Suffer the Little Children of Britain

Gabriel and Alisa

Suffer the little children.

Britain’s children.


Abused for decades.






Sometimes killed.

Always ruined.

In care homes.

In schools.

In clubs.

In hotels.

In guest houses.

In cars.

In vans.

In seedy rooms.

In luxury flats.

In parliament.

In BBC studios.

In palaces.

By VIP’s.

By filth.

By social workers.

By family members.

By teachers.

By doctors.

By religious leaders.

By businessmen.

By celebs.

By politicians.

By diplomats.

By ministers.

By royalty.

Lives shattered.

Memories blinding.

Permanent scars.

Never believed.






Suffer the little children.

Britain’s little children.

Hold on tight now.

The end is near.

Justice must descend.

Final retribution.

It’s only a matter of time…


20 thoughts on “Suffer the Little Children of Britain

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  2. I understand former Tory MP for Ealing North is still alive.

    On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 12:23 PM, thecolemanexperience wrote:

    > thecolemanexperience posted: ” Suffer the little children. Britain’s > children. Innocents. Abused for decades. Groomed. Raped. Buggered. Injured. > Destroyed. Sometimes killed. Always ruined. In care homes. In schools. In > clubs. In hotels. “

  3. I know youre busy, with a lot of things to think about

    But if you remember anything from the deluge I send, please remember, to check at least once a week (or even subscribe)

    Im so upset, ive been so upset, at the evil that’s going on, horrific evil, that goes right to the highest levels. Not dirty old men in a mac at the end of the street.

    Ive been so troubled to learn, what happens in snuff films with children, babies. And again theyre not the odd lone wolf weirdo as the media tells us, to act as a pressure valve release. No Craig. This is so intertwined in society, its a hidden virus, and once people get corrupted by its paedophile ring tentacles, theyre as thick as thieves, watching each others back. And it extends into every sphere of agencies, life.

    This doesn’t mean everyone s bad, societys bad, not it isn’t. Most of us are good. The trouble is, we don’t know who the bad people are, theyre ruthless, and hide in plain sight though some may be unknown. A lot are powerful prominent figures

    The evilness of all this is part of what motivates me, to be aLightworker. Im also motivated too because the 20th century cover up of free energy, Townsend Browns Electrogravitics, and the exponential incredible inventions the military industrial complex must have secretly made since the 1950s I discuss at length….also motivates me. But thecolemanexperience also does

    Ill end with a final, important message. SunTzus Art of War is a classic old Chinese text, every military officer in training studies, and keeps with him. Most war is psychological, a war of beliefs and the mind and trickery. And ill say this

    These bad people I speak of know were waking up, know theres good people horrified and sickened and very very sad and tearful, for the children whats happening.

    And with SunTzu, theyre laying a trap.

    Theyre going to orchestrate nationwide demonstrations, to prempt trouble, outrage over child abuse. Theyre going to tempt hatred and people in the streets. Like a net on the ground to take the bait, This will justify an official response to crackdown with martial law, which is what they need, because theyre getting increasingly desperate and cornered

    Therefore the message is, we must all be like Gandhi. Peaceful awakening awareness, is all that’s needed, and Is what They fear. Which is why theyre going to tempt us with bait, to justify a clampdown. Watch out for this

    I recommend we plod on, peacefully as peaceful Lightworkers, like Gandhi, exposing the Secret Space program, exposing the Truths to people, then things will naturally resolve peacefully

    Peaceful, non confrontative spreading of truth, with love in our hearts, is our protection Craig

  4. They hate us and they hate our kids…. this is war Coleman. If we do nothing to protect the innocence of youth what the hell is this life for. We all have a part and a stake in this unstoppable movement. Tick Tock alright !! The Goyim are fighting back.

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