Why the bloody hell hasn’t Esther Rantzen been arrested yet?

Evil bitch

What do we really know about decrepit BBC hag Esther Rantzen?

At first glance she appears to be no more than a lying, vain, fake, two-faced, duplicitous piece of filth, up to her neck in shite of the very highest order.

Look a little closer though and an altogether more disturbing picture emerges.

What important information does Esther Rantzen have to tell officers investigating Britain’s VIP paedophile ring?

Esther NSPCCBBC Paedo Ring

In an article describing the paedophile ring at the BBC, Esther Rantzen slyly pretended she wasn’t fully aware of Jimmy Savile and had only heard ‘gossip’ about his abuse of thousands of children.

She must think we were fucking born yesterday.

In fact, Rantzen knew damn well what was going on because she herself is a key player in the whole sordid child-abuse scandal and despite many victims personally telling her what they had been subjected to, she refused to listen.

esther savileUri and Esther

Ratface has managed to avoid scrutiny for decades by spinning a web of lies and false excuses when any hint of scandal has touched her.

She lists her hobbies as horse-riding in the nude and skinny-dipping in her pool.

How sickening.


In 1994, the following story appeared in the UK press:

A GRANDFATHER who repeatedly molested a five-year-old girl in a swimming pool at Esther Rantzen’s country home was convicted of indecent assault yesterday.

Robert Gillings, 63, who was granted bail pending sentencing, was a guest at the television personality’s holiday home in the New Forest, Hampshire, when he assaulted the girl as she played in the pool, Guildford Crown Court was told. Ms Rantzen was not at the house at the time.

The victim told the jury that the defendant had also assaulted her before the trip to the New Forest. ‘He had said if I told mummy he would kill her,’ she said.

Gillings denied the allegations and claimed that Ms Rantzen’s television work on behalf of abused children must have put ideas into the girl’s head.

He said of the swimming pool incident: ‘We were playing tag at the time, swimming backwards and forwards. My fingers caught hold of her bikini just at the bottom or the side somewhere. It was just a bit of fun – it was such an insignificant thing.’

However, the jury of seven women and five men returned a majority verdict after six hours, convicting the defendant of two charges of indecent assault, one of which took place at Ms Rantzen’s house. But they cleared him of two other charges of indecent assault, one in which the girl claimed he had molested her in Ms Rantzen’s changing room.

After the case, Ms Rantzen, best known for the long-running television series That’s Life, said her holiday home had been tainted by the incident.”


Tainted by the incident?

Ha, ha, ha!!

We have it on very good authority that satanic abuse rituals are actually held at Rantzen’s home, bizarrely known as Blood Oaks, and we’ve been advised by an ex-intelligence officer, that the whole area needs digging up as long -dead children may be buried there.

Blood Oaks Farm

In 2014, sly old Ratface, was at it again when she denied all knowledge of her former boyfriend Nicholas Fairburn being a paedophile and having links to the notorious boy-brothel, Elm Guest House.

Sir Nicholas FairburnSick bitch


According to the Mail:

Esther Rantzen has spoken of her revulsion after learning that a former lover has been linked to the child abuse scandal threatening to engulf Westminster.

The broadcaster and Childline founder had an affair with politician Sir Nicholas Fairbairn after they met at a BBC studio in 1966.

But Ms Rantzen has now distanced herself from the late Conservative MP and Solicitor General for Scotland – who died in 1995, aged 61.

Evidence has come to light suggesting he may have visited a London guest house where children from care homes were allegedly assaulted by high-profile visitors.”


By a strange coincidence, Princess Diana was in contact with a victim of the Elm Guest House:


Another victim of the Elm guest house scandal believes Princess Diana saved his life, the Sunday People has revealed.

The man, now in his forties, met the princess when he was sleeping rough outside a London church.

He claims he was subjected to horrific abuse at the Elm from the age of 10 while he was in care at Grafton Close children’s home.

Diana gave him food and helped him find a temporary home as he battled to rebuild his life in his twenties after escaping care.

He left a tribute to Diana at Kensington Palace when she died in the Paris car crash of 1997.

The man said: “I have rebuilt my life and I owe it all to Diana.

“She kept in touch with me even after she’d helped my back on my feet. I have lost a real friend.”

The man claims he saw money exchanged with his then carer and his abusers at the Elm guest house before he was taken back to the Grafton Close home.”


Diana Murdered

Diana was one of many famous faces who lost their lives because they were about to blow the lid on Britain’s dirty secrets.

Another face was BBC presenter Jill Dando.

Jill Dando Daily Star Headline

Poor Jill knew all about Savile and the BBC paedophile ring and was soon shot dead with a bullet to the head.

Her Crimewatch co-presenter , Nick Ross, pretended to grieve over Jill, when he was also party to the conspiracy.

Ross is the brother-in-law of Rantzen and recently said he’d watch child-pornography given half the chance.

Nick Ross Jill Dando


Jill’s death also links to the powerful Israeli-lobby who control Britain behind the scenes.

” The highest judge in the land is Lord David Neuberger.


He used to work at N.M Rothschild and Sons and is married to Angela Holdsworth.

He was responsible for evicting the Parliament Square peace campaign.

In May 2011, while commenting on super injunctions, he said that social media sites like Twitter were “totally out of control” and society should consider ways to bring such websites under control.


By a very strange twist, his wife Angela, was a BBC executive for many years and must have known about Jimmy Savile’s child-raping activities.

She also worked closely with Nick Ross and Esther Rantzen on the controversial BBC show, Man Alive.


duplicitous slag

Angela Holdsworth then became the editor of another well-known programme.

That programme was none-other than Crimewatch.


In October 1996, Chelsea boss Matthew Harding was killed in a helicopter crash.

Matthew Harding

This was shortly before the death of Princess Diana, who also knew about the abuse-ring.

Harding funded New Labour and was close to Blair and Mandelson.

He may have stumbled across the paedophile network and it’s links to Mossad and wanted out.

Shortly before his death he made a large donation to the NSPCC for boys abused in care.

Peter Mandelson is the president of the NSPCC and a known abuser of boys who loves to torture them to death.

Mandelson and Hodge

Jill Dando started her own investigation into Matthew Harding’s mysterious death.

A few months later, she was dead too.

By a strange coincidence Esther Rantzen is a trustee of the NSPCC.

stinking slagheap

She is also, quite coincidentally, the founder of ‘front’ organisation Childline.


The helpline was founded for the sole purpose of filtering out VIP abuse cases that children might report on.

satanic slagheapNaughty Greville Janner and Naughty Uri Geller

Many of these children give full details of their names and addresses and are often subsequently killed in road traffic ‘accidents‘ and tragic ‘ suicides’ after naming their abusers.

BBC children’s presenter Mark Speight, worked as a volunteer for Childline.

He too was soon found hanging from a shoelace on Paddington Station.

Geller and Mark SpeightMark Speight suicide mystery


Old Ratface must have got wind that Speight was given information from an abused child and next thing you know he’s eradicated from the scene.

This shit goes deep.

The following comment was left by child rights campaigners:

” Ben Fellows, a former child actor, alleges that, as a 15 year-old-child, Esther Rantzen invited him and other children and adults to a highly sexualised party at her home in the New Forest.

Ben Fellowes

Ben Fellows alleges:

(i) that drugs and alcohol featured heavily at that party to which numerous children had been brought.

(ii) that sex occurred between various guests, yet Esther Rantzen never raised a finger to protect or remove the children from the environment to which they had been brought.” source: http://youtu.be/CMC_QLaoqMo

In 2001, the following article appeared in the Telegraph, which gives a chilling insight into Esther Rantzen’s evil and deviant personality:

It was a callous moment of contempt: the instant when the years of dislike Esther Rantzen had harboured for her husband’s ex-wife, Patsy, boiled over into public vitriol.

Within a month of her former rival’s cremation Esther, seated next to her step-daughter Cassandra, Patsy’s daughter, gleefully answered a quiz question which asked what had recently burned in Richmond. “My husband’s ex-wife,” Esther shrieked triumphantly.

Esther Rantzen

Cassandra Wilcox, Desmond Wilcox’s daughter by his first wife Patsy, claimed: “It was the moment I became aware of the extent of Esther’s bitterness towards my mother.” In a searing interview in the Daily Mail yesterday Cassandra revealed what she describes as “the truth” about Esther, the television star who, she says, wrecked her parents’ marriage and left her mother heartbroken until her death in November 1999.

A week before, in the Mail on Sunday, Esther had described her final moments with her late husband, Desmond, who died six months ago. She talked of the “golden days” of their 23-year marriage, which began as an illicit affair, and how after his death she felt that “the sunshine had left her life”.

Yesterday, however, Cassandra painted a very different picture of Esther, describing the now blonde presenter who made her name in the television show, That’s Life, as a “toothy, overweight brunette with holes in her tights” when she met Desmond.

She claims that Esther left the hospital while Desmond was dying – which Esther vehemently denies, insisting that she was with him at the end – and that she gave a newspaper interview within hours of his death. She suggests, too, that her father may have continued a sexual relationship with Patsy after he left her for Esther; how Esther took over the Wilcox’s marital home; basked in the fame Desmond bestowed upon her and talked of remarriage the day before his funeral.

“My mother deserves justice,” says Cassandra. Explaining that she had been deeply wounded by Esther’s assertion last week, in extracts from her autobiography, that she could not forget the bitterness of Patsy, Cassandra launched an attack on her step-mother.

What a charmer

Within an hour of her father’s burial, Cassandra alleges, Esther told her husband: “I absolutely detested Patsy.” The thought that the bitterness Esther feels towards Patsy will appear in the next extract of her autobiography fills Cassandra with dread. “When your mother is dead and may be under attack you have no choice but to speak out”.

Through access to her mother’s unpublished manuscripts she tells how Patsy felt Esther had stolen her husband and “gushingly publicised every detail of her marriage” to Desmond. Describing how her parents met as cub reporters, Cassandra says Desmond first met Esther when she joined the BBC. She and Patsy worked together and Patsy invited her home to meet “this fantastic guy I am married to”.

Esther visited so often that Cassandra called her “Aunty Esther”. But when Patsy found out that she was having an affair with her husband and asked how she could do it, she alleges Esther said: “May I please remind you that you said I could not only join the queue but I should go to the front. That is exactly what I did.”

Desmond left Patsy and his children to live with Esther – although he came back briefly, only to leave again. Revealing how she first met Esther when she visited the couple’s flat in Chelsea, Cassandra says it was the only time Esther ever made her a cup of tea. “She was quite open about the fact that she could not cook, use a vacuum cleaner or sew. She never needed to. She had become a star and had her own domestic staff.”

Rantzen and Des

She could see that the pair were happy, she says. “They were stars and they enjoyed that.” But Patsy hoped that Desmond would eventually return home and this desire, Cassandra believes, was fuelled by what she thinks may have been a continued sexual relationship between them. She tells how, one night, her boyfriend saw Desmond slip out of her mother’s bedroom.

Patsy was so traumatised by her husband’s desertion that she had to be admitted to Charing Cross Hospital. While there she bought a flat in Richmond and Desmond and Esther, who were looking after the children, moved into the family home at Kew.

“She just swept in and took over,” is how Patsy described what happened to her daughter. As Cassandra reveals: “My mother hated Esther living in her old house. She felt Esther wanted everything she had.”

Patsy wrote in her manuscript: “Sometimes when I leave my BBC office on a cold, wet evening to come home to my little flat, I have to walk past Esther and her children. They will be waiting for a chauffeur-driven car to take them home. To what was my home.”

Cassandra saves her most stinging rebuke, however, for Esther’s behaviour on the death of her husband. Her father, she says, was stoic during the 45 minutes he waited for an ambulance after a heart attack. Yet Esther, she says, eliminated that from her account of his last hours as she was not there.

She is scathing, too, of Esther’s claim, that Desmond pulled off his oxygen mask and gave her a passionate kiss before he died. His breathing, she says was shallow and he was on morphine.

Patsy, Cassandra says, never found happiness after Desmond left her. In turn, she says, Esther always felt bitter towards Patsy. “When I ask myself why,” says Cassandra, “my only answer lies in something my mother wrote in 1977: ‘I dislike her for the pain and distress she has caused people I love dearly. I know it may sound odd, but that includes my husband. If Esther is a real person she will find it difficult to find total happiness at the cost of what it has taken to get what she wants.”


Esther Rantzen is very close to BBC scum, Alan Yentob.

Rantzen and Yentob

Al knows all about the trafficking of children to be abused by VIPs.

He managed to bag himself a directorate at the recently disgraced Kids Company for vulnerable children.

cam and alAlan Yentob and Rik Mayall

As soon as founder Camila Batmanghelidjh found out that children were being abused she was vilified and accused of financial irregularities by the media and government.


In fact at this very moment there are babies being raped on BBC properties and senior management know damn well there are.

So does Esther Rantzen.

It’s about fucking time the Met Police hauled her sagging, pock-marked arse in for questioning about Britain’s VIP paedophile ring.

After all, why the bloody hell wouldn’t they?






92 thoughts on “Why the bloody hell hasn’t Esther Rantzen been arrested yet?

  1. I’m trying to work out how many shekels it would take to persuade me to look at a picture of this lady riding a horse with her kecks off . . .

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  4. “Throughout Esther’s career there’s always been a yawning chasm between the image she presents to her public and what appears to me to be a deep-seated private contempt for them.”

    ―Victor Lewis-Smith in 2001, reviewing Esther Rantzen’s autobiography for the Evening Standard

  5. Esther Rantzen selected Valerie Howarth as ChildLine’s inaugural chief executive. Ms Howarth had served as Director of Social Services in Brent from 1982-1986.

    As Brent’s director of social services, Howarth was at the helm when a small girl was horrifically murdered in the borough in 1984, prompting an inquiry. The parents of Jasmine Beckford, 4, had chained her to a bed in an attic, tortured her with vicious beatings, cuts and cigarette burns, and starved her to death.

    Valerie Howarth had shockingly neglected her duty to warn Brent’s chief executive and social services committee as soon as she discovered Jasmine had been seen only once by a social worker in the 10 months before her murder. At the time, Jasmine was suffering from at least one bone fracture.

    Separately, the social services committee of Cambridgeshire County Council wanted to know why Howarth had failed to mention the horrific case of Jasmine when interviewing for the position of head of social services at Cambridgeshire.

    Esther Rantzen swept aside the criticisms of her choice of Howarth to run ChildLine, saying:

    “My sister Priscilla Taylor is a social worker and I asked her advice. Valerie Howarth had trained Priscilla when they both worked in the London Borough of Lambeth [Howarth worked for Lambeth from 1963–1982]. My sister reminded me that in spite of her notoriety Valerie was a skilled and experienced social worker.”

  6. Esther Rantzen became a trustee of the NSPCC when ChildLine merged with it in 2006. Since 2013 Peter Wanless has served as the NSPCC’s chief executive, meaning Rantzen and Mr Wanless are colleagues in ‘child protection’.

    Mr Wanless previously served as Personal Private Secretary to Michael Portillo MP. According to Scallywag magazine:

    (i) Michael Portillo attended a ‘paedophile party’ held in the Dolphin Square flat of Robert Banks MP on 14th November 1992
    (ii) Portillo visited a flat in Dolphin Square under surveillance by HM Customs in connection with receiving child pornography by mail
    (iii) Portillo has holidayed with, among others, Derek Laud: an alleged violent child rapist and reportedly part of the Westminster/VIP paedophile network
    (iv) Portillo appeared with “a young boy” in sexually explicit photographs, the authenticity of which Scallywag could not verify

    Whether Peter Wanless was (or is) aware of the child sexual abuse allegations against his old mentor, Michael Portillo, is unknown. Of course, Mr Wanless is now Esther Ratnzen’s colleague at the NSPCC/Childline.

  7. In 1991 Esther Rantzen sued Mirror Group Newspapers for damages over articles published in February of that year, including an article headed ‘Esther and the Sex Pervert Teacher’, which said Rantzen kept quiet about an alleged child abuser because she owed him a favour.

    The article alleged that Rantzen protected Alex Standish, a teacher, while knowing he was guilty of child sexual abuse, allegedly because of the help he had given her in exposing abuse at Crookham Court boys’ school, where he once worked. It suggested that because Rantzen felt indebted to Standish, she protected him from exposure by not informing his next school of her suspicions. The allegations in the paper were ‘rammed home’ with an editorial that accused Ms Rantzen of being a liar and a hypocrite. Rantzen was awarded damages.

  8. Ben Fellows, a former child actor, alleges that, as a 15 year-old-child, Esther Rantzen invited him and other children and adults to a highly sexualised party at her home in the New Forest. Ben Fellows alleges:

    (i) that drugs and alcohol featured heavily at that party to which numerous children had been brought.

    (ii) that sex occurred between various guests, yet Esther Rantzen never raised a finger to protect or remove the children from the environment to which they had been brought.

    source: http://youtu.be/CMC_QLaoqMo

  9. I suggest the metropolitan police don’t do anything because those at the top of the tree are also involved in the establishment cover up. Either that or they fear for their own lives. It all has to come out and everyone involved should be jailed for the rest of their life. Let’s face it. they’ve had a life of privilege and it’s time they were cut off. I’m disgusted

  10. I will never forget spending time with ER at a Childline Award event in London. My son, who was just 15 at the time, had nominated someone for whom we did voluntary work, for an award and we had lunch in a Park Lane hotel, followed by the presentation. At one point, ER came up to my son and addressing him by name, said ‘See this red thing I’m wearing under this jacket? Well it’s only a scarf, so could you keep an eye in it and if it slips and you can see my boobs, make sure you let me know’. I was shocked but my son was mortified, while the other guests on our table were very uncomfortable to say the least but ER seemed to think it was hilarious and walked off laughing! I have always thought it was unbelievable that someone who had the position she had at that time and was seemingly so passionate about protecting vulnerable children from abuse, could behave in such a way.

  11. I remember well reading the memoir of a Mossad Agent.

    The fact that the BBC continues to support Israel in the face of irrefutable evidence of crimes against the Palestinian people, says much for the influence MOSSAD has on them.

    Putting both together should leave you in no doubt about who runs Britain and secondly how.

    No prosecution was ever brought against Greville Janner, and only very few people who looked for it would have realised that he was on the Jewish Board of Deputies.

    MOSSAD and Israel work an evil game that preys on the vulnerable as a means of snaring the powerful. And it works. The BBC tows their line.

  12. Can we not start a government petition for her to be thoroughly investigated and questioned by the police over all these facts and allegations.

  13. Esther Rantzid was said by witnesses to have held black magic type parties with Vanessa Feltz.
    There were boys there aged 14-15 dressed in white y-fronts nothing else acting as waiters and drinks carriers, Visitors were Peter Mandelson, Simon Cowell, Paul Gambaccini and other sickos.

    • Many thanks Brian.

      Two more extremely interesting comments left by old friend Charles Drake:

      ” The BBC presents Alan Yentob’s gardens, what what.

      Rich in genetic information; nutrient dense,no need for extra cow or donkey shit.

      Let the breaking down children take the strain.

      Party the night away at Esther’s Blood Oaks Farm for starters down New Forest way.

      Yes, good old loyal rabbi Yentob digs deep for Zion and Rothschild Windsor.”

      Please leave Esther out of this“.

      Blood Oaks Farm sounds creepy but it is just an old name that just happens to be near an old plague sacrificial pit.

      Just because the soil’s rich dense and fertile does not mean it is drenched in bone or blood, you need to listen to BBC Gardener’s World more.

      The BBC Archers is also a super show documentary.

      A superb account of England today.

      Have not heard of the Archers episodes about fracking ,NHS kill teams or secret child courts or the masonic shenanigans what, what but ho-hum.

      The suggestion that the NSPCC is a child wrangling corporation and that Childline is an Mi5 Mossad information shut down and kidnap machine is nearly as laughable as Lord McAlpine being interested in children.

      Esther has no blood dna on her claws or hoofed feet.


  14. Here is how I see power and success. You can’t have power, wealth, success, or celebrity, unless you have sold your soul and made a pact with the networked conspirators, all ultimately led by Satan. This means two things.
    1) There are no good guys in the upper class network.
    2) Everyone is in on it!
    3) Everyone either does it or covers for others that do.
    There are no exceptions to this rule. So you can, at all times, assume the worst of the upper class network. This Network has the support of all substructures in the power chain.Police, social servants, medical pros, psychiatric pros, Academics, lawyers, and the like. Most businesses, too, of course. This leave us grunts, who make up the vast large slave class, the ones they feed off of and plunder our young and abuse us with poor wages and living conditions.

    The only way I see out of it is God. We lost the battle with ourselves and evil now is in full power. But God can gently extract the good who are willing to do things God’s way, and preserve them or bring them back to life as soon as He has cleaned up the mess. And a mess it is! God is letting Satan go just a bit further as Satan plans on double-crossing his own and will take out a good chunk of humanity and then God can clean up the leftovers and start again! This time understanding how important vigilance is in keeping order and never to allow secrecy as an excuse for anything anywhere. Secrecy Sucks! Lies Suck, too!

    • Spot on truth1 now. All these Satanists, hold the reigns of power. Even if you could persuade Joe Public as to the facts, they would deny everything. And it’s not about intelligence, but an intuition or spirit that picks up on the truth. We truthseekers know how frustrating it is to bring friends to the light. But there is Divine Intervention! And Satan and all his henchmen, deep down know it. The Lord’s Prayer sums it all up……….. and His Kingdom WILL come, so let us continue to say that prayer with frequency and indeed urgency.

  15. DAME ( need I say more ? ) Esther Rancid now runs ‘Silver Line’ ……………………….to help old people……………….God help them if her work for Childline is anything to go by. I wonder how much she gets paid for that ?
    She certainly got the face she deserves and grows uglier by the day in body and spirit. Years ago she was employed by Bernard Braden and promptly stole his ideas , later presenting a very similar show under her own control. ,BBC of course. Braden’s wife Barbara Kelly absolutely loathed Rancid and never forgave her. Just the sort of person you want to front children’s charities!!!

    • Excellent comments.
      Silverline is yet another ‘front’ organisation.
      This time used to target the elderly and get them thrown into care homes Complicit Local Authorities can then apply to the shady Court of Protection who will allow them to sell the OAP’s assets to pay for their ‘care’.

  16. More More More, excellent article, deviant bastards we need to expose these vile disgusting perverts as soon as possible, or they will just continue, Tory boy Cameron is covering up for his rich old boys network in exchange for ” campaign funds “

  17. Only we can stop this…if you see these vermin shout them out !!!….let them wriggle and squirm. They are famous now for all the wrong they have indulged in.. Shout them out, all of them..make them fear us. Time to call them what they are. Scum .

  18. I’m totally sick to my stomach!! How do people like that even sleep in their beds! Police need to be investigating their mysterious “disapperances” or “murders”!!


    In April 2001 a bin man emptying waste into a council truck saw a batch of printed material of naked little boys and made a mental note of the address and back at the depot told his manager who informed the police.

    The police raided the address of Norfolk evangelical minister Fred Seaman, they gained access to a large wooden shed with a printing press and a large stack of boxes with a home printed magazine called “sweet little boys” all ready to be posted all round the country.

    These magazines were so vile that a civilian worker back at police station was violently sick and had to be sent home. Boys club boss Fed Seaman did a deal with police where he would hand over the address book of who was buying these vile mags for prosecution exemption.

    The detective in charge told us several names of New Labour government along with many well known BBC celebrities whose names (from memory) were; Jimmy Savile, Alan Freeman, Chris Denning,Jonathan King and comedian Frankie Howard etc, in a total of over 150 names countrywide.

    The list of names also included Sydney Cooke, aka “Hissing Syd” . Fred seaman said he would not make any more boys photographs and got away with a police caution. Makes me sick.

    • Lets be honest here. 32 counts and not enough evidence. Wait, I’m sorry but 32 counts is, of itself, evidence that something is very wrong. If it was just one, we might be able to say it was spurious. But 32? And what do they consider evidence? OH, we are supposed to have them caught on video and sign complete confessions in front of 10 witnesses, right? No wonder we have “no evidence.” it is a tired old mantra. Lots of evidence and lots of ignoring and covering up. Police are members of government. They are paid by the government (taxes). Social Services? Same thing!

      Where would we start? Everyone is in on it. Isn’t that obvious by now? There is no law, justice, or order. It is the government network-hierarchy that takes what it wants and does as it pleases. This has gone too far to overthrow. Therefore, God will have to step in to fix this absolute deplorable mess. But then I have to wonder, how many people would truly like or appreciate God stepping in? Doing things God’s way is more restrictive than what we have become used to. God requires people to be vigilant as regards proper conduct, such as treating kids right, and requiring all conduct to be open and visible when it comes to community affairs. rather than some secretive groups who supposedly care about noble charitable matters for the betterment of society. BS! Do it in the open or shut up. The only reason we all like privacy is that we hare all doing evil of some sort and want to hide it. We have to get rid of evil in our selves before we can fix society. It is a systemic problem involving everyone.

    • Great link, Chirstinne! I note that the Nigerian trafficking has the full cooperation of the Nigerian government. Honestly, do we imagine that the UK does not also fully participate in this? Would the UK really pass up all the profit and not want a piece of the pie? And is it only Nigerian doing this? The article said it was a global problem and I believe them. All nations are involved in this global harvest and exploitation. And it takes networks and cooperation on many levels, the highest levels being the most important ones to have. These articles have to be cautious in what they reveal so we need to be far smarter and recognize the implications not said in the article. Our governments are our enemies who exploit us all, but some more than others. But all sex trafficking, which much is done right inside the UK and USA, has government involvement, as well as banks and commerce and crime syndicates. Crime syndicates are really just branches of government. Its all connected together.

  20. I wonder if that goofy cow has Ghisela Maxwell on speed dial?
    This whole thing is really beginning to reek to high heaven. The Entire establishment appear to be compromised with the judges, the cops, the media, bankers, Royalty and the churches of ALL denominations are keeping each other out of jail. Operate contrary to that particular modus operandi and you have a nasty habit of turning up dead.
    My soul heartfelt wish is to see these people “suicided”. A curse upon them all……..,👁👁

  21. Ecclesiastes 12:
    13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, For this is man’s all.
    14 For God will bring every work into judgment, Including every secret thing, Whether good or evil.

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    http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/11306706.Fresh_row_over___700_a_day_experts_at York_City_Council (Note reference to Common Purpose)

    http://www.ageuk.org.uk/brandpartnerglobal/yorkvpp/documents/7873 age uk services booklet 1o-res.pdf (Note who Age UK York are supported by)



    How much for the grand bairn?
    You always paid well for my lass,

    What about old Tom, now that he’s in a box?
    All or part, it’s all the same to me,

    But of course, I can do the ‘Benzos’,
    My GP is a top class toff.




  26. Interesting to see Esther Rantzen’s Twitter live feed gets deleted when Coleman’s article starts to get posted ! For me I can only see the last 13 hours of live tweets about Esther Rancid – so naturally I tweeted the article again ! ha ha !

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  28. Its a shame but pedophilia has been with us since the Roman times and will still be going on long after. Its a hidden privilege for the extreme rich. Its only the lower people on the pedo ladder that get court.

    • Well said, k. I would put it back much earlier than Roman times because elitism has been around and empire have been around for much longer than Rome. Rome is of more recent so that we know it better. But we react to it more in our day because of all the talk in the last 300 years, roughly, about rights, freedoms, protections, liberty, equality, fraternity and all those other similar lies. Slave and the poor have no rights, freedoms, or prerogatives.choices. We exist to feed the rich whatever they want from us, either labor, sex, or soldiers. Blessed are the poor, the hungry, the f’d over, the screwed, the down trodden, for your lot will be remembered by God for relief and deliverance from evil.

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  30. I don’t agree with all you say about this woman, but agree that she is long past her sell-by date and should now step down and out. You make no mention of her part in the hounding of two innocent people in the Shieldfield affair. It seems that she could not be bothered to look into the trial where both people were acquitted, but chose to believe a maliciously libellous report. I think that then was the time to distance herself from any charity or other organisation concerned with protecting children from abuse.

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