The disturbing disappearance of Vishal Mehrotra and the Elm Guest House connection

Vishal Mehrotra

The long, painful days of anguish suffered by the parents of missing boy Vishal Mehrotra since his disappearance in 1981 must have been horrifying.

Even more so when we find that the corrupt filth who run this country had a hand in his death and were even protected by police scum at Scotland Yard.

Poor Vishal was snatched by Britain’s VIP paedophile ring and was trafficked to the notorious Elm Guest House where he sadly lost his young life.

The Telegraph reports on the sickening case:

” The father of an eight-year-old boy murdered in the 1980s claims that his son may have died at the hands of a Westminster paedophile ring – and that Scotland Yard helped “cover up” the crime.

Vishambar Mehrotra, a retired magistrate, recorded a male prostitute saying in a telephone call that his son may have been abducted and taken to a now notorious guesthouse in 1981.

Elm Guest

He took the recording to police at the time but claims they refused to investigate an allegation implicating “judges and politicians”. Mr Mehrotra said it had been a “huge cover-up”.

The Metropolitan Police announced last week that they were investigating possible murders linked to the Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London. The new inquiry began when an alleged victim came forward claiming to have witnessed three boys being killed, including one allegedly strangled by a Conservative MP during a depraved sex game.


He claimed that high-profile paedophiles abused children at locations in London in the 1970s and 1980s.

Mr Mehrotra’s son Vishal was abducted as he walked home to Putney after watching the Prince of Wales and Diana Spencer ride to their wedding in a carriage on July 29 1981.

Prince Charles Jimmy SavileDiana Murdered

He had gone ahead of other family members for the last few hundred yards. He was last seen less than a mile from the guesthouse.

Mr Mehrotra claims he received an anonymous call from a male prostitute in the months following. A man he guessed to be in his 20s told him Vishal may have been abducted by “highly placed” paedophiles operating from the Elm Guest House, Mr Mehrotra said.

He told The Telegraph: “I was contacted by a young man who seemed to be in his 20s. He told me he believed Vishal may have been taken by paedophiles in the Elm Guest House near Barnes Common.

elm guest house ad

“He said there were very highly placed people there. He talked about judges and politicians who were abusing little boys.” Mr Mehrotra, a solicitor who was a JP at Wimbledon magistrates’ court until retiring in 2006, claims the man said he had already informed police about activities at the guesthouse, but had received no response.

He added: “I recorded the whole 15-minute conversation and took it to police. But instead of investigating it, they just pooh-poohed it and I never heard anything about the tape again. The whole thing went cold.


“At that time I trusted the police. But when nothing happened, I became confused and concerned.

“Now it is clear to me that there has been a huge cover up. There is no doubt in my mind.”

In February 1982, part of Vishal’s skeleton was found in woodland in West Sussex. There was no trace of his legs, pelvis or lower spine, nor of his outer clothes, his sleeveless vest or his Superman underpants.

At the inquest into his death, the West Sussex coroner Mark Calvert Lee recorded an open verdict but said “foul play” was likely.

Police said 20,000 people had been interviewed, half of them in nearby Putney, and 6,000 properties checked.

Mr Mehrotra, now 69 and living in West Molesey near Hampton Court, said he had “hardly been contacted” by police in the intervening years.

He said he had not been spoken to in recent months despite the alleged witness reporting the murder of three boys at the time Vishal vanished.

Mr Mehrotra said: “This guesthouse was right next to where Vishal disappeared. There were predatory people there who were taking young boys and abusing them.

“It seems to me that it all adds up, so I can’t understand why the police have again failed to get in contact with me. I think the revelations of Savile and others in recent months have opened up a Pandora’s box. Hopefully everything will all come out soon.”

BBC PaedosElmGuestHouseCharges

In June 1982, four months after Vishal’s remains were found, police raided the Elm Guest House.

Dozens of men were questioned, reportedly including at least 30 who were prominent in public life and business. It was widely reported at the time that the raids were linked to Vishal’s disappearance. The Times reported that the investigation had included the disappearance of another boy, Martin Allen, 15, missing since Guy Fawkes Night, 1979, whose body has never been discovered. The son of the chauffeur to the Australian High Commissioner, he was last seen waving goodbye to a school friend at King’s Cross Underground station.

Missing Martin AllenKings Cross

Police at the time dismissed the reports as “nonsense”. Soon afterwards, lawyers acting on behalf of the guesthouse threatened newspapers with legal action if they continued reporting on its alleged activities.

Martin’s brother said on Tuesday that police should reopen the investigation into the teenager’s disappearance. Kevin Allen, 51, said he had always suspected a cover-up after police told him all the case files had been lost in a freak flood.

He said: “I think it’s a new lead. Anything to ensure these people don’t get away with it. I think there are powerful forces involved in this. Years ago I was warned by a policeman that if I looked too deep into this then I might get hurt. I’ve never forgotten that.

“We have barely heard anything for 20 years, but there are other missing cases where the police barely stopped looking.

“My dad died never knowing what happened to Martin. We would love to have an answer for my mother before she passes away.”

In May 1983, as police wound up the inquiry into Vishal Mehrotra’s death, Carole and Harry Kasir, the owners of the Elm Guest House were fined £1,000 each and given suspended nine-month sentences at the Old Bailey for “running a disorderly house”. They were found not guilty of living off immoral earnings and having obscene films.

KasirswalkfreeGrafton Close

Five years later Carole told child protection officers that children from the council-run Grafton Close Children’s Home had been supplied to the brothel. She provided names of people who had frequented the guesthouse.

The Liberal MP Cyril Smith, now dead, has been widely alleged to have abused children from Grafton Close at The Elm.

At an inquest into her death in 1990, members of The National Association of Young People in Care said that Kasir had lived in fear of her life since the hotel was exposed. Christopher Fay said: “The reasons for her death are all tied up in this child pornography ring at the hotel.

“She was hounded and harassed by police and security services. She knew all the top people who had been involved in the ring at the hotel.”

Scotland Yard launched Operation Fairbank two years ago to look into suggestions that high profile political figures had been involved.

Officers have set up a new strand of the inquiry, Operation Midland, after being passed information about the three alleged murders.

The allegations emerged when a man in his 40s came forward claiming to have been one of around 15 boys who were abused by a powerful paedophile network 30 years ago.

Some of the abuse allegedly took place at flats in the Dolphin Square development in Pimlico, where a number of politicians have had London homes.

Dolphin Square abuse

According to the man, a 12-year-old boy was strangled by a Conservative MP at a town house in front of other victims.

On another occasion, a boy of around 10 was deliberately run down and killed by a car being driven by one of his abusers, the man claimed.

The Attorney General on Tuesday said he would back an investigation into the allegations if there was evidence to support the claims. Jeremy Wright, speaking in the Commons, said: “My view is that the Crown Prosecution Service should pursue cases where the evidence exists to wherever the evidence leads, and that is regardless of the position held by the person being investigated.

“And if evidence is brought to light to justify such an investigation, I would expect it to be carried out.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said the force would not comment on an ongoing investigation.”

So dear reader know this.

Justice is about to descend for Vishal Mehrotra and all the other children who lost their innocence and lives at the hands of Britain’s disgusting VIP paedophiles.

And to all you scum out there who raped, tortured and murdered our children, know this.

You’ll get what’s coming to you.

You have our f*****g word on that.

It’s only a matter of time





70 thoughts on “The disturbing disappearance of Vishal Mehrotra and the Elm Guest House connection

  1. Can we trust the police to do anything about this, sadly I don’t hold much hope in them doing anything.
    The taxpayer is pumping 2 billion a year into the police pension fund , so is this for their silence and inactivity

  2. when the liberal leader jeremy thorpe was unmasked as a prolific homosexual, the court case over him hiring a man to kill one of his boyfreinds, and the mans dog was actually shot, but jeremy when he appeared in court threatened to expose a nest high level homosexuals who were abusing boys, the case collapsed and he was found not guilty

    • Who could forget the ‘sunny side up’ comment that was made during the trial? Or Thorpe’s pet name for Scott, ‘Bunnies’? Tell me which other democratic (? ) country in the world would countenance a man as sordid as Thorpe as a political leader? It certainly came as no surprise when he was acquitted along with four others of the charge of conspiracy to murder. NOTHING changes.

    • The boyfriend’s name was Norman Scott the would be assassin was called Andrew Newton who’d driven Scott along a remote coastal road in Exmoor one rainy night in October 1975. He pulled up and they both got out, and Scott’s Great Dane Rinka who was in the car with them also jumped out, expecting to go for a walk! Newton pulled out a Mauser pistol and shot the dog, then turned the gun on Scott who was trying to revive his faithful pet. The gun misfired and misfird and misfired again, Newton panicked, jumped into the car and drove off.

  3. Hi mike 10-53 its because the government and the BBC are in denial, they pretend ah its not our poofs its these people..
    when William hague would come in with fion the lovely blonde girl all the men were envious of her charm and beauty,
    little did we know then she was to hide the fact he was a poof
    The rhyme was often sung after he left
    hes bald, hes bent, his arse is up for rent, William hague, wiliam hague,
    mossad had him by the short and curlies and would wheel him out to convince us that we had to go to war on Libya Syria etc for Israel who could not fight their own battles

      • I agree and I cannot confirm that it’s the real amount as it was something I read somewhere, but there must have been truth in it with him being a sodomite, pederast and nonce. So it was always a union of convenience for public show and public consumption to make him “regular sorta guy” Mark II.

        Plus there would have been ‘the perks’ – weekends at Chequers etc etc. She also had a job and no doubt there was nanny or three.

  4. Adolf Hitler brought in strict child protection laws, and homosexuals with criminal records were put into the work camps
    he refused to have homosexuality foisted onto the people by the jews, and closed pervy magazines and clubs.
    But now we are bombarded by the jews to have homosexuality foisted onto us
    see here

  5. Hi thetruthnotdoctrine, I went to a talk by an ex intell guy, and he said that the jew publisher Robert Maxwell had what was called ‘the black widow ‘fund this was a fat wodge of money to bribe people to work for the jews, it was money from here paid in a cheque from coutes bank that went to bribe gay Gordon s bride to marry him, in a business gesture called a
    ‘financial marital agreement’ Gordon, Tony Blair and another man whose name I forget shared flat in student days, Cherie blair has said young rent boys were often there overnight

  6. There is more going on in the ‘Arch’ Borough of Richmond than meets the eye,
    I have sent Coleman some details
    Elm House is the only thing that has so far floated to the surface. I hope more will float to the top.
    Arch Sheen as well as Arch Barnes has/had some quite unsavoury residents and day-trippers

  7. Just seen the news and the black US comedian called Cosby has been names a s a serial abuser of vulnerable young women, he would tell them to come to his hotel room to audition for his show, then jump them, up to 10 women have come forward.
    This is being taken seriously, and yet men from care homes and orphanages have been saying for years that they had been raped and no one listens, ha ha just the town and country sport of boy-nobbing nothing to take seriously, just a bit of gay fun here with boys. well people like bee-gees singer Robin Gibb who died of AIDS claimed they slept with around a 1000 boys,
    which is more than Freddie Mercury who also died of AIDS or Elton John.

  8. the government and BBC have to protect the men who raped these boys because it will spoil the homosexual plan for the people, they tried to hide that jimmy saville was bum-raping boys and girls

  9. “Hey! Teacher! leave them kids alone
    all in all it was all just brick in the wall”

    (Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall)

  10. 13 confirmed and possible homicides potentially linked to VIP Child Sexual Abuse ring

  11. Let’s also not forget the present major danger of all-out war with Russia. Putin has refused to sellout to the New World Order. He doesn’t want his country governed by sexual deviants of all flavours. He doesn’t want to follow the degenerate path ploughed by the West under direction from Israel. Neither do his countrymen and women.
    For standing up on this point of principle, TPTB have him in thier sights and will take us to the brink of nuclear war in the persuance of their sick and twisted aims: Cameron, Obama, Merkel, Hollande – all the treasonous puppets we know so well and their shabby army of hangers-on, arsewipes, lickspittles and cronies.

    • Sorry Jimbo, but Putin is all part of the smoke and mirrors charade – no one, but no one, attends G20 meetings unless they’re on side and part of the plan. Keep your eyes on the big picture = Orwellian One World Government – War is Peace etc. etc..

  12. My heart goes out to the family of poor Vishal, to lose a child is hell enough, but to never really know where he was or what he’d suffered before his death must be the most horrible thing a person can inflict upon another! It’s just pure unadulterated evil, no other words for it, I just hope whoever they were burn in hell for the rest of eternity! I pray that the poor innocent lad’s soul will be at peace now!

  13. The BBC knew that the comedian Benny Hill was not right, he was always telling women that they could be on his show if they sucked his d**k, most settled for just a hand job, but Benny was a big star so they let him get away with it.

    Same as Derren Brown and Graham Norton; both have been named by other homosexuals as highly promiscuous and into boys.

    Is the BBC totally rotten or what ?

      • Benny hill, Savile, Frankie Howard, Larry Grayson, Rolf Harris and a host of other iffie people all had at least one friend in common, that was the horrible, loathsome, professional ‘scouser’ Cilla Black! Her and Tarbuck bring shame upon their city, she’s not liked there at all, any internet search will tell you that! I’m sure if Cilla was looked at under a microscope you’d have a ‘lorra, lorra, suprises, to coin her brain dead catchphrase!

  14. when my brother went to prison I remember him saying that Sydney cooks homosexual gang were said to have kidnapped and killed many little boys, it now looks like its true.
    he said cook had to be guarded as other inmates wanted to get him, they don’t like poofs in prisons.
    A guy on one of the conspiracy radio shows doing a show on the abuse of kids said that they should offer an amnesty to homosexuals in order to get the info to convict those in politics and show business who abuse these boys

  15. It is so distressing when we read of kids sexually taken then killed.
    and some people still say homosexuality is ok/
    The jews promoted finessed and pushed this in Germany with such vigour that when Adolf Hitler took charge he brought in strict laws of child protection, and those poofs with criminal records were imprisoned in the work camps.
    Rupert Murdoch financed the girls to entrap Max Mosely, because under jewish law they can attacks a mans descendents down to the 7th generation, and Maxs father was Oswald Mosely the famour Britisher who wanted to keep us out of W W II
    and negotiate with hitler as he asked.
    Mosely knew about the banks and how they wanted to crush Britain, he had informers right at the top of British intelligence
    who knew another world war would be devastating for Britain but jolly rewarding for the banks.
    why did we not listen to Oswald Mosely ?

  16. sir Anthony blunt said the royals were secret jews, that prince Charles should be head of the C of E and says nothing about all the priestly perversions, makes me beleive blunt was telling the truth.
    The policeman who said on radio that letters were found at savilles Scottish home from Anthony blunt, made me wish to know what sort of perversion was in them !!!!

  17. Martin Allen was my younger brother, and now part of OP/Midland Martins actual case is now closed for the 2nd or 3rd time! each time it has been re opened with in a year its been closed again each time getting no further than the initial 6months of him vanishing! the first main set of files were ruined very badly in the Great flood of Kensington police station which is almost at the apex of High street Kensington at the base of Holland park if that area flooded the whole of Earls court would be submerged by 20ft of water?? aprox 8yrs later i received a call from the police saying that a retired DC had removed Martins files, whoo what files?? removed Martins files and taken them to his house in Spain? the police went and did intel on this retired DC but were refused warrant to enter his house and came back empty handed.
    I around 2007 i sent an email to the police inspectorate calling them inept useless and few other choice words and managed to get Martins case reopened for just under a year and surprise surprise nothing new really came to light! cover up (D-noted) once maybe twice?? definitely! so don’t piss up my back and tell me its raining Mr PLOD! i know what you did in the first 2 months Mr DCI ***** ******* i know a Dci don’t get from DCI to were you did in 8yrs and that your an untouchable and now LB is
    dead things are hotting up! #elm house of horrors #dolphin sq # 130 lexham gdns w8 oh don’t anyone know about 130? you won’t because you won’t find it on the www right who’s next to drop?? # HOC vips

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