Sly old Fiona Woolf and the CSA cover-up

Fiona Woolf

If you thought for one minute that Theresa May and David Cameron are serious about investigating VIP child-abuse in this country it’s time to think again.

They slyly announced in September that Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf would be replacing Elizabeth Butler-Sloss as head of the CSA inquiry.

Slapper MayDave and TessPaedo Ring Number 10

That decision in itself was all the proof needed that a major establishment cover-up was on the cards.

Strangely, no-one has seen hide nor hair from Woolf since her appointment.

She has apparently been schlepping around the world dining on caviar and sipping champagne whilst CSA victims are struggling to survive.

Indeed, many traumatised victims have even tried to contact her via twitter but duplicitous old Woolfie didn’t even have the good manners to reply.

Not very mayoral-like behaviour is it?

Woolf and Cameron

According to sources, she has now decided to drag herself out of hiding and attend a Commons committee meeting on 21st October.

The committee will be headed by Keith Vaz who is linked to Greville Janner and is up to his neck in filth of the highest order so please don’t expect anything other than light banter and a cordial tête-à-tête.

Of course, what people may not realise is that Fiona Woolf is a top-ranking lawyer and close ally of the money-laundering bankers who operate from the City of London financial quarter.

She is allegedly related to Baron Harry Woolf, the former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.

Harry Woolf was instrumental in denying a right of appeal for Barry George who was falsely imprisoned for 8 years for the murder of Crimewatch presenter, Jill Dando.

Justice WoolfJill Dando Daily Star Headline

His Wikipedia entry contains some most interesting facts:

” Woolf was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, on 2 May 1933, to Alexander Susman Woolf and his wife Leah (née Cussins). His grandfather Harry was a naturalised Briton of Polish or Russian Jewish origins.”

”  He  went to Fettes College, an Edinburgh public school, where he mostly enjoyed his time and had supportive friends; however, being the only Jewish pupil he was teased and occasionally bullied”

” Woolf, an Ashkenazi Jew, first met his wife Marguerite Sassoon, a Sephardi Jew, at a social event which was organised by a mutual friend at the National Liberal Club. “,_Baron_Woolf

By a strange coincidence, Mossad rent-boy, Tony Blair also attended Fettes, along with his very close chum Charlie Falconer:

Blair Cover UpTony Blair Miranda

” According to the Aangirfan website, Tony Blair attended a private boarding school called Fettes, in Edinburgh.

One of his teachers, Knox Cunningham, was involved in a high-level paedophile ring.

Blair, who liked to call himself Miranda, absolutely adored Cunningham.

By a strange coincidence, the Fettesgate Scandal of the early 90′s uncovered a “magic circle” of corruption and rent-boys allegations going to the very top of the Scottish Legal system.

” A group of gay judges and lawyers were conspiring to ensure soft treatment for homosexual criminals, or so went the rumour that spread through Edinburgh legal circles in the late 1980s.

The talk was of a “magic circle” reaching the highest levels of the Scottish legal system and the potential blackmail of judges by “rent boys”.

Tony Blair went to school with political weirdo Charlie Falconer, who lives in Islington:

Falconer and Cherie Blair

” The friendship between Tony Blair and Charles Falconer goes back 30 years to when they were both at school in Scotland. But they have always made a curious pair.”

”  He and Blair first met as teenagers, in the latter’s room at Fettes”.

” Falconer’s Islington home was the venue for campaign meetings during Blair’s drive to become Labour leader, and shortly before the election.”

” Falconer is one of the least known members of the Blair circle. But his appointment to 14 ministerial committees last week as “the eyes and ears of the Prime Minister”, as one member of the Government put it, confirmed what everyone suspected. Lord Falconer, known affectionately at the Cabinet Office as “the man with his shirt hanging out”, is one of the most powerful and important men in Britain.”

In a curious twist, Fiona Woolf sits on a board of trustees with Charles Falconer:

Falconer also acts as a shady Mr Fix-It in the House of Lords along with Rothschild bumboy, Peter Mandelson.

It’s highly likely they know all about the VIP abuse ring which has been operating within the UK for decades and may have lots of important information for investigating officers.

Mandelson, Blair and Falconer were all neighbours of Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge who was implicated in the Islington care-home abuse rings.

Mandelson and HodgeHodge filthy cowJason Swift

Hodge knows all about covering up for her political chums sick predilections.

She is also personally responsible for bringing in disgusting changes to the Children’s Act which strengthened the power of social workers to steal children from loving families and throw them into abusive council-run homes.

By a bizarre coincidence, her nephew Philip Edmonds, was holidaying at the same resort with Madeleine McCann just before she disappeared:

Former top-tory, Leon Brittan, has long been suspected of being involved in the Elm Guest House boy-brothel scandal.

Leon Brittan OldTory MinisterWeirdo Malcolm Rifkind

Despite this fact he has never been hauled in for questioning by the Met.

His cousin is Malcolm Rifkind who controls all British Intel agencies and works for Israel on the sly.

Quite incredibly, it has now emerged that Brittan and his wife are close work colleagues and personal friends of Fiona Woolf.

Talk about a bloody conflict of interests- it’s more like a full-scale war.

Another dubious peer is child-raping scum, Greville Janner.

Janner, who has a penchant for sodomising young lads in care homes, has conveniently developed dementia and can’t be quizzed about his crimes.

Naughty Greville Janner and Naughty Cherie Blair

Harry Woolf once wrote a book with Janner called ‘ I Am Jewish’:

Janner was  nominated for his knighthood by Tony Blair and is absolutely adored by Times editor Danny Finkelstein.

The brother of Finkelstein runs the Jill Dando UCL Crime Institute along with her former co-presenter Nick Ross.

Nick Ross pretended to grieve for Jill but was actually party to the conspiracy to kill her because she was about to blow the lid on the paedophile-rings.

Ross recently said he’d watch child-porn given half the chance.

Nick Ross Jill Dando

He is married to the cousin of Esther Rantzen and is involved with both Crimestoppers and Childline which are front organisations used to filter out victims of VIP abuse and silence them.

In a macabre twist, the former editor of Crimewatch is Angela Neuberger.

Her husband, Lord Neubereger, is the highest judge in the land and used to work for the Rothschilds.

He recently claimed that social media is out of control and Twitter should be sanctioned.


On of his closest friends within the judiciary is none other than Baron Harry Woolf.

The excellent Children Have Rights campaign group wrote the following article:

” Fiona Woolf is actively delaying the start of the child abuse inquiry

Whilst Irish and Jersey child abuse inquiry’s continue to sicken us with daily revelations disclosing stories of vile and systematic depravity, the aptly named ‘Westminster VIP paedophile inquiry’ has yet to even start.

Fiona Woolf, the chair of the UK inquiry into historic child abuse linked to several Westminster figures has not just stepped back from issuing a statement about her links to the former Tory home secretary Leon Brittan, but it has become quite clear she is actively delaying the start of the inquiry,for which may now not begin until next year.

The British government plans to strictly control the release of ‘establishment’ paedophile revelations over a period of several years in order to avoid mass civil unrest, according to a Westminster source.

It is further claimed that many cases will never be disclosed due to the severity of the offences that took place, and also the high profile status of those involved.

Even politicians such as Simon Danczuk and Tom Watson, who have pushed for transparency, are all too aware of the dangers that mass disclosure may bring.

A ‘total disclosure event’ would see citizens of the United Kingdom take to the streets in their hundreds of thousands, if not millions, as the extent of the crimes are revealed.

The offences include multiple child rape, child torture and the murder of children.

When the public accept that throughout the 70’s, 80’s, and into the 90’s, elected officials and other dignitaries in shocking numbers used their position and status to have sex with vulnerable children, a ‘critical mass mentality’ will have been achieved, and the state will not have the resources or the moral high ground available to quell societies anger

There is no sector of the ‘establishment’ that remains distant from the culture of paedophilia in and around the power bases of London. The royal family, government, security services, the police and the judiciary have all played their part in covering up a sickness that has plagued the country for decades.

The abuse of children by establishment paedophiles continues to this day, albeit on a lesser scale. The unaccountability of decades ago has been diluted by the information age.

Yet, powerful players in the corridors of power still have a vested interest in not only covering up the evil deeds of the past, but also indulging those who still engage in these heinous crimes.”

So you see is it any wonder Theresa and Dave wanted Fiona to head the CSA inquiry?

In their eyes she’s the ultimate establishment cover-up queen.

But a word of warning to the treacherous filth who rule this country from behind the scenes.

If you think the appointment of your tainted pal Fiona Woolf is going to prevent the whole truth about Britain’s dirty secrets being revealed you’re even more f*****g deluded than we thought.

Get it straight you scumbags.

It’s way too late for your pathetic charade now.

The clock is ticking on Britain’s dirty secrets.

It’s only a matter of time.




41 thoughts on “Sly old Fiona Woolf and the CSA cover-up

  1. You made an interesting comment about being friends with city bankers.

    Camertwat and his chums dare not ever “upset” the ‘City’.
    Any foreign banker knows that “The City” of London is actually the money laundering capital of the world. It is THE hub from where spokes radiate out to Jersey, Barbados, other seedy parts of the ‘commonwealth’ etc;

    “Common wealth” – what a joke that is. bankers get £million bonuses for the “wash dosh” process for corrupt governments and major international fraudsters around the world. We’ll penalise the small man for his £5k benefit fraud, but if you’ve made £50million from drug smuggling, “bankers” with a nameplate on a corrugated tin shed in the Caymans can have a percentage of your money re-invested around the world in nanoseconds. The rest of the percentage is their fee. Let’s all have a reality check here. Would their profits and bonuses be so vast if commissions were modest because all the money was “clean and legitimate”? The “risk and reward” principles apply here. They take the risk (of not getting caught via very long and obscure audit trails), and thus get paid massive bonuses for doing it.

    THAT, dear readers, is why “the City” is now so important to the UK economy. Bankers rule, OK?

    I never read about bankers on zero hours contracts, and Dave knows that in reality we’re not all in it together,

  2. HI i have read many of your posts on here. and while shocking, sad to say it is no suprise. I woke up years ago to the full scale corruption and twisted gits that run our world. I find your tick tock comment sadly unlikely. I suspect they will throw a few to the public to hide the rest, but that is about it. I also suspect they are not that nervouse abou the lid being blown off, they control all the avenues. You have been covering this for a few years and i have no idea how long you have used the ‘tick tock’ ending to your posts, but just exactly how do you think that will happen. The only way that is possible is if bloggers like yourself blow the lid off. From what i have read here, you do not seem to have the connections and level of evidence needed to do that. Seems the only people that do, are the people in charge of investigating it, and they have no intention of doing any such thing.

    thanks for all your work, but i think it is going to take a lot more than what you and others are doing for this lid to really blow off and for tick to k to happen

  3. Coleman I am distressed, through the 1960s I was in several homes across the London area, we were too scared to speak out but a year after I left I went to the police and told them of the abuse and went back 4 more times over the years, they just said you cant prove what you say so we cant do anything, but my story was backed up by other boys who had the same treatment, the police keep saying describe the perpetrators, but we were blindfolded and had our hands tied.

    Sure some boys have always said Savile’s voice was very recognisable, but of the perhaps 40 – 45 times we were taken out and sodomised we never knew who the men were.

    The police came to my door today and I still cant say who it was because we were always tied and blindfolded.

    I just find it all so upsetting that these homosexuals just get away it

  4. Hi Coleman I respect and endorse all that you do on this site and am so relieved that there are humankind that are aware and are able to communicate with each other in harmony. Right now I am disconcerted by this apparent war of info versus disinfo, Chris versus Jimmy………..why?
    Truth is truth …….yes.
    Who tells the biggest truth is …………………….? A Truther!

    Let’s get back to basics. Yes lots of us were abused, robbed of spirit and soul, sold our skin for a needle, sold our breath for a crackle of lust, sold our life for a dream, BUT then we woke up!

    Yeah that was then and now is the present ! The best gift ever is a present xx

  5. I just want to say thank you for your work. As a truth newbie, my mind is blown more violently each time I
    read a Coleman/Spivvey type blog.

  6. Hi Coleman,

    Is this just a blatant exercise in front and arrogance and they’re doing it just to wind us up? I mean there’s “in yer face” and then there’s “in yer face”, but this is just so provocative and audacious – they’re surely taking the piss wholesale.

    Pride before a fall perhaps? Let’s hope so.

  7. Just look at the ‘boat race’ on that evil bitch, you don’t need to be psychic to see who’s side she’s on, she look’s exactly like a bulldog chewing a wasp! All her pervo friends who were struck down with sudden memory loss, but who can still manage to collect their wages as M.P.’s, will have no fears with her at the helm! Something needs to be done about these piss taking, money grabbing, child ruining, shekel counting, evil scumbags!

  8. Keep the heat on full Coleman…They are waking more and more up on a daily basis…the dots are almost in place and the whole country will be on the march. Keep that Tower of London available !!! I can see a need in the very near future for some famous faces and their collaborators, The money will not buy them their souls back. Behead the lot of them. Filthy Vermin.

  9. Woolf. Common Jewish family name, that. Another safe pair of hands for the job, no doubt. ‘Trustworthy’ in a bizarre way.
    Just sayin’.

  10. > but i think it is going to take a lot more than what you and others are doing for this lid to really blow off and for tick to k to happen

    That’s where we all come in. Every one of us who knows the truth is *morally obligated* to do everything we can to bring about justice.

    Each of us decides for ourselves how we best may serve the cause: using our own particular abilities, knowledge, sphere of influence or access to privileged information.

    Some of us work for the cause as solicitors, judges, journalists, civil servants, social workers, religious ministers and police officers of integrity.

    Some of us leverage our roles in key institutions to dig where few others could.

    Some of us teach for it (our families, friends, work colleagues…) Some of us lobby and demonstrate for it. Some of us create funding for the work of investigators and campaigning organisations,

    Some of us support the aforementioned through our jobs as carers and counsellors: healing and strengthening the victims and survivors for the battle underway.

    In short, I know it can feel extremely dispiriting to realise that the agents of wickedness are (and always have been) ‘inside the gates’, everywhere. Conspiring to promote war and degrade us for material and supernatural gain.

    But please, remember that we too — you and I and millions of others — are also everywhere. We too are conspiring. There is but one conclusion; that which is foretold and cannot be altered. Only delayed. Or hastened.

  11. Do all the good you can
    By all the means you can
    In all the ways you can
    In all the places you can
    At all the times you can
    To all the people you can
    As long as ever you can.

    –John Wesley

  12. Jews run the country as long as this is the case we are powerless, because according to Jewish law its ok and fine and dandy to have our kids.

    We need to write to our MPs before the next election and ask if they are Israel ‘firsters’, if they are vote for some one else.

    Most people plan to vote UKIP anyway.

  13. Some years ago a policeman on the old porn squad told me this story, which was confirmed by a friend now dead in intelligence.

    An old lady rang the police about goings on at a Brighton hotel some years back , from her attic window she could see a lot of the goings on.

    These meetings would have 50-60 homosexuals present in a nice hotel setting, with lots of boys, some would have a pair of white gloves hanging from their back pockets meaning they were virgins, some had black gloves meaning they were owned by black men, some had red gloves meaning they were into blood sports and S & M, and some had brown gloves hanging from the back pocket, and these were the shit eaters the cuprophiliacs (like Edward Heath ) and those into human excreta.

    At the end of the evening the raffle tickets would be called and boys would be given for the evening to various men.

    The killer Dennis Nilsen was always into blood sports S & M, and was a member of the Labour party and other hard left groups whom it was said knew about his interests.

  14. A daily newspaper of the down market trash type got irrefutable evidence that Elton John and his bum-chums were having teenage rent boys stay overnight, but they had to back down Elton John, Simon Callow and Prince Andrew all obove the law.

  15. I think it’s important to stress that this is categorically not about Jewish people, or folks with Jewish ancestry.

    I’ve been personally well-acquainted with a number of Jewish people, including a close friend, and I can tell you that all of them are good people. Ordinary people like you or I, with moral consciences and kind hearts.

    Many Jewish people do know the truth that we know and are fighting with us for justice. Of course there are also brainwashed people of Jewish ancestry — just as there are millions of brainwashed atheists, agnostics, New Agers, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists.

    Certainly, it’s fair to say that many (possibly most) of the depraved individuals that we see exposed on this blog *self-identify* as ‘(Jewish) Zionists’, or in some cases ‘Friends of Israel’.

    But depraved women & men do not ‘own’ those descriptors — any more than I personally define what it is to be a Christian or Anglican, simply because I have been baptised,

    Jewish people often disagree profoundly with one another on matters of faith and custom, just as Christians, agnostics, Muslims and Hindus do.

    Many Jewish people are not Zionists. Iindeed, many are profoundly critical of the Israeli State. Even among Jewish people who self-identify as Zionist or pro-Israeli State, I do no doubt for a second there are also many profoundly good people (though I personally believe they may be sorely misguided).

    We must not condemn people of any faith or tradition who have been lied to and brainwashed. But rather, we must seek our allies among our Jewish brothers & sisters, just as we seek our allies among people of every other faith, and no faith.

    • We must not condemn people of any faith or tradition who have been lied to and brainwashed. But rather, we must seek our allies among our Jewish brothers & sisters, just as we seek our allies among people of every other faith, and no faith.
      Best of British luck with that approach, mate. My personal experience of the Chosen Ones is very different from the rosy view you espouse here!

  16. It’s good to see this information being reblogged over and over again. If they think they can escape justice this time, they’ve got another think coming. A MASSIVE one complete with a GARGANTUAN headache! May GOD make it so, and to Him goes the victory and the glory. We must clean out this nest of pedophiles, and stop their warmongering as well, if we’re to ever see peace. Without JUSTICE, there can be no peace. Please support this site and the man behind it as much as you can:

    Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

  17. They are fighting hard to save “the system”




    I have been involved with politics for nearly 50 years. I have never seen so much desperate backside covering as is going on right now. I have never seen so much “blocking and stalling”. I am sure that things are being searched for, with the intention of DESTROYING and not publishing them. I KNOW that when politicians are as dismissive as Brittan is being right now, they are covering up and protecting their “brothers”

    (Coleman, please feel free to post this on as many threads as you think necessary)

  18. I can’t substantiate this, but it rather looks as though there may be a closer connection between Fiona Woolf and Leon Brittan than has yet emerged in any of the media. A neighbour of mine, now retired, used to work with the legal profession in London some years ago – he was a lawyer himself. When we were chatting about the controversy about Fiona Woolf’s appointment, and I mentioned that apparently she not only socialised with Leon Brittan and his wife, but lived on the same street. He then said “When I worked in London before I retired, she was having an affair with Brittan – everyone in the legal community at the time knew about it.” Okay, you can say maybe he’s wrong, and you can certainly say neither of us can prove it – but I suspect that if it is true, it would completely rule her out for this appointment, and she would then have to “step down”. Anyone else know about this? If it is true that “everyone in the legal community” knew of it at the time, I’d expect at least a few of the “investigative” press might also have known? If so, it confirms Woolf was chosen deliberately, as “a safe pair of hands” to produce the whitewash the government needs. If her secret is discovered, she will have to resign, which means more months of waiting and delay before someone else is named and appointed. If she is not discovered, the government will get the result it wants, because they know she will HAVE to produce it for them, rather than allow her past rise up to embarrass her in public. My own view of this “enquiry” is that if it is ever held at all, it will be another exercise in futility, and completely exonerate anyone in parliament from complicity or participation in any form of child abuse. I think it is much more likely that it will never take place, and the government will hope that the public will forget about it….they can always blame the public as each nominee to head the enquiry is systematically revealed BY THE PUBLIC to be unsuitable for the position….and they will!Cassandra

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