Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

Dearest Readers,

Thank you for your kind words of welcome following our prolonged absence.

Some of you may have assumed we were MIA or had abandoned post.

Yet others may have thought we’d been silenced by the filth who run this septic isle from behind the shadows.

No fear of that.

Due to the dangers of our evidence-seeking ‘mission’ we were obliged to remain silent.

Why so?

Well it’s a little known fact that the Coleman Experience is not quite as it first appears to be.

On the surface we are merely a humble blog reporting on the shenanigans of the British Establishment.

Look a little deeper though and an altogether different picture emerges.

Without wanting to give ammo to the opposition, we will say only this:

Coming from a military background has enabled us to plan this  battle against the forces of evil for many years.

Most recently on reconnaissance, deep behind enemy lines, we’ve witnessed filth and depravation the like of which you could never imagine.

By the Grace of God we have returned safely.

For now.

The end game though is fast approaching.

When we said we would get justice for Britain’s children this was no idle threat.

The gauntlet is thrown.

The enemy is in sight.

And dear reader know this.

They are most certainly about to get what’s fucking coming to them.

It’s only a matter of time.



Your brother-in-arms,










62 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising


  2. Great to have you back. I’ve been asked about you by several people and your mention of a military background and determination that there WILL be changes reminds me of a group of people I have heard about from another source.

  3. hello sir,

    We’re a band about to record an album in July. We’re unsigned and will remain that way (not going to work for a corporation am I). The album we’re making has as it’s theme “waking up” and topics include 911, banking, social media, religion, and climate change. We’ve recorded the title track and are trying to get it into the mainstream media. The song link I’m sending you has a lyric that isn’t too contentious but gives its message by metaphor. That way the sheeple might listen to it. Anyway, I got your mails yesterday and today and thought maybe it might interest you to give us a hand; namely if you could forward it to your readership with some kind words to like, share, subscribe. Everybody on the net is hawking something and I suppose we’re no different but all we’re trying to do is make a difference through music. No fame or fortune wanted thank you. So if you could it would be really appreciated, here’s the song

    and if you do that sort of thing here’s our facebook page and our twitter account

    Hope you like it, and even if you don’t thank you for having taking the time to have a look at it

    Luis 🙂

  4. Just to add mine to the many – very glad to see you blogging again! All of us (I think/hope) are in this for the long haul now – there will be no leaving it for future generations to deal with or giving up when the going gets tough. We know the essential truth despite all the cover ups, and we stand with and for all those who voice that truth… Go Coleman! 🙂

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  6. So happy to see you back, was really concerned you’d been threatened. Thank you for your fearless work and words, I wish you all well.

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  8. I genuinely can’t wait, and hope that this comes sooner rather than later. I have promoted this on my Global FIghtback FB page, and will also add links to my website in the coming week:

    Some of you might also be interested in a very interesting, non-corporate and non-censored social networking alternative to FB, Informed Planet at :there is currently an active debate about paedophilia in the forums section entitled Government-Run Paedosadists Rings, where I have also promoted this blog.

  9. Coleman, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, and it became clear to me long ago that you were far from a “humble blogger”. For that reason I have always looked forward to reading your posts with great anticipation, so your absence was keenly felt. This update is enormously encouraging, but above all, please stay safe.

  10. On 30/6/14 I heard a man prophecy. ” I, the Lord, am about to crack open, yea crack open all the hidden secrets and abuse committed against children in this land. I shall expose even the most hidden things. Your Government, military, and authorities will be ashamed. Even your politicians shall be ashamed of what they have failed to do to protect the children of this land. Then I will judge, yea, I will bring judgement upon this people and nation. You will see it happen, and will not like it. Your only safety will then be in Christ. I, the Lord, have spoken this.” On the 2/7/14 an apology for neglect was made before the House of Commons. Every day since there has been a new revelation. Shocking it may be, but there is much more to come. For 40 years as a Police Officer I fought to expose many things, and was threatened with a Mental Home. Since retiring, I have received apologies from men who didn’t, (or couldn’t) believe me because of ‘obligations’ or connections. God have mercy on us all, because of what is coming.

  11. So pleased to hear from you, ditto to all the above comments. Such respect – there are good people who don’t bury their heads, thank you, be safe x

  12. Welcome back, Sir. In all honest I thought smb must have silenced u forever. Im glad I was wrong. Lets keep on doing what we always have!

  13. Well I hope everyone who reads and comments has their pitchforks at the ready and doesn’t go scuttling for the nearest stone when the time comes. Bring it!

  14. Evening all, it’s certainly great to have this blog back, love you Coleman, but don’t rely solely on Coleman and his brothers in arms to finish this. Carry on regardless, please, don’t rest on any laurels guys…push this agenda whenever wherever possible. God speed Coleman.

    • Colman Experience both Denis and Aideen in the video worked at Bryn Alyn Hall in North Wales.He was a staff member and she was a Director.

  15. Welcome back! I and lots of folks were worried about your well being. We’ve all missed you. Time to kick ass tick tock x

  16. Coleman, Incredibly relieved that you are back and what looks like in great form. You are absolutely correct ,that we need to continue this exposure of children being harmed in the most unacceptable fashion. Even if it is simply by talking to the people in the Matrix and enlightening them to these unacceptably awful shenanigans, perpetrated on humanity. These people in elite positions throughout this isle and other parts of the world for that matter must be exposed, for the sake of humanity. Enough dark stuff has happened on this beautiful planet of ours for such a long time – as you point out, the clock is ticking – tick tock! It is now time for each of us to contribute to “Service To Others” and concentrate on a good outcome for all of us, regardless of gender, cultural or social background. In general, ordinary humans are hard wired to be compassionate and kind to each other – there are a few that have lost their way obviously and unfortunately managed to get to the top of the food chain by hook or crook – no surprises there then. Keep your much needed information coming, so we can slowly enlighten the masses and change will have to occur, just like with the 100 monkey syndrome. If we envisage and work towards a better future for all – we will eventually get it. Once again, glad you are safe and sound and looking forward to your updates.

  17. Your blog has been/is a source of great inspiration to so many- may your god(s) bless you for what you do- you may find this interesting
    This is why Dunblane happened- this is what these child killers fear most-

  18. Thanks for updating us thus putting our minds at rest with regard to your safety dear brother. I sincerely hope that the filth and depravation you have witnessed on your evidence gathering mission hasn’t made you ill. Respect to you for making a dangerous foray behind enemy lines. The Kalika War Party is with you in spirit.

    I’m not surprised to hear you’re military. I had guessed that you were an intelligence officer. Whatever your background is Coleman, am sending much love your way for not abandoning the kids. May Kali Ma come down like a ton of bricks on any filth that harms a hair on your head x

  19. You’d better be as you say we need someone that knows more that is genuine all hope lies in people like you if genuine I’m skeptical one the truth needs to be outed t say it now Coleman people don’t know what to believe or. Not the truth needs to be out there re child abuse and the extent ..please

  20. Good to see you’re back – you have cult following on Twitter – The Coleman Army is behind you – time now to bring these paedo cunt MPs down !

  21. Great to see you back and fighting the good fight….Someone has to things are pouring out now across the globe and enough information and proof is out there to put these scum away for a very long time. Lets hope we can start the tsunami that is needed.

  22. I know youre busy, with a lot of things to think about

    But if you remember anything from the deluge I send, please remember, to check at least once a week (or even subscribe)

    Im so upset, ive been so upset, at the evil that’s going on, horrific evil, that goes right to the highest levels. Not dirty old men in a mac at the end of the street.

    Ive been so troubled to learn, what happens in snuff films with children, babies. And again theyre not the odd lone wolf weirdo as the media tells us, to act as a pressure valve release. No Craig. This is so intertwined in society, its a hidden virus, and once people get corrupted by its paedophile ring tentacles, theyre as thick as thieves, watching each others back. And it extends into every sphere of agencies, life.

    This doesn’t mean everyone s bad, societys bad, not it isn’t. Most of us are good. The trouble is, we don’t know who the bad people are, theyre ruthless, and hide in plain sight though some may be unknown. A lot are powerful prominent figures

    The evilness of all this is part of what motivates me, to be aLightworker. Im also motivated too because the 20th century cover up of free energy, Townsend Browns Electrogravitics, and the exponential incredible inventions the military industrial complex must have secretly made since the 1950s I discuss at length….also motivates me. But thecolemanexperience also does

    Ill end with a final, important message. SunTzus Art of War is a classic old Chinese text, every military officer in training studies, and keeps with him. Most war is psychological, a war of beliefs and the mind and trickery. And ill say this

    These bad people I speak of know were waking up, know theres good people horrified and sickened and very very sad and tearful, for the children whats happening.

    And with SunTzu, theyre laying a trap.

    Theyre going to orchestrate nationwide demonstrations, to prempt trouble, outrage over child abuse. Theyre going to tempt hatred and people in the streets. Like a net on the ground to take the bait, This will justify an official response to crackdown with martial law, which is what they need, because theyre getting increasingly desperate and cornered

    Therefore the message is, we must all be like Gandhi. Peaceful awakening awareness, is all that’s needed, and Is what They fear. Which is why theyre going to tempt us with bait, to justify a clampdown. Watch out for this

    I recommend we plod on, peacefully as peaceful Lightworkers, like Gandhi, exposing the Secret Space program, exposing the Truths to people, then things will naturally resolve peacefully

    Peaceful, non confrontative spreading of truth, with love in our hearts, is our protection Craig

  23. There is only Military intervention that can solve this attack on the human family…this tribe who call themselves superior and are hell bent on destroying all of nature as they want to control this planet, have worked secretly for centuries infiltrating the power structures of every nation. Time to bring them to a halt. The military know how they have been manipulated into fake wars, yet have massacred millions for these warlords. Enough blood has been spilled of innocent people. This scum who call themselves the elite are venom. Time to go after them and end this tyranny and slaughter. Come on Coleman you know who they are and how they did this. The names are all over the AM. This has to start with the military and good men then we can all get behind the cause for destroying them. Until then we are all in danger.

  24. Well hello,

    I am here to let you know that even over here it is being investigated by the Aus Channel 9 may want to get a copy of the interviews through them…

    It was a most disgusting docco that will serve you plus.

    Yours Truly,


    On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 8:20 PM, Filomena Dos Santos wrote:

    > thanks for acknowledging us and welcome back. > > Can;t wait for more dirty stuff to be revealed and justice is done. > > thank you for being so brave and courageous… > > blessings > > Filomena. > > On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 12:05 AM, thecolemanexperience <

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