Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Dearest Reader,

As we near the end of 2015, it’s time to look ahead at what next year will hold for the filth who run this septic isle.

Because know this.

The child-raping scum who’ve destroyed this once great nation need to pay for their vile crimes against humanity.

And we intend to make sure they do.

Grev and QueenieTony Blair Lord Levypaedo blaircameron and his blackmailerpaedo-ring-number-101Prince Charles Jimmy SavileBercow piece of shitHodge filthy cowmandelson-and-hodge1Vaz filthlying piece of scumDerek LaudWeirdo Malcolm RifkindneubergerSavile SatanElton and the cubsDanny the fakeMandelson and RothschildSatanic QueenWhat a charmerDiana MurderedCliff and ToneHague SavileEsther NSPCCElm Guest House HellJill graveScum of the fucking earthRIP Maddie

Each and everyone of them will be exposed in the full glare of publicity and will find no hiding place.

The full horrors of their murderous debauchery will be laid bare for the whole world to see.

And, when that happens, we’ll  finally get the fuckers where they belong:

Hanging from a noose in Parliament Square.

You have our fucking word on that.

Justice is coming in 2016.

It’s only a matter of time.












49 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I’ll drink to that! These Zionist child rapists and murderers must be made to pay for their crimes…History will judge them harshly…thank god we have the internet now so all the evidence against them will be freely available to their descendants 🙂 The horrors these filth will see as the light goes out in their eyes will be truely dreadful…the blood of millions is on their hands and I hope the screams of their victims haunt their dreams… Happy New Year!

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  3. Happy New Year to you Coleman…I so hope your words are followed by actions. They have simply been caught out now..time for action is here, plenty of people now know the score…who, how, and why. Reminds me of that Song….When Two Tribes Go To War. Tick tock…!!

    • The time has indeed come Chrysalis and the best weapon we have is exposure. You can rest assured that behind the scenes they are shitting bricks and trying in vain to prevent the truth from emerging.
      They won’t succeed.
      Happy New Year!
      (for us, not them)

  4. The kincora boys home was part of a ring of boys homes used by homosexuals. The reason was that so many of our politicians and high flyers were being blackmailed that the idea came up that instead of the risky practice of using prostitutes why not have a safe place where these men could go, so boys were groomed and called “comfort boys” but with no risk of blackmail, but a lot of the boys later went to the nearby borstal or committed suicide. It has already been said that IRA members Edward Heath Cliff Richards Jimmy Saville Greville Janner visited some times regularly, but also politicians from the USA and actors such as Wilfred Bramble and Frankie Howard were stopped at a checkpoint and had a Kincora boy in the car with them. The BBC knew about this, and ex BBC board member Graham Jones has said they approved of it. In Victorian times wealthy homosexuals would often keep a ” bumbadillo” or young boy in a room somewhere and visit him for regular sex such a sin the MP David laws case. Public opinion is changing and what was seen as child sex, is now seen as almost harmless ” boy-nobbing” as its now called

  5. has anyone ever seen the adverts in the back of the homosexual magazines bumboy or homo ? they all are from older men looking to meet schoolboys, this is disgusting, we are being force fed homosexuality day by day

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  7. Delighted at your prediction. I pray to God it comes true and I will do what I can to help make that happen. Satanist child rapists have got to be exposed. It may not stop them, but it will still be very painful for them. I’ll take whatever I can get. Lets hope the best for 2016.

  8. homo magazine had a centre spread on how to celebrate in the new year with penis rings and felching parties, felching now known as gerbilling is the homosexual practice made famous by peter mandelson and robin gibb, where a cardboard tube is placed into the rectum and a small furry animal slid down it, which is said to tickle and stimulate certain areas, penis ringing is the placing of small rings on the member. both can be very dangerous practises http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/the-london-fire-brigade-wants-you-to-be-careful-with-penis-rings–Zy85Oyw2sx?utm_source=indy&utm_medium=top5&utm_campaign=i100

  9. Happy new year pal, I hope we are not saying the same things again next year, lets hope the peados are rounded up and blasted with a sawn off

    • For their sickening crimes of torture, rape and often murder, against Britain’s innocent children a speedy death is way too good for them.
      They need to suffer a prolonged and agonising demise.
      Happy New Year.
      ( to us not them).

  10. Send them to Diago Garcia…vaccinate them every two months with Bill Gates Foundation’s Polio and MMR…Flu shots etc..Feed them GMO crap, Diet Coke..and Chemtrail them with their own poison. There is no way in or out of there…they can swim with the fishes. What a befitting end to the rubbish.

  11. The web as we know it today could change very significantly over the coming years. If governments have their way (and they usually do), the eventual model will be more spied-upon, more censored, more controlled.

    As blog contributors, we may find that our ability to disclose, read and discuss ‘non-approved’ information is severely curtailed, as governments and corporations bring the worldwide web under tighter control.

    For this reason, I do urge everyone to make copies of valuable information encountered on blogs such as Coleman’s and other Alternative Media websites, so that if and when the web as we know it is transformed, knowledge will not be lost.

  12. Wishing you a happy new year Coleman, and I too hope this will be the year that the filth get their just rewards, hopefully at the end of a rope.


  14. Just realised you’re back! Happy new year to you. Where on earth have you been? I assumed you’d been somehow silenced?
    You do great work, which I know is much appreciated by many.

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