#Whistleblower Kids are telling the truth: Britain is run by Satanists

Alisa and Gabriel

Alisa and Gabriel are two of the bravest children to have ever walked this earth.

Despite being threatened with death by their psychotic shit-faced father, Ricky Dearman, they came forward and told the world of their treatment at the hands of Britain’s Satanic filth.

Ricky Dearman Satanic shitChristchurch School

They told us all that they were being sadistically raped and abused by teachers, social workers, parents , vicars, solicitors and many others at their Hampstead primary school, Christchurch.


They spoke of Satanic rituals involving trafficked babies being murdered and videos of the horrific ‘orgies’ being sold across the world.

Quite unbelievably, despite damning medical and witness evidences, no police investigation has ever taken place.


Instead, we were witness to one of the biggest establishment cover-ups this country has ever seen.

Complicit bitch Judge Pauffley completely ignored all testimony from the children and set about annihilating the children’s mother by way of a brutal character assassination.

Judge Pauffley Bitch

Local Satanic-rag, the Ham and High, came out in full-force in defence of the accused child-abusers and against the mother.

The reason being is that their owners are also part of the vile child-abuse ring which swamps Britain.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that the “Hampstead” scandal is limited to a few schools in London either.

By no means.

The child-raping, devil-worshipping, baby-murdering, torture ring is going on right across this fucked-up island.

Only now, due to Alisa and Gabriel’s brave testimony, have we been able to hear from the mouth of babes, the level of depravity involved.

Because dear reader know this.

Behind the pomp and pageantry of Filthy Britain lies a most disturbing and evil secret.

At this very moment children are being buggered to death in this country by the very crème de la crème of society.

They are being battered into silence.

Their legs are being broken.

Their necks are being slit open.

Their blood is being drained.

They are being forced into murderous rituals.

And across the globe, twisted paedophilic-scum are paying huge sums of money to watch these debauched orgies and snuff-films.

The viewers of this filth include royals, ministers, doctors, teachers, military officers, rabbis, lawyers, judges, showbiz stars and businessmen, to name but a few.

This is Britain’s’ dirty secret.

Exposed, for the whole world to see:

We are run by Satanic child-murderers who gain pleasure from seeing babies and children brutally beaten-up, raped and killed.

Well no fucking more.

We intend to bring this whole shower of shite down if it’s the last fucking thing we do.

So help us God.

The clock is ticking now.

It’s only a matter of time.















81 thoughts on “#Whistleblower Kids are telling the truth: Britain is run by Satanists

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  3. Thanks for the link and for telling it straight. Did have a little look at Ham N High and found that a company named Archant owns it and up until mid 2013, the Chairman of the Archant Board was a chap who also happens to be the Lords Lieutenant of Norfolk named Richard Jewson. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Jewson. Mr. Jewson was Chairman until 2013, replaced by a Simon Bax about whom I could not unearth any interesting info, so I dropped it.
    Thanks again for the link, these are stronger pieces on that subject, the final one was a lesser piece. It is always hard to tell but I am sure these were much stronger.

  4. The biggest question to me that doesnt get answered is this: If this was all bullshit then why were so many people implicated? Why so much back story? If it was just to put one over on poor ‘Ricky’ or to cover up abuse by the partner then why complicate it with all the rest. And by the rest i mean such things as ‘birthmarks in strange places, cannibalism etc etc. Something is wrong, very very wrong. The truth must out.

  5. Has anyone noticed how often, often BBCNews24 presenters , and guests too, wear red and black in different combinations? It was getting so frequent I’m sure they realised and toned it down. Then its started back up again.
    They wear satanic colours, its a satanic, red themed channel. And I don’t think theyre doing it for the fun of it either. I think these occultists get some benefit, from viewers mental energy seeing colours, and symbols
    Not to mention the hypnotic trance like intro graphics for BBCNews24.
    It’s a scum channel, it has to be said. And that’s not letting other channels of the hook.
    I’ll say this. I can only hope that more and more and more and more people, in offices round the country start realising, start talking, about what thecolemanexperience wordpress is revealing.
    This situation is too bad and cant go on
    I know TPTB want a fight, to justify martial law, and we should be aware of those traps.
    But nevertheless. Now im realsing the enormity of it, the scale. The evilness that’s going on, regularly.
    By many many household names, Powerful people who lord it over us.
    Im very mad and furious.
    Ive lost faith and respect.
    I am so sad and horrified at the evil that’s around.
    I am horrified that Alisa and Gabriel aren’t being covered as headline news.
    I am horrified what happens in snuff films and breaking legs while people are getting thrills inside them and wanking. I am horrified horrified horrified. And I’m stopping short of naming names on here and saying what should happen to them, because I know everythings watched, thanks to Edward Snowden.

    So please please please everyone reading this, please copy and paste my message now, into your facebooks, into emails, your twitter, and please send this message far and wide. Thecolemanexperience.wordpress.com

    • Howdy alw

      >> Has anyone noticed how often, often BBCNews24 presenters , and guests too, wear red and black in different combinations?

      Indeed. These are the colours of Mars – war, sex, death, energy, etc., as used by Nazis, AC Milan, and Dennis the Menace among others.

      >> They wear satanic colours, its a satanic, red themed channel.

      The colours themselves are not Satanic, they’re neutral, like electricity. Can be used for good or ill.

      >> And I don’t think theyre doing it for the fun of it either.

      Absolutely, very powerful if used with knowledge.

      >> It’s a scum channel, it has to be said. And that’s not letting other channels of the hook.

      I reckon in 1/3/5 years time, anyone who says they worked in TV will be putting themselves in danger.

      • thankyou John
        Lifes so busy, these are all strange things. So much disinfo around too. I hope on eday the white magic truths of all this, will be taught to every child in school, and we have a spiritual society, where Lights everywhere and the evil bad people just cant survive. This needs free energy and the SSP to be exposed. The word is, the bad faction of the SSP< the Rothschild Rockefeller SSP, don't want disclosure yet, bcoz humanitys not been sufficiently moved along agenda 21 yet, theres still to much healthy chaos in the system. So project bluebeam wont work yet. Apparently, this is why the ISS Nasa feeds have been showing UFOs glimpses, its the white hats wanting us to wake up, the lights on Ceres too
        How did you know this about neutral, electricity, and colours? Did you study occultism

  6. Reposted from Whistleblower Kids.

    Thanks Nicola Bourne:

    The comments to Coleman’s “Britian is run by Satanists” includes the following link:



    The comments from Barrister Matthew Scott are clearly tainted and fill me with disgust.

    Scott states “I am primarily a criminal barrister.”

    I have come to the conclusion that most barristers probably are criminals and certainly my experience has shown that most members of the legal profession, especially within the judiciary, are in fact criminals.

    He opening statement begins:

    “Lovers of paedophile and Satanist conspiracies have been having a wonderful time recently with their claims that a Satanist paedophile ring has been operating from Christ Church Church of England Primary School in Hampstead”.

    Like Pauffley, who wishes to tell us the sort of people who take an interest in the case are either, evil, foolish or have an interest in the subject of child rape, Scott tells us that those taking an interest in the case are “Lovers of paedophile and Satanist conspiracies”.

    Scott is himself identified via his professional site as:

    “A specialist criminal advocate with considerable expertise in defending allegations of rape and child cruelty””

    Using his own logic, are we to take it that Scott is therefore himself “having a wonderful time” being paid as a lover of “rape and child cruelty”?

    What we are witnessing both from Pauffley and now from Scott is an attempt to profile who might be taking an interest in the case as if they both forget that the administration of justice is a matter of public interest.

    I think most of us here are concerned firstly at the injustice of separating two young children from their mother and grandparents, when all parties express they want that contact and secondly that the police and courts are not doing their job properly.

    Frankly I think Barristers are the lowest scum of the earth.

    Why on earth should I think such a thing?

    Following a very long time of very difficult and complex legal proceedings I finally required to instruct a barrister. Having fully briefed him on the points of law which applied to my appeal against a ruling by his peers, whereby the lower court had in fact violated statute law, my barrister completely discarded my instructions and submitted my appeal as being in complete agreement with the decision of the lower court.

    Why the hell would my appeal be to agree with the decision I was appealing!

    Consequently no appeal took place my being injured with an illegal decision.

    Article 6(1) – The right to a fair hearing? I couldn’t even get a hearing far less a fair one!

    Having belittled Belinda, Matthew Scott goes on to malign Sabine:

    “The other is the thoroughly malignant Sabine McNeill, who seems (like the mother) to have left the country in order to continue her campaign without fear of arrest for contempt of court or harassment.”

    Firstly how does Scott come to conclude Sabine is “thoroughly malignant” because I have known for a long time that Sabine tries to help victims of oppression and white collar crime and just how is it Sabine has “left the country in order to continue her campaign without fear of arrest” when in fact she has left the country out of fear of arrest!

    Typical member of the modern legal profession Scott – you are lying scum!

    This is the whole point of the case – the state and judiciary have become utterly evil and here Matthew Scott has rallied to give his support to defame and malign the victims as well as to assist in covering up what appears the likelihood of very serious crime including rape and murder.

    His thing is to defend such cases but guess what, like me the victims never got their day in court – no hearing – far less a fair hearing!

    • Well I tell you what Emm Jay
      Neither have I
      So do your duty for the Angels and Light forces working , helping. Because believe me, theres fucking Demons at work, influencing too. So align yourself with the Light Forces
      And copy and paste my comment above, far and fucking wide, on facebook, twitter, email, do it anonymously if you want,
      but fucking forward forward forward forward it on
      To make sure every office worker in the land is talking about what Scum are in our midst hiding in plain sight, Lording it over us
      And im not advocating violence by any means. Im like Gandhi. Spreading Awareness is the ksy. Which is why so many distractions and lies are employed
      Simple awareness of Truth, is like sunlight on Dracula
      Fucking do it Emmjay. And all other readers

    • I believed them I really did then genuine campaigners refuted it and were Adamant that their faces shouldn’t be shown and that was abuse . Then I felt extreme guilt its all a game of watching I n my. Heart And brain I still believe now .however I’ve got to be sure do for now I’m a watcher

      • I don’t think the children’s identities should have been revealed. It meant I couldn’t watch the videos for long because it felt a bit uncomfortable. I also felt that the man off-camera prompting them seemed quite agressive and that felt wrong too. I’m not suggesting anything untoward, I think he was just trying to make sure they named names, but a bit more sensitivity is required – particularly in instances such as this.

      • Dear Barb,

        the fact that the faces got leaked was an inadvertent act of ‘internet chance’. But: how can a SECRET court be ‘respected’ as it conceals the MURDER of babies? Hence I filed this with the Petitions Committee in Brussels: http://mckenzie-friends.co.uk/2015/03/07/using-the-secrecy-of-ukfamilycourts-to-cover-up-criminal-activities/

        How can a Council be ‘respected’ that separates the children who have lived with their mother all their lives and has put them with a third set of foster parents, only because they accused their father and his associates?

        Wasn’t this internet revolution necessary to advance the exposure of Mr Coleman’s title line: Britain is run by Satanists? Except this seems to apply to the whole world…

        Isn’t this the wake-up call that’s needed for people to start digging into these horrific realities of power: blackmail / paedophilia / satanism?

        Yours from exile since 11 February because of a planned prosecution against me and the visit of Police who want to use the Harassment Act on behalf of the accused against me for having published the names which I never did… But they came to my flat after I left, and issued an Internet Notice of terrorist level at all airports against me… But withdrew it on 22 March.

        For anybody who hasn’t seen the videos: http://whistleblowerkids.uk/2015/04/06/all-allegations-in-one-from-the-mouths-of-whistleblowerkids-comes-truth/

    • Hi Christine-Just to inform you 2 women protesters Neelu Berry & Christine Ann Sands were arrested in connection with the Hampstead abuse enquiry to which Neelu filmed police officers outside Hampsted church on 22/3/2015 to which 2 weeks later she was arrested with Christimne and held for 2 days.Neelu is summoned to appear in on 2/8/2015.Christine was sentenced to a year’s suspended sentence on the condition she’ll catch a return plane to America1/.As no surprise they were arrested with no charges against them2/.The’ charges’ were also differed up between them so the judge couldn’t see them.3/ Therefore judge Hurst was called in to contribute to the cover up of cover up’s………..TC Louise xx

  7. I think we need ‘barometers of activism’: for first time visitors and victims to expert bloggers such as Coleman. We also need TO DO lists and ways of coming together. ‘Buddies’ seem to be necessary. Police always operate in ‘pairs’, too. My beginning is http://www.meetup.com/whistleblowerkids where I focussed on the responses to the judgement. http://www.meetup.com/whistleblowerkids/about/

    But now the appeal has been filed, we need to anticipate and prepare for that court hearing and the use of mainstream media again.

    And then of course there is the question whether ‘ethical’ MPs could make a difference: http://whistleblowerkids.uk/2015/04/08/can-ethical-mps-overturn-the-secrecy-of-heinousness-and-vastness-of-satanicritualabuse-sra/

  8. RabbiT – excellent post. I could not agree more. Matthew Scott needs to wind his neck in – I find his comments cruel and in poor taste. A certain irony that he labels campaigners as “Lovers of paedophile and Satanist conspiracies” when he refuses to acknowledge those speaking out. Another apologist. Next thing he will be defending Leon Brittan.

  9. Psychopathy and Satanism: an extremely potent combination. We may not be able to screen out devil worshipers as yet, but we can at least test all persons working in positions of public trust for psychopathic character traits. Reliable tests are now available. We must do this now without further delay because as things stand, even without the Luciferan factor, we are merely sheep ruled by wolves – and you know where that will lead.

    • I agree with you about psychopathy and satanism. And there are tests to determine narcissism, sociopath traits, and psychopathy. However, there are many people working in places of public trust, business, government, etc., who are narcissistic and have traits of psychopathy. Where and how would you suggest these tests be done? satanists who run so many things certainly won’t agree to these tests.

  10. It’s time for this kind of organized satanic-pedophile conspiracy to be dragged out into the light. People who defend these people on YouTube leer and smirk about the cult ‘winning’ and they mock people who want to see justice done for the Hampstead children. This is ridiculous. Action needs to be taken continually until the truth comes to the light and justice is done for kids beginning with A and G. Like Anonymous Lightworker said, surfacing truth to these psychopaths is like sunlight to Dracula. This means that there are few lengths they won’t go to in order to prevent the truth from coming to the light, so all advocates for the cause of truth should be aware of this also.

    • The underlying problem for those wishing to expose child abuse in the Establishment ( a term I am using loosely) is the fact that there is a well organised campaign by people in the Media, Academia, Arts including number of Voluntary organisations and Business that have a very well oiled (money) publicity machine that sets out at every turn to discredit any claims. We do have names, but the Libel/Censorship Laws do not permit me to name on here.

      • Yes, I’m aware that they have a well-oiled ‘cover-up machine’ in place. They even have preemptive measures in place to prevent people from even reporting which is why much of this stuff is never even reported. All we can do is what we’re already doing I guess.

  11. For anyone to say this horrific case is a hoax is unbelievable.1/ The complete turn around of staff at the’ said’ schools 2/ £180,000 worth of work to refurbish locations where the siblings described these horrific rituals were practiced-when they should have been treated as a crime scene by forensics 3/ Distinguishable marks on the’ said’ perpertrators who as yet haven’t come forward at the request of Medical experts/Police to be exonerated from all enquiries.These questions alone with no viable answers raises suspicions-plus the incompetant judge Pallfrey has not investigated this case what so ever which is obvious is another massive COVER UP of ‘child abuse’………..

  12. David Aaronovitch writer for the Times is also from Hampstead and has done a dismissive article. Check out his wikipedia page.

  13. Don’t you all find it interesting that David Icke appears to have not one single comment to make on the Hampstead ritual child abuse? Well, if I’m wrong, someone tell me where his comments are? There are several references to it posted by members of DavidIcke.com blog, but nothing I can find from Icke himself. I should have expected him, given his years of revealing similar goings on amongst the royal family, the police, etc., to have gone to town over the Hampstead story. I don’t know him personally, of course, but I am not the only one to think so. Richie Allen, who claims Icke is a great friend of his, interviewed Sabine McNeill on his radio show recently, and commented as she told the horrific story of how the two children had been abused for a long time at the hands of the satanic ritual cult “I am going to make sure David Icke knows about this, because it’s something he’s been speaking about for years, and he’ll certainly want to get it into the public arena”…presumably on his Headlines page? I wonder just how Icke received Richie’s story as Sabine McNeill told it to him, and how he explained why he wasn’t going to use it or even MENTION it at all? Or perhaps he allowed Richie to think he would use it, and then didn’t? If anyone reads this and can tell me that David HAS written about Hampstead, and where I can find his article, please let me know. As things stand right now, I find a distinct odour of fish lingering around Icke…anyone agree? Why would he just ignore such a story, especially after the physical abuse of the children had been confirmed by a doctor, and the police themselves accepted the children’s witness statements initially, only to force them to retract and then failing to interview anyone else the children said had been involved? Given Icke’s views on British justice, surely he wouldn’t have been deterred by Justice Pauffley dismissing the case entirely? and what about the taking of the children into CARE shortly after they had been “persuaded” to retract? After their own mother had promised them that if they told the police, everything would be all right? In other circumstances, where children have been taken into care (state custody) without good reason, Icke has made much of the untrustworthiness of social services, hasn’t he? And now, suddenly, he TRUSTS both the police AND social services, and presumably thinks (as we are now being told) that the MOTHER is guilty of “feeding her children soup laced with cannabis” and brain-washing them into giving false testimony? And NOTHING at all is said by ANY of the media about the confirmation of physical abuse by a doctor? I have emailed Icke to ask about this – but I am not holding my breath for a reply….

    • Best advice on dark areas like these where people fear to tread: don’t wait on David Icke or any of the so-called experts. The cults place their people in every area and arena and field as experts so that even those seeking the truth will run up against a wall without even knowing it. Trusting experts and expecting them to do something is unwise. The common people need to become ‘experts’ themselves, unite, and do what experts are supposed to do or say they’re doing. Icke may be a cult expert or may have been bought or threatened; but rather than wondering what’s going on with him, it’s important for the common person to exercise or practice initiative and self-motivation. The elite count on the common man not having those qualities and understand that without them, not much can be done.

  14. Thank you Sabine for your reply . I read extensively and have signed. Your petition a few weeks ago I just want the truth and its hard for newbies to get it so I’m just going to watch form my own opinion and learn .god bless g and a

  15. Can someone give me the link to the new petition? I signed the first one but found out that it was pulled. I’m not sure if I’ve signed the current one yet.

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  17. Thanks so much. I am an SRA/illuminati survivor. The depth of this evil is so great. I am still recovering and it’s a miracle I survived despite attempts on my life.

    • I don’t know why but all these replies from months ago are suddenly just showing up in my inbox this December… in the Christmas season. I don’t find that to be a coincidence. Anna, I’m a survivor of ritual abuse too, and when I found out and left, they began watching and manipulating my life from behind the scenes. I hope you’re in a good place now.

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  19. Good article. I intend to expose the cause of all this evil – namely Satan’s deceptive influence over mankind.

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  21. Sabine Mcneil – your ludicrously inaccurate statement of the 12 April above “the fact that the [childrens] faces got leaked was an inadvertent act of ‘internet chance’” is as shameful as it is untrue. It well known now that one of the main – if not THE main reason the entire case failed from the get-go was because YOU arranged to have the children’s videos put online – completely and utterly against Ella, the mother of the 2 Whistleblower children’s wishes, at the time. One wonders how many other cases you and your “friends”, such as Belinda McKenzie, have destroyed – other than the Musa case too, where both of you played a prominent role where there is much evidence of your dubious actions eg. those secret meetings you took part in with the deliberately hopeless “defence team” at restaurants in Central London in between the Musa’s trial end and the formal date the 1st Appeal documents were to be given in by. where you all discussed the Appeal documents contents-to-be that not even the Musas were shown until many months later, until AFTER the actual appeal had taken place and been lost – if these docs that were finally shown were even the correct documents that dodgy defence team gave the court. The Musas and numerous supporters begged and begged to see those docs at the time but never were they to be shown, and for the defendants themselves not to be shown their own Appeal docs is unheard of..We only found out about these “secret” meetings that took place because somebody who had become completely disillusioned about your “agenda” didn’t like one little bit how you were carrying on. so they decided to make it public.

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  23. Also, for those who are still trying to throw shade on this Hampstead children and throw around accusations that the whole thing is a hoax and there is no satanic cult killing babies and ritually abusing children, don’t forget that an incredibly similar incident was reported a few years previously at [another] Hampstead primary school. The similarities just regarding the sexual abuse and the parents of twenty ‘special children’ who are child molesters and defend child molesters is basically identical and impossible to dismiss: http://www.hamhigh.co.uk/news/crime-court/hampstead_teacher_walks_free_after_sexually_abusing_nine_year_old_girl_1_1669170. I’d advise the advocates of the Hampstead children and supporters of the fact that satanism and sexual abuse are practiced on a large scale in London to save this link which contains valuable information in favor of the Hampstead children (and all who believe that satanic and sexual abuse of children is being carried out in the UK) for such a short article.

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