Kate Middleton’s mysterious pregnancy

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has been suffering from morning sickness.

Have you Kate?

Have you really?

After months out of the limelight, the freeloading, benefit -scrounger, dragged herself away from her sick-bag and made a rare public engagement.

Even the corrupted and sycophantic press had to admit that she didn’t look pregnant at all when she met the president of Singapore with her gaylord hubby.

Non-pregnant Kate

Of course, that’s because she isn’t pregnant at all as she and Wills don’t do natural births, preferring instead to hire the services of a surrogate mother.


In a recent report the following claims were made:

” According to Kate Middleton’s physicians, she is not able to conceive children.

Prince William’s wife is being given vitamin supplements and is on a special diet.

However, all of the expensive treatments are not expected to make up for the years of abuse Kate, put her body through by using cocaine and ecstasy, according to royal family staff to Truthquake.com.

The sources have asked to remain unnamed, out of fear for losing their jobs or worse.

Many journalists in the United Kingdom have already been arrested simply for researching stories about the royal family.”

Being infertile though is not a major problem for the bi-sexual duo.

In order to produce a sprog, all Kate and Wills need do is call up establishment tool, Dr Alan Farthing, and he’s round like a shot with his top-of -the-range turkey baster and Tupperware test-tubes.

When they previously went through this false scenario with Prince George, several online commentators did start to question Kate’s pregnancy.

In fact, in-depth articles detailing the surrogacy would appear when the phrase ‘ Kate’s hoax pregnancy’ was entered into search engines.

Shortly afterwards however, hospital nurse Jacintha Salandha ‘committed suicide’ after receiving a ‘hoax’ phone call from an Australian radio host asking to speak to Kate.

This conveniently meant that now when the ‘Kate hoax’ phrase was Googled, the only articles to appear related to the death of Jacintha .

It clearly highlights just how bloody desperate the ptb are to keep a lid on Britain’s dirty secrets, when they will happily murder an innocent person to prevent the truth emerging about their sordid scams.

Jacinda Saldanha

Suspiciously, one of the DJ’s responsible for the prank call, Mel Greig, was told that she isn’t allowed to give evidence at the inquest into Jacintha’s death, despite travelling all the way from Australia.

It beggars belief that she was not called as one of the main witnesses by the Coroner’s office but instead made her own way to the court only to be told she was wanted at the proceedings..


As with the George ‘pregnancy’, Kate is also supposedly suffering from severe morning sickness.

What better way is there to make people believe the official line?

Instead of questioning the sinister timing of the baby announcement, made just days before the Scottish Independence Vote, we’re now all feeling sorry for Kate because she’s vomiting her guts out for a United Kingdom.

Royal Gynaecologist, Doc Farthing, has no choice but to play along with the scam.

He knows all about the VIP paedophile ring linked to the BBC and Royals and was coerced by intel services into romancing Jill Dando shortly before her death.

Savile SatanAlan Jill and Queen

Jill also knew about Savile and the ring and was going to expose it so Alan was quickly hired to track her movements.

You may remember when undercover police officers infiltrated Greenpeace and animal rights activist groups.

They were ordered to befriend female members and hoodwink them into disclosing information.

Some of these ‘friendships’ even led to children and marriage.

This is exactly what happened to Jill, only this time the stakes were much higher, and she sadly lost her life.

If they can cold-bloodedly assassinate a famous TV presenter they’ll have no problem killing an unknown nurse.

This whole Royal Baby farce is now being played out right in front of our eyes.

But unfortunately for them we’ll be scrutinising the ‘ pregnancy’ every step of the way.

They may have pulled off their sick ploy once before but this time they wont be so lucky.

Get the fake ‘bump’ costume out asap Kate.

People are starting to talk…

Kind Permission Endzog



( A little additional info:

After the 2012 topless scandal in France, a scandal that had dominated worldwide media and had usurped coverage of the ducal couple’s trip to the Far East (on behalf of the Queen to celebrate the milestone of the Diamond Jubilee); after the tour the ducal couple returned to England, Kate to her family, and William (presumably) to the palace to explain himself. He had then (so it is believed) to have traveled with friends on a hunting trip when the news of Kate’s hospitalization broke. After a few days he hurried to the bedside of his wife, where he presumably received the joyous news of his wife’s pregnancy. After her family visited, Kate was soon released and returned home to the palace.

The circumstances surrounding the pregnancy are odd and certain behavior by the Duchess suggest that something was hidden behind closed doors by the ducal couple. The pregnancy was announced just after the news burst that the Duchess had been rushed to the hospital for an emergency set of medical treatment. It wasn’t until a few days later that Duchess Kate had been expecting for the past couple of weeks and was suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarium (commonly known as “HG” the term I will use for the article), a medical condition a small percentage of pregnant women suffer from. The illness causes excessive vomiting, watery bowels, triggering dehydration that does often result in hospitalization and emergency treatment to avoid death. Pregnant women who are afflicted are encouraged to get bed rest and often vomiting can become almost hourly.

Despite the serious nature of the illness and the known fact that it takes a serious toll on the weight and appetite of the sufferer, Kate had performed a duty at an awards ceremony for athletes who had performed in the Olympics and straightaway after traveled to the island of Mustique for a vacation in the tropical paradise. This put doubt into the minds of people who had previously been sympathetic to her presumed condition. Sufferers of HG stated flatly that when they had suffered from the syndrome, they had been bedridden for weeks, if not full months and had had to stay near the bathroom to throw up and frequently had to (in one extreme case) avoid sunlight to avoid triggering a bout of vomiting. Others mentioned how they were unable to go out and about and Kate’s oddly carefree, almost cavalier recovery was the first odd sign that the Duchess was oddly robust enough for a vacation, but unable to handle a public appearance. She stayed for a total of two weeks.

During the vacation someone managed to snap a photo of the Duchess while walking on the beach with William and people already began to comment about how her ‘bump’ was nothing more than a slight curve, like the bloat that most get when they are full from eating, nothing like that of a pregnant woman with only six months to go. The published photo triggered threats of lawsuits and other forms of legal retaliation, but the seed of doubt that had been planted (from the Duchess’ seeming quick recovery from HG) began to sprout. She provoked severer criticism for taking a vacation, during a time when the palace had announced that the Duchess would be lowering the number of appearances for the sake of her health and to nurture her pregnancy.

As time went by and the number of appearances dwindled, the Duchess became a focus for the paparazzi who photographed her shopping, dining, strolling about the city as her pregnancy progressed. Despite the growth of her belly, the Duchess did not alter her habit of wearing wedges and stiletto heels (two favorite forms of footwear for the Duchess) and the rest of her body did not fill out as the months passed. She spent much of her time also enjoying unusually balanced posture and wore her favorite skinny jeans, something many pregnant women set aside for their pregnancy and opt for pants with a stretched waistband and there were rumors of the inconsistency in the size of her belly. People whispered that the Duchess was watching her weight and dieting, even though pregnant women are encouraged to gain weight to properly feed the developing child and she continued to wear decidedly non-maternity tailored clothing.

The months progressed and the Duchess slowly but surely eliminated her appearances and it’s now known that much of her time was spent with her family at the new manor house in Berkshire. In mid-July the speculation in Britain reached fever pitch as the due date approached, but it soon passed and fresh calculations were made. The timeline provided by the palace was how the due date was measured and agreed upon, but as two weeks passed, nothing happened. The press and public waited around patiently while the Duchess waited for her labor to begin, while in Berkshire with a helicopter on standby. After a few more days, as the press began to express impatience and borderline disgust, the Duchess was rushed via a back entrance to the hospital and her labor began.

After over ten hours, the Duchess was believed to have given birth to a baby boy, who was named Prince George and the nation rejoiced with magazine covers and jubilation. The way the birth was done, according to royal protocol that ensures that the heir is born ‘of the body’ of the legitimate wife, requires that the Home Secretary be present during the birth as an official witness on behalf of the royal family. That the birth was explained as simply overdue and that the Duchess was rushed to the hospital within days of the Home Secretary’s absence (the Home Secretary travels with the Court) is convenient if the couple wanted to bypass the presence of the secretary; the couple is legend for violating protocol, but this particular procedure is done to prevent any challenge to the legitimacy of the heir, for example, questionable parentage.

Suddenly, the couple hurried back to Berkshire with their newborn son and suddenly an inside drama was played out. Despite the usual protocol of the Queen being the first to visit after the birth, the couple retreated to Middleton Manor for the Duchess to recuperate and because the Queen was at Balmoral at the time of the birth, the Queen was unable to meet her great-grandson for several weeks. No members of the royal family called upon the Middleton family to offer congratulations and see the infant, a first sign that all was not well between the palace and the Cambridge couple. Despite the possible expectations of the Middletons and ducal couple, the Sovereign did not interrupt her holiday to arrive back at Buckingham Palace or travel to Berkshire to see the newest addition to her family. It was touted as Kate wanting to be around her family, to spend time with her son so her family could be the first, but the palace didn’t react and it was a chillingly indifferent response to the birth of a royal prince. It was as if little George wasn’t important to the royal family and that in and of itself was a sign that something was terribly wrong about the circumstances of the birth.

The first candid photo of the Duchess was snapped exiting a grocery store with her cart filled to the brim with frozen food and alcohol, she looked drastically different from the slightly full-bellied new mother who had just had a child. She looked rail thin, wearing her trademark tight skinny jeans and a blouse with a sweater. If the Duchess was feeding her son breast milk, to add alcohol to her diet would in fact be introducing alcohol into her newly born child, which would a horrific act for a new mother. William moved quickly to establish the boundaries he expected the press to abide by. He threatened the media with the full force of the law and instead of an interview talking about his happiness as a new father with Kate by his side; there was complete silence. Over the next couple of weeks Prince William made cryptic comments about his son, but there was nothing definitive described about George. There were no talks about the child’s physical features or anything of substance, just occasional asides mentioned during appearances. During that time, the couple had a set of photos done, surprising in their informality taken by Michael and Michael was granted the rights to the photos, ensuring the complete ownership of the royalties that the photo would generate would benefit the Middleton family.

Physiologically the Duchess has shown little effects of a strenuous labor, culminating in the birth of a nine-pound child. The Duchess’ boyish figure has been a trademark of her persona and fashion status, but even the most open minded supporter would be hard pressed to think that a woman who has given a full natural birth to a nine pound child could so quickly begin wearing form fitting skinny jeans and not cause possible health problems, in addition to the fact that it takes a long time for women to recuperate from the pain of having given birth. To lose weight quickly and go back to her natural weight in a short period of time is considered completely impossible. Strained muscles, sagging skin, and stretch marks would be evident and at her recent engagement she was snapped as her shirt flew up as she participated in a small sports event and has ended up showing that she has not been affected physically by her pregnancy, if at all.

Previously not even considered, the Duke and Duchess are coming under a cloud of suspicion by various Internet writers about the possibility that they used a surrogate to carry and bear Prince George. Various Internet theorists are writing about the possibility that Duchess Kate did not conceive and carry her own son. Even commentary in the comments section of the Daily Mail has a comment on occasion mocking the idea that Duchess Kate was even pregnant. When the engagement was announced, there was an interview with the couple that was then beaming about the impending nuptials and talking about the circumstances of the proposal and their future plans. Interestingly, there was no interview after the announcement of the pregnancy and there has not been any formal interview so the nation could be told of the newborn heir, the third in line. This is also a different way of things being done and the ducal couple has raised new suspicions.” )






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  2. Looks like morons cant decide over the number and/or sex of the next royal sprog: either a girl, either two twin girls, either a;ll uncertain


    – Fiona Woolf “is a governor of the elite Guildhall School of Music WHERE PUPILS ARE SAID TO HAVE BEEN ABUSED.”

    Latest Tweet from Exaro News:

    – “Fiona Woolf, #CSAinquiry chairwoman, DENIES TO MPs [ANY] LINKS WITH FREEMASONRY.”

    I wonder why Woolf was even questioned about FREEMASONRY in the first place? Certainly the Mansion House — the official residence of Woolf — may be steeped in masonic symbolism:

    – “With its magnificent interiors and elegant furniture, the Mansion House provides the Lord Mayor of the City of London with living, working and entertainment space. Built in the age of Hogarth, the Mansion House, then as now, is A SYMBOL OF THE CITY OF LONDON as the world’s leading international financial and trading centre. The DRAGON Awards annual dinner is held in the GREAT EGYPTIAN HALL, a grand room, seating 350, that should be known as the Roman Hall. It is based on designs by the classical Roman architect Vitruvius of Roman buildings in Egypt, with giant columns supporting a narrower attic area.”

    – “Showcase events that Woolf has hosted at Mansion House – the Georgian town palace located opposite the Bank of England that becomes the official residence of each lord mayor during his or her term – include …an Inclusive Capitalism conference in May, convened in conjunction with LYNN FORESTER DE ROTHSCHILD.”

    – “In March 2014 [Fiona] WOOLF SERVED WITH INFAMOUS CHILD ABUSER LEON BRITTAN on the International Financial Services forum.”

    And here’s some more information about Fiona Woolf’s husband:

    “Between 1978 and 1998 EDWARD HEATH sat on the Public Review Board of the accounting firm ARTHUR ANDERSEN, which was shortly afterwards found guilty of criminal charges and obstruction of justice in the Enron conspiracy. Fiona Woolf’s husband, NICHOLAS WOLF, WAS A TAX PARTNER AT ARTHUR ANDERSEN between 1968 and 2002.”

    ht tp://12160.info/profiles/blogs/new-head-of-inquiry-even-closer-links-to-establishment-than

    ht tp://www.exaronews.com/articles/5387/fiona-woolf-grilled-by-mps-about-her-links-with-lord-brittan#.VEaMJgW3dgs.twitter

    ht tp://www.dragonawards.org.uk/awards_ceremony/mansion_house.html

    ht tp://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/aug/22/fiona-woolf-lord-mayor-london-city-interview

    ht tp://www.cityweekuk.com/events/city-week-2014/custom-18-e8318485b9c746fcaf960c664d4f9571.aspx

    ht tp://www.davidicke.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1062246209&postcount=81755

  4. Perhaps our new, educated, professional, 55 year-old friend, Sean, is a conspiracy neophyte. Let’s be honest, it does take a huge blow – more often a whole series of them – to destroy one’s faith in the probity and respectability of the existing order (our benign perception of it, anyway). We were all a bit green to begin with. It’s only natural. Plus not everything we read on the ‘net is accurate, either. Attempts by TPTB at discrediting the more popular Truther sites goes on constantly.
    Coleman does a marvelous job here in sticking to established facts. That’s why he’s on my daily ‘must read’ list.

  5. I’m sure this attractive and vivacious Jewish lady Woolf will do an excellent job with this Inquiry and show neither contempt nor favour in pushing it through with vigour to expose the Truth; whatever that may be, and regardless of who might have cause to fear it.

    On re-reading the above I’ve just noticed how poorly sarcasm comes across in this medium…

    • Agreed Mark, conveying sarcasm in this medium can be quite tricky. Hauteur always comes across no problem, strangely and it can be off-putting.

  6. FIONA WOOLF — the UNTRUTH in her letter to the Home Secretary

    “Clear photographic evidence that Fiona Woolf spoke to Lady Brittan six months AFTER date in letter to Home Secretary … [D]espite Fiona Woolf’s claims about not having spoken to Lady Brittan since April 23rd, 2013, she was photographed speaking to her [Lady Brittan] almost six months later [October 2nd, 2013]. Either Woolf is mistaken or is lying.”

    Photo of Fiona Woolf with journalist Martyn Lewis and LADY BRITTAN
    ht tp://ianpace.wordpress.com/2014/10/21/fiona-woolf-the-untruth-in-her-letter-to-the-home-secretary/

    Photo of Fiona Woolf in Egyptian Hall at Mansion House with MARGARET HODGE MP

    Photo of Fiona “definitely not a member of the Establishment” Woolf, with Prime Minister David Cameron


    Simon Danczuk MP “went further than previously in saying that Brittan is ‘alleged to be at the heart of the paedophile scandal and cover-up surrounding Westminster‘. However, [WILLIAM] HAGUE merely replied that Woolf ‘is a very distinguished person, well able to conduct this inquiry with the very highest standards of integrity’

    “it is worth considering who is making the decision not to allow even a debate on this: WILLIAM HAGUE. Hague was Brittan’s successor as MP for Richmond, Yorkshire, in 1989, following Brittan’s appointment as a European commissioner. An article from June 15th, 1997, in the Sunday Times (reproduced below) makes clear that Hague was himself appointed as a part-time speechwriter for Geoffrey Howe after having been recommended by Brittan (then working as Chief Secretary to the Treasury when Howe was Chancellor), who had spotted him at a visit to the Oxford Union. Recently released documents from the National Archives make clear that it was only because of Thatcher’s intervention that Hague did not get the job fulltime, as Howe and Brittan wanted. The 1989 article from The Times printed below makes clear, HAGUE LIVED IN BRITTAN’S COUNTRY HOME in the run up to the Richmond by-election. As a column by Nigel Dempster reproduced below makes clear, Hague also liked to go hill-walking with Brittan.


  7. ”……………………….Hague also liked to go hill-walking with Brittan……………..”. Is that what they call it these days?


    I wish to suggest that the ‘Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse’ set up by the Government and chaired by Fiona Woolf is designed to be — among other things — an exercise in State intelligence-gathering for nefarious purposes.

    Think about it.

    Whistle-blowers, witnesses, journalists, researchers, victims, survivors… all providing crucial information to the Establishment/State about:

    – WHICH INDIVIDUALS know things

    – WHERE these individuals who know things reside or work

    – WHAT precisely these individuals/witnesses know and WHAT EVIDENCE is in their possession (how strong their evidence is)

    – WHERE the original evidence is located (and how the authorities can go about seizing it)

    – HOW LIKELY it is that the individuals coming forward pose a threat to the PTB (are the witnesses eloquent and likely to be believed? are they media-savvy? do they have any connections to influential people such as journalists?

    – WHO ELSE these individuals have spoken to (& who else may have seen the evidence over the years)?

    The Panel will receive and record witness testimonies and documentary evidence, much of which will never have seen the light of day before (because witnesses were scared or felt intimidated or powerless, etc.)



    Assuming that I’m correct, and one of the purposes of the Inquiry is indeed to flush out potentially damaging witnesses and evidence so that they can be ‘contained’, this Inquiry is extremely dangerous.

    Indeed, if I’m right about the purpose of the Inquiry, it would be very unwise indeed — and possibly even dangerous — for anyone to have any dealings with it.

    Witnesses who come forward could find themselves marked in MI5/Special Branch/Police files.

    In extreme cases, people with knowledge who come forward could find themselves one day receiving veiled/coded threats, intimidations or warnings… and possibly they could even be suicided (or driven to self-harm via the application of carefully calculated external pressure by MI5/Special Branch agents).

    Am I paranoid? Irrelevant.

    The Security Services can and do physically harm people on the orders of the PTB. Not only individuals that they wish to silence, but sometimes persons to whom the targets are connected, i.e. by marriage or friendship (to serve as coded ‘warnings’ to the targets).

    Another favoured tactic of the Security Services is tarnishing the reputations of witnesses/perceived adversaries.

    If I’m right about the purpose of this Inquiry, key individuals who come forward to the Inquiry could find their identities leaked to the media, where their reputations will then be trashed OR they will be subjected to a horrendous level of press intrusion and public interest in their lives.

    Other individuals who come forward could find that their employment opportunities mysteriously ‘dry up’ — or find themselves experiencing disturbing incidents or circumstances in their home lives, apparently coming out of nowhere. Money issues, health issues… you name it.

    Finally, I’d like to re-iterate that I’m only putting the above forward as a hypothesis. I do not know for a fact that the Inquiry is intended to provide the PTB and Security Services with information to contain and neutralise ‘threats’.

    But I would ask every whistle-blower, witness, journalist, researcher, victim and survivor to consider all possible implications VERY CAREFULLY before approaching the Woolf Inquiry or responding to any requests to appear or furnish evidence/testimony to it.

    Imo, perhaps the more effective — and potentially safer — way to get information into the public domain and put pressure on the authorities is for anyone with information to broadcast it as loudly, broadly, and effectively as they can. For example, by approaching the few trusted campaigners and journalists (people like Bill Maloney, Chris Spivey) and by sending information (anonymously if necessary) to as many trusted figures in public life as possible.


    If you have important photographs, reports, lists, letters, emails, old newspaper cuttings, witness testimonies, diaries, audio recordings, video recordings… whatever… BACK THEM UP OR DUPLICATE THEM SEVERAL TIMES.

    Make sure that if anything every happened to you (God forbid) … or if your house or workplace was ever subjected to a break-in or mysterious fire (God forbid) … the incriminating evidence would still exist in MULTIPLE other places.

    Make sure that if the police were to arrive in the dead of night and seize your computer equipment, phone and laptop (God forbid), they would not find any evidence on there that you hadn’t already made copies of and placed securely elsewhere.

    IT’S *NOT* ENOUGH SIMPLY TO HAVE EVIDENCE STORED IN YOUR COMPUTER, OR IN YOUR PAPER FILES. The Security Services can *remotely* intercept and seize or destroy whatever you may have on your computer or other electronic equipment, and whatever you send or receive via email. The Police/Security Services can also arrive at your home or property and seize everything in a heartbeat… (as Chris has recently related to us on this website).

    If you have documents that you feel comfortable uploading to the Internet/social media, this is one way of ensuring that valuable information reaches the mass of the population.

    Once widely available in the public domain, facts, witness testimonies and other evidence can inspire others into taking direct action: such as demonstrations and petitions. Information posted on alternative media sites and social media can also inspire journalists and researchers, prompt private prosecutions, and even put pressure on the authorities.

    Just remember that, as soon as you begin posting allegations and/or claims on the Internet and/or uploading files of evidence, IT MAY NOT BE VERY LONG BEFORE YOUR NAME/IDENTITY APPEARS IN A LIST AND YOUR ONLINE & OFFLINE ACTIVITIES BECOME SUBJECT TO TARGETED SURVEILLANCE BY THE SECURITY SERVICES.

    Once again, therefore, I would like to stress to anyone who has information about CSA… Please:

    (a) Think long and hard before having any dealings whatsoever with the Woolf Inquiry or similar

    (b) If you decide to do things independently (by contacting trusted journalists and public figures AND/OR by posting potential evidence or testimony online via social media or blogs such as Chris Spivey’s) make very sure that you back up and duplicate all evidence twice, twice more, and then twice again. DO NOT KEEP ALL YOUR EVIDENCE AT HOME, AT WORK, ON YOUR COMPUTER OR LAPTOP, OR IN ANY 1 SINGLE PLACE. DISPERSE IT WIDELY.

    (c) If you know things, but the evidence is in your memory rather than in electronic or paper form, please carefully research and find at least 2 TRUSTED person to whom you can relate what you know. One could be your wife, husband, parent or child. Another might be someone like Bill Maloney or Chris Spivey. PLEASE DO THOROUGH RESEARCH BEFORE TRUSTING YOUR INFORMATION TO ANYONE, BUT PLEASE DO SHARE IT WITH A COUPLE OF PEOPLE, IN CASE THE SECURITY SERVICES EVER ‘GET TO YOU’ OR SOMETHING UNPREDICTABLE HAPPENS.

    I would be interested to hear from others on this matter. Any one else think the Woolf Inquiry may be an exercise in witness & evidence containment?

    I apologise for those who may find this post troubling. It is absolutely not my intention to frighten or alarm anyone unnecessarily. I just happen to know what the PTB and Security Services are capable of… hence my strong words urging that everyone with evidence or knowledge of CSA takes all possible precautions to safeguard what they know, prevent it (or themselves) from being ‘contained’), and ensure that the TRUTH GETS OUT.

  9. Doesn,t “Vague” like “sharing beds” with handsome young AIDS to save the government money? could you/would you make this up,maybe if you were Hans Christian Anderson,

  10. I believe Fiona Woolf is a lady of both ethical and moral fortitude and wish her well in her quest to bring justice to the world!
    Now, you’ll have to excuse me, nurse Cameron is here with my pills and my strait jacket!

    • Jim,

      I’d hazard a guess that Fiona Woolf has devoted her life to manoeuvering, ingratiating and insinuating her way into the highest circles of power and knowledge.

      Specifically, I’d wager that she serves the global agenda, and is well-compensated (with lucre and quite possibly State secrets) for her impressive abilities to anticipate & safeguard the interests of the elite.

      On her ascent to significant power and wealth, I’d guess Fiona Woolf will have ruthlessly squelched those who got in her path… regarding them (to the extent she thought about them at all) as collateral damage, inferiors.

      I’d venture to guess that she may well have had an unhappy/disturbed childhood (or at least experienced it to be so).

      This unhappiness will have resulted in Fiona Woolf developing psychopathic traits, such as lack of empathy. These are normally a prerequisite for the modus operandi needed to rise to the higher levels of the Establishment.

      I only hope I’m wrong.

  11. Hi Coleman. Just been reading up on the Woolf fiasco in front of the Keith “I’ve been everywhere” Vaz committee. What a joke.

    You, sir, are the wordsmith. How do you show ‘tick – tock’ speeding up? Even those people who are as thick as three pork pies MUST be able to see the lies and obfuscation being trotted out and think. “Hang on. Even more children are being raped as these manufactured delays go on.”

    Sorry. Just a wee bit off topic……..


  12. If it’s true, and I do believe it to be so, that Kate Middleground uses a surrogate mother to produce these future drains on the public purse, what then happens to these, presumably, ‘use once then discard’ mums? Could they be trusted ‘to keep mum’? see what I did there? or would they have to be quietly retired, permanently? There is a lot to risk in trusting someone who’s complicit in the birth scam anyway, to keep quiet afterwards, short of threating to kill them and all their family should they decide to come clean later!

    • Unless surrogate mum is Pippa Middleton and sperm donor is Harry Hewitt? On George’s christening photos beaming Pippa and Harry looked more like the happy parents than Kate and Wills.

  13. CSA INQUIRY — Some interesting comments posted on Twitter earlier today 22/10/2014

    “The #GlobalAfricanInvestment [Summit] today linked Fiona #Woolf to #Rothschilds & William Hague.”
    Gael ‏@GaeMar01

    “Remarkable. Cameron’s second choice to chair a child abuse inquiry appears to have lied to MPs yesterday. ht tp://gu.com/p/42kag ”
    alastair horne ‏@pressfuturist

    “@SimonDanczuk @ian_pace @5WrightStuff Ask if Fiona Woolf has developed vetting clearance. If not she can’t address MI5 part in cover-up.”
    Dr Andrew Watt ‏@DrAndrewWatt

    “Fiona Woolf you haven’t disclosed your connection with John Whittingdale ..Come on sweety I’ve exposed your secret ! Why didn’t YOU?????”
    Natalie Rowe ‏@RealNatalieRowe

    @Keith_VazMP When Fiona Woolf comes back in, please ask her if she sat on Law Society Council with Henry Hodge for 8 years, 1987-1995?
    My Sweet Landlord ‏@MySweetLandlord

    @Keith_VazMP When Fiona Woolf comes back in, please ask her if she sat on Competition Commission with Barbara Mills for 4 years.
    My Sweet Landlord ‏@MySweetLandlord

    @Keith_VazMP When Fiona Woolf comes back in, please ask her if she worked closely with Dennis Stephenson when Chair of Law Society Council.
    My Sweet Landlord ‏@MySweetLandlord

    @Keith_VazMP When Fiona Woolf come back in, please ask her if she worked closely with Lord Falconer when President of the Law Society.
    My Sweet Landlord ‏@MySweetLandlord

    @Keith_VazMP Also ask, as a WTO Negotiator 1995-2000, did Fiona Woolf negotiate with EU VP responsible for WTO, Leon Brittan?
    My Sweet Landlord ‏@MySweetLandlord

    “@Keith_VazMP When Fiona Woolf comes back in, please ask if she knows Daniel Janner. Both are Master Benchers of the Middle Temple.”
    My Sweet Landlord ‏@MySweetLandlord

    I still think Fiona Woolf is hanging on by the skin of her teeth to save Theresa May’s face.
    Alun Roberts ‏@ciabaudo

    If Fiona Woolf topples, it’s ‘take 1, get 1 free’ as Theresa May will not survive this second blow.
    Alun Roberts ‏@ciabaudo

    Fiona Woolf, 2nd unsuitable chair for #CSAinquiry, will be forced to resign and the Home Office will blame survivors for delaying process!
    Sonia Poulton ‏@SoniaPoulton

  14. SEAN 8-27 So this Sean chap is he saying then he believes that
    9/11 was carried out by a sick old man in a cave in Afghanistan without even a toilet or running water
    that he believes Britain and the USA went into W W 2 because of a Polish agreement
    does he really believe that 7/7 was not an inside job
    That Israeli snipers targetted small children playing with head shots, because they were a security threat
    that men walked on the moon
    that the BBC did not know that Jimmy Savile was bringing children in to the BBC to sexually abuse including a boy of 6 and one of 7,
    That a team of soldiers disguised as police and acting under police orders followed a Brazilian lad on the London underground got him to the floor and shot him 7 times in the head, thinking he ‘looked a bit muslim-ish ”
    does he belive that a student who wrote a story that Saddam Hussein had weapons targetted at Britain and could fire them at us in under 45 minutes, and that Tony Blair deserved to be Middle East peace envoy ?

    If the answer is no then Sean is one of us, but if he does believe all this official claptrap then his qualifications are usless and he needs to get a real education

  15. Theresa May is an interesting case now. Osborne and Boris loathe her. She and Cameron need each other’s support. When Cameron goes, May goes too. IF, God forbid, Cameron survives, May will replace minitwat Hague as sidekick.

    Interesting times are ahead

    • Well, Katie Price is auctioning off her old breast implants for charity, maybe Kate Middleground bought them, hence the sudden lump! Use just one for a while, then upgrade to the two, to make it appear she’s ready to farrow! A thought occurs here, if Price auctioned off everything that had ever been inside her, it would be a long, long bleedin’ auction day, or two!

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  17. Never seen her in the flesh. Going by the pictures though, as others have commented, she didn’t look pregnant with her first and she doesn’t look pregnant now. It doesn’t matter how fit the mother is, a second or later pregnancy shows more because the abdominal muscles have stretched once.
    Funny to choose Farthing as the Royal deliverer too. Never mind smelling a rat, I’m smelling a capybara !

  18. I never believed from the start that Kate was really pregnant but one thing which I wonder is, if the baby which is being paraded around in front of us will be the new King in time or whether there is a secret baby who is being raised behind the scenes that will fill the kings shoes when they need to? If there is a NWO then there probably wouldn’t be the need for a new king anyway but it seems strange that the baby has not had much attention from the royals considering it’s position in the family unless it is not part of the family. All a bit odd considering they are all about the bloodline – but then they have always been a bit odd!

  19. The old queen mother was brought about by a Cook at her home in Scotland…………..and dear brother-in-law Edward would always call her ¬Cookie¬ …………….and apparently her two girls: Lizzy and Dizzy were also brought about by another as so many hang-ups were in the family………………it most proberbly was advised to get some good blood in their veins………..my only suspicion on this is the fact that the royals are not very good at covering things up…………..Kate was certainly NOT a new mum as she held the baby as if she had only just met him…………….and walking down the steps was just too careree after going through labour…………..then the stomach……………it was slightly smaller and still hard like a padded bump……….it’s all so obvous and then the anouncement at the palace where some idiots were paid to jump for joy at the arrival on this prince……………and a poor nurse decided she needed to commit suicide by hanging herself in a wardroble…………weird and weirder!!!!

    Also 3 train crashes, and two planes came down…………………………what are we going to see next?

  20. Ah, dunno about your conclusions. I think the royals (spit) are all parasite scum too, but when I was pregnant, I didn’t show for a good 5 months, I had a very small bump and I was back at work (bloody zero contract) in my size 12s 2 weeks after a crash CS. And there was definitely a baby in there!

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