Get #Janner

Janner filth

Dearest Readers,

You will have no doubt heard by now that child-raping, twisted, Jewish filth ,Greville Janner, has been allowed to escape prosecution for his sickening paedophile crimes.

Despite many, many brave boys coming forward and telling their horrific stories of abuse at the hands of Janner, complicit CPS slag, Alison Saunders, decided against prosecuting him.

The fact that slimy scum Uri Gellers’ son works for the CPS is yet another clue of how deep this shit goes.

Of course, the real reason Janner appears to have been able to cite fake ‘dementia‘ ( you must think we’re fucking idiots) to get him off a charge, is this:

The UK Intelligence Services have been repeatedly threatened by sly Israeli spy-agency Mossad.

Mossad have let it be known in no certain terms that if Janner goes down they will launch a series of high-level deadly attacks against the British People ( which will most certainly be blamed on fake bogeymen ISIS ).

Can you fucking believe this shit?

Our children are getting raped, buggered and murdered left, right and centre by this VIP scum and we have to allow it because Mi5 are petrified of Israel.

Well no more.

This filth has been allowed to continue for too long now.

Now is the time for direct action.

We hereby propose a list of remedies to make sure child-raping Janner doesn’t escape justice and his victims get the closure they so rightly deserve.

We’ve come up with a few of own for starters:

1) Janner’s  victims are allowed a two-hour primetime documentary slot to tell us the truth about his vile abuse.

2) The full evidence is released by the police so we can be the jury and decide for ourselves what his punishment should be.

3) Janner is dragged from the Lords by his ermine-robes and hung from a lamp in Parliament Square to be vilified in full-view.

4) He is publicly castrated and his shrivelled schmuck chopped up on live TV.

5)  He is abused in exactly the same way that he abused vulnerable boys so he finally gets a taste of his own fucking medicine.

Because, dear reader, know this.

If Greville Janner thinks he’s got away with his child-raping crimes he can fucking think again.

This aint over Janner.

Not by a fucking long shot.


DannytheFink and Greville Janner





68 thoughts on “Get #Janner

  1. Ernest Walter Saunders (born 21 October 1935) is a former British business manager, best known as one of the “Guinness Four”, a group of businessmen who attempted fraudulently to manipulate the share price of the Guinness company. He was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, but released after 10 months as he was believed to be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, which is incurable. He subsequently made a full recovery.
    They know every trick in the book and get away with criminality time after time. There are laws for us plebs and none for them.

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  3. Well, if there’s one good thing now at least we can call this dirty, degenerate, decrepit piece of filth what he is, since he can no longer shelter under the umbrella of the libel laws he once resorted to so cheerfully. At least that avenue is no longer open to the wretched, senile, malodorous, kiddie-fiddling old prune.

  4. I believe this is now has to be dealt with by the people. Clearly the Establishment exempts certain individuals from the consequences of their actions, be it child rape (as in the case of Janner and Brittan) or war crimes (Blair). So we have every justification in taking the law into our own hands here. In fact the principles of Natural Justice demand it.

    • All you need to do is form a Common Law Court and a People’s Grand Jury which I believe from memory consists of 23 people. Here is a link with some basic info.

      It’s USA based but they, like us, are a Common Law Jurisdiction and under Common Law a people’s arrest of Janner (not citizen’s arrest) would be in order and bring him before a People’s Court for trial.

    • Theresa May is aware of the level of public indignation as demonstrated with her unprecedented comments about the failure to charge Jenner. People might want direct action if legal processes are seen to be inadequate. He is disgusting on his own but he must be part of a much wider network. If the creature were to be charged, or even questioned – people with dementia often have very poor short term memory while they have very good recall of events that happened longer ago. This might be what is behind his protection ; the establishment is scared of what he might reveal.

  5. Does anyone know the address of this dung beetle? Or any specific place he regularly goes? If we could build up some sort of picture of his movements it would be immensely helpful in gaining redress.

    • If it’s moderate language you find persuasive, then you presumably vote for the Lib/Lab/Con complex of paedos and paedo-apologists. They’re full of flowery language and keen not to stir up strong feelings on any subject.
      Real humans, on the other hand, find the subject matter here transcends such petty sensitivities. Real humans are outraged, appalled and horrified at the actions of this piece of filth and his ilk and naturally express themselves in the most caustic and explosive terms. You can’t blame them!

  6. Mossad are responsible for all these crimes against humanity, False flags are how they bribe every nation. The samson option is alive and kicking. Sick sick sick of the deceit they use time and again. This goes so deep into the heart of the rogue nation who have played the victim so well. Time really is running out they have lost the cover of secrecy. They are the most vile nation on the planet. We have to do something to stop this slaughtering all for the Zionist monster !! who have infiltrated every single power structure. They intend to rule all of us…. and God help us all. Fear is the name of the game. ENOUGH NOW.

  7. Interesting that you’ve reminded us of the Zionists’ propensity for employing cold-blooded murder to get their way, as I’m currently reading the chapter ‘The Rise of Zion’ in Douglas Reed’s ‘Somewhere South of Suez’, published in 1950. He describes how Zionist killers The Stern Gang murdered UN representative Count Bernadotte when he went to Palestine in 1948, to try to make peace between the Jewish invaders and the Arabs. He lists numbers of other people who got in the Jews’ way and were similarly murdered by them – Lord Moyne and the brother of SAS Captain Roy Farran, for instance. Reed was a former ‘Times’ correspondent in Europe, reporting on the rise of the Nazis, the invasion of Austria, Czechoslovakia, etc., until he realised that there were powerful people in England who didn’t want the public to know what was really going on in Germany, and he resigned. From then on, he wrote books exposing what was happening and speculating about the reasons why. ‘Suez’ was his seventh. People need to read these books today, because we’re living through times which often look very much like a re-run of what went before.

  8. Love you Coleman but maybe change Jewish Filth to zionist Filth mate, other than that, keep up the good work.

  9. Beckhams are overexposed in the media nowadays and they make me sick. Parents, especially sleazy David. Someone should get him too some time….

  10. Good luck with this one Coleman !! they truly have been untouchable and above any laws. Hiding below the radar and wreaking hell on earth. We all have a duty now to end this murdering and torturing scum. The time has come to let them know that we have caught up with them,and there will be justice for the people who gave so much believing the lies they have used and still are lying filth. This is tribal and the world is watching.

  11. If Janner is too mentally ill to stand trial……… then why haven’t they committed him to somewhere like broadmoor?

  12. Drag all the pedophiles out and string all up ,and yeh people are getting really pissed off now . How do we first drag the apathetic masses off their arses first .Enough is enough Btw they would jump up pretty quick if it was one of their kids .How do we get enough people together to put an end to this once and for all .The pots and pans worked in Iceland .

  13. @Vic … was just thinking the same thing! Followed, of course, by a quick burial at a “secret location” just like Brittan. Mind you I may be in a minority of one but I don’t believe for one minute Leon Brittan IS actually dead.

    • Shotgun I agree I don’t believe Leon Brittan is dead he is probably in some beautiful location enjoying his retirement makes me Bloody sick come on people lets get together and sort these sick people before it’s too late .

    • You’re not the only one mate trust me, and personally I’m not 100% happy to believe Savile or McAlpine are really pushing up daisies either!

    • Haha….Framed by the illuminati for investigating the illuminati!!?? I can just imagine the absolute terror Alan from Burnley must have inflected on them whilst conducting his Google [slash] Youtube investigation!! He should count himself lucky not to be sleeping with the fishes. Mind you, there’s still time yet, hopefully someone in HMP Wakefield will fill him in…

  14. If Janner was deemed too unfit for a police interview how did he get himself to the House of Lords 32 times in the 4 months preceeding?

  15. These Satanic sub humans are in there last throws!!!! People all over the world are awake to whats happening and it is world wide as well. Theresa May and her cohorts are puppets why did she vote no to changing the Official secrets Act! And yet she criticizes the CPS. Hypocrite!!!!! Don’t vote for either party, this SATANIC energy MUST ousted. They are finished because it is all in the OPEN know. And honest and good people will not let it go. More Rallies more protest more Exposing!!!

  16. good to have you back Coleman. a lot of us thought you’d been gotten to!

    ditto above remarks about faked deaths, very fishy. and their alter egos the convenient suicides, like Carole Kasner (Elm House) and Savile’s chauffeur (the day before standing trial).

    as always, I appreciate the links, people.

  17. Interesting comment from Helen Mirren in the BBC mag ‘The Radio Times’ recently : “(A)nti-Semitism is still pertinent. People start down that particular road saying they’re nationalistic or proud of their nation, rubbish like that, and set themselves on the first step to horrors.” It makes you wonder what the alternative to being ‘nationalistic’ and ‘proud of your nation’ would be, if she’s right – the abolition of nation states and the establishment or a world government? Surely not.

    • “People start down that particular road saying they’re nationalistic or proud of their nation”

      Such cheek! Preaching Anti-Nationalism when Israel is a state that preaches arrogant supremacism over everyone whilst hypocritically using supposed historical victimhoods as a shield. The parties most of them deride like Jobbik and Front Nationale are liberals compared to politics practised in the Knesset. They preach open borders, liberal anti-racism in Europe whilst Israel has the complete opposite. It is disgusting how the majority of people fall for Jewish victimhood narrative when the victims are all humanity. They are hypocrites but they’re so brainwashed with their own propaganda that they completely lack self-perception. If the political leaders of your group overwhelmingly support policies to bring the end of European civilisation then how do they expect Europeans to react? Greville Janner has had this same position throughout his political career.

      Anti-Defamation League supports open borders to Europe
      “World leaders must not turn their backs on the fundamental commitment to refugee protection and should work to settle these families in a humane and just manner. “
      – Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL National Director, September 3rd 2015″

      The Jewish state meanwhile wants to offload them to Europe:
      “Four out of Five Israelis oppose taking in Syrian refugees, while only 11% back allowing them to settle in the country”

      Arab man sentenced for 18 months for having consensual sex with a Jewish woman:

  18. There will be some very nervous nonces out there at the moment.Its only a matter of time before the police will be knocking on their doors.lets hope these privileged filth have a tiny inkling of what terror they put their poor victims through.great work as allways coleman

  19. Janner declared so-called Nazi war criminals should be tried no matter the age, or mental condition. It’s what he would have wanted.

  20. Murrin’s Barrister is calling for confirmation that Janner has no Power of Attorney registered.

    If he really has dementia and yet has transferred his property without a power of attorney being in place then that proves this is all a lie.

    The Office of Public Guardian is refusing to confirm or deny this and is demanding 10 working days to respond (no doubt for MI5 and their mates to fiddle the books…)

    It won’t matter what they say as back dating a POA won’t now do much to change what we know like the letter to the Lords on 09 April and the fact that no one mentioned a Power of Attorney before when of course if there was one in place then that is the first thing we would have been told by our ‘free’ zionist press… They have not done a very good job with covering the tracks this time round.

    Janner for 27 years Leicester MP. For 20 years he was raping vulnerable small boys from the local British kids home allegedly. Now every prominent jewish lawyer is either silent or is leaping to defend the decision not to prosecute (David Pannick QC; Joshua Rozenberg etc)

    BTW in light of the developments over the recent past I am now calling for Judicial Executions of all Conspirators who are found guilty after trials. Trials I very much look forward to taking an active part in in the future. GOD Bless Britain!

  21. This vile piece of excrement has gave his family his £2 million pound house 3 months after his house was searched ( he knows hes going to be paying out compensation).He was renowned for visiting a block of flats known as oriel and merton house ,which coincidentely have both been demolished ( getting rid of more evidence no doubt)he states that holocaust criminals should be tried whether unfit through illness or not.Surely the same should apply to this trashcan !What the hell is he doing being involved with the scouting association aswell ,filth of the highest order ,hang him!

  22. Judging by all the honest comments on here about a particular segment of society, my prediction is a false flag immediately after the election, with the poor souls at the centre of it so the nation can have a public outcry of sympathy for them, just like in France!

  23. The whole of the “establishment” are mentally,spiritually,physically corrupt and ALL need to be brought to account…plus,ALL those complicit in these crimes by inaction or cover-uo also ought to be jailed for a very long time indeed…and most hurtful of all to these scum,stripped of ALL assets.

  24. Look up a citizen investigative journalist’s website – NORTH YORKSHIRE ENQUIRER. Follow their articles on the exposure of child exploitation by JIMMY SAVILE AND COHORTS within NORTH YORKSHIRE AND BROADER COMMUNITY.

    Ask yourselves how can these public spirited journalist’s be so RIGHT, yet so WRONG given the historical links and recent public discourse’s.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely

  25. Dear Coleman…..thank you for saying it like it is…..but, please don’t be so restrained, it makes us all feel better when we can at least imagine a fitting punishment for these vile satanic perverts. Ball chopping is , frankly, not good enough! Those poor little children… a parent I cannot begin to imagine their fear and helplessness. Jewery perversion starts with the pedophilia act at birth of sucking a babies privates! What kind of sick, sordid satanic act is that? Nothing less than waterboarding (oops! That’s NOT torture, apparently)… NB, the Jew owned British press has conveniently placed the “Janner” story in an extremely insignificant place in the papers, also worth noting, “suddenly” some ” very good friends” of Teddy-in-beddy Heath, have stated that he was merely a ” confused gay man”, or even more obsurd, “asexual” ( more like A sexual frikkin pervert). If the powers that be are playing their cards predictably, then there act indicates that there is much more they need to hide from us gentile’s. Bastards.

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