The murderous VIP paedophile ring at Dolphin Square

Sunday People HeadlineDolphinSquareBrothel

Old sins cast long shadows.

Never more so than in the shocking and disturbing case of Britain’s murderous VIP paedophile ring.

Only now, thanks to the hard work of campaigners and brave journalists, is the whole truth finally emerging.

How many children have been abused, tortured and murdered to satisfy the sick predilections of our ruling elite?

We may never know.

But the true figure runs into the thousands.

Innocent boys and girls whose lives were destroyed or ended by paedophilic scum in disgusting blackmail traps.

As we previously surmised:

” If you thought for one minute that Britain is really as it appears to be, you’re very sadly mistaken.

Beneath the pomp and pageantry lies a network of paedophilic depravity, so vile and despicable, it literally beggars belief.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Jimmy Savile was an isolated case either.

He wasn’t.

From the Elm Guest House scandal to North Wales care home abuse via Dolphin Square; to sickening Warwick Spinks and the Amsterdam connection; from Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne to Kincora in Northern Ireland.

From the vile BBC to complicit police and government authorities; from MP’s through to the Royal Family themselves; the whole filthy lot of them are in on it.”

In an article by the excellent Exero News, in conjuction with the Sunday People, yet more details have emerged of the harrowing deaths of boys at the Dolphin Square complex in Pimlico:

” A victim of the Westminster paedophile abuse scandal has claimed he saw a Conservative MP murder a young boy during a depraved sex party.

And the Sunday People can reveal that detectives are investigating THREE murders allegedly linked to a network of VIP perverts.

The horrifying account comes days after Scotland Yard confirmed they have launched a murder probe ­connected to allegations of sex abuse from the 1970s and 80s.

Today the Sunday People and Exaro investigations agency expose the full extent of shocking events the witness, known as Nick, has described to the Metropolitan Police paedophile unit.

Nick claims the first death was of a boy aged ten or 11 who was ­deliberately run down by a car.

Another chilling allegation is that he was in the same room in the 1980s when a 12-year-old boy was strangled by a Tory MP.

Nick said: “I watched while that happened. I am not sure how I got out of that. Whether I will ever know why I survived, I am not sure.”

Eighteen months later, he claims a third boy was killed by two unknown men in front of another MP.

Dolphin Square Sunday People

Nick told of his terror as he and the strangling victim were driven to an orgy.

He said: “We looked at each other and saw the fear in each other’s eyes. We said nothing.

“I knew we were being taken somewhere to be sexually abused by powerful men.

“But I had no idea of the true horror of what was about to happen.”

Nick had been picked up at an agreed meeting point. He recalled: “The car was ­chauffeur-driven although I can’t ­remember the make.

“Cars were sent to take us to various locations to be abused. They were often luxury cars with a chauffeur.

“They would be dark in colour – Jaguars, Rolls-Royces, Daimlers or Range Rovers.”

He was driven to a location in ­central London. On the way the car stopped to pick up another lad.

Nick says the boy had brown hair and was aged around 12 but he never discovered his name.

Both lads sat in silence for fear of punishment.

They arrived at a luxury townhouse and were taken inside.

Nick, still traumatised by what he witnessed, has given a graphic and harrowing account to police about what took place.

In hours of video testimony, he ­described how he saw the Conservative MP – who was sitting in Parliament at the time – throttle the boy.

Mystery Pervert Politician

He said: “The MP was particularly nasty, even among the group of people who sexually abused me and others. I still find it difficult to talk about these incidents after all these years.”

A second witness has already ­corroborated some of the information related to the case, lending weight to Nick’s claims and strengthening his credibility in the eyes of the police.

Nick has also told detectives about the death of another boy during a ­depraved sexual assault in the presence of a Conservative minister – a different MP to the one involved in the first killing.

Nick believes the car killing was a warning to him.

He says someone in the paedophile network deliberately ran over and killed a boy in broad daylight on a London street. He is convinced the perverts were demonstrating their power and showing what could happen if he spoke out.

Nick said his abusive father supplied him to a group of MPs and other VIPs who held abuse parties at Dolphin Square – an apartment complex in Pimlico, near Parliament – and at other locations in London.

dolphinsquare pimlico

He says the ­minister repeatedly raped him and other boys aged between ten and 14.

His claims are being investigated by police under Operation Midland, a strand of the Operation Fairbank ­inquiry set up to examine allegations of historical child abuse.

Exaro helped to arrange for Nick to pass his crucial testimony to the Met.

On Friday, the Met announced Operation Midland was now ­investigating “possible homicide”.

A statement said: “Detectives from the child abuse investigation command are working closely with colleagues from homicide and major crime ­concerning this information.”

Nick insisted a reporter from Exaro was present at a meeting with detectives when he gave them the name of the MP who allegedly murdered the boy, along with a list of other ­prominent people who he says sexually and ­physically abused him.

He also helped compile “e-fit” ­pictures of the murdered boys.

Nick went on: “There will be other people who know about the punishment and abuse carried out by this group – drivers of the cars who took the boys to venues, staff at the venues. Perhaps they can now come forward.”

He said he was taken to Dolphin Square at least ten times when parties were held. Different men would enter and leave during the evening.

Nick was around 11 when he first went there for a Christmas party.

He recalled: “We would be ordered not to speak to each other.

“Sometimes I would be driven there with other children. On other occasions I would be driven there alone and joined other children there.”

He described being led to a heavily curtained flat via several flights of stairs and a “dimly lit, musty” corridor.

And he added: “We were asked if we wanted a drink. It was always ­whisky. Both MPs were brutal. I was raped over a bath-tub while my head was beneath the water.”

He claimed one MP told him to thrash another lad and “sexually ­punished” him when he refused.

Last week we told how Nick, now in his 40s, had identified a shamed top diplomat and MI6 chief as one of his attackers.

He picked out a photo of Sir Peter Hayman – a former deputy director of the secret service.

Peter Hayman

Hayman, for many years a pillar of the establishment, caused a scandal when he was caught with paedophile literature.

Nick said Hayman, who died in 1992, was one of a group of men who raped him as a child.

He is satisfied police are taking his claims “extremely seriously”.

A statement by Scotland Yard said: “Our inquiries have revealed further information regarding possible homicide. Based on our current knowledge, this is the first time this information has been passed to the Met.”

The whole Dolphin Square scandal was first exposed by the brilliant Scallywag magazine in the early Nineties.


The brave MP Geoffrey Dickens also knew about the ring and tried in vain to alert the authorities.

His close friend Iain Mills MP lived in Dolphin Square and died of ‘alcohol poisoning’ despite being a teetotaller.


His ‘Dickens Dossier’ of abuse details was mysteriously ‘lost’ by Leon Brittan.

Quite coincidentally, Brittan and his chum William Hague, shared the same political seat of Richmond, North Yorks.

Hague and ThatcherRichmond North Yorks

Hague whitewashed the Jilling’s report into abuse at Bryn Alyn children’s home, where boys were trafficked to Dolphin Square and where Hague rented a flat.

William Hague has mysteriously ‘retired’ from politics.

Brittan is himself up to his neck in filth of the highest order.

Naughty Leon BrittanWeirdo Malcolm RifkindGerald Ronson Filth

His cousin in Mi5 boss Malcolm Rifkind.

Another cousin of theirs is bully-boy fraudster Gerald Ronson.

In May 2014 we wrote the following article:

If you thought for one minute that Westminster City Council is really as it appears to be, you’re very sadly mistaken.

Beneath the polished veneer of a prestigious, wealthy and thriving flagship local authority, lies a core so rotten, vile and despicable it literally beggars belief.

You see, hard as it is to believe, Westminster Council is actually a pivotal player in Britain’s murderous VIP paedophile network.

Westminster CouncilWestminster Councillors- Simon Milton and Robert Davis

Over 5 years ago, we were given a tip-off that the Council’s finance department was operating in a less-than-kosher way.

After investigations, we found that multiple payments were being made into false accounts and many millions of pounds were being syphoned off fraudulently.

The Audit Commission has not signed-off WC’s accounts for years and the department operates in total chaos.

Of course, at the time, we had no idea that these financial shenanigans were linked to a huge child-abuse ring, with tentacles reaching throughout the whole of the British Establishment.

Despised hag, Shirley ‘ I’ve legged it to Israel’  Porter, was vilified in the media and High Court, when it was found she’d been gerrymandering in order to retain the Conservatives hold on the council.

Shirley Porter

What nobody realised at the time was the ‘ Homes for Votes’ scandal was a total charade, used to cover the crimes of WC councillors linked to the Dolphin Square boy-brothel, and to deflect attention away from the brilliant investigative journalism of Scallywag.

Simon Regan and his team had uncovered the sickening secrets of Dolphin Square and its links to the Bryn Alyn home, where boys were trafficked from North Wales to be abused by VIP filth.

Tory boy-rapist, Derek Laud and his sick chum Ian Greer organised sickening parties at the Pimlico address, which were attended by many of the British Establishment, not least Westminster Councillors, Simon Milton, Robert Davis and Alan Bradley.

Derek LaudNaughty Ian Greer

Simon Milton and Robert Davis were feted as the new faces of homosexual London and were best pals with Boris Johnson and Shirley Porter.

Simon Milton mysteriously dropped down dead, less than two days after we asked him about a suspicious company he owned called Robingold.

Did he really die or did Shirley Porter and Boris help him escape to his homeland of Israel?

Simon Milton and Boris JohnsonIsraeli Passport

Alistair McAlpine was part of the scandal and also mysteriously died too.

Well, that’s was the papers would have you believe.

We, however, have it on very good authority that McAlpine didn’t die at all and is in a secret hiding place at this very moment, bricking himself that he’s going to be discovered.

Piece of paedophilic scum

How strange.

Shirley Porter once founded a fraudulent charity with ex-Guiness crook, Gerald Ronson, which was actually a front for money-laundering:

Gerald Ronson owns the bully-boy Mossad-controlled Community Security Trust:

Creepy Establishment coroner, Paul Knapman, has been covering-up VIP murders for decades, many of them based in Dolphin Square and Westminster.

Naughty Paul Knapman

Knapman is very close to Councillor Robert Davis as they worked together as the Queen’s Lord Lieutenants ( along with deceased child-rapist, Cyril Smith MP), and he may have a lot of extremely important evidence to share with police officers.

He was the coroner responsible after the ‘suicide’ of BBC presenter Mark Speight, who along with Jill Dando, knew all about Savile and the BBC paedo-ring:

Mark Speight suicide mysteryGeller and Mark SpeightJill Dando Daily Star Headline

Many other Local Authorities are petrified of Westminster and will do their bidding at any cost.

This is because WC knows the sordid secrets of other councils and will threaten to expose them if they don’t play ball.

The current leader of Westminster Council is Philippa Roe, the daughter of Tory Peer, Dame Marion Roe.

Marion Roe

Marion Roe was a member of Margaret Thatcher’s paedophile-infested cabinet and may have information for the police about VIP child-abuse.

Former leader, Colin Barrow is also up to his neck in filth of the highest order.

He was named in Wikileaks documents as being a money-launderer and drug-dealing Mr-Fixit and most definitely has links to the paedo-ring.

Boris Johson and Colin Barrow

Strangely, Barrow is also the director of the Policy Exchange organisation, along with Times editor Danny Finkelstein.

Danny recently claimed that child-abuse allegations are ‘tiresome’ and anyone believing them is a ‘nutter.’

jc5874 x10845NerYisroelPannelDannytheFink and Greville Janner

He also said that isn’t evil for poor people to sell their organs to the rich.

How macabre.

In fact, Shirley Porter herself is linked to the recent Israeli organ trafficking scandal and Paul Knapman hid the organs of the Marchioness riverboat disaster victims.

Some people believe that raped children are often killed and their bodies are then sold on the black market.

Does Westminster Council have a part to play in these most gruesome activities?

Most certainly, yes.

You see,  Westminster Council is not only involved in decades of child-abuse and cover-up but is also guilty of murders and trafficking too.

But not for much longer.

It’s about bloody time the police got down to 64 Victoria Street, SW1 and arrested the whole filthy lot of them.”

So you see dear reader, the Dolphin Square scandal is at the very heart of the Mossad-controlled blackmail plot that has been used to ensnare VIP’s and keep them towing the pro-Israeli line.

MossadChristian Dave 10Tony Blair Lord LevyChristian GordonConservative Friends Israel

That thousands of British children have had their lives destroyed in the process is of no concern to them in the slightest.

But we have a message for those psychopathic scumbags.

Keep watching your backs you filth.

You’ll all get what’s f*****g coming to you.

It’s only a matter of time.









39 thoughts on “The murderous VIP paedophile ring at Dolphin Square

  1. I do not know if there is evidence yet to suggest this includes cases of ‘blood libel’ but there do seem to be disproportionate numbers of Jews appearing in this piece. Or maybe that’s because of their disproportionate representation in Parliament relative to general population headcount.

    But it does bring to mind the last straw which broke the came’s back:

    “1290. Oxford. The Patent Roll 18 Edward I, mem. 21, 21st June, 1290, contains an order for the gaol delivery of
    a Jew, Isaac de Pulet, detained for the murder of a Christian boy at Oxford.
    Only one month after this, King Edward issued his decree expelling the Jews from the Kingdom. There is,
    then, every reason to believe that it was the Oxford murder which proved the last straw in toleration.

    The reader will see (p. 20) that it was a similar ritual case which was one of the main stimulants to the
    King and Queen of Spain to expel professing Jews from that country in 1492.”

    From “My Irrelevant Defence; being Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder” (1938)
    Dedicated without permission to Mr. Oliver Locker-Lampson, M.P. and Hon. Mr. Justice Greaves-Lord.
    By Arnold S. Leese

    I doubt if it’s a uniquely Jewish phenomenon and anyway even if it were, the non-Jew perpetrators are just as bad – or worse, since they are corrupting their office and presumably assisting in the passage of legislation hostile to the interests of their countrymen. This has some good insights:

    Recovery of child sacrificial remains abounds generally in the literature on the Middle East, another example is in one or other volumes of The Excavation of Gezer, (1913) Vols.1-3 by MacALISTER.

    The modern day equivalent is of course child abortion, which iirc statistics show is pro-rata more destructive of white offspring than of other racial groups. Whites “saving the planet” again? Should they take the blame or palm it off elsewhere?

    Whatever the source, I hope this doesn’t generate into discussion of “a spiritual struggle” and spooks-in-the-sky chasing, as occasionally has occurred even at aanifarn. History does not recommend “resist not evil”, and leaving it up to Gawd, as defensive strategies for people of the West.

  2. i hope to god that “nick” is protected what a brave man to come forward with evidence , hopefully more will come forward if its seen that he is protected , to be honest exaro are gathering 100 more viewers every day ive seen it on twitter , i know its the tip of the iceberg but it hopefully will start a rollercoaster rolling .. vile creatures to do this to kids noticed on the radio driving home tonight that no msm reported the story tonight lets hope the papers report it tomorrow not that i read them but if it reaches more ears .. well done coleman you opened my eyes you should be prime minister !!!

  3. This just shows how vitally important it is for our corrupt politicians to keep their sinking hands off the internet. Without pressure from the ‘net, none of this stuff would ever have got into the mainstream media. Any attempts by “the powers that be” to “regulate” the ‘net should be seen for what they are: filthy, corrupt politicians protecting their vile, murderous, evil cronies.

  4. It was exactly the same with Jimmy Savile. The internet was about a year ahead of the mainstream media in outing the bastard. The ‘net is the only guarantee we have that the guilty will be identified and punished – by whatever means if the so-called “justice system” fails (yet again).

  5. Armageddon – the revealing of things otherwise hidden – is upon us. The wonderfully inexorable, inescapable journey to truth and hopefully, justice, is almost realized. As you say my friend, ‘ tick tock ‘.
    How wonderful that clock sounds to all normal human beings. No doubt the lizards will be turning on each other some time soon.

  6. Old school journalism is making a comeback. Excellent. Speak truth to power, and nick the barstewards, wherever, whenever.
    Tick tock…

  7. There are many cases of jewish blood ritual since the year 1290. One of Winston Churchil’s occult team Dennis Wheatley exposed this going on in W W II. Sir Anthony Blunt Jimmy Savile Margaret Hodge Vanessa Feltz and the Conjuror James Randi are among those who have been seen at black magic meetings, and it is alleged have partaken in child murders
    The 60s MP Gerald Nabarro named the Jewish MP who pushed the homosexual agenda Leo Abse as having bragged in the commons of attending occult rituals.
    It is known that Leo Abse was like Peter Mindyourson a mouthpiece into the public for Rothschild interests.
    Rothschild it is said always leave an empty space at their dinner table in case the devil should come.
    The bottom line is that with so many children going missing never seen again, they are going somewhere

  8. The Jewish sex war on our children
    The hatred of white anglo saxon women begins with ‘blonde ‘jokes and ends with the sexualisation of 7 year olds
    see the vid
    and knew why Adolf Hitler banned them from doing this in Germany

  9. Coleman the quality of your posts is amazing and the quality of the comments superb, I thank you on behalf of us all.

    The rogue Jewish broadcaster Moshe Solomons who had dissident Jews on his prog each week, has been arrested and his PC taken away from his home.

    Moshe had Jews on his prog who told that holocaust as we are told never happened and was a Jewish con trick, the Holocaust is perhaps the greatest conspiracy theory of them all to collapse, this is why we think he’s been arrested.

  10. There is evidence via recent articles, that the Daily Mail is beginning to distance itself from the government and thus also the “establishment”. It is beginning to build a protective firewall for itself, and this suggests that it knows and fears what is coming before too long.

    It has to be seen as a good sign when the Mail, of all papers, starts to dish the dirt on these people

    • Exactly it knows the truth ,but is prevented by higher powers. But the wall is cracking big time, and coming from within their own circles. EVIL will always destroy itself thats how it works on a spiritual level. Remember the people who commit these unspeakable crimes practise the occult =Satanism. These people worship Satan and part of this is paodifiliia and child sacrifice. Basically they are sociopaths and come from different reality!! But good will overcome evil. Their time is coming!!

  11. Thank-you Kelvin I was an admirer of the Moshe radio show, but has anyone noticed all the whistleblowers are either being closed down attacked by shills and ridiculed or in some cases having their reputations homes and families attacked.

    Does anyone have any news on Chris Spivey ? There was so much shit thrown at that poor guy, his articles on the London beheading and screaming Lord Sutch were superb, although I heard the screaming Sutch one was nicked from some old boy who had had a stroke.

    What about Maud Dib ? any news on him ? he blew apart the 7/7 fraud as did Nick Kollerstrom, neither of which do we hear anything about now

  12. In the mid sixties I was placed at Barnabus house, us boys lived in fear, one day the head came and addressed us boys and asked we have two well known footballers coming today, I ned two boys to meet and chat with them any volunteers ?
    us older boys knew not to volunteer for anything but two new boys aged about 11 put up their hand and were led away
    we thought you stupid fools because we knew what homosexuals do to young lads.
    We did not see one for a couple of days and his story was horrific, he said the other boy was hospitalised.
    Over the coming week we found that these two footballers, one black and the other a tall white man with anger issues
    had a habit of headbutting boys in the face, and little Tony was hospitalised.
    of course it was all covered up.
    but so many boys are at last coming forward to tell their stories and at last to be belived

  13. people ask why are the jews doing all this hate stuff to us ?
    well Isaiah 14-21 says’The jewish people must kill the children for the sins of the fathers’ and at Jeremiah 13-14 ‘go and smite and utterly destroy all that they have have, spare them not and slay every man woman infant and suckling’
    This is why they would not let Germany or Japan surrender, this is what they are doing to palestine and have promised to do to the USA and Britain.
    This is why we have to get rid of those politicians who serve the jewish lobby and not their own people.
    This coming election may be your last chance

  14. Some servicemen never believed the holocaust story, dad worked with two old soldiers who were there and they always insisted it just did not ring true, over the passage of time experts have come forward to endorse this view
    same as Churchill the media people tell you he was admired and followed, well not by any of the old soldiers dad and my uncle knew

  15. there is a huge difference between a homosexual and a peadphile lets be very clear about that distinction and not get caught up in the fog of subtext

  16. Dear thecolemanexperience,

    I am very happy to send you this great story (below) regarding scandals about gay politicians. The British Government are only now preparing themselves for the revelations that will shake us all up.

    It appears there has been a massive corrupt cover up, as in this story:

    You must talk with Tony Holland and get a story published before it all goes public in 2015 !!!

    Best regards,
    Michael John Smith

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: J Holland
    Date: Sun, Dec 28, 2014 at 11:34 PM
    Subject: Pls put these poofs into the UK authorities

    To: John Mann MP.

    (forgive me reproducing the item in full, which appears in my book).

    Let me say at the outset, it was me who helped Geoff Dickens compile his “poofs file” for handing into the West Yorkshire Police, I gave him various paedophile names.

    My publisher Nick Hudson and I recently finished a book, in which we named a prominent UK Cabinet Minister, Lord St John Stevas, as a poof that MI6 were intent on blackmailing. I gave details of the flat used by St John in London and the house used in Brighton, both of which MI6 bugged for evidence of that buggery.

    The problems that I have encountered are 3-fold:

    (1) Nick is of course very famous, and has that book “Spycatcher” under his belt, he’s also old and not wishing to bring too many more such calamities down on his head.

    (2) Nick has a personal connection to one of the poofs you have been concerned with, Sir Peter Hayman, (Nick’s old school headmaster was Hayman’s father).

    (3) It appears that Sir Peter may well have been the director at MI6 responsible for the UK’s assignation group, of which some of my friends and I were were part.

    Given that the “old boy” network in the UK can be harsh, on people who divulge tittle tattle, I can understand Nick’s reluctance to stir the pot, but I have no such problem.

    I enclose Nick’s Web page in which you can see the promotion of my book, and I invite you to put the information of paedophilia and buggery before the proper UK authorities.

    I might add that Nick recently met Sir John Adye (KCMG, Director of GCHQ 1986-95) and he asked Sir John to vet my book. Sir John of course, in my opinion, won’t play fair.

    A spot of bugger-hunting
    Mac was very interested in buggers. ‘Some people have to be protected against themselves’, he used to say. This was particularly so of Cabinet Ministers. He was very concerned that highly placed buggers would be blackmailed, or that their boyfriends would go to the press.

    In order to know precisely who was at risk, he made it his business to collect photographic and taped evidence of who was up whom. Quite how this protected the people from being compromised was less clear. But it meant that McAlindon himself collected quite a lot of ammunition for ensuring that he could always get a cabinet minister to approve any operation he wanted approved.

    One job I was involved in was the grubby affair between Norman St John Stevas and Lord Robin Maugham. The Firm had put a watch on Maugham’s flat in Charing Cross Road in fact; they simply took the flat next to his. They soon had Maugham’s mode of operation clear. His Permanent Boyfriend (PB) would go down to Trafalgar Square and stand on the National Gallery side of Nelson’s Column. This was an established pick-up point for London’s rent boys, and the PB would then wait to be approached by sundry likely lads. He would pick one, and take him up to the White Bear in Piccadilly. There, Maugham would be waiting at the bar. He would look the lad over from a distance, and if he liked what he saw, he would make himself known. Then they would wine and dine both boys, presumably to show he had money, and if things were still going well they’d all end back in the flat in Charing Cross Road.

    They’d collect a couple of lads in this way during the week, and take them to the hairdressers to be prettied up ready for the weekend. They liked them with fluffy hair, it seemed. On Friday, around lunchtime, St John Stevas would arrive in his Rolls Royce, and take them all off to Maugham’s Brighton residence 22 Inwood Crescent where Maugham’s housekeeper, Mrs Francis, had a warm fire waiting for them.

    By the time I joined, most of the groundwork was done. They had Maugham’s flat bugged throughout and the telephone tapped, and they also had two miniature television cameras wired into the ceiling lights in the main bedroom and the lounge, so we could watch the show in comfort.

    We spent a lot of time sitting in the Charing Cross Road flat watching and listening to the discourse of the idle rich by day, and their bed manners by night and day. The Likely Lads were all clearly intrigued by their hosts.

    ‘Who are you? What do you do?’
    And Maugham would patiently explain.
    Sometimes he downplayed, saying that he had started as a private in the army. At other times he was more forthright, explaining that he was a Lord and could ask questions in Parliament.
    ‘Would you like me to ask a question for you?’
    ‘What good would that do?
    ‘You would get a headline in the newspaper next day’.
    He also explained to one of the likely lads that his grandfather had a bit of a problem. As Lord Chancellor of England, he had to oversee the prosecution of Oscar Wilde.

    But his own son, Somerset, was much the same way inclined. So he had had to pack him off to foreign parts to prevent embarrassment. Later, Robin had found the family equally unhappy about his behaviour, so he went off to join his Uncle Somerset in the south of France.
    There was constant hassle over domestic trivia:
    Scene: Maugham on sofa with Likely Lad (LL), telling him of his family history. Enter PB, half dressed.
    PB: I can’t find my cufflinks.
    Maugham: But I’ve only just bought you them. I told you to put them away carefully. Have you checked your jewellery box?
    Enter Housekeeper
    Housekeeper: Have you all had your orange juice?
    Maugham: I’d like another one. (Turning to LL)
    Would you like another orange juice?
    LL (Glaswegian accent): Aye.
    Housekeeper: I’ve found this cufflink, down the back of the sofa. PB: That’s one of mine. I expect the other’s there too.
    Exeunt omnes to search for the cufflink.

    On the particular day this happened, they were all getting particularly well dressed up to meet two visiting American millionaires, Milton (Milly) Nussbaum, of Austin, Texas, and Ted Milch, who had homes in New York and Fort Lauderdale. They were staying at Brown’s and were to join Maugham in Brighton for the weekend.

    We followed them down to a pub in Leicester Square, the guardsmen’s pub. Later, we discovered why. It seems that Milly and Ted wanted guardsmen for the weekend.

    In the event they had to put up with what Maugham had to offer. We followed them down to Brighton- not difficult because we knew exactly where they were going- and again listened in to all the activity. That wasn’t pleasant, instead of our comfortable base in Charing Cross Road; we had to spend the night in the back of a combi-van.
    A few days later we had the Americans brought in for questioning at Marble Arch Police Station for importuning. I didn’t do the formal interviewing- this was done by two other members of our team, with McAlindon going in as an observer but when they took a break from interviewing Nussbaum, I was told to keep an eye on him.

    I’d never met a self-assured poof before.

    Nussbaum wasn’t at all shy about it. He told me how he had introduced Maugham to the delights of New Orleans years earlier and from that time they had become firm friends. Maugham it seemed had insisted on dressing up as a sailor boy, and got beaten up- badly.

    Later, I got to talk to Ted Milch. He was equally self-assured. It was he who told me that they were really after guardsmen, and not only the guardsmen themselves but also the guardsmen’s gear – bearskins, breastplates, etc.

    I said, ‘You’d never get a guardsman.’

    ‘Like to take a bet on that. The going rate is a hundred pounds.’ Then he started to say how much they were prepared to pay for the gear: fifty pounds for a tunic, three hundred and fifty for the big leather boots, hundred and fifty for a bearskin. A bearskin was particularly prized, as it was understood that it would mean that its new owner had buggered its previous owner.

    No legal action was taken as a result of this operation, nor was it ever intended. That was not its purpose.

    Having showed our hand, the operation was wound up, but I paid just one more visit to the Charing Cross flat. Who should I run into but Robin Maugham, who recognised me immediately, finally understanding that, I as one of the neighbours had been keeping an eye on him? Now, you might have thought he would be annoyed, or ashamed, or both. I don’t know how to describe his attitude: arrogant? Cocksure (no pun intended)? Like the two Americans, he showed no sign whatsoever of concern that he might suffer from our observation of his life-style, or that he was proposing to change it in the slightest. He even gave me a signed copy of his book, The Black Tent, to remember him by.

    Tony Holland

    (Melb 0435196754

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  21. I am Christopher Carrie also known as Christopher Rooney. Read my book about Tolkien the paedophile and how one billionaire priest sexually abused over forty seven thousand innocent little boys in the course of a shocking seventy year catholic ministry. Only £9.95 for a signed collectors first edition. Hurry they are going fast and selling like hot cakes to JRR Tolkien fans. A free CD is available on a first come first served basis. I also do book readings, lectures and after dinner speaking engagements about paedophilia. Contact me at for more information.

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