Cliff Richard’s Yuletide Blues

Yuletide Cliff

Tis ‘ not the season to be jolly’ for raisin-in-a-wig, Cliff Richard.

His popularity has taken an absolute battering since his home was searched by officers investigating child-abuse allegations.

According to the Mail:

Sir Cliff Richard has suffered a ‘significant drop’ in the number of times his songs have been played on the radio in the UK since his home was raided as part of a child sex abuse investigation. 

Cliff sings

The BBC filmed the raid of Sir Cliff’s Berkshire mansion and broadcast the coverage live after striking a deal with South Yorkshire Police over the planned search. A reporter had contacted the force weeks before the planned search in August about the top secret investigation.

However the pop star’s reputation may have been damaged by the very public revelations about the search – because his airplay has dropped by around 65 per cent in the UK since it took place.

Cliff Richard Serious Charge

An analysis of radio airplay, by BBC Radio 5 Live using figures from Radio Monitor, found that there has been a 65 per cent drop in the number of times Sir Cliff songs have been played on BBC and commercial radio stations in the last three months.”

Of course, many commentators are noting that the less they hear of Cliff’s warbling on the radio the better (how cruel).


Here are a selection of comments:

–  ” suppose due to his longevity and popularity, he’s probably now classed as a ‘national treasure’, but he’s old and past it and really ought to consider gracefully retiring. The last time I heard him attempt to sing was at the Queen’s diamond jubilee concert and it was painful on the ear!”

” People actually listen to this man’s “music”???? No, seriously. Lol.”

–   “Sir Cliff Richard has suffered 65 per cent reduction in UK airplay…” ———- So something good came out of it! “

Chrsitmas Cliff

–  ” I would have thought the public are sick and tired of him anyway!”

Poor old Cliff.

He’s even considering suing the BBC for filming the raid on his home.

Are you Cliff?

Are you really?

Well you wont get far with that, because we’ve heard on the grapevine that the whole ” raid ” debacle was merely a charade; deliberately designed to garner sympathy for Cliff from the general public.

Of course, what many people won’t realise is that Cliff is nothing at all like his wholesome Christian persona.

Reverend CliffBBC Paedo Ring

He is, instead, an important Establishment ‘tool’ with many friends in high places, all of whom share the most depraved and sickening of secrets.

In fact , Cliff has been helped many times by senior police and intelligence agencies over the last 5 decades when his dirty-doings were on the verge of being exposed.

This is similar to his close chum Jimmy Savile who managed to avoid arrest for years because of his close links to royalty and the government.

Cliff Richard and SavileSavile filthXmas card from Charlie to Jimmy

Are we too only going to discover the truth about Cliff once he shuffles off this mortal coil?

Quite possibly, yes.

It may be only then that we find out the following sordid facts:

– that Cliff and Melvyn Bragg share a repulsive hobby that the average person would find sickening.

Cliff and weird chum Melvyn Bragg

– that Cliff is linked to notorious boy-brothel Elm Guest House, where boys were trafficked from local care homes to be abused by VIP filth, and used the pseudonym, Kitty.

– that Cliff knew about the BBC paedophile ring, linked to Government and Royalty

ELM ABUSE HELLJill and Cliff together

– that Cliff was questioned several times by police officers following the brutal murder of his ‘close’ chum Jill Dando, who was about to blow the lid on the ring.

 – that Cliff recently renounced his British citizenship and is now a fully fledged Barbadian.

– that Cliff has had intimate relations with Mossad rentboy, Tony Blair.

Cliff and ToneJill Dando Daily Star Headline

– that Cliff has been helped by his pals in Mi5 to evade justice when abuse allegations have been made against him.

– that Cliff is really nothing like his wholesome, religious, celibate persona at all and has actually hoodwinked us, Jimmy Savile style, for decades.

Cliff Richard OBEJimmy Savile OBECyril Smith OBERolf Harris OBE

Oh dear.

Cliff’s chums have even allowed him to slip away to Barbados whilst the heat is on, knowing full-well that they have no extradition treaty with the UK.

There is a bright side to all of this though.

With Cliff’s popularity on the wane at least we wont have to listen to the horrifying drivel of ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ for the next month.

Is that not the best Christmas present of all?

Xmas with CR






42 thoughts on “Cliff Richard’s Yuletide Blues

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  2. He was there to help groom the people sucked in by the likes of Billy Graham and his false (Masonic) gospel. He was and I guess still is part of the “Born-again Christian” deception, which in turn became the spine of Christian Zionism, the CZ of God’s jewel box. The scriptures warned way back of those who would come in secretly, bringing with them damnable heresies, and so the Catholick Circe and all its offshoots is so thoroughly leavened by the Pharisees, who bascially established it as a pig circusfor would be Christians (Gary Amirault wrote a brilliant piece on Kirke/Circe, which you may be able to find online at This false Messianic message needs to be constantly reinforced, and with people leaving the Circes (Kirkes) in droves, the Circe had to reach out to the community, an what better way than though the saccharin sweetness of maudlin sentimental crap posing as (poster) art? Camel Claw and Swine more like it. This from the Ancient Aramaic Text – unsullied by Rome or that over-educated man-pig Francis Bacon and his Cabalalist Catholic cronies and their perfidious KJV Bible, the secret weapon of Zionism. As with all things, control the Media, control the mind.
    2 Peter 2.
    1. There were also false prophets among the people, however, just as there will be false teachers among you, those who bring in heresies of oblivion (stories of hell) and blaspheme (contradict – speak in opposition to, as in the spirit of antichrist) against the Lord who redeemed them, whereas they bring upon themselves instant oblivion (hellish consequences).
    2. And multitudes will follow their demons, for whose sake the Way of the Truth will be blasphemed.
    3. And with cheating words they will sell you with their hands (secret signs and silent communications), those whose judgment from times of old does not lapse and their deceptions do not sleep.

    Always beware of True-bad-doors, and of those who make money with words, and who do not “quietly work with their hands”.

    Yes folks, there is a “real” gospel, and Cliff Richard and his “Good News” is not where it is to be found, but I am sorry to say that it is even more inclusive than some of you may like, and what our lives will be judged by is not so much any evils we may have done, but the ultimate evil is to know to do better and prefer to please yourself – this is the hallmark of the goat personality type, who will ask, “When DIDN’T we do it, Lord? It is not what we did so much as what we did not do which will involve outer darkness and gnashing of teeth in the most horrible of all revelations, just what a hypocritical bunch of cunts we can, as human beings, be…

    Where the problem comes in is when people are so proud that they really think that their shit don’t stink, but the one thing common to all human beings is that we prefer our own stench to that of any others, and while we may feel comfortable with it from where we stand, or sit, others are not so enamored of our whiffy. willful ways…don’t worry, Cliff will get his, but in my reality, the worst thing of all is sanctimonious self-righteousness…so let him who is without sin cast the first stone, however, if we say that we have no sin, then the Truth is not in us and we walk in darkness…and none of us, Cliff included, can have his cake and eat it too, and now Cliff’s “instant or sudden oblivion” is about to consume him, as it has done, and will do, so many more…

    • You are very confused. The Protestant cults and the KJV have no connection with the Catholic Church. Neither does the Vatican II sect.

      • Well clearly they do have connections, because Jerome’s Latin Vulgate translation was used when translating the KJV and the Protestant Religion believes in the same heathen trinity as The Roman Cult Religion. In truth, Protestantism is just a schism of Rome. Vatican II was an outward expression of Canaanite Jewish infiltration of Rome and especially of the Jesuits.

      • Protesting Catholic……………………..Henry v111 brought in the Church under himself for his divorce from Catherine and used the word of God to divorce himself from the POPE……………he then set up a SEAT of which all Kings are now the Head of the Church in Enlgiand including the Duke of Lancaster who is the Queen……………..but now she goes off to Rome to kiss the POPE………….never departed as the HEAD of ROME is on the Palace at Hampton Court……… all roads (religious catholic garbage) leads to Rome…………….Cliff Richard’s Mother and sisters are of the cult of JW’s who have also been investigated in satanic rape of children………..JW started through masonic lodges……….keeping it in the family!!

  3. Finally after 4 years of having to listen to him every day from November to December, Kitty Richards has been axed from the xmas playlist in the shop I work in! Strangely enough, when I commented to my colleagues on how it was probably linked to the child abuse allegations and the raid, not one of them had any idea what I was talking about!

  4. Keep the heat on mate! If anything else Cliff must be shitting himself waiting for his collar to be felt, or abuse from the general public for being a liar.

      • @Kaz are you taking the piss? The Jew-owned media only talks about police killings in the rare event that it happens to be a white officer and a black criminal, even though there is no evidence that race has anything to do with it, and the police officer was defending himself. In the same period, an unarmed white teenager was killed by a black officer and no one even knows about it.

        ^Here is a link detailing many stories of blacks murdering whites en masse. Now who are the real racists?

        What evidence is there that (a) the US police force is “white”, and (b) they are killing blacks unfairly? Or are you just a rancid racist against whites and using any excuse to call us degenerates?

      • @English girl – well said. They never come back do they? The name – ‘Kaz’ – tells you all you need to know really. Self-hating white adolescent enviro-fetishist more than likely.

  5. My mother used to do typing for Lew grade the show biz mogul, she said he had a vice like grip of who succeeded and who didn’t in show biz. She always said Cliff Richard was involved in Satanism
    and BTW she reckoned so was childrens author Roald dahl

  6. I think the really good news Coleman is that I very much doubt we will ever see his face on the small screen again. If he were to be interviewed again ( even assuming he was cleared of all accusations ) I just don’t think he could bear to be asked the inevitable questions. He must know, that with so many people having the intuition, of his lifestyle and practices, he could never face the camera of inquisition. He will know that people are reasoning ” there’s no smoke without fire ” and like a vampire facing a cross, running water, mirrors or garlic he will shrivel away just like his skin and hair, with his ex RC priest as company ( plus all those fatuous, sycophantic so called celebs and not forgetting Charles Lynton ) on his self marooned Barbadian outpost.

    • Oh, but there is evidence Margaret. The problem here is only your inability to see it and acknowledge it. Could it be you’re living in denial? Have you also considered that if Coleman and other commentators were wrong they could be sued by Mr Harry Webb? I would therefore go as far as saying that you and your kind (head in clouds dreamers) are all part of the problem.

    • All bullshit!! It is so easy to write all kinds of story about ANYONE – including Sir Cliff. Cliff has done nothing wrong and he is continuing to live his life as always and going on tour next year in the UK!! He is at the moment in Florida – and before that in Barbados. When this is all over he can raise his head and answer all questions concerning the case – if he wants to and it may have escaped your notice (not you Margaret) that Cliff has NOT been arrested NOR charged. I am disgusted at these stories you invent about Sir Cliff. He is not a kiddy fiddler – at all!!

  7. “Spread love everywhere you go:first of all in your own home.Give love to your children,to your wife or your husband,to a next dooe neighbour.Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.Be the living expression of Gods kindness;kindness in your face,kindness in you eyes,kindness in your smile,kindness in your warm greeting” Mother Theresa,for those who chose to demonise religion/faith take a deep breath the ordinary folk that are believers try to adhere the above,I attend mass daily and all of the other attendees pray along with me for a better world,for generosity/humility/kindness to all/benevolence/graciousness of spirit,if more people would try a little more to follow the above the world surely would be a better place.I am well aware that there is a lot a helluva lot wrong with the body of the Church but the core of our faith is and will remain strong,the perpetrators of evil will meet their maker.

  8. On my quest to add to my vinyl lp collection, visits to charity shops in recent months, have exposed a disproportionally large number of cliff records compared to pre-raid, having been donated. A bit of a backfired plan to garner sympathy then.

  9. Hi Coleman,

    Trust you are well. Looking forward to your next article (and any juicy comments that I’ve missed in between).

    I must offer my apologies – please would you update the original link I posted above? The original website I uploaded this picture to has lots of annoying pop-ups and I’m afraid I did not check this at the time. I would not want to annoy any of your readers (well active spooks maybe) nor have anyone install any crappy software from the first link.

    Here is the new link:

    (Deviant Art so hopefully none of the crap from the last link).

    Many Thanks and Apologies,
    Mr Ben

  10. “The Young Ones” sounds like a paedophile anthem.
    What if Cliff allowed Madeleine Mc Cann’s abductor to operate from his home in Portugal? It isn’t too far away from Praia da Luz.

  11. having been a fan of Sir Cliff Richard for more than 40yrs i will not believe this utter BS. When the news broke about Rolf Harris i wasn’t shocked and i said to my friend its a wonder no-one has tried to acuse Cliff, and bugga me about a month later …..we all know what happened. There is no evidence, yes his house was searched but was cleared of any alligations.Cliff spends most of his time at his other residence overseas, nothing unusual about that, and i wouldn’t want to return home to a house that had been ransacked by strangers…….innocent until proven guilty, shame on you.

  12. The exposure of these sick evil bastards, after death, is only to avoid them spilling the beans on their posh perv mates, if they were exposed before death, they’d be likely to take many with them. It must all be part of a ritualistic blackmail set up. Then you’d have to ask who or what would want to control the BBC and lots of top politicians? Answers on a postcard

  13. My comment will probably be deleted by the admin for this site.
    This is so slanderous and unfair to an individual who at this point has no solid evidence against him and has not even been charged. The whole site has be concocted from a bunch of photographs linking certain famous individuals to horrid accusations. It is totally unacceptable for people like this to get away with these slanderous comments.
    All I will say is rather than link innocent (until proven guilty) individuals with already convicted individuals do the majority of us normal folk a favour. GET A LIFE!!!!

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