The convenient resignation of Fiona Woolf

Fiona Woolf hag

Establishment hag, Fiona Woolf, has finally resigned as chair of Britain’s fake CSA inquiry.

And guess what?

That’s just the way the government wanted it.

The longer they can drag out proceedings before next year’s General Election the better.

Woolfie was deliberately chosen by tory slapper Theresa May and approved by her Mi5 masters.

Theresa MayMI Filth

Britain’s intel services are desperately trying every trick in the book to stop the truth about VIP paedophile rings being exposed.

They never wanted an inquiry in the first place.

In fact it only came into being because of the brave perseverance of child-abuse campaigners on social media sites who lobbied MP’s for months.

Mi5 knew they were in trouble so started to employ their notorious smoke and mirror stalling tactics.

The first chair appointed was oddbod Elizabeth-Butler Sloss whose brother Michael Havers was implicated in a previous government abuse cover-up.

Butler Sloss

Predictably, her links were exposed and just like Fiona Woolf (who is linked to Leon Brittan), Sloss was also ‘forced’ to jump ship.

The Home Office is being blamed when in reality the whole debacle has been carefully stage managed from the off by shadowy forces.

What most people also don’t realise, is that Leon Brittan is up to his neck in filth of the highest order.

Leon BrittanTory Minister

Leon, who appears to have a memory like a sieve, was handed an explosive dossier by the late MP, Geoffrey Dickens, but doesn’t know where he put it.

His cousin is all-round weirdo, Malcolm Rifkind who was recently described thus:

” Sir Malcolm Rifkind known as “Malcolm the poof” is chairman of the British parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), which oversees MI5, MI6 and GCHQ – the most important position in the UK intelligence community. The ISC reports first to the prime minister, who retains – and uses – the right to censor material in ISC reports before parliament views them”.

Weirdo Malcolm Rifkind Israeli Passport

Malcolm also works for sly Israeli spy agency, Mossad, and is a key player in many of the dirty tricks perpetrated by them on British soil.

By a strange coincidence, Leon and Malcolm have another cousin, this time  bully-boy Guinness fraudster, Gerald Ronson.

Gerald Ronson Filth

Ronson once founded a foundation with decrepit hag, Shirley Porter, which was actually a front for money-laundering.

Shirley legged it back to Tel-Aviv when she was found guilty in the High Court of the homes-for-votes scandal in Westminster.

Shirley PorterEl AL

Her best pals were Simon Milton and Robert Davis, both of whom regularly buggered trafficked boys at the notorious Dolphin Square complex in Pimlico.

Dolphin SquareWestminster Robert  Davis and Milton

The whole homes-for-votes scandal was actually a ruse to avoid further scrutiny of the paedophile antics at Westminster council by the brilliant  Scallywag.

ScallywagWestminster Council

Leon Brittan has long been implicated in the vile Elm Guest House scandal, where young boys were trafficked from care homes to be abused by VIP filth.

Elm GuestElm Time Bomb

Quite ‘coincidentally’, Keith Vaz was the solicitor at Richmond Council at the time the abuse took place and he must have known about complaints made by the victims.


Vaz has now been placed in charge of the select committee responsible for overseeing the inquiry.

How comforting.

Or is it?

You see dear reader, the powers-that-be have no intention at all of allowing an open and fair inquiry into decades of child-abuse in this country.

They want nobody to know that Israel set up these blackmail paedo-rings across the land to keep MP’s in line and ensure they remained pro-Israeli.

MossadJanner filth

Even now they want us to only focus on ageing DJ’s, Asian gangs and Jimmy Savile.

Classic distraction tactics are being used in the hope that we take our eyes off the bigger, horrifying picture, that thousands of our innocent children have been raped, tortured,and often murdered,for long-term sicko political ends.

They want to keep a lid on the truth about the scale and depravity of child-abuse by the cream of British society.

But despite that the truth will out anyway.

It’s only a matter of time.










65 thoughts on “The convenient resignation of Fiona Woolf

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  2. What of Coin Tucker and Elish Angiolini? Anglioni, now a Head of an Oxford College. An examination of Heads of Oxbridge Colleges throws up an interesting pattern of establishment preferment. Also, a perusal of the academic journey and quality of qualifications of both Woolf and Angiolini leaves room for a lot of perceptive observation.

  3. Now you see why some of “The Establishment” are quite happy to support the horrific Theresa May as next Tory leader as they know Cameron is finished, and they know that Boris, like Geoffrey Dickens, is a free thinker who won’t take their instructions. May will do anything to be next Tory leader, and possible female PM. However, this child abuse issue plus immigration/asylum foul-ups have done nothing to stop her and “them” supporting her. ASK YOURSELVES why “they” have not started a press campaign to get her to resign as all previous home secretaries would have been forced to do by now.

    • Are you so sure about Boris not taking instructions when the reward will be so great? Theresa May is now finished as a contender for the leadership. You are right, it is more than odd that there has been no call for her resignation. She has now demonstrated incontrovertibly that she is unfit for High Office; promoted too far above her comfort zone. Her slice of the establishment social circle she inhabits needs a strong light shone upon it. Lewd Brittan will feature prominently there too, I suggest.

      • Yes Bob. Under normal circumstances, the Tory press would be braying for a Home Secretary’s resignation, (even a Tory one), but the bookies (who make it their business to know a thing or two) STILL have her as 2nd favourite today (behind Boris) at just 4/1 odds. THERE IS NO DOUBT that she is being protected by “The Establishment” who do not want Boris because THEY CANNOT rely on him. He is a loose canon and a free thinker. The grotesque May does as instructed.

      • Boris the Turk is an ex-Etonian and one of the old boys along with Cameron and The Canaanite Jew Rothschilds. Just forget these so called upper crust bastards and stop voting. Only common stock holders vote – freemen elect. The political system MUST be swept away if there is ever to be real progress and prosperity – this, too, will involve shutting down the Bank of England and turning The Square Mile into a large museum.

  4. Hi Coleman, I wondered if you would pick up on this. Have you also noticed how quiet it’s gone re Rilf Pilchard other than attacking the police for searching his multi-million pound pad? “Smoke and mirrors R us” is what they should call themselves – the snake reptilian bastards that they are.

    • It is utterly disgusting that we have such sub-human filth running the country – and calling themselves “honourable gentlemen”. No wonder Cameron and May are hell-bent on keeping a lid on all this. The scum responsible mustn’t be allowed to get away with this. If the legal system fails us then we’ll have to do the job ourselves: drag them out, hang them and burn them – in public.

  5. How strange that ‘perfidious Albion’ was already used in the 13th century:

    But has the time come to organise a People’s National Inquiry? Can we find MPs, MEPs and Local Councillors who’d set up “Human and Child Rights Panels” as one-stop shops for victims, whistleblowers, McKenzie Friends, disenchanted Social Workers, disenchanted lawyers and everybody who’s out there trying to make a difference???

    Don’t we have to focus on the victims as well as the abusers? After all, there won’t be enough judges to put them away, will there, let alone enough prisons…

    Re a particularly haunting survivor story, does anybody know of IRA links who would have protected this monster:

    Thank You for this and ALL your fabulous posts, dear Coleman!!!


    When all the jews were told vote for Boris, we knew he was bought for their agenda, the jews tried everything to smear Ken Livingston, including doorstepping him one early sunday morning and insulting him, so he would say something about jews that they would catch on a pocket tape recorder, but Ken was too cute.

    Boris disgusted people by refusing to accept a paid advert on london buses, when we knew he was pro-sex perversion he a lot of support from the people who dont want perversion

  7. I think this enquiry is going nowhere, so can I suggest that modern forms of communication can be used to show the voters the types of people that have been running the country and it should start 4 weeks before the election. An enquiry is a non starter with or without a Chairman.

  8. The Kansas City Times | 25 June 1971

    U.S. Subsidies to Queen’s Farm

    Washington (AP)

    A Mississippi farm in which the queen of England has a financial interest received hefty price support payments in 1969 and 1970, the House has been told.

    ht tp://

  9. Reblogged this on The Stoker's Blog and commented:
    Yes by May 2015 when the UK parliament will be turned into a chimphouse no one will have time to deal with this “historic” scandle. By 2015/16 UK parliament will be as unstable as an Italian parliament. Just the way the City likes it as it sells out and kow-tows to the ChiComm slavers. 17th century here we come.

    • Not a chimphouse exactly, because these chimps are the beneficiaries of the “Five year parliament act”. These chimps cannot be voted out of office for 5 years once elected. AT THE LAST ELECTION, DO YOU KNOW OF ANYONE WHO VOTED FOR (or even knew about) THIS PARLIAMENTARY LAW CHANGE??? This is a dangerous step towards ending democracy, Was it in ANY party manifesto??? (No), Proof that parliament and “The Establishment” are now only there with the sole functions of protecting each other.

  10. I think the obvious choice to head-up the investigation is Lord Britain. He is the one person who has experience and an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

    • Yes indeed, but haven’t you heard, the poor man is suffering from dementia and can’t remember much about the past, although he still clearly remembers enough to draw his pay from parliament on a regular basis!

  11. Why toady to the elite abusers anyway? The victims should set up their own peoples enquiry. They could affirm or give oath, give a statement regarding their experience, present evidence, have witnesses to support them and give any abusers the right to reply.
    The chair could be a retired or foreign judge and any findings openly given. After all what would any abuser do, say nothing or take legal action and have the whole thing repeated in front of a jury?

  12. Remember how terrified Cameron looked when questioned by a Labour backbencher in the House of Commons about this? Reading that report in the Mirror that Christine linked to shows us exactly why the devious little maggot is so frightened. They’ll be finished if this gets out – and probably dead as well.

  13. Under normal circumstances, May would be toast by now.

    But she is still there, being supported and protected by Camertwat and the “Establishment”

    Why isn’t there a press campaign to remove her, as would always have been the case before this?.

    Who is protecting her?


    What/who are they afraid of?

    • Further………………….

      Since l wrote the comment at 8:16A M, l have been given an answer

      May is Camertwat’s main supporter in the Cabinet. Most of the others in the Cabinet know that May has been overpromoted and will go with any change of Prime Minister. The same is true in reverse. They are both vulnerable to a back bench putsch, and whilst they are both there, they protect each other. Osborn/Boris etc, (they have worked a team since Bullingdon days) know they have to wait for their hour, which is approaching, and meanwhile yet more failings by May and Camertwat are making it easier all the time for the eventual takeover,

      Osborn & Boris will always support each other. One of them will be the next Tory leader and it isn’t necessarily going to be Boris, The other will be “Deputy P.M”.). MANY Tory MPs know that their only means of surviving is via a change of leader, and their salaries, status and protected pensions are far more important than their principles,

      This is what l have heard since my 8:16 this morning original post

  14. This article below shows a newly erected statue glorifying 2 lesbian mothers bringing up 2 children together.

    People wonder what on earth is the thinking behind the present government endorsement and encouragement of homosexuality ?

    and how far will they go to attack the family unit ?

    The Carnaby St revolution was part of the swinging sixties, where anything goes, this was a government operation to feminise men

    and this went along with Feminism, the idea that women should get out of the home and into the workplace and rival the men,

    the Rockefeller inst. wanted the women to pay tax and getting them into men’s work was the best way, they also changed the thinking from couples getting on to slogans like ‘the war of the sexes’ and ‘women on top’ and ‘women’s glass ceilings’

    When homosexuality became no longer a criminal offence many experts warned that offences against children would soar,

    so Margaret Hodge ( Oppenheimer ) was made children’s minister, Peter Mandelson took over as Director of the NSPCC, Harriet Harman

    was secretly funnelling money to the pedo group PIE and Esther Ranzten and Sarah Caplan ran Childline

    All the very Jews who wanted to abolish all child protection, in line with the Jewish Talmud.

    So Britain was to quietly have her laws changed to suit Jewish law.

    Peter Tatchell the Jew who wants sex with boys from 4 years of age to be considered normal, wants all age limits to be abolished over 3 years, and scandals have recently surrounded almost every orphanage boarding school and places where children can be found, by a host of homosexuals, the UK column called it, ‘abuse of young boys on an industrial scale’

    So much Estrogen is being added to drinking water that fish in the seas are actually changing sex, the BBC hosted several pro homosexual programmes and replaced many of their celebrities with homosexuals, and subliminals were put into all TV programmes

    along with pro-homosexual story lines into all its soaps.

    The Advertising companies began using subliminals to foster and encourage homosexuality in all adverts.

    Drinking water had Fluoride and Chlorine added and soon after aluminium and Estrogen, to dumb down the men and feminise them,

    while women’s fashions had them wear trousers have short hair, tattoos and metal bars in their faces to masculinise them,

    and the fashion houses constantly show men in skirts with as much make up and perfume as the Mods wore on the 60s

    Schools now teach homosexuality to 5 year olds including how girls can wear a strap on and the best way for boys to suck dick,

    this homosexual perversion is the main reason why so many now want to home educate their children.

    So what is the agenda ?

    Natural childbirth is being phased out as chemicals added to water and food interfere with fertility, chemtrail sprays are a large part of this plan to depopulate, the plan is for the existing men and women who survive to eventually meet in the middle with just one sex.

    The Star Trek programmes had half people half machines who obeyed any rule without any ability to think called the Borg,

    and that is the future for our children unless we stop the governments homosexual agenda now.

  15. I saw in the newspaper I found today in the canteen, that Ed Miliband has never actually had a job and they said he is totally unemployable.

    This is very wrong.

    An advert for a village idiot in the Somerset Times would suit him so well.

  16. After the Theresa May apology in Parliament earlier today, people started asking WHO PUT THE NAMES OF THESE TWO WOMEN FORWARD TO THERESA MAY? They have not had an answer. It wasn’t Camertwat. He just “approved” them ‘cos the grey men told him to.

    Nobody knows the names of these grey men, who ARE the “Establishment”.

    They didn’t get away with this one. But the cover up is continuing behind the scenes. I bet more files were lost, even today.

  17. No one would employ that scheming cunt and his filthy father, thankfully since dead, given sanctuary by the British durintg the Holocaust too, was just another Treasonous stab-in-the-back, outed by the Daily Mail – eventually (of all papers).

    • If you are to use foul language may I suggest you remove a letter or two from the word so as to not cause offence. Everyone will get your drift.

  18. did anyone notice as soon as the people began to close in on the sex perverts and thieves in westminster, they changed the law so homosexuality is now ok, and soon sex with small children will be ok too, so we have to act fast before they close the doors and we cant get them under the law

  19. Jewesses stealing names like Fionna (white or holy) and they are trying to remain separate? Truth is Jews will steal names, identities, money and or anything not bolted down, but the truth is stealing money is obviously not the most important thing they have to steal because they can make all they want. It’s a new identity they want, one that has some sort of credibility and that means some serious cash, maybe never enough can ever be made. Money is based on trust and Jews are running out of trust a lot faster than money.

    • That’s why they put ‘man’ at the end of so many of their surnames. They do this to try and kid themselves that they are men when they are serpent-men from Cain and then Canaan. They do the same with the use of Biblical Israelite names when they are no more Israelite than the Chinese.

      The Jews are Hamites, not Semites.

  20. Boris has something of the Doehnme Jew in him, his Turcik aspect looks a lot like a male version of Tzipi Livni.

    Forget the tomfoolery, it’s all smokescreen. Boris has all the lust of full spectrum dominance that you would expect from someone of his lineage. Currently he’s contenting himself with consolidating control of his fiefdom, London the city state (presumably a genetic memory of medieval Venice and the ghetto): assuming control of the police and sacking ticket office personel on the Underground – the presence of humans doesn’t mesh with the disintermediation of The Elect and their life-support systems, post-Georgia Guidestones Gentiles-downsizing.

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