A warning to Britain’s VIP paedophiles


This is a word of warning for the malevolent filth out there trying to keep a lid on the exposure of Britain’s VIP paedophile rings.

As you meet in darkened rooms, in your secret societies, in your synagogues, in your parliament, in your ‘gentlemen’s clubs, in your freemasonic halls and in your palaces, planning your next nefarious move, know this.

Your secrets wont be secret for very much longer- you have our word on that.

You can try every trick in your satanic book but it will make no difference at all.

Very shortly, a tidal wave of evidence will be unleashed that will expose to the whole world the depravity and sickness of your crimes.

Did you not know that in ancient Roman times, many  Emperors were bought down because shocking information was leaked to the public by apparently trustworthy insiders?

Through these insiders, the Latin phrase ” Parietes habent aures” , which literally translates as ” the walls have ears”, was born.

According to a passage by Ammianus Marcellinus, a Roman author who wrote about the fall of the Empire:

Excogitatum est super his, ut homines quidam ignoti, vilitate ipsa parum cavendi ad colligendos rumores per Antiochiae latera cuncta destinarentur relaturi quae audirent. […] ideoque etiam parietes arcanorum soli conscii timebantur.”

After these events, it was devised that certain unknown men, who were little to be feared on account of their utter unimportance, were sent to gather rumores throughout all the corners of Antioch and to report back what they heard. […]

And so even the walls, the lone confidantes of secrets, were feared.”


Your child-raping and murderous ways have been recorded and will be used against you when you least expect it.

Proof of your own vile antics will cause your much-deserved downfall and bring justice at last to abuse victims who you hold in such contempt.

Be aware then: ” Parietes habent aures”

Walls have ears.

Your dirty secrets will soon be laid bare for all the world to see.

It’s only a matter of time…


14 thoughts on “A warning to Britain’s VIP paedophiles

  1. this goes for our depraved rulers in the United States as well. This ring is international. Castration is even too light a sentence as it is not about sexual pleasure and gratification. It is satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice. Elimination of sexual libido would not solve the issue. Only extermination of their existence will suffice.

  2. Go on infiltrate their filthy halls, let’s get them caught with the the truth and the crimes they are guilty of. History will name them all as Alien scum. Take them down.Coleman..we are all behind you,

  3. Reblogged this on Lolathecur's Blog Below are two very important entries from the "Jewish Encyclopedia". Read them VERY CLOSELY. and commented:
    I love this guy. We need more like him. Willing to let these creeps know what is going to happen if some of us ever get our hands on them. This is a very serious part of the problem It is in reality not just sexual gratification bit has more to do with satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice. Castration of these individuals would not solve the problem as this is not really the reason for it. It is not just tjat they like to rape children for sexual gratificstion. It goes much deeper than this. Only extermination of this depraved scum will solve the problem. As a victim myself of repeted sexual molestation ( by a trusted family member no less) I would be more than willing to do the deed. May GOD OUR LADY(not mary of the bible) please forgive this vengeful sin that I may be worthy of the promise of your SON DEUM JESUM CHRISTUM. I will work on it but these people MUST be eliminated from the worlds existence. For some reason I believe that they remanifest and are eternal and will never allow the world peace. I will continue to say the rosary and ask for understanding as this subject is close to me.

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  5. looking to share on facebook and twitter yey just found option as I comment….good work again and a Latin paradigm they will understand as most mind controlled/brainwashed/’educated’ through ‘classical’ education including Latin

  6. Coleman,

    May I take a moment to make a Christmas appeal to your readers?

    This Christmas week, please find a few minutes to write a short email to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards (currently Ms Kathryn Hudson) calling for an urgent investigation into the alleged “unethical conduct” of four (4) currently-serving Members of Parliament.

    The serving MPs (holding parliamentary office as of December 2015) are:

    1) Dr Julian Lewis MP
    2) Peter Lilley MP
    3) Peter Bottomley MP
    4) Sir Edward Leigh MP

    It has been alleged that the MPs above were knowingly involved – either as perpetrators, accessories or both – in a national Child Sex Trafficking operation and organised Child Sexual Abuse that saw vulnerable adolescents (legal minors) trafficked to Westminster from the Bryn Alyn Community children’s homes in North Wales to be sexually assaulted by MPs at addresses in London.

    Specific charges relating to the above were made against Messrs Lewis, Lilley, Bottomley and Leigh – by child abuse victims/survivors, whistle-blowers and eyewitnesses – to journalists working on a print title of the 1990s called Scallywag.

    The editorial team at Scallywag duly reported the children’s allegations of MPs’ involvement in Child Sex Trafficking and organised Child Sexual Abuse to its readers located throughout the United Kingdom.

    The MPs Lewis, Lilley, Bottomley and Leigh did *NOT* litigate to disprove the allegations.

    To be clear, allegations of *criminal* conduct are of course a matter for the police. (On this score it is our understanding that current police investigations are indeed looking at whether MPs engaged in criminal Child Sex Trafficking and organised Child Sexual Abuse over a sustained period.)

    But what the police cannot investigate is whether MPs behaved *in accordance with accepted standards of ethics* to which the public rightly holds its elected representatives.

    An investigation into whether MPs’ conduct met *accepted ethical standards* can only be addressed by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards: currently Ms Kathryn Hudson.


    1. Please send a very courteous email to the Commissioner, Kathryn Hudson, requesting an urgent ethics inquiry into the four (4) MPs listed above, on the basis of the allegations made by victims/survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, whistle-blowers and eyewitnesses, as reported in Scallywag.

    The Commissioner’s email address and other contact information are here:


    2. Feel free to copy & paste details from the text of this appeal in your email to the Commissioner.

    3. Original source material (the specific charges levelled by victims/survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, whistle-blowers and eyewitnesses) is found in the Scallywag articles reproduced here:

    (You may also want to quote from the statement of Andrea Davison, here: http://macurstatement.blogspot.co.uk )

    Finally, it just remains to say THANK YOU – thank you for taking action for children and justice this Christmas.

    Wishing every reader of the Coleman Experience peace and happiness this festive week, and always. God bless.

  7. Thanks for posting this. But you forgot to add to the list “your basilicas and cathedrals, parish churches and halls of the Vatican…”The clock is ticking indeed and their final demise is sure to happen maybe within this coming year. The “they” forming a chain from the UK to Israel, to USA, to Australia, Canada, Vatican, and so many places I cant name them all.

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