Why has Stephen Fry quit Twitter?

Beardy Fry

BBC luvvie, Stephen Fry, has mysteriously quit Twitter claiming ‘fears’ for his online safety.

How strange.


Fry has often feigned depression in order to escape further scrutiny over his weird behaviour.

In May 2014 we wrote the following article:

” What do we really know about Stephen Fry?

At first glance he appears to be no more than a pompous, arrogant, smug, prat, who loves to lecture all and sundry about grammar and gayness.

Look a little deeper though and an altogether more disturbing picture emerges of someone up to his neck in filth of the highest order.


Does Stephen Fry have anything to tell officers investigating Britain’s VIP child-abuse ring?

According to Pink News, Fry was sexually assaulted as a child.

” TV personality Stephen Fry has revealed that he was sexually assaulted by another pupil while at school.

Appearing on the new More 4 programme Shrink Rap, Fry said that an encounter with a sixth former during his first year of boarding school led to the assault.

According to sources close to the programme, Fry denies that the event had lasting consequences for his mental health.”


Fry Filth

The Mail reported that Fry recently gave a lewd and lurid speech, which sickened his audience:

”  Stephen Fry was announced as President of the Hay Literary Festival at a dinner in the City of London this week.

The comic treated guests to a graphic story about Gore Vidal’s stay at a top London hotel where he rang a gay escort agency to arrange a boy for an energetic afternoon session. 

Despite being attended by usually liberal-minded literary types, Fry’s lurid details of the sex act with the young man and what he would or would not perform was too much for some guests. ‘Fry’s speech was deeply distasteful,’ blusters my corduroy-clad mole.”


Fry once wrote a play about paedophilia in schools:

” Plans to stage a comedy penned by actor Stephen Fry about paedophilia in a public school were condemned today.

The award-winning play, which details a homosexual affair between a teacher and his 13-year-old pupil, is to be staged at Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe.

But Latin! Or Tobacco and Boys, billed as “a play in two unnatural acts”, has come under fire from a children’s charity and city councillors.

A theatre company is about to sign a contract to stage the comedy as part of the Fringe programme.

Cambridge-based Activated Image said the play celebrated “the love of a man for a 13-year-old boy”.

But the leisure and culture spokesman for Edinburgh’s Conservative Party, James Gilchrist, attacked it as “gratuitous smut”.

He said: “Stephen Fry’s contribution to the world of theatre could be written on the back of a postage stamp.

“What kind of person thinks that paedophilia is funny? Hopefully theatre-goers will have the good sense to give this a wide berth.”

Lorraine Gray, of charity Children 1st, said: “We work with young victims of abuse who have been scarred for life by their experiences.

“So we would be very concerned about any play that legitimises or trivialises the exploitation of young people by those in a position of trust.”

The play, set in a remote old-fashioned boys’ school, depicts a relationship between effete Latin teacher Dominic Clark and his star pupil.

Described as a “weird, wonderful and just a little twisted comedy”, the play, which Fry wrote as a Cambridge undergraduate in 1979, contains scenes of sadomasochism.”


Filth Fry

In 2013, the Independent reported on a BBC investigation into claims that Fry trivialised paedophilia:

” The BBC Trust has rejected a complaint that Stephen Fry “trivialised” child abuse during an episode of QI in which he recited a limerick about a chaplain’s desire for a choir boy.

A report by the BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee (ESC) said the broadcast was “at the margins of acceptability” but had not breached editorial guidelines.

Fry and BlairFry what a state

During the episode, Fry recited the lines: “There was a young chaplain from King’s / Who talked about God and such things / But his real desire / Was a boy in the choir / With a bottom like jelly on springs.”

The ESC report said a woman complained because “she felt that the BBC showed a lack of understanding of what the limerick implied. The complainant said that the limerick trivialised the subject of paedophilia.”

The episode of QI, broadcast on BBC Two on 11 January, was followed by a Newsnight edition focusing on the Jimmy Savile scandal.

The Real BBCBBC Paedos

The committee said: “The likelihood of causing offence was, we acknowledge, increased by the news agenda on the day of broadcast. However, the comparisons that can be drawn between the scenario described in the limerick and the nature and extent of the abuse perpetrated by Jimmy Savile are, in our view, limited.”


Savile and CigarLew Grade BBCMichael Grade BBC

Some voices claim Jill Dando was murdered because she knew about child-raping Savile and the BBC paedophile ring linked to Government and Royalty.

Jill Dando Daily Star Headline

In a strange twist, Fry tweeted the following eulogy to Savile:

Oh, Sir Jimmy Savile is no more. Spent a train journey from Leeds to London with him once. He was not as other men. Fascinating & rare: RIP


In the comments section of a blog the following shocking claims were made:

” I have been waiting to see a major BBC celebrity unmasked, this man is protected but you cannot live a life of satanism and debauchery without some inkling coming out.

Stephen Fry lived at Wells- next -the- sea in Norfolk, where the rich Londoners have their holiday homes.

Wells next the sea

Fry was due to play the lead role on the West End stage in a play about the apostles (Rothschild’s gang of homosexual spies working for Russia), when he suddenly ran away and hid and the search to find him was intense.

Stephen fancies himself as a billiard player and he has a very nice large table at his home, but the wagers were not for money they were for young boys.

One of these boys went to the authorities and the police, because Stephen Fry had connections, brought in MI5,

They tried to get the boy to tell his friends to remain silent as Stephen Fry had contacts who would make things very uncomfortable for the boys.

Weird tweet

The BBC legal dept said a performers sexuality is his own, and various pressures and threats made the accusations go away, and he returned to the stage and the play and the public acclaim”.

How very, very strange indeed.

Maybe Stephen Fry should pay a voluntary visit to his local police station and make a statement about his knowledge of the BBC paedophile ring.

After all, why the bloody hell wouldn’t he?”


Shortly after this post, the manic comedian Rik Mayall died of a ‘heart-attack’.

Alan Yentob and Rik MayallRik Mayall Cliff Richard

In an article about his death we wrote how Mayall despised Fry:

“Anarchic BBC comic, Rik Mayall has died in mysterious circumstances at the age of 56.

As in the case of Peaches Geldof, no initial cause of death has yet been given.

According to the Mail:

Comedian Rik Mayall ‘seemed so happy and so healthy’ as he chatted to a friend’s son just 30 minutes before he died, it emerged today.

Mr Mayall’s close friend, Comic Strip founder Peter Richardson, 62,  spoke of his ‘shock’ this morning at the 56-year-old’s sudden death yesterday, shortly after he was ‘happily chatting away’ to his son.”


Rik Mayall was best known for his comedy roles in iconic show “The Young ones” and for his role as Tory MP, Alan B’stard.

He met his wife Barbara Robbin in the BBC make-up department.

Rik knew all about the paedo-ring which linked to Savile, government and royalty.

In 1995, he featured in a production of the play Cell Mates alongside Stephen Fry. Not long into the run, Fry had a nervous breakdown and fled to Belgium, where he remained for several days, and the play closed.

Rik Mayall Stephen FryRik Mayall Fry Cell Mates

In 2007, Mayall said of the incident:

You don’t leave the trenches … selfishness is one thing, being a cunt is another. I mustn’t start that war again”

Some claim that Stephen Fry is a known paedophile and the real reason he quit the play was due to a 13 year-old boy making a complaint against him in Norwich.”


There have been many mysterious deaths at the BBC of presenters who knew about the murderous paedo-ring operating there.


They include the following:

  • Jill Dando
  • Kristian Digby
  • Natasha Collins
  • Mark Speight
  • Kevin Greening
  • Paula Yates
  • Rik Mayall
  • Peaches Geldof
  • Mike Smith

In a bizarre twist, we find that Stephen Fry was one of the founders of private member’s club the Groucho.


In 2013 we wrote about a vile child-pornography scandal linked to the club:

” According to Presspoint:

” On the 10th of November 2010 it was discovered that an online member’s forum operating under the name of the Groucho Club forum was being used over a prolonged period of time by a network of paedophiles.

The forum contained hundreds of web pages and links to pornographic videos and images of young children and infants available for sex.

This discovery was made by award winning filmmaker and writer Tyrone D Murphy while investigating the sale of alcohol through the Groucho Club’s website for Chapter 13 of his book ‘The Groucho Gate Affair’.

The filmmaker immediately reported the discovery to the Metropolitan Police Service and to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre).

The search terms on Google that led to the discovery of the child exploitation was ‘Site:thegrouchoclub.com’ and ‘Site:thegrouchoclub.co.uk’.

Groucho Club

These search terms on Google will only list all the web pages within a specific domain. Murphy also discovered that the evidence of the offensive content was being deleted from the website forum, and the links on the Goggle listings were now forwarded to a home page of the Groucho Club’s own website.

However, the evidence was also stored on cache pages (snapshot) by the search engine Google of the Groucho Club forum and the illegal content.

Within a week of the report to the Police, Murphy discovered that the cache pages were now also being discreetly deleted. The preservation of the evidence at this stage was crucial to assist any criminal investigation and prosecute the offenders.

Murphy again contacted the Metropolitan Police Service and CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) several times by telephone and e mail as a matter of extreme urgency, and he relayed his concerns that the evidence was now being destroyed.

On the third of December Murphy discovered that the cache pages and links were still being deleted as almost all of the cache pages were now deleted and nothing appeared to have been done to preserve the evidence.

The filmmaker then wrote to the commander Simon Bray of the Metropolitan Police Service and to Peter Davies the chief executive of CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre). On the sixteenth December 2010 Mr Murphy received a reply from CEOP about his report.

The letter stated that Murphy’s report to CEOP was processed in accordance with CEOP standard operational procedure and forwarded to the Police for investigation.

The letter also stated that the Police have concluded their investigation into the matter and have decided to take no further action on this occasion.

Despite Murphy sending 24 emails, 4 letters and numerous telephone calls to the Police and CEOP, he was neither consulted nor interviewed by the Police about the forum.

Murphy said “This forum attracted the lowest form of individuals in society; the sheer scale of the illegal activity on the Groucho Club forum is overwhelming”.

On the fourth of January 2010 Murphy contacted the Groucho Club’s Managing Director Mr Matt Hobbs for a comment.

When Mr Hobbs was informed of the evidence, he stated

“I have no idea about any domain other than the www.thegrouchoclub.com which was the property of the club and have no knowledge of the domain www.thegrouchoclub.co.uk or the forum and the explicit content”.

Murphy asked Hobbs’s to search Google while they were on the telephone so Mr Hobbs could view the evidence for himself; Mr Hobbs refused. He stated to Murphy he was going to contact the Police. Murphy promptly informed him he had done so already months earlier.

Although Mr Matt Hobbs appeared clueless about the domain name www.thegrouchoclub.co.uk, Murphy contacted Nominet, the UK domain registry authority in relation to the domain name www.thegrouchoclub.co.uk.

He was informed by Nominet that the domain was registered on the 22 of July 2009 in the name of the Groucho Club Limited by the former Managing Director Margaret Levin.”

” Murphy, who won a libel action instigated against him by the Groucho Club has been writing a book about the Groucho Club for the past year and a half says “when you discover something so fundamentally wrong. So perverse you have a moral duty to put it right especially when the safety of children are concerned


Does Stephen Fry’s abrupt exit from Twitter have anything to do with the sordid and sickening abuse of children at the BBC and beyond?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?

Stephen Fry courtesy of AZL



62 thoughts on “Why has Stephen Fry quit Twitter?

  1. Nowadays whatever I read in connection with ‘waking up’ makes perfect sense, I no longer recoil, what I do now is spread this information to whoever’s willing to listen. When I first slipped into this black hole I distinctly remember NOT wanting to look like a tinfoil hat wearing freak, and so I just read this stuff and kept stum. It felt a bit like porn, my dirty secret. Not anymore it doesn’t….everyone’s talking about this!! Everyone..

    I woke up some time ago BUT only found this yesterday… I reckon the little boy she talks of getting back was used abused and murdered and is now at rest..

    Keep going Colman

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  3. I once met Rik Mayall’s agent who told me that Fry never once apologised to Mayall for running away from the play (“abandoning the trenches” as Mayall put it). Fry has also recently trivialised child rape: on Newsnight he said “Do we have to name the rock stars that we think almost certainly had sex with fourteen year old children? But those fourteen year old girls were so proud of it that they wouldn’t for a minute call themselves ‘victims’.” Of course, Fry fails to realise that fourteen year old girls are not emotionally or intellectually equipped to make judgements like that – hence the reason for the Age Of Consent, to protect children from sexual exploitation by adults. Fry’s latest volume of autobiography also contains claims that he possessed and used a Class A drug (cocaine) for almost fifteen years at locations as diverse as Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, the House of Commons, the House of Lords and BBC TV Centre. Have the police acted? Of course not. Has the BBC sacked, suspended or penalised him in any way? No – which is rather odd considering the way Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross were treated by the BBC over the Andrew Sachs voicemail message which, despite being a prank of questionable taste, did not amount to fifteen years worth of criminal conduct.

    • Sorry to disagree with you, but neither Brand nor Wossie lost out with how the B.B.C. treated them, their ‘careers’ are stronger now than they’ve ever been, believe me, the tribe of the circumcised people look after each other too well for that to ever happen!

      • No, that’s not what I meant = the BBC decided to suspend them without pay for a prank that was in questionable taste. Fry admits taking cocaine on BBC premises over a 15 year period and the BBC does nothing. What Brand and Woss did was not illegal and was a one-off. Whereas possession of Class A drugs IS illegal and Fry boasts of having possessed and taken them on BBC premises over many years.

  4. I have a relative in ireland who told me that during the troubles a car was routinely stopped late at night near the kincorra boys home, the policeman recognised one of the male occupants of the car as Wilfred Bramble from the comedy programme
    stepto and son, and made a joke to the actor sitting drunk in the back.
    The policeman radioed through and said guess who i just met and gave the car registration, this was later checked as going to the boys home.
    The police then wondered who were the other men ? and the reply came back frys chocolate , which was seen as a pun on either Srephen Fry or Colin Fry the homoseexual medium who also visited boys homes.
    something else this was at the same time that the BBC sacked several of their stars to take on homosexuals such as Graham Norton and Derren Brown, the BBC would always cover for sexual predators, this was why the police called it the
    Boy Benders club

      • Also he was a well known bender down here in Brighton too, and apparently him and Harry H Corbett disliked each other intensely and rarely spoke to each other off the set! Creepy looking little bastard wasn’t he? Blair was a cottager too wasn’t he?
        When I was a teenager there was a local milkman who liked a ‘hand shandy’ from young local guys, ten bob { 50p} a time plus a bottle of orange juice or milk as a bonus! That was in the early 1960’s, before decimalisation and ten bob was a fair bit of pocket money in those days, he was never a nasty bloke though, and apart from his sexual orientation, he wasn’t too bad and often let hard up families owe him a few bob until they got themselves straight with their bill money! He was of the same build as Wilfred Bramble but younger, probably in his very early thirties I’d say. He was married with a little kid so he was very careful who he asked to perform this deed for him! He ended up getting beaten up in a public toilet in Worcester and then he moved out of the area shortly afterwards! As silly as this seems today, a lot of the local youth looked forward to the chance of ten bob for a few minutes effort, and to my knowledge none of them had a drugs problem, but a lot of them smoked roll ups etc so ten bob was ten bob, especially to someone who’d left school at fifteen, {as most people did in those days} and got into early age drinking! I never availed myself of the chance to earn that ten bob, but a lot of others did, and none of their mates ostracised them for it, it was looked upon as just another way to get a bit of an ‘earner’ going! I know it wasn’t right in any way, shape or form, but it was the way things were back then and people just got on with their lives! Compared to these parliamentary pedos today the milkman’s ‘friends’ were almost men in comparison to the little ‘uns these bastards abuse!

      • Yes Blair was a cottager and one of cabinet wallas too on Clapham Common I believe – can’t remember his name now and I know it finished his career.

        Yes Corbett hated Bramble’s guts.

        Ah yes the lovely ten bob note. My dad used to take our holiday money in ten bob notes so that it lasted longer LOL.

        4 shillings and 6 pence (22.5p) for a GALLON of five star (Esso Gold) petrol.

        Sounds like that milkman was as bent as a nine bob note.

    • Unlikely to be any of the people you mention as Wilfred Brambell died in 1985, before either of the two other Frys became recognisable household names.

  5. Does this make you smile and act?

    Wanless is useless, he ran NatWest into the ground so why was he put into the position of chair of the NSPCC? Just goes to show how important it is to keep a copy of files before handing them over. Maybe Geoffrey Dickens has a copy somewhere or perhaps someone else copied it. There was a scandal in Leicestershire some years ago about a private school that supplied young boys and girls to judges, solicitors, politicians and police officers locally. The police investigating the case were told to drop it once it became clear the extent of the abuse. One of the masters was sent to prison for 10 years, another ran out of the school and hanged himself in the woods when police came to interview him. The school was closed down shortly afterwards. We could start a scare by leaking out hints that a copy of a Dickens’s file is in the wind.
    With best wishes

    Abuse inquiry ‘fails to find dossier’
    An inquiry into the Home Office’s handling of child sex abuse claims in the 1980s has failed to uncover any of the missing documents that prompted the p…
    View on http://www.bbc.co.uk: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-29945956

  6. Reposted on Linked in – that will give them all a nasty surprise – 10,000 contacts plus 8k on Twitter @chrisclose50 and @chrisclose51 plus 5000 on Facebook – feel free to follow!

  7. Stephen fry is a coke head, he has been on various drugs for some years, rent boys at a brighton hotel told of Stephen snorting cocaine 12 years back, yet being a homosexual jew he is seen as ‘talented’ by the BBC
    while the british public just see him as a boring foreign pervert

  8. some years ago I knew some motorbike lads who liked to go for rides late at night when there was no traffic,
    so at midnight they left their café and went out down the A11 road, travelling fast the lad at the front saw something in his headlight , hit it and fell off and slid along the road, the lads behind him shone a lamp back and saw what they though was the antlers of a stag in a ditch and walking back found a tramp tangled in the handlebars of his bike.
    An ambulance was called and the lad on the bike and the tramp both ended up in adjacent beds with broken legs
    It turned out the tramp was no tramp but a wealthy man who to get his next masonic degree had to line rough for a set period of time in the forest, this would involve reflection on his life and living wild with the animals
    I was fascinated to hear this and have not heard anything similar since, but this man said he would recognise anyone from his lodge by a hand gesture to his left jacket lapel, now when ever I see this vile man Stephen fry he is doing this sign
    is this coincidence ?

  9. That top pic of him is ghastly, I’d expect to see him lying in a shelter along Brighton seafront with a bottle of wine as I walked my dog in the evening. Seriously I’ve seen cleaner down and outs and those poor sods have more to moan about in their lives than that whining, sad excuse of a pedo / drug addict / nonce! How he got that title ‘National Treasure’ is anyone’s guess, he certainly looks as if he’s just been dug up! I expect the dear old beeb is behind this ‘National Treasure’ shit, they’re usually behind every other bit of self promotional bullshit! He certainly has a good intellect, pity he doesn’t put it to better use, he definitely needs to go under a microscope a soon as possible! To be honest, I believe most of his Q.I. panel could do with being assessed too, some more than others!

  10. There are reports in the newspapers that Peter Sutcliffe is close to death. Of course, his death will make it more difficult to prove Saville’s links to the Yorkshire Ripper killings.

    • Perhaps he’s getting the Moira Hindley / Lord McAlpine /, start a new life elsewhere treatment? after all you can’t ask a ‘dead’
      person much can you? Perhaps he’ll stop with Lee Rigby until he can find an alias of his own! Does anybody REALLY know if Savile is genuinely dead? I know age was against him, but then, my son in law’s granddad just died aged 98, so Jimmy So-vile might still have a bit of time left to grow even older under another name!

  11. Fry aka Frei (German/Jewish/Yiddish ancestry) is another thoroughly obnoxious and repulsive individual. There again, though, you have to be to work for the BBC. It’s mandatory.

  12. Fry is always bleating about his ‘bi polar mental illness’ . Fuck all to do with the shedload of charlie he’s hammered over the years then !!!!!

    • My oldest daughter has bi polar, she copes with that and, three young children under seven, and that tosser wants all the sympathy in the world because he’s the only one ever to suffer with it if you listen to his bleating! Frigging old tramp!

  13. In the doco on Fry’s, ahem, “Manic Depression”, he speaks of his compulsion to buy the latest boy toys in multiples. I wondered at that at the time and it occurred to me later in light of the sewage seeping to the surface, that perhaps these were toys for his toy boys…

    That Mayall was sacrificed at 56 is interesting, if one comprehends Babylonian numerology. Note that Fry’s Club domain .co.uk was registered on 22/7/2009 – this indicates occult involvement – 22+7 = 29 = 11 = 2. 2009 = 11 = 2. Mayall dies at 56 – the “goddess number”. He died on 9:6:2014 which adds to 22. This has occult sacrifice written all over it.

  14. @ thetruthdoctrine

    You are quite right. It is why Steptoe Junior (Harry H Corbett) said it with such feeling. He hated Brambell off screen. He was well known in the world of Thespia for what he was doing, but thespians ALWAYS close ranks in case they get “the black spot” like Simon Dee, which means they never get any work again. Most would rather keep quiet and get BBC work.

    최후의 승리를 향하여 앞으로

    • Yes even as a youngster I used to think Dee was a breath of fresh air. Wicked what they did to him. Bill Cotton wasn’t it? I bet he knew everything about So-vile, too.

      Bill Oddie was another one who knew and kept his trap shut.

      • Simon Dee was an icon to us when we were younger, and as you say they were wicked the way the treated him, the Cotton family have more skeletons in their closets than Imelda Marcos had shoes! Bill Oddie? there’s a weird one without a doubt, I’ll bet he’d look good under a microscope! And earlier, when you mentioned that ten bob note business with your dad, it made me smile, and reminded me of a joke we had going about in pre decimal days. A lad turned up to work in a new pair of boots, someone commented on them and he said ‘yes, got them in a closing down sale, seven and six they were’! His boss said ‘they cost you seven and six? they’re good boots for that price’! The lad said ‘No, that’s the sizes, this ones a seven, and that ones a six’!

      • I like watching those 1950’s street scene vids on youtube. All the people are white, all the women look like women and are wearing dresses, not trousers. Men in trilby hats, suits and overcoats. No yellow lines on the roads etc. etc. How far we have fallen as a nation – no standards today at all.

  15. I don’t support charity shops as most are nothing of the sort, they are fake quangos
    did you know most of what gets donated gets thrown away ?
    same as Children in need, that money has never gone to the children, its in high interest accounts
    the name of Allan Yentob has to be used to get money out, the interest is said at the BBC to go to Israeli charities, like Kalashnikovs for settlers

  16. What an appalling string of “joining the dots” accusations just because someone quit Twitter. You have no shame do you ?
    And no evidence either-just gossip,innuendo & tittle tattle.

    • Are u Fry’s asskisser or spokesperson? Get the hell outta here if u dont have anything relevant to say. Oh, and yet welcome to the real world where almost nothing is as it seems, including ur fave stars….

    • ha ha ha. cottingham embracing milliband,on that link christine posted,millibands like– hold it there old fella,that’s close enough. he he. also cottingham wearing the obligatory purple tie. I find myself now looking more closely at anybody wearing purple while I’m out and about

    • Ooohh, aren’t our British police wonderful?, another victory against those awful terrorist types, it’s pint and a vindaloo all round then for those lovely boys and girls in blue! Three cheers now hip, hip, hurrah!

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  21. Jesus my sister got attacked verbally by the ex popstar Darren Hayes. She unfollowed this twat on twitter the git used abusive language about women daily and twitter bosses did nothing. Her daughter joined my sis on twitter. One of Hayes’s ex fan Christine DM my sis and warned her this tosser Hayes had a plot to hassle her online. He then sent rape threats to her 15 year old daughters twitter account. A rape pic and other pic of a guy with an erection. Hayes just laughed my sis reported him. Stephen Sears & Hayes’s other friends to the police in London and Hayes ended uo leaving the UK for LA. Which is funny because the freak knows Stephen Fry. Nice of Darren Hayes the ex singer of Savage Garden to do this to a kid. One of Hayes friends Brandon MacClean posted on twitter he was bored. So to kill the boredom he posted ‘He wanted to ‘Wank on a baby’ Like is this normal fucking behaviour of the famous? They make us sick! Hayes bullies all fans if they disagree with him on the slightest of things.

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