The Alternative Queen’s Christmas Speech

Paedo protecting Queenie

Subjects of the British Empire,

One would like to offer an alternative Christmas Speech for 2015.

A sort of têteà-tête between old friends you might say.

Of course, those brainwashed cnuts in MI5 won’t like it one bit, but it really is about time one was allowed a free rein to address you.

Sadly, it’s been yet another annus horribilis at the palace as we’ve struggled to keep a lid on Britain’s VIP child-abuse scandal.

BuckinghamPalacePaedophilia at the palace

As you all know, we royals love befriending paedophiles and one personally likes nothing better that dishing out gongs and medals to all manner of child-raping scum.

Jimmy Savile OBESavile and Queen

Cyril Smith OBERolf OBEQueen and a perv

Where’s the harm in that we hear you say?

Quite right, there is none.

But all these darned social media campaigners are making things terribly uncomfortable for us Windsors and shining a light into our sordid privates is just not cricket.

Take this article for example:

” We now know that Jimmy Savile was a murderous child-rapist who had hoodwinked the British public for over 50 years.

His close links to the Royals can only be explained by his true role as a procurer of children to be abused in satanic rituals.

There is a now a desperate whitewash taking place by the intelligence services and Buckingham Palace who are panic-stricken that the truth is being exposed.

According to the Daily Star:

PAEDOPHILE Jimmy Savile named the royal family in his bombshell interview with police but any mention of them was removed from the released transcripts.

The papers from a 2009 police quiz were released last week following a seven-month battle by the Daily Star Sunday.

But the 26 pages – which exposed the evil pervert as a bully and a liar – came with 96 redactions (crossings out).

Today we can reveal the documents had been vetted by Buckingham Palace – and that the serial sex attacker’s royal connections were removed.

One reference Savile made about a cousin of the Queen was included in an internal police report released in January.

But on Tuesday, when Surrey Police published the interview transcripts, there was no mention of her.

Other references to royalty were also seemingly erased – and during our fight to obtain the records, police let slip Buckingham Palace’s involvement.

Tony Smith, the force’s information access manager, made the reference as he explained why it was taking so long to release the documents.

He told us that, as well as going to a senior police chief outside the force, the papers had gone “to Buckingham Palace to consider…because they are mentioned in it”.

There is no mention of Buckingham Palace or anyone from the royal family in the edited scripts.

And Savile – given an OBE by the Queen in 1972, followed by a knighthood in 1990 – was someone who liked to name-drop his royal connections.”

Why are the Royals links to Savile being suppressed in this way?”

One is not amused.

And poor old Charles has been caught with his pants down on numerous occasions,  this year being no exception.

Charles and SavileSavile Satan

His close chum Bishop Peter Ball, was convicted for decades of abuse, raping young boys at will, and Charles was devastated when he was caught.

Charles and Peter Ball

Another chum, Rolf Harris , was also imprisoned for child-abuse crimes.

Charlie and Rolf Rolf OBEQueenie and RolfPaedo filth

Poor old Rolf.

It’s a little known fact that Princess Di had to be bumped off because she found out about the paedophilic ways of the British Establishment.

What else could we do?

Diana MurderedJim and DiDianasDeathDiana letter

So was Jill Dando, when she too found out what we all get up to.

We had to reward Alun Farthing for his part in the ruse so we made him one’s chief botty-fiddler.

Alan Jill and QueenJill Execution HeadlineJill Dando SuspectBBC PaedosThe Real BBC

Poor Andrew has also been the subject of nasty innuendo because one of his pals is child-pimp Jeffrey Epstein, who regularly trafficks youngsters around the globe to be raped by wealthy VIPs.

Prince Andy PaedoMandy and AndyAndy's pal paedo EpsteinPrince Andrew, underage girl and Maxwell

Freeloading Andy has denied any wrongdoing, and we believe him.

So should you.

In another callous move,  police interviewed raisin-in-a-wig, Cliff Richard, in relation to child-abuse claims.

Just because Cliff likes fiddling with boys that’s no reason to judge him.

And with his special preference for choir boys you can rest assured he’s as Christian as he says he is.

Cliff Richard OBEJill and Cliff togetherJill Dando Daily Star HeadlineCliff and JimmyCliff and DianaCliff and Queenie

Even one’s consort, Greek benefit scrounger Philip, has been linked to the sordid shenanigans, with evidence emerging that he attended parties where care-home boys were abused.

What a charmerELM ABUSE HELL

Rumours abound that some of our senior male royals have a penchant for young boys and are involved in the abuse of vulnerable children from care homes.

One such scandal surrounds the Elm Guest House in Barnes which operated in the 80’s and where boys were trafficked from care homes to be abused by VIP filth.

In a strange twist, Prince Philip has long been blamed for the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi by Mohamed Al-Fayed.

Diana herself had knowledge of the Elm Guest brothel and even helped a former victim:

” The British Establishment is being rocked to its foundations by the Elm Guest House child-abuse scandal.

The scandal arose from claims of sexual abuse and the grooming of children by British politicians, Royals and VIP’s, at parties for men at the former Elm Guest House in Rocks Lane, near Barnes Common in South West London during the late 1970s and 1980s. Vulnerable boys from nearby Grafton Close care home were trafficked to the Elm and subjected to horrific abuse to satisfy the filthy perverts.

Could Princess Diana’s death be linked to the scandal?

In this shocking article from the Mirror (2 Feb 2013), we find that Diana was aware of abuse allegations at the Elm close contact with a victim:

” Another victim of the Elm  guest house scandal believes Princess Diana saved his life, the Sunday People has revealed.

The man, now in his forties, met the princess when he was sleeping rough  outside a London church.

He claims he was subjected to horrific abuse at the Elm from the age of 10  while he was in care at Grafton Close children’s home.

Diana gave him food and helped him find a temporary home as he battled to  rebuild his life in his twenties after escaping care.

He left a tribute to Diana at Kensington Palace when she died in the Paris  car crash of 1997.

The man said:I have rebuilt my life and I owe it all to Diana.

She kept in touch with me even after she’d helped my back on my feet. I have  lost a real friend.”

The Royals sordid secrets may also be know to the Met Police.

Who are the mysterious armed Met police unit, SCO19?

According to wikipedia:

” Specialist Crime and Operations Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19) (previously known as SO19 and then CO19) is a Central Operations branch within Greater London‘s Metropolitan Police Service.The Command is responsible for providing a firearms-response capability, assisting the rest of the service, which is normally unarmed”

The SCO19 were the unit responsible for the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell tube station.

The SC019  were allegedly trained by the Israeli police force.

In the comments section of a website discussing a high-level paedophile ring the following statement was made:

” Members of SO19 know about the kids home behind Waterloo Station where they used to drop of and collect a senior royal. Good few years ago though!”

In February 2013, an elite police officer, Colin Smelt, was found with dead with gunshot wounds at his home in Camden.

He was a Royal Protection Officer with the Met.

Apparently there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.”

Best ChumsPhilip Hates Me

Cruel rumours have also emerged that we were responsible for the disappearance of children from a Canadian orphanage who were taken away by us and never seen again.

Canadian tourWitness to Missing Children Last Seen by QueenieMissing Children Last Seen by Queen and PhilipQueenie Wanted

One was even less amused when one’s cousin, David Cameron, was accused of performing a sex-act with a dead pig.

Especially when we know for a fact that he performed it with a dead child.

Finally, one’s year has ended with the tragic news of the fake-death of one this countries finest boy-rapists. Greville Janner.

Grev and QueenieJewish QueeniePaedo cuntJanner and Cameron

Lovely Greville did so much for Queen and country that one was devastated to find he was forced flee to Israel just because he’d been abusing young boys for decades.

What a shame.

So you see, as your monarch, we really must insist that in 2016 you solemnly promise to stop raking up all the sordid details of our links to Britain’s VIP paedophile network.

Just go back to being poor and watching Eastenders like you used to.

Thank-you and Merry Christmas.

Queenies gone batty

The Queen.












22 thoughts on “The Alternative Queen’s Christmas Speech

  1. The royal satanic family that claims it traces its ancestry back to the tribes of israel and judah must be wiped from existence. They claim divine right to rule because of their ancestry. This clearly laid out in the texts of the jewish bible. Most are not aware of the connection (at least not here in US) as they are not very open with the populace on this subject. It is all part of the satanic JWO agenda clearly shown in what most consider to be the holy bible. If they only understood it. It is impossible to do so however with an english translated bible as it is an occult translated version which obscures what these texts actually say in divine sounding language. One must refer to a real and uncorrupted Latin Vulgate in order to understand it. How do we know it is accurate? The jewish Encyclopedia tells us in the entries “vulgate” and “jerome”. It makes it very clear that if one wants to understand the jewish bible that the latin vulgate is the most accurate translation and theonly translation in existence from the ORIGINAL PALEO HEBREW TEXTS. I would be happy to show anyone interested in this how to study these texts and provide them as well. It explains EVERYTHING that is going on and even this scandal you speak of. The KJV and other variants translated into english must be exposed for the fraud they are. This is truly the worlds best defense against these eternal children of hell that govern over us all. If interested ,contact me at

  2. I heard an ad for Mercedes Benz on the radio the other day, which sounded very much like the voice of that paedo who’s just been let out of prison early. Sent a chill down my spine.

  3. Read somewhere that the reason Fayed had the hump was that Dodi was not supposed to die in the accident. Mr. F. was in on the plan from the beginning and it all went terribly wrong …

  4. One of the photos of Savile you display above has been puzzling me for some time — can somebody here can shed some light on it?

    I refer to the photo of Savile wearing sunglasses, brandishing what I assume is one of the “commemorative badges” that Gordon Brown presented to 27 surviving ‘Bevin Boys’. Savile is holding up the badge in its small presentation box.

    So that’s the badge.

    But what about the medal that hangs on a chain around Savile’s neck in the ‘Bevin Boys’ photo?

    It appears to be an 8-point star. (I believe you can also see Savile wearing the same medal in another of the photos accompanying Coleman’s satire above).

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the 8-point star might represent or signify?

  5. ‘Buckingham Palace at the centre of a vast paedophile network’

  6. Yep Traitors and imposters….she knighted them all, proving you don’t get to sniff a top job unless you are in their filthy club…tribal and barbaric. We have them all named and shamed….all we have to do is arrest them. What are we waiting for…!

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  8. The BBC are claiming the queen’s speech was the most watched programme yesterday (over 7 million viewers). Downton was second. Anyone believe that?

  9. Just heard that this great website is back ! Hooray !!

    This is perhaps the best Alternative News website on the net.

    Where have you been as you have been sorely missed.

    • Yes Global Fightback and Lucy, if the figures were true, then I agree with you GF, that it’s got to be down to the sheepwash, that very same handy sheepwash that convinces them into believing that excessive rain in all those areas of the UK caused all those floods ….

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