover in a bid to win back the youngsters but was left feeling she was ‘the worst mum ever’ and was said by friends to be a ‘lost soul’.

She was found by a passing motorist next to a bridge after posting a message on Facebook saying: ‘Night, night everyone, I’ve had it. Love my babies back, but I’m a failure.’

She died three days later in hospital from multiple injuries leaving behind children Ebony, 20, Atlanta, 16, Kai, 13 and Rylee, three. Ebony has now taken on Atlanta and Kai, whilst Rylee’s father has custody of him.


In the days before her death, messages on Facebook revealed the extent of Miss Rayson’s torment at the break up of her family.

She wrote: ‘If I died would anyone care? My kids yes. It’s just so hard when I u lost everything. I have a no life. I just want my babies back.’

Miss Rayson added: ‘Sick of sitting like a zombie in a big empty house. I want my life back. I’m a total failure! I feel the worst mum ever.

‘I ruined mine and my kids’ life all because of a man. I hate my life! I had a happy family. Sick of crying. Sick of this pain.’

She had been described by relatives as ‘family orientated’ and ‘a caring and loving mother devoted to her kids’ but an inquest in Blackburn was told her life began to fall apart last March when she had a fling with a man with a drug problem.

Family: Miss Rayson, 41, is pictured with (from left) her son Rylee, three, daughter Ebony, 20, son Kai, 13, grandson Reun, Miss Rayson herself and daughter Atlanta, 16

A family friend Deborah Craig told the hearing: ‘Over the six months prior to her death, she was a lost soul. The issues were the children being taken from her.

‘She ended her relationship with her partner, it was the fact that he was on drugs, which led to the problems that the children were taken away.

‘In terms of the depression, sometimes she seemed more positive than others. She would tell me “I’m going to get my life back on track and sort myself out” then the next day she would go back down again.

‘She was doing everything that was asked of her and then she was punished by the social services and they didn’t seem to let her move forward. She said she couldn’t cope without her children but if she felt in crisis I was there for her and would offer any support I could.

She was under the crisis team and she would wait all day for them and they wouldn’t turn up. She was very upset about that and felt like she was not getting the help she needed.

Needed help: Miss Rayson was said to have 'sought assistance from many mental health professionals'

Needed help: Miss Rayson was said to have ‘sought assistance from many mental health professionals’

‘I thought she needed somebody to be there with her for her to talk to every day and check on her. Essentially I tried to be that person.’

Recalling the night of the tragedy on September 15 last year, Miss Craig added: ‘She came around to my house but was miles away. I even asked her what time it was and I don’t think she even heard me. She was very different and was not herself at all. It seemed to me that she had just given up.’

‘I later got a text from Tina at about 9.30pm but it said “please help me Debbie, I’m going to jump off a bridge”. I ran down to Tina’s house and was banging on the door.

‘There was music playing and the TV was on but there was no response. She did everything that was asked of her from social services to try and get her children back but it still didn’t seem to help.’

Miss Rayson’s daughter Ebony said: ‘Mum has been depressed for about five to six months prior to her death – part of that related to my siblings being taken into care.

‘She sought assistance from many mental health professionals. Nothing seemed to help my mum at all. Her depression was constant.

Night, night everyone, I’ve had it. Love my babies back, but I’m a failure
Tina Rayson

‘The Monday, September 14 was the last time I saw her. She was crying and seemed as though she had always been crying and shaking.

‘Around 9pm on Tuesday she rang me and just said “love you” at the end of the call and that was it.’

Recording a suicide verdict, coroner Michael Singleton, said: ‘This is a tragic story of a young woman whose life started to unravel about six months before her death.

‘There were problems with her relationship and more significantly, the taking into care of her children. It seems that these things came to a head.’

Social services did not attend the hearing.”

The following comment was left on the Mail website:

Blindingly obvious that Social Services have questions to answer. Yet again they just wade right in and destroy someone’s life without considering all of the circumstances, and under the guise of ‘we must do what is best for the children’, a catch all whichever they know is very difficult to argue against, and gives them carte Blanche to run roughshod over people’s lives. A disgraceful episode, and someone should pay for this tragedy…but we all know they won’t be…. we’ll simply get the stick responses.” 

It’s about fucking time every single social worker who has ever been involved in child-snatching was dragged into court and thrown into prison for life for their heinous crimes.
Sooner or later they’ll get whats coming to them.
Its only a matter of time.




39 thoughts on “The tragic case of Tina Rayson and Britain’s new SS

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  2. There’s one simple question that must be asked and answered:

    Are individual social workers given targets as to the numbers of children they must take into care?

    Perhaps that will be secret too?

  3. Just sickening this engineering lying set up to take kids from their families. We’ ll supply the drugs and then accuse you of taking them. Once you are addicted they can throw anything at you. Stinking Theiving scum bags. Causing parents the fear of their lives…losing kids to an evil empire. Absolutely sickening. I hope we all live to see this Tyranny destroyed from the top down. We need justice against the corrupt system now.



  5. The secret courts know social workers are lying their heads off, they have long been man haters who say children should not have fathers.
    Today I met an old friend who spent many years in the army, he said an investigation by a newspaper into the homosexual killings at the Deepcut barracks has been told from very high up to back off, they have uncovered many more such crimes and I hope it makes it into print

  6. If you are ever in a custody battle with your ex and social services are involved, be very careful. The SS have a very well planned clandestine interrogation routine in store for you. SS person will at first pretend to be nice and friendly to gain your confidence and will only then ask seemingly off the cuff, supposedly caring questions like, poor you, are you depressed? Really, are you sure? I wouldn’t blame you at all if you are with what you are going through, have you ever felt depressed in the past?
    These questions will be cunningly hidden amongst an otherwise very friendly and pleasant, caring and chatty demeanor, which is just a front.
    No matter what your state of mind, never trust them. Make sure you just say no, and don’t give them anything but one word replies to their questions. Any admission of any low state of mind or depressive feelings even if they occurred well in your past, could be enough for them to depict you as mentally unstable and enable them to take your child/ren.
    Be similarly careful around “counsellors”. And never ever admit to having had any counselling, negative thoughts or sad feelings.
    (Btw make sure to watch their face after you say “no I have never had any negative thoughts or depression”. You will see a facial definition of baffled malice.)

  7. Give as little information as possible in all dealings with the SS and have a friend present if possible at all meetings. Also ask them if you can record the conversation. If they say no, pretend to comply.

  8. Some more tips on dealing with the SS.

    Don’t give the SS your email address. Pretend you are a technophobe who doesn’t do email. Delete your facebook account and ALL social media accounts. They will ask for your mobile number. Don’t give them your real one, get a cheap non smart phone and sim card to use just for their calls and give them that number.

    They will ask for details such as your mother’s maiden surname. Pretend to forget what it is. If they insist then give them a different name with some similarity to your mum’s surname. This will give you plausible denability,

    They want these details as they want to look you up, find out exactly who you may be related to, your wider family social grouping, and so on. Give as little as possible, and fudge even the essential details as much as you can.

    It is also well known that SS employees under false identities may try to befriend clients on social media or at social gatherings to find out more about them and get them to incriminate themselves. Do not befriend anyone new or unknown to you during this difficult time.

    Two other questions which are extremely important to them are 1) how many brothers and sisters have you? and 2) did you have a happy childhood?

    These questions will be artfully concealed, like questions about depression, amongst other friendly chatter.

    I believe they target people with no siblings, preferentially, and then also people with lots of siblings, reason being SS can claim you have no experience of being around children in a family setting and are therefore unsuited to bringing up a child, if you were a single child yourself. If you have lots of siblings SS can claim your parents had so many children you must have been neglected as a child and are therefore unable to bring up a child yourself.
    Best to pretend you have a couple of siblings.

    If they find out different and confront you, just say oh well I had cousins that were like siblings to me … that must be what I said and you took it up wrong. Or say, oh yes I do come from a fairly large family but I was particularly close to a couple of siblings, that was what I meant.

    Regarding the happy childhood question, whatever you do, make sure you say you had a happy childhood, no matter what your childhood was like.

    If you tell them you had any misery or difficulty in childhood whatsoever, you are just giving them the ammunition they need to take your children off you.

    SS will claim your difficult childhood has mentally dis-enabled you from giving your own children a happy childhood and rearing them properly.

    When they insist on a home visit, which at some point they will do at very short notice, make sure the house is warm, fire is on etc. Have pictures of yourself with prominent members of local community, church, WI institute, vicar / priest, in a location the SS can see. Arrange for friends to call around during their visit or ring you with details of social engagements etc. Make sure SS can see you have many friends and are well entrenched into your local community.

    The SS are wary of journalists, clergy, police. Mention friends / relatives high up in these positions. Be vague so they can’t unverify what you say.

    Always have a friend present at any visits / meetings.

    If, God help you, your family are that dread phrase, “known to Social Services” get a decent family law solicitor immediately and involve them from the very start of proceedings. Check everything the SS does, out with your solicitor beforehand and have them sit in on every single SS meeting / visit.

    The last thing will only make sense to fellow Christians. Many SS are Satanists. The only thing that will work against them ultimately is spiritual warfare. Pray over this matter and get at least one Christian friend to pray with you, it is better if there are two of you as Jesus says, where two or more are gathered together I will be there among them.

  9. The State of the Country is an Awful Mess

    The Arrogance of Establishment Politicians is an Atrocity against Political Accountibility

  10. One more thing don’t tell all your friends of your predicament, only confide in a couple of old trusted friends. I would advise against seeking prayer in a church or confiding in any member of any religious denomination, they will put your name forward for prayer in church, and unfortunately all churches are infiltrated and compromised.

  11. Very sad.
    I reckon SS must have other filtering systems in place too, to eliminate those likely to do something.
    Had anyone even suggested removing my kids back then, or grandchildren now, I would have turned quite medieval.

  12. carol woods is now missing we are worried for her safety on twitter share #carolwoods she was released from the orchard unit Lancaster around 2pm on the 22nd February 2016 on Tuesday 23rd at 425 we had a email carol hasn’t been seen since she has been reported missing hope you can do the same direct people to this story reblog share and retweet this. Please note her mental health doctor and a sgt from lancaster police did a deal which carol didnt accept her doctor allegedly threaten her with sectioning if she didnt comply. Any news ref carol email Andy or leave comments on this page or blog.

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