Max Clifford and the VIP child-abuse connection

Max Clifford Filth

PR filth, Max Clifford, has just lost his appeal against an 8 year prison sentence for a series of sexual assaults.

The media would have you believe that Max was a solitary pervert, when in fact he was a major player in Britain’s VIP paedophile-ring, which has been operating for decades, and is linked to Government, Royalty and the BBC.

Max Clifford’s business address is:

11-15 Acre House
William Road
United Kingdom

In February 2013, we were given a tip-off that Acre House is linked to less-than-kosher Conservative monetary shenanigans:

By a strange coincidence, all-round shady person, Leon Brittan, was once the director of a company called Life Sciences International Ltd.

Naughty Leon Brittan

His Director ID for this role is listed as: 100274658

The Company Registration number for this company is : 01417123

Despite being worth millions, there is very little information about the company on the internet.

Leon Brittan does not seem to ever mention his links to Life Sciences International Ltd.

You can imagine our surprise when we found this company registered at Acre House:

Life Science Asset Management Ltd

Company Number: 06486420

We were even more concerned when we found extremely controversial company, Ludgate Communications Ltd, also registered at the same address.

Ludgate Communications Ltd was run by the highly-suspicious Derek Laud.

Laud has links to Dolphin Square and loves nothing better than raping and injuring small boys.

Sicko Laud

A notorious boy-brothel was in operation at the sordid address and vulnerable boys were trafficked from care homes to satisfy VIP filth.

Despite professing to being a die-hard Lib Dem, Nick Clegg was a member of Cambridge University’s Conservative Association, of which Leon Brittan was once chairman:

University Cambridge

” In 1992 The Economist wrote that “competition to rise to the top of CUCA is good preparation for a political career in the Conservative Party, for several reasons. Ideology counts for nothing.

What matters is knowing how to make friends and when to stab them in the back. If you cut your political teeth at CUCA, you are liable to end up sporting a sharp set of fangs.”

In 2005 The Daily Telegraph described “a classic CUCA manoeuvre” as being “secretive, conspiratorial, overcomplicated, probably calculated to benefit some chum or other, so clever that it is stupid.”

The list of former chairmen of CUCA makes for very interesting reading.

They include the following:

Geoffrey Howe

Leon Brittan

Norman Fowler

Kenneth Clark

Norman Lamont

Alan Bradley

David Mellor

John Selwyn Gummer

Andrew Mitchell

Simon Milton

Some of these names have been linked to very unpleasant allegations dating back years.”

” Leon Brittan has been Clegg’s political sugar daddy.”

” At exactly the same time Nick Clegg was at Cambridge, records show someone by the name of N. Clegg joined the Cambridge University Conservative Association between 1986 and 1987. Clegg however maintains he has “no recollection whatsoever” of joining the association.

Cleggie adores Hughes

After university, Clegg then worked for EU Trade Commissioner and senior Conservative Party member, Leon Brittan in his private office, as his speech writer and adviser.

After the 2010 general election, Nick Clegg unexpectedly went into a full coalition with the Conservative Party – when he could have accepted a looser Confidence & Supply arrangement between the two parties.”

The North Wales child-abuse scandal is linked to the ring and William Hague conveniently whitewashed a report into the scandal.

By a strange coincidence both William Hague and Leon Brittan have both held the same constituency seat in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Hague and bedtime chumDolphinSquare

Hague himself used to live in Dolphin Square.

Many MI6 operatives have flats in the complex.

Some say they filmed child-abuse taking place there in order to blackmail the abusers.

Some claim that Hague is being blackmailed by Mi5 to do their bidding as they have compromising evidence of his less- than manly predilections.

The Elm Guest House was yet another hotbed of VIP paedophilia.

Some names linked to the sordid boy-brothel are Leon Brittan, Peter Bottomley and Cliff Richard.

Elm Guest House Daily MailCliff sings

Cliff was a close chum of Jill Dando and was interviewed by police several times following her murder.

In a bizarre twist, Max Clifford used to manage Cliff in the early days of his career.

The following anonymous comment was made on a political blog which was discussing the Elm Guest House list:

” Could this be the same quite famous singer who in the early days of his career also used to hang out in Morocco with Krays, Coward etc, and now lives in Surrey?

Is he the same singer the local police went to see before news of the So-vile scandal broke and warned that he should stop attending certain parties in the county held by rich business men who were shipping in pre-teen male children from South America for weekend-long orgies and then promptly shipping them out again – allegedly?

If so, unthinkable to even imagine that the police might have given him a bit of ‘friendly’, and why?

Because it came from on high, and though the local plod were disgusted and wanted to act, those on high felt the nations psyche wouldn’t benefit from such news – the singer being a good ……… and all.”

Was Max Clifford’s Surrey home a base for these sordid parties?

Max Clifford homeMax Clifford Surrey House

According to Wikipedia:

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Clifford ran and took part in discreet weekly adult birthday parties for his friends and clients in South London.[34] This brought him into contact with various madams and prostitutes, a connection which later served him well in his business to satisfy the often bizarre needs of his clients, as well as alerting him to the interesting behaviour of various persons“.

Quite coincidentally,  Cliff also owns a home in Portugal, not far from where Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007.

Gerry and Kate McCann were immediately given high-level support from the UK government and were assigned the help of Clarence Mitchell to act as their spokesperson.

Clarence Mitchell and McCanns

Mitchell was one of the first reporters at the scene of Jill Dando’s murder in Fulham and no doubt works for the UK Intelligence Services.

The McCann family are themselves from Leicester and Gerry has many friends in high places in the area.

Another visitor to the Warner holiday complex in Praia de Luz at the time of Maddie’s disappearance was Philip Edmond Hodge, the nephew of Margaret Hodge (yet another Labour peer).

Margaret Hodge has been implicated in the Islington care home scandal where again thousands of children were abused in council-run care homes.

Hodge filthy cowMandelson and HodgeJason Swift

Despite this scandal leading to the tragic death of Jason Swift, Hodge was never investigated and was instead, quite unbelievably, given the job of Children’s Minster, by Tony Blair.

Strangely, the MP Nigel Evans, who was recently acquitted of sex-abuse charges, is a trustee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, along with Peter Bottomley.

Naughty Nigel EvansPeter Bottomley MP

The company is registered at none other than:

11-15 Acre House
William Road
United Kingdom

Times editor Danny Finkelstein, didn’t take too kindly to our expose of his views on VIP paedophiles.

Danny the fake

Between 1981 and 1990 Finkelstein was a member of the SDP and in 1987 was defeated in the Brent East by-election.

It’s highly likely he came across child-raping filth, Cyril Smith MP.

Finkelstein switched political allegiance and  joined the Tories, where he became political advisor to bald oddity, William Hague.

Hague himself is up to his neck in filth of the highest order and may have lots to tell the authorities about his links to the notorious Dolphin Square boy-brothel and the North Wales care-home scandal.

He was also the toy-boy of Margaret Thatcher, who spent a staggering amount of time with close chum, Jimmy Savile.

Some voices claim that Jill Dando was shot in the head because she was about to blow the lid on the BBC paedophile-ring, linked to Savile, Parliament and the Royals.

Jill Dando Daily Star Headline

Her high-profile death was a warning to others to keep their mouth shut too.

The Crimestoppers helpline, run by Nick Ross, conveniently stopped working when an appeal was made for information about Jill’s murder.

Ross, who recently said he’d watch child-porn given half the chance, is married to the cousin of Esther Rantzen.

Nick Ross CrimewatchSavile and Rantzen

Rantzen runs the Childline charity and has been accused of ignoring the victims of Savile at the BBC.

Both of these organisations are ‘fronts’ and are actually used to gather and suppress reports of VIP child-abuse.

According to the Spectator:

” Lord Finkelstein is closer by far to George Osborne. One senior Times writer told me three years ago that he spoke ‘six or seven times a day. probably more’ to the Chancellor. Mr Osborne once reportedly remarked that he spoke to Mr Finkelstein more often then he did to his wife. But when Mr Osborne appeared in front of Lord Justice Leveson, the following exchange occurred:

Q. ‘Does he [Finkelstein] act for you as a sort of unpaid adviser and/or speech writer?

A. ‘No, he’s just a very good friend.

George Osborne and Danny Finkelstein

Osbourne has been embroiled in his own scandals after details emerged of his cocaine-habit and love of brothels.

In 2005, the BBC held a debate in response to the 7/7 bombings:

” To the Everyman Cinema last night with Tom Brent for a public meeting on current affairs. BBC presenter Emily Maitlis chaired a brisk discussion in which Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, outshone distinguished panelists Sir Leon Brittan, Simon Hughes, and Daniel Finkelstein.”

Brittan and Hughes have both been linked to sordid allegations of abuse against boys.

Was Finkelstein aware of these allegations?

For many years, Daniel Finkelstein ran a company called ‘The Generation of Change Ltd’ with Neil Sherlock.

Sherlock became Nick Clegg’s special adviser in his private office and his wife, Kathryn Parminter, used to work as a parliamentary research assistant for Simon Hughes.,_Baroness_Parminter

Nick Clegg has been accused of covering-up what he knew about Cyril Smith and his child-raping ways.

In 2012, for some unknown reason, Finkelstein wrote an article for the Times, entitled, ‘The dead can’t enter a plea of guilty’.

jc5874 x10845NerYisroelPannel

The article appeared to cast doubt on the abuse claims made against Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile.

Labour peer, Greville Janner has long been named as a paedophile who buggered a care-boy for years. He is also from the same Leicestershire area as the McCanns.

Daniel Finkelstein must have been aware of the accusations against Janner but, for some unknown reason, posted the following tweet:

Watching Greville Janner in 1970 election prog. Attractive, incisive, intelligent, moderate. How did he not end up one of Lab’s leaders?”

DannytheFink and Greville JannerGreville Janner

The two were also listed together in the JC as being highly influential in their respective fields:

Following the death of Jill Dando, a new research centre in her name was formed:

The UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science is the first Institute in the world devoted to Crime Science. Research is concentrated on new ways to cut crime and increase security ” .

By a strange twist, the Board of the Institute is run by none other than Nick Ross and Professor Anthony Finkelstein.

Anthony Finkelstein is Daniel Finkelstein’s brother.

The Tory research company ‘Policy Exchange Ltd’ is also registered at:

11-15 Acre House
William Road
United Kingdom

It’s directors include Danny Finkelstein, Michael Gove, Iain Dale and Francis Maude.

Rifkind Policy ExchangeHodge Policy Exchange

Iain Dale presents the right-wing LBC radio show.

LBC was formed by disgraced Westminster Council leader, Shirley ‘I’ve legged it to Tel-Aviv’ Porter.

Shirley Porter

Porter was best friends with councillors Simon Milton and Robert Davis, who abused boys in the Dolphin Square complex.

Simon Milton ( a close chum of Boris Johnson) dropped down dead, less than two days after we asked him about a dodgy company he owned called Robingold.

Did he really die or did Shirley Porter and Boris help him escape to his homeland of Israel?

Porter also founded a fraudulent charity with ex-Guiness crook, Gerald Ronson, which was actually a front for money-laundering:

Ronson owns the mysterious, Mossad-controlled Community Security Trust:

Gerald Ronson FilthCST

He also runs the Gerald Ronson Foundation, yet again based at:

11-15 Acre House
William Road
United Kingdom

His nephew, singer Mark Ronson, was closely linked to Amy Winehouse who, like Peaches Geldof, died in strange circumstances.

Ronson and Winehouse

Malcolm Rifkind, MP, is in charge of all Intelligence Services in the UK. He has allowed Mossad to infiltrate and control them.

Weirdo Malcolm Rifkind

It’s a little known fact the Rifkind is the cousin of both Leon Brittan and Gerald Ronson.

Another director of Policy Exchange Ltd, along with Finkelstein, is former Westminster Council leader, Colin Barrow.

Boris Johson and Colin Barrow

Barrow was named in Wikileaks documents as being a money-launderer and drug-dealing Mr-Fixit.

The current leader of Westminster Council is Philippa Roe, the daughter of Tory Peer, Dame Marion Roe.

Marion Roe

Marion Roe was a member of Margaret Thatcher’s paedophile-infested cabinet and may have information for the police about VIP child-abuse.

The highest judge in the land is Lord David Neuberger.

He used to work at N.M Rothschild and Sons and is married to Angela Holdsworth.


He was responsible for evicting the Parliament Square peace campaign.

In May 2011, while commenting on super injunctions, he said that social media sites like Twitter were “totally out of control” and society should consider ways to bring such websites under control.,_Baron_Neuberger_of_Abbotsbury

By a very strange twist, his wife Angela, was a BBC executive for many years and must have known about Jimmy Savile’s child-raping activities.

She also worked with Nick Ross and Esther Rantzen on the controversial BBC show, Man Alive.

esther savileNaughty Greville Janner and Naughty Uri GellerUri and Esther

Angela Holdsworth then became the editor of another well-known programme.

That programme was none-other than Crimewatch.

How very, very strange indeed.

The clock is ticking on Britain’s dirty secrets.

It’s only a matter of time…

Cowell and Clifford


48 thoughts on “Max Clifford and the VIP child-abuse connection

  1. Just when one thinks that one is aware of the depths to which these people have sunk, someone like Mr. C shines more light on their activities and I’m dismayed by my previous state of relative ignorance. This assiduous investigating is precisely what is needed to alert more people to the sheer quantity of crap swilling about in the sewers in Whitehall, Westminster and – it seems – in virtually every other sphere of government. Well done, and thank you.

  2. One of your better blogs, but maybe one should at times focus your search in the North East as they have well covered their backs in Westminster. Newcastle might be a good place to start.

    Would Brian Roycroft who was Head of the Social Services and who eventually ended up with a post in Europe be ashamed of all this? Or would he be more ashamed of his department placing children in a Welsh care home?

    Then of course the North East not Scotland that is the bedrock of the Labour party and not everyone is living on the breadline as one Newcastle gentlemen managed to bankroll a political party this leads to a Labour donor and Tony Blair, the writer of the blog as is facts correct but maybe he should have done a bit more digging.

  3. G. I don’t know what YOU think but there seems to be an awful amount of Jews allegedly involved. Perhaps kiddy-diddling is a religious requirement? xx


  4. Always thought it odd that Robert Murat hired Max Clifford to help ‘clear his name’. Why would that be? Why Max Clifford of all people?

  5. i’m a new avid reader you are joining the dots up ,its your site that opened my eyes up to the rabbit hole and vile non humans its disgusting . keep up the hard work . brave and courageous and fighting for all the victims that have lost their lives and the survivors

  6. @ xray … Very interesting as that seems to be exactly the tactics being used by the powers that be to discredit Chris Spivey.

  7. Remember the Clifford/Hamilton /Milroy Sloan fiasco? WHAT was that all about? Surely Clifford, an old hand at PR , would have checked out whether the Hamilton’s had an alibi ( they had a CAST IRON one according to the MSM ) before taking the case on ? Something stinks about the whole affair. Yet another case where money was paid out up front rather than face a court case. Do you ever get the feeling this is the way the money is shared out in those circles ?

  8. l used to listen to the James Whale radio show a while back. Whale was big buddies with Clifford and Peter Stringfellow.

    He had them on his show very often, and on occasion had Stringfellow actually comparing it.

    Whale was always bragging about how much time he spent in Stringfellows club.

    The three of them were sickeningly close and l’d really like to know what went on in the back rooms of that cesspit of iniquity – P.Stringfellows club.

    l’ve only heard rumours so far, and strangely, l’ve never heard anything about J.Whale- but his association with that venomous reptile Clifford, does not bode well for him IMO.

  9. is eric pickles implicated .in child abuse as a current minister ..just a question ? aangirfan site .. a name that hasnt been mentioned

  10. Thanx for the express article christinne.
    l’ve believed it for years but the true extent of the sickness is still unbelievable.

  11. Dear Mrs Windsor, here’s some of what you can expect your questioning to cover:

    And then there are all those pesky sudden deaths…

  12. Starngely enough I knew most of this for over 30 years. My father was one of the top mechanics for British world champion racing driver James Hunt. I was at school but loved to go and see dad working on the cars. James hunt was such a nice guy. Dad said that James used to take a large lorry with the cars in all over Europe to race, and he was close friends with a spook named T stokes who asked him if he would collect a theoretical physicist and his wife and 2 children who were escaping Russia and carry them back in the lorry. A special place had to be constructed with a ventilator hatch in the roof, and some air holes in the side with a small flap in the floor to be used as a toilet. It was a crude but effective hidey hole. The Russian family was brought back to the UK, and various diversionary tactics were used so the russians would search in other areas. Dad said the Foreign Office refused permission for a rescue operation, they did not like stokes who broke all the rules but got things done.
    later the foreign office took the credit and james Hunt never got a mention, a great man and a great race driver.
    The theoretical physicist said to dad that the russians knew of homosexual rings in government where young boys were abused, dad said, ‘no way the government would never have people like that in parliament’ how wrong he was
    and just how much did the russians know ?


  13. The showbizz incest program ,even in Dutch the images say it all,organised horrific abuse rings in U.K / NL exactly the same set-up ,sames codes ,same shadow (illegal) courts ,even the same locations visited in both countries.Amusements / Attraction parks ,very often used by them and thousands and thousands of TAKEN INTO CARE CHILDREN their victims.
    Children which they think they can do anything with,,kids with no form of protection what so ever ,thats ….ed up ,evil and vile ,every sane persons should get on top of these horror bastards who breed with each other calling themselfs ONE BIG FAMILY.
    Babys their biggest lust,which makes them vile as can be ,again a very good article written on this website moderator,again i wil confirm much of your writing, Acra House,their code ,Wilma House NL abuse ring,Elm House etc etc.

    Acre House ,11-15 ,Satanic always two,Wilma House 18-20 NL,Orange House 56-58 NL ,
    MAX ,a big name in their sick vile world which needs smashing.

    When people ,Dutch police ,Child protection / Courts start sending you to jail illegaly ,then kidnapping your daughters after we tried to report horrific abuse by my partners sick family and friends,you investigate everything and everybody involved even while having Dutch police on top of me day in day out for 4 years

    They tried to kill me twice ,locked me up for 6 months and 3 months etc etc,why my partner (Leonie Minkema) grew up in this horrific shit ,vile bastards wearing masks ,capes grapping her since childhood ,family members who after the abuse and now without the mask put their arms around her tightly SAYING ,I AM YOUR PAPA ,WITH ME YOU ARE SAFE.Staying hidden knowing the victim wil dissociat and never talk about the abuse.

    Leonie and our daughters Demi and Nirvana told me all the horrific details before they kidnapped them,so many filthy little secrets ,codes,example ,young children are told,

    the white cat is allways watching you,
    the crocodile is under your bed and can hear and see everything you do,
    the tiger allways graps you from behind in the neck,,
    three knocks on the window with a ring,then its papa and you must open the door,

    a few other examples of horror they let loose on young children,

    being thrown in a cage with a monkey which immediatly screams and attacks,
    locked in a cupboard for weeks,bright light in your eyes,code told ,must remember,
    the shit filth granddad we tried to report had a cat in a cage hidden under his bed,which he threw in our daughter Demi s neck when she was 5 years old and staying there,the cats claws come out as it is thrown,grapping Demi in the neck as it try s to hold on.

    This causes part of the trauma they cause to create dissociation,later on in their lives the victims are so often grapped in the back of their necks when being to a toilet,a mask ,a glove,enough to make the victim think the tijger is grapping me in the neck,not a satanic bastard who brings the victim to the location of the abuse.Everything that happens pushed away deep in the mind,programmed not even to think about it ,let alone talk about it.

    A care worker in childrens home Het Ock Het Spalier in Zandvoort (Zandvoort Files)Holland were Demi and Nirvana were held illegaly early on in the kidnap,SHE PUT ALL DEMI S DOLLS SPREAD OUT AROUND HER BED ,AND SAID ,DEMI DO YOU KNOW THAT ALL YOUR DOLLS COME ALIVE IN THE NIGHT?

    That brings the fear to the surface,in the night sick bastards come into the room wearing masks and abuse the child,if in the morning the child has any dreams or thoughts ,then thinking it must of being my dolls in my room last night.

  14. On the BBC Yorkshire news page now > > >

    Police in Rotherham tore up paperwork relating to one child sex abuse victim and stopped another from being medically examined, the BBC has been told.

    One woman claimed a policeman called her a liar after she reported being abused aged 15, and the other alleges police prevented her being examined after she was abused aged 13.

    Both were speaking to BBC Inside Out.

    South Yorkshire Police said both cases were now with the police watchdog.

    A report in September by Prof Alexis Jay found 1,400 children had been abused in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 by men of mainly Pakistani heritage.

    The abuse they suffered included beatings, rape and trafficking to various towns and cities in England.

    Two women told BBC Inside Out Yorkshire that police not only ignored, but actively obstructed investigations into their abuse.

    The two cases happened eight years apart. The women, given the pseudonyms Jenny and Carol, are part of a group of 32 preparing to sue South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council.

    Their cases span nearly two decades from the 1990s until 2007.

    Carol was living in a children’s home in the 1990s when she was taken on occasions by taxi to an Asian restaurant in the town.

  15. Some very good stuff on here.

    My trade union official in work bought a couple of snuff movies at a boot fair which he brought into work and showed us, two young boys one looked Mediterranean the other blonde aged about maybe 8 to 10-difficult to say-were gang raped and strangled, my union official said he would take them to the police.

    The police said they could have been filmed anywhere in the world, and confiscated the film.

    How prevalent are these things ?

    • What the fuck was your ‘Trade Union Official’ doing buying snuff movies in the first place and why the fuck did you all watch them at work ????? Sick bastards.

  16. We used to have a beat bobby before they were done away with in favour of cameras, and he was quite clued up and he told us that when Tescos were caught selling horse in with the beef, that Trading Standards did quite a few tests, and they found a fair bit of chicken, sheep horse even kangaroo in the beef along with traces of human DNA, he said that a few dead Palestinians had some how got into the food chain, and it was a mistake which would not happen again.

    In discussing it he thought that the Palestinians were destined for the animal food, but the same machines are cleaned and then used for human food and that’s how it happened.

    • Funny how we were very recently discussing the movie “Prime Cut” re the whale burgers and chilli con bengal tiger products that suddenly left TCohen’s chillers bereft of things to purchace with the trading outpost’s store card.

      We did chuckle at all the “quality” awards and ISO related qualifications these sheds for flogging industrial waste as food stuffs have awarded themselves. We split our sides laughing at which one of these shysters had wangled a 6 sigma award yet. Oh the merriment when considering if a D notice would be considered a non compliance. BWAHAHAHAHAAAA.

      Eventually after picking ourselves up we reckoned it was all bollox and the current financial scandals at TCohen;s trading was a cover for the bollox in the just in time rationing scheme’s human meat.

  17. NOW on another BBC news site > > >

    A former RAF intelligence officer has been sentenced to 13 years in prison after being convicted of 23 sexual offences on children.

    Eddie Graham, 63, carried out the assaults on boys, many of whom were aged under 13, while serving at the RAF Gatow base in Berlin during the 1980s.

    He was also a scout leader on the base and used RAF buildings and surrounding land to carry out his assaults.

    He was convicted by a court martial earlier in the month.

    The allegations first came to light in 2003 when one of the former scouts made a complaint to police. The man then approached a different police force with the same complaint in 2012.


    Note the last para above> He first reported it to the police in 2003, NOTHING happened. NINE YEARS later he goes to a different police force, and something does happen. They pass it to the Military Police (as they must).
    A military court finds him guilty.


  18. have you noticed that the most evil country in the world Israel has not been mentioned by Snowden or Assange, so are they genuine ?
    It looks doubtful

    • Despite all hoopla around them, both Snowden and Assange are Mossad tools. Deceit goes deep. Sorry to burst ya bubble, but thats it.

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