RIP Madeleine McCann

RIP Madeleine

According to her parents, Madeleine McCann was abducted on May 3rd 2007.

That is simply not true.

Madeleine was not abducted at all.

She was brutally raped and tortured in a vile and bloody Satanic ritual two days earlier.

Her death was the culmination of many months of horrific, sadistic abuse.

You see, Madeleine McCann was no ordinary girl.

She was being raped regularly by several members of a high-level paedophile ring and her abuse was being shared with many on the internet.

Madeleine McCann was used in vile pornography along with many other children.

For the sick bastards using her, she was something special though.

You could say she was the “star of the show “.

In fact, the only thing that would give the twisted fuckers any more pleasure than they had already experienced, was for Madeleine to be killed.

Right in front of their eyes.

A snuff film to beat all others.

Beautiful, blond haired Madeleine had the ‘X-Factor’ and plenty of people were already paying big money to see her being vilified.

The next step was the ultimate one.

She was literally going to be sacrificed.

That’s why Gerry stated so clearly on video that he was not in Praia de Luz for a holiday.

That’s why the Tapas 7 so firmly claimed they would never talk because they had taken a “pact”.

That’s why Dr David Payne spoke so graphically about his sexual feelings towards Madeleine.

That’s why Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge’s nephew was staying at the Warner resort at the same time as the McCanns.

That’s why paedophiles,Tony Blair and Gordon Brown .so fervently supported the McCanns.

That’s why Gerry’s paedophile past was wiped from the CATS sex-abuse register.

That’s why Clarence Mitchell, who had already covered-up Jill Dando’s murder, was called in to cover-up Madeleine’s.

That’s why Gerry and many of his friends were allowed to escape, scot-free, from Operation Ore when police were about to expose high-ranking, child-raping scum.

That’s why heart surgeon Gerry is a Freemason in the same Leicestershire vicinity as paedophile peer Greville Janner and his sicko- sidekick Keith Vaz.

That’s why everybody gathered at Mark Warner’s to have their pick of young children to rape and also to witness the death of Madeleine.

That’s why Gerry and Kate were feted by the world’s elite- a special way of saying thank-you for giving us Madeleine.

That’s why highly trained sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keeler, picked up the scent of Madeleine’s blood in 10 locations.

That’s why the UK media has persistently failed to report on the conflicting police reports about the case.

That’s why the McCann’s have spent millions trying to shut-up their critics and pay off their cronies.

That’s why many parents like to rape their children along with their friends and sell images of the abuse.

That’s why many UK doctors like to combine murdering children with organ trafficking to wealthy clients.

That’s why Madeleine was also raped after her death ( necrophilia- just like Jimmy Savile ).

That’s why blood splatter patterns found in the apartment were consistent with a neck being slit.

That’s why a photo of a dead Madeleine was posted around the world.

That’s why a clue was deliberately left , hidden in plain sight , for us by pretending to call Madeleine, Maddie ( anagram :I’M DEAD).

That’s why the UK Intelligence services are doing everything within their power to prevent the truth about Madeleine’s sacrificial murder coming out.

That’s why these are the exact tactics used in the case of Alisa and Gabriel the Hampstead Whistleblower kids.

That’s why they want a total media shutdown and cover-up.

Well we’ve got news for you baby-raping, pieces of filth.

It’s way too late now.

The game is up and the truth is out.

Madeleine McCann is dead.

And here’s a word of warning.

To her murderers, and those who were complicit in her abuse, you might think you’ve  managed to escape justice after all these years.

You’re wrong.

Keep watching your backs you fucking, psychopathic scum.

You’ll all get what’s coming to you.

It’s only a matter of time.


Children Born For Sacrifice

The Real Truth






84 thoughts on “RIP Madeleine McCann

  1. Explosive words, dynamite in fact, but I await the evidence to prove these claims. If true they will rock the very pillars of Establishment, but be careful because I’m sure the McCanns will do everything they can to get this post, if not your website, taken ‘off air’.

  2. It’s interesting to note the increase in the number of “missing dog”/”missing cat” posters that go up every year on the run-up to the important Satanic festivals. But animal sacrifice is of course, strictly for beginners. Children represent the summit of desirability for this sick and twisted ceremony. It’s at such sacrifices that you typically find the so-called ‘Elites’ of this world gathered together with their spirit familiars.
    By means of a simple yet highly accurate test, we can identify sick individuals predisposed to this kind of behaviour. Suitable lasers are used on the subject’s eyes to monitor the pupil diameter in real time as a succession of photos are flashed up on a screen for the subject to view. The pictures -flashed past the subject at high speed – are mostly neutral scenes of people going about everyday activities. But a small percentage are not and depict emotive images which should provoke a powerful emotional response – some negative; some positive. By measuring the subject’s pupil contractions and expansions to the viewing of these images, it can quickly be established, in a matter of a few minutes, whether any sociopathic traits are present in the individual concerned.
    I would strongly propose this testing be made mandatory for all persons seeking positions of public trust and influence as a matter of the greatest urgency.

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  4. Coleman on the money mate. Many touch on it but most are not brave enough to talk about. The question in this VIP abusing of kids is ONE word SATANISM!!! It goes back hundreds of years these sub humans are in fact , controlled by the energy satanism creates and one of it offsets is pedophilia and child sacrifice!! They go hand in hand, msm wont touch it because they cant . So it left to the people who are awakening and are conscious enough to UNDERSTAND this concept. David Icke explains it brilliantly in his Wembley presentation this year. People are awakening to this, we must talk about it and get it out there. It goes beyond the five sense reality, EVIL energy Versus GOOD energy , the more conscious you get the more you understand it and hence express it to others like you are doing. Eventually the house of cards will fall bc these people may have wealth and perceived power .But humanity will say enough is enough!!! So it is up to us to rise up !!!

    • Are you aware that Satanists do not worship the devil? The name Satanism comes form the Hebrew word satan, which means “adversary”, and was chosen as they are “the adversary to religion”. Satanists are enlightened Athiests and don’t believe in God or the Bible and therefore can not believe in the devil. The are Athiests who believe that people are free to believe what they wish, and don’t try to force their opinions on others. As a side note, not all Athiests are like Richard Dawkins.

  5. When the satanic witch who claims to be Medeleines mother released her book – ‘Medeleine: Our daughter’s disappearance and the continuing search for her ‘, in 2012, I decided to have a closer look at the case myself. I quickly found a website I believe was the McCanns own website, there on the site was about 95 pictures of Medeleine – the pictures were chronologically arranged from the time she was a few months of age to the time she was murdered by her satanist foster parents (Kate and Gerry McCann and their perverted friends). I noticed in the pictures that Medeleine who was a mere innocent child – was not smiling naturally in about 92 of those pictures – she had a FORCED PRETEND SMILE on her face – this really shocked me – a child who should smile spontenously in the inocence of joy and happiness was showing forced pretend happy smiles in the majority of the pictures – this led to believe she was clearly being sexually abused from the time she was born, to the time she died. She clearly also feared those who were taking her pictures – which were mostly likely taken by Kate and Gerry McCann. I noted these points and published the above comment on and when I came back to check two days later – I could not find my comment and when I revisited the McCann website – the pictures had been taken down!!!

    My sister also noted that the satanic witch Kate McCann got her hair done on the second day before giving interviews – only a women would notice that about another women. But it shows they did not give a dawn about their adopted daughter Medeleine – or their other kids – no mother would leave her kids alone at that age in a foriegn country to goto a bar unless they were not her kids.

    • Quinta Do Miradouro. This vineyard is within easy driving distance of Praia Da Luz and there are alternative routes along both main and country roads. I had a look on the map.

    • Sir Clement Freud cooked meals for the McCann’s in Praia da Luz He formerly lived in Hampstead and is the brother of artist Lucian Freud an erotic painter. Clement’s son Mathew married Rupert Murdoch’s daughter, who now employs Clarence Mitchell.

      Small world!


    This hidden message if true, may not be about Medeleine – it could be the Satanists message to God of the Bible with whom they are at war with as they stand with their god, Satan, Lucifer the devil. In the Bible, God tells us one of his names is I AM. and these devils are saying cryptically, God is no more…they are of course insane – THOSE WHO FOLLOW SATAN GO INSANE AND MAJORITY ONCE CAUGHT NEVER ESCAPE FROM HIS CLUTCHES.

    [King James Bible] Exo 3:14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

  7. The Madeleine McCann disappearance has become one of the most enduring mysteries of our time and has generated thousands of front page headlines. Despite the unprecedented coverage, few people have detailed understanding of the evidence of the case. Mainstream media has been used to create diversion and confusion over what really happened, rather than inform their readers of the facts. We present the most detailed documentary yet produced about this case.
    See above video: **The True Story of Madeleine McCann – Buried By Mainstream Media – Full Documentary**
    Focusing on witness statements, physical and circumstantial evidence, media articles, police photographs and more leaving the viewer with a comprehensive understanding of the facts. Once the facts are laid bare, mainstream media are shown to be nothing more than a tool of propaganda in the hands of those trying to control the public’s perception of reality for a range of nefarious purposes.

    Useful links related to Madeleine McCann

    1. The McCann files, (probably the best source of information on the case )

    2. The McCann files – Portuguese Police reports

    3. The Truth of the Lie blogspot (Goncalo Amarals book in English)

    4. Pamalams’ site – a collection of Gerry McCanns’ blogs, Latest news & PJ files

    5. Joana Morais – Filmaker & journalist bringing us up to date news from Portugal

    6. What happened to Madeleine McCann – a series well researched articles

    7. The Daily Profiler – Pat Brown, U.S Criminal Profiler

    8. The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann – discussion forum

    9. Missing Madeleine – discussion forum

    10. The Madeleine Foundation (new site is under construction)

    11. NHS: McCanns abuse of power – Blogspot

    12. Goncalo Amaral

    13. Hasta que se sepa la Verdad

    14. Free e-book by Michael McLean

    15. Truth for Madeleine blogspot

    16. Dogs don’t lie blogspot

    17. Eddie and Keela’s blogspot

    18. Hi-De-Ho – you tube

    19. The truth of the lie – English Narration

    20. The Madeleine McCann Research Group videos

    21. Wilyboo’s video channel

    22. Another one for Justice – video channel

    The Satanic Elite & Child Abduction

  8. Why is there a Police CATS (Peado register) file allocated to Freemason Gerry McCann years before Medeleine died?

    SECRET VIDEO RECORDING inside evil Freemason Lodge in Turkey – exposing Satan worship and blood drinking and satanic wittchcraft 5-pointed-star worship wearing the Catholic nazi KKK gear. Strong indication of satanic masons in the Hampstead satanic child abuse nightmare. The church involved is a Jesuit catholic church – their symbols are everwhere and if one listens carefully, they are singing again and agin in latin ‘hail satan’. Let us not forget freemasonry is the modern name for the Knights Templar – who were the crusaders sent from Rome by the Antichrist the Pope – to seize Israel – Satan sending his satanic troops – and today all 33 degree freemasons are Jesuit satanists answering to the Black Pope – who for the first time in history is also the White Pope – combining the two roles into one as they push for WW3 so he can become the one world leader…”one ring to rule them all”:..

    IN THE NAME OF SATAN – an expert level presentation documenting satanic ritual abuse from survivors which MATCH in detail the satanic ritual abuse at hellhole Hampstead Christ Church:
    (1of 3):
    (2 of 3) :
    (3 of 3) :

  9. Richard D Hall has another film out concerning the Madeleine McCann cover-up: The Phantoms, all about the various “suspects” that have been offered up to us by the mainstream media.

  10. This is definitely a spiritual war between good and evil.These heinous crimes of sacrifice on children/young adults/animals alike are committed in areas where energy lines join and are at their strongest points.The energy of children which these sick psychos feed off is known as ‘vrill’.These ‘rat vomit’ days are numbered as more who ‘wake up’ to this evil-then with more combined energies can we overcome these vile Satanic paedos.Also they always accumulate and practice in the locality where you find children-as with their sick perverted minds they can’t stay away from then.The more innocent a child is the more they have pleasure in destroying their innoncence.It’s not an option to be silent about these crimes as we’re either part of the problem or the solution and thankyou to Mr Coleman for being the spokesman to expose this vile scum…tick tock tick tock……..xx

  11. The fact that this global evil exists ( and it surely always has? ) suggests to me an outline given by Paul in Ephesians 6v12.
    I realise the New Age movement believes, that by by enlightenment, awakening, or whatever this evil will be vanquished. For me it is such a strong ” supernatural ” force that it’s defeat can only come by God’s ( or the Source ) intervention.

  12. After some careful research on satanic holidays and ritual days it’s apparent that this theory/truth could quite frankly be correct

    From the 26th of April to may the 1st the satanic holiday of corpus de baal takes place otherwise known as the grand climax.

    Then on may the 1st directly beltane day or the fire festival takes place.

    If you add the times and dates and the number of well known and powerful people who were in Portugal around this time it almost adds up.

  13. I have always said it was her parents, i mean why leave 3 children unattended whilst they wine and dine. I have never once seen the mother shed a tear for poor maddie if this statement is true r.i.p. Maddie

  14. explosive stuff but are we not entitled to some sort of substantiation? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof!

  15. In the eyes of the dark overlords, human beings are hypocrites. Human beings sacrifice trillions of animals each year for their materialistic pleasure of taste. Baby chicks are ground to death while still alive, for being male and useless to the egg industry. These images, once seen – will haunt you for the rest of your life. So perhaps if we take some self-responsibility, stop murdering other beings children, raping them for milk and then stealing their children (which they mourn for, for months) then maybe, just maybe, we will affect the dark energies of the world.

    But no, humans are selfish. Treat those below you how you expect to be treated. Before anyone starts, this is not a new age concept. The religious people might want to ask why they drink the blood of Christ and why the circumcised infants blood is drunk by some Rabbis.

  16. Irish always have a way of finding what they want
    And this is the worst I’ve ever heard. You can be sure our boys Wil find you, and when they do… will suffer 100 times over and beg for your life as that baby did. But your voice will fall on deaf ears and you will also feel what that beautiful innocent child felt and went through. You need to know rite now, and listen very well to me. Your days are now counted and soon you will meet your SATAN. Very soon you bottom of the river feeder dirt trash pieces of maggot shit!!!!! See you soon😌

  17. how can parents sacrifice there child like that if this is true then both the McCann’s should be charged with murder locked up and the key threw away scum of the earth is what I would call them

  18. If this is true then surely photos can be found from the snuff film. Nothing graphic but just enough to prove this is what happend to her. If this is true it’s massive and it needs to go viral!

  19. Has an iridologist ever given an assessment of Madelaine’s right iris? I might be wrong but I am sure that this blacked out area of the iris relates to ovaries. It means that her ovaries were dead. Has any expert done an in depth assessment/report? It could point to sexual abuse before her disappearance.

  20. Janet, every office worker in the land, must be aware, in their minds, and chatting about, whats going on in thecolemanexperience

    No violence will be needed. It will be sunlight on Dracula, the evil people wont survive, it will end

    the scum who lord it over us, and hide in plain sight, and are even brazen to parade around, imagine the arrogance

    That’s why io say again, sober today. Use your ingenuity, and use your experience and anger or whatever else is inside, from that cardiologist, or was it a gp, to drive you forward, and get the coleman stuff out there, Lightworker Janet x

  21. Great article Mr Coleman think you are completely correct.
    I think Madeleine was killed on the 2nd May, it was a full moon and Beltane. Have looked at her astrological transits for the 2nd and they are really bad. Have listed them with an explanation on the Kev Baker show comments section, it was the show where he interviewed Stephen Birch, it’s on Youtube.

  22. Watching the video (, I find it strange that the McCanns insist that Madeleine is alive when they shouldn’t know whether or not she is if they aren’t a part of it. But for people like me and everyone else who doesn’t understand the Madeleine case, can someone please explain why the parents (and whoever else was involved) would want Madeleine dead, why they did this in such a public place (rather than, say, a private estate or island somewhere), and why they set it up as a kidnapping and insist that Madeleine is still alive?

  23. I’m always suspicious when a famous persons child dies. A certain gothic rock singer and satanist has lost three children and he’s a relative of Cliff Richard’s.

  24. Why was the crime carried out in ‘broad daylight’, in a very public area, and the kidnapping staged rather than the crime committed on a private estate or island somewhere (there would be no other witnesses for Maddie, and an allegation that she simply went missing somehow would be much more believable) which is how these elite satanist-pedophiles often conduct their work?

  25. Coleman and Co – you are the good guys (I get that vibe from you 100%) and I have every faith that you wouldn’t post anything that you do not have very good cause to believe is true. But, surely you and everyone reading this has to ask, why go to Portugal, why attract so much attention to yourselves and how did they even get involved in stuff like this in the first place?

    I have to say that I just feel that these revelations are beyond the beyond. I mean no disrespect by that comment. Quite the contrary. I honestly feel that us truth seekers are growing in numbers faster than even TPTB anticipated. We’ve come a long way from it being just David Icke in a turquoise shell suit talking about lizards on ‘Wogan’. A LOT of people are questioning, believing and seeking to expose the sub-humans that rot amongst us to the extent that our petitioning and blogging to get them brought out in the open to pay for the crimes perpetrated at their elite parties and cloistered guest houses is really starting to threaten the establishment.

    It’s because of that very reason that I can’t help but wonder if such ‘extreme’ information as highlighted in this post is being fed in by shills who seek for you to post something so inflammatory that they have the perfect ‘iron-clad’ excuse to shut the whole thing down.

    Don’t we all know that the dark forces controlling this planet will do anything to throw us off from closing in on the atrocities that these MPs, judges and ‘celebs’ get up to…like faking evidence on other incidents they know are under scrutiny so they can feed false info into the truth seekers network then shut down the ‘libellous’ sites that publicise it.

    I personally believe that Madeleine did die in that apartment and that Gerry and Kate McCann were involved either wholly or in part. However, a video featuring her in the way you describe being commonly available (albeit amongst a certain sub class of oxygen thieves on the dark net) and this not having been highlighted earlier is difficult to get my head around.

    Am I the only person thinking like this? If so, then I’m either too cynical for believing that foul play is afoot or I’m too naïve to believe that something so sickening could actually be true, but I honestly believe that the moment this gets even part way dispersed through the truth seekers’ network Kate and Gerry McCann will be wheeled out to perform for the sheeple. It will be the usual press-conference-by-numbers; something along the lines of how cruel these internet ‘trolls’ are and how upsetting it all is for the family. Then boom! You and Richard D Hall and anybody else who is highlighting the McCann case are suddenly off the air (it has happened before to Rich Planet over the Drummer Rigby false flag operation). That would mean that all the other evidence re: VIP abuse, false flag terrorist attacks, secret space programmes etc. ad infinitum, has no vehicle, so no voice.

    We all know that the McCanns are infamous for shutting down anything that so much as questions the official line on what really happened to Madeleine. Google Brian Johnson’s book, ‘Faked Abduction’ – the McCanns had it banned from sale in this country so I had to buy it from the US. Then there’s the case of the woman who wound up dead (after supposedly committing suicide) after being accused of trolling the McCanns. There are countless examples beside, but enough said.

    Also google ‘Dogs don’t lie’ and read about the amazing Eddie and Keela, 2 sniffer dogs specifically trained to scent out blood and cadaver. They found evidence of Madeleine’s blood in and around the apartment and in the boot of the Renault hired by the McCanns and scented cadaver in the apartment, on the key for the Renault and inside the Renault. Then watch a clip of Kate and Gerry McCann being interviewed on a Portuguese TV programme and basically being asked what explanation they had as to why the dogs picked up these scents. Gerry’s response, complete with arrogant sneer was, “You’d have to ask the dogs that.” Definitely, definitely something not right about the whole thing, but they are so well protected that the message is clear; tangle with the McCanns and you’ve signed your own death warrant.

  26. I THINK that you are presuming Madeleine died in the apartment. I don’t think she did but ‘cuddle cat’ WAS returned to her parents carrying the ‘smell of death’ which was subsequently transferred to various locations within the apartment. Madeleine died elsewhere and her death was something the McCanns didn’t anticipate . THEY and the ESTABLISHMENT had things to hide ( obviously linked) and a ‘quid pro quo’ situation is the result. The car WAS used to ferry the little girl’s dead body to an unknown place ( much earlier than the 3rd May ) and not by the McCanns either. There has been mention of there being a Roman Temple beneath Murat’s garden. Strange how so many affluent high profile people were in that particular are at that particular time. I’ve been to Warner’s and believe me it’s nothing special. Catriona Baker seems a bit iffy to me but hey, what do I know?

  27. You are all a load of sick, twisted evil scum. You have absolutely no evidence whatsoever for these allegations. Go crawl back in your hole where you belong…

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  30. To those who ask why the McScums wanted the publicity (do genuine distraught parents really call Sky first?) and insist she is still alive…for the LOOT of course! The devils that ‘bought’ her from them weren’t going to use their own hard-stolen filthy lucre were they? Why, when the gullible public would sympathetically POUR their hard-earned pennies on the McScums instead? How they must have all laughed…oh yeh, they did laugh. Plenty of pics of the McScums laughing soon afterwards. And videos. Gezza on the balcony. Laughing.

  31. You quoted Hunter S. Thompson. Perhaps you are unaware that he was implicated of being involved in a pedophile ring during the Franklin Coverup. A young man said he saw him kill a boy. It’s either twisted irony or you knew what you were doing.

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  34. How can you people say such sick disturbing things? This is a innocent young child who’s childhood has been taken away from her whatever the outcome is.

    Full support to the mcCanns.
    Stay strong, I hope you find the peace that you need to finally move on from this tragic terrifying incident 😦 ❤

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  36. You state quote, “That’s why blood splatter patterns found in the apartment were consistent with a neck being slit.” This is an interesting comment and in fact I personally made the same findings however with more accuracy, can you please mail me as I would like to further discuss the concept.

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