Operation Ticking Clock…


This is a Public Service Announcement.

Operation Ticking Clock has now begun.

All Satanists take heed.

All paedophiles take heed.

All child-murdering scum take heed.

All Royalty take heed.

All Parliamentarians take heed.

All Intelligence Agencies take heed.

All Media take heed.

All Law Enforcement Officers take heed.

All members of the baby-raping British Establishment take heed.

This is a Declaration of War.

Every single one of you is about to pay for your sickening, disgusting crimes against Britain’s children.

You have our fucking word on that.

It’s only a matter of time.



63 thoughts on “Operation Ticking Clock…

    • So was I, where ever you’ve been my friend, it’s so great to see you back up on your feet and socking it to ’em big time! Welcome back, we all missed this site tremendously!

  1. Hooray! We missed you – thought you’d gone the way of Dr David Kelly.
    Glad you’re back and thanks for the hard work x

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  3. Whatever you can do, please make it count in the run-up to the General Election. It seems like the Establishment would prefer to keep it under the carpet until it’s all done and dusted, and I’m sure the Tori£$ will be sweating more than most.

  4. WB Pilgrim. We were worried that you’d been squirrelled away – searched the Internet, but nothing. Glad you’re still kicking.

  5. It is high time Janner (and others of the same ilk) should face court proceedings. A very long sojourn at Her Majesty’s Pleasure would be welcomed. I wonder what other little creatures will run for cover when this worm’s stone is overturned.

  6. good to see you back
    give them all you have,the cracks are slowly appearing
    just need to prise them open more and more

    • An invaluable service for decent thinking people everywhere and I shared your concern. I felt relieved as after reading through the articles, there are so many coincidences as to suggest a network. This is horrifying and serious stuff. I have sufficient background knowledge to believe in the links.

  7. Glad youre back Coleman and ok. I was worried. Please see what ive posted on Tapblog and emailed to as many as I can

  8. Secret Space Program exposure is the Achilles heel

    Adam Lightworker says:
    A big strategy to help the house of cards fall that Coleman, thecolemanexperience.wordpress.com is talking about, all the evil and lies, is by exposing the Secret Space Program. Todays physics will be seen to be lies, the free energy technologies will shock everyone, and this new physics will also quickly reveal truths about the Spirit world too. All the physics is linked. All these basic amazing truths, will shake us all and the outflow of Truth, everyone learning what a massive amount of lies everywhere….this could have a powerful effect on stopping the Colemanexperience evil people being able to carry on hiding, in the shadows doing what they do.
    Therefore the SSP is an Achilles heel, and good people in NASA the govt and agencies, who think like us, and like Coleman, have deliberately left the lights on on Ceres, for Dawn probe to see in march 2015.
    You cant argue with these images. Theyre powerful, and will have a potentially deep, jolting effect on millions, to ask questions
    I therefore recommend, it should be a top priority to try and spread this, and be on the lookout for anymore clues the white hats give us.
    Dawn probe should be making a closer orbit round Ceres very soon. See http://www.etheric.com, Paul LaViolettes site


  9. Here in Brighton today, the Brighton Argus { or the BRIGHTON ANUS as I call it because of all the shit it spouts} is calling some graffiti painted on a synagogue wall proclaiming FREE GAZA as a hate crime! I responded by saying in my post to their comments pages that ‘bombing and killing children on a near daily basis in the Gazza is more of a ‘hate crime’ in my opinion! The response was several thumbs down from what I can only assume were people who think buildings are far more important than children, or adults, and should be better protected than they are!

    • The Zionists have a very lopsided view of the world, and if you dare criticise them they will play the Get Out Of Jail card, aka, anti-semitism, implying that you hate all Jews just because you dare speak up against imperialist aggression and total disregard for UN legilslature (including the ownership of a nuclear arsenal and the illegal occupation of Palestinian land).


  10. Best news I ve had, thank you Coleman – I await eagerly for scum to be outed destroying countless lives … Justice is coming monsters your all fucked 💣🔫

  11. First you disappeared, and then the other week 108morris108 went into a coma with meningitis, man the world started looking even more grim than usual! Now 108morris108 is back bringing us the truth, and so are you, what more could we wish for? Brilliant news all around!

  12. My good friend ‘nailtown slim’ posted this on Chris Spivey’s site earlier, ‘Black Magic and Bogeymen’, a book by Professor Richard Jenkins of Sheffield University published in 2014 by Cork University Press tells how British army psych ops by the black operations unit led by captain Colin Wallace tried to put the heebie jeebies up both the IRA and the UDA with false stories of black masses, satanic rituals and similar stuff being carried out in both groups strongholds in various parts of Belfast between 1972 and 1974! The army planted black candles and upside down crucifixes in derelict buildings around the city and leaked stories of devil worship etc to the newspapers of the day! Part of the scam was to try and keep the kids and the teenager ‘troublemakers’ off the streets after dark by scaring them with the satanic rituals stories! Further details can be found in the Guardian 9th October 2014.

  13. Please, everyone needs to keep this in mind at all times:

    Those who would be light-workers must fight the shadow-dwellers without anger or malice.

    We must NEVER seek to make the wicked ones endure physical or psychological suffering as retribution for the evil they have inflicted.

    Violence, the infliction of pain, the spreading of confusion, fear-mongering, hate-mongering — these emotions and tactics form the arsenal of the shadow-dwellers.

    By contrast, the light-workers’ arsenal is truth, compassion and forgiveness, in pursuit of a peaceful and loving world.

    If we fight the war using the same weapons they use, we lose. Anger, fear, vengefulness and violence are the ‘foods’ that nourish them.

    • I do agree with your argument from a spiritual standpoint. But from an objective standpoint I’m not sure how such a strategy can ever triumph over these bottom dwellers. Not, at least, until a much larger proportion of the world’s populace is enlightened. And that could be too long: it could be too late, and humanity could be lost. The bottom dwellers are powerful and are using a complex arsenal of weaponry, one of the most powerful being disinformation, to drag the masses down to their own level.

    • repect your point of vierw,as everyones entitled to say there points of view but regarding there forgiveness etc,try telling that to some of the parents/families who have had the children abused/harmed/cut up/eaten etc just to satisfy there evil sick none human agendas,when there comupence comes there will be no symphathy from me whatsoever,just my point of view.

      • I hear you and I think your point is very valid. Trying to forgive some of the things these people have done may be impossible for any of us, such is the magnitude of evil involved.

  14. yes we should all be able to forgive,but the shear scope of there evilness is like i say none human,and need to be dealt with very serverely,but i take your point.

  15. Thank god your back you have been so missed I was very worried! been checking this website every day, total respect to you and stay safe.

  16. I know youre busy, with a lot of things to think about

    But if you remember anything from the deluge I send, please remember, to check at least once a week (or even subscribe) thecolemanexperience.wordpress.com

    Im so upset, ive been so upset, at the evil that’s going on, horrific evil, that goes right to the highest levels. Not dirty old men in a mac at the end of the street.

    Ive been so troubled to learn, what happens in snuff films with children, babies. And again theyre not the odd lone wolf weirdo as the media tells us, to act as a pressure valve release. No Craig. This is so intertwined in society, its a hidden virus, and once people get corrupted by its paedophile ring tentacles, theyre as thick as thieves, watching each others back. And it extends into every sphere of agencies, life.

    This doesn’t mean everyone s bad, societys bad, not it isn’t. Most of us are good. The trouble is, we don’t know who the bad people are, theyre ruthless, and hide in plain sight though some may be unknown. A lot are powerful prominent figures

    The evilness of all this is part of what motivates me, to be aLightworker. Im also motivated too because the 20th century cover up of free energy, Townsend Browns Electrogravitics, and the exponential incredible inventions the military industrial complex must have secretly made since the 1950s I discuss at length….also motivates me. But thecolemanexperience also does

    Ill end with a final, important message. SunTzus Art of War is a classic old Chinese text, every military officer in training studies, and keeps with him. Most war is psychological, a war of beliefs and the mind and trickery. And ill say this

    These bad people I speak of know were waking up, know theres good people horrified and sickened and very very sad and tearful, for the children whats happening.

    And with SunTzu, theyre laying a trap.

    Theyre going to orchestrate nationwide demonstrations, to prempt trouble, outrage over child abuse. Theyre going to tempt hatred and people in the streets. Like a net on the ground to take the bait, This will justify an official response to crackdown with martial law, which is what they need, because theyre getting increasingly desperate and cornered

    Therefore the message is, we must all be like Gandhi. Peaceful awakening awareness, is all that’s needed, and Is what They fear. Which is why theyre going to tempt us with bait, to justify a clampdown. Watch out for this

    I recommend we plod on, peacefully as peaceful Lightworkers, like Gandhi, exposing the Secret Space program, exposing the Truths to people, then things will naturally resolve peacefully

    Peaceful, non confrontative spreading of truth, with love in our hearts, is our protection Craig

  17. So relieved you’re ok Coleman, i’ve been sat at home seeing stories you’ve reported finally appear in the mainstream media since christmas, thinking what might have happened to you…and whether you felt your work here was finally done.. All of it has come true, and i wondered if you were safe. keep going please, and stay safe…

  18. Anyone who is not up to speed needs to read the Protocols in its entirety right here, the culmination is almost complete and the end game for most Goy will mirror what the Russian gulags were like, both here and in the US with unimaginable brutality and cruelty, 40m were killed in Russia, this time it will be billions dead, the white race is unlikely to survive. The Satanic coup is close, child ritual sacrifice was just the tip of the Talmudic iceberg, the bigger picture affects all of us, as the Talmud itself says, the Goy that survive will be slaves and each Jew will have 2800 slaves..each one believes they will be like a King and that’s why selfishness and greed drive them so hard for your destruction.


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