Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame

Cameron and Christopher Shaletop-tory-filth1

Shrivelled schmuck David Cameron has got some fucking chutzpah.

Despite being known as a necrophiliac, liar, thief, traitor and all round shady bastard, Dave has just gone and accused Russian president Putin of probably being responsible for the death of Alexander Litvinenko.


Of course, as pointed out by the Daily Mail, Britain had more reason to kill him than Putin did.

Theresa Maythatcher and savile

So we can only assume that Cameron and his sicko sidekick Theresa May have been forced by their Israeli masters to use the scandal as a way of deflecting from the VIP paedophile scandal which is currently engulfing the UK Establishment.

blair-cover-up2Savile filthgreville-janner2BBC Paedos

Quite bizarrely, one of the barristers representing the Litvinenko family is none other than sly twat Ben Emmerson QC.

Emmerson has been roped in to put a dampener on the UK child- abuse inquiry headed by Justice Lowell Goddard and has already alienated many abuse victims with his spiteful attitude.

Goddardpaedo-ring-number-101DianasDeathJill Dando Daily Star Headline

He even had the cheek to call Putin a tinpot dictator.

Ha, ha,ha!

Old tart

Ben old boy, for someone who exudes all the charisma of a clapped-out tart flogging their wares in the bushes of Hampstead Heath, you really are taking the piss with your’ witticisms‘.

Of course, David Cameron and his cronies, know all about eliminating their enemies so they really have got some fucking nerve trying to blame Putin to cover their own tracks.

In fact, below are just some of the famous faces who have died in mysterious circumstances over the past 20 years.

Without a shadow of a doubt they met their end because they had knowledge of Britain’s dirty secrets.

Jill DandoGareth WilliamsPrincess DianaDr David KellyJohn Smith MPPeachesGeldofrobin-cook[1]Andrew Muriel-DLA PiperPaul CastleMark SaundersJacinthaSaldanhaGianniVersaceJean Charles De MenezesJames RusbridgerGudrun LoftusRikMayallBulic Forsythedanielmorgan1Willie McraeJamesForlongBrave GeoffreyDickensKristianDigbyNatshaCollinsMarkSpeightStephen+MilliganJustin FashanuMikeSmithDodi Al FayedIainMillsMPSeanHoare-NOWBarry MannakeeJonathan MoyleMichaelColvinAlexander McQueenLadyAliceEgertonGary SpeedMichael Hutchene and Paula YatesMichaelToddNeil MunroGottfriedvonBismarckKevin Greening BBC DJ mystery suicideRichard Chang-Abbey NationalGeorge SmithCameron and Christopher ShaleSgt Richard FullerSavile driver David SmithCaroleKasirKlaus WagnerJill grave


How many more deaths have been passed off as ‘accidents’, ‘heart attacks’, ‘suicides’ or ‘bondage games’ gone wrong?

We may never know.

One thing we do know is that the British Establishment will stop at nothing to cover their filthy tracks.

And that includes murder.

How very, very strange indeed.

The clock is ticking on Britain’s dirty secrets.

It’s only a matter of time.





36 thoughts on “Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame

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  2. These invaders have run out of time..they know we know them now. The savages have been caught out. Our World is unreal and the truth is a Beacon now..lies upon lies are all coming to light. We will witness their annihilation, it is game over!!.

  3. Ive known that for years but just now it happened to find such a comment on the net. Exactly. Such ppl are rewarded for more than artistic merits or so as u realized. I guess not all are involved in child sex crimes, some in drug/weapons dealing and/or spying/betraying their country.

    “Already anyone with a knighthood should be investigated for child sex crimes.”

  4. The Boy Buggering Corporation whilst being nothing less than a pathetic propaganda pedaller is useful in one respect, in that one can tell how desperate they are to push any particular lie by how many times that subject is pushed to the front of a newscast in any one day, the Litvinenko (story x) lie was a prime example of this. To get a more balanced view of what probably went on read this………………

  5. And even worse than possibly identifying the wrong killers is that this ‘report’ is deliberately calculated to provoke Putin, thereby putting British lives and interests at risk – all under the orders of the American administration.
    You could hardly conceive of a clearer act of treason by our government.
    If there is an consolation, it is that whole propaganda effort has been handled with such abysmal clumsiness by our establishment that it is hard to imagine Putin doing anything more than having a wry smile.
    As you say, tick, tock…

    DEZ G

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  8. JEREMY, GILES AND HENRY (Michael Bloch, biographer – married to Lord Lucans daughter, Camilla)

    LORD LUCAN (The Gamblers – John Pearson book)!topic/

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