Suffer the little children of Britain

Jason Swift

Suffer the little children.

Britain’s children.


Abused for decades.






Sometimes killed.

Always ruined.

In care homes.

In schools.

In clubs.

In hotels.

In guest houses.

In cars.

In vans.

In seedy rooms.

In luxury flats.

In parliament.

In BBC studios.

In palaces.

By VIP’s.

By filth.

By social workers.

By family members.

By teachers.

By doctors.

By religious leaders.

By businessmen.

By celebs.

By politicians.

By diplomats.

By ministers.

By royalty.

Lives shattered.

Memories blinding.

Permanent scars.

Never believed.






Suffer the little children.

Britain’s little children.

Hold on tight now.

The end is near.

Justice must descend.

Final retribution.

It’s only a matter of time…

( RIP Jason Swift)


49 thoughts on “Suffer the little children of Britain

  1. The current incarnation of “Democracy” we have inevitably results in the acquisition of power by the most undesirable persons – those wholly unfit to wield it. The same results occur every time in every Western country that implements this model. You will always find the worst scum of sub-humanity rising to the top within it. Guaranteed.
    The only solution is the elimination of the parasite class and self-rule by the people for themselves directly.

    • Beautifully summarised comment Giles.At a very local level, where folks know each other, more than they would in a big city for example, any kind of committee is likely to be fair and balanced. The psychopath would be spotted. Very often the committee members don’t push themselves forward to enhance their ego. But once we start getting the career politician, the model is corrupt by design. I always think of a corporation bribing an MP with ease, but would imagine a member of a local committee, with integrity, being horrified by the proposition. Those Houses of Parliament need to be scrapped. Of course with the proposed TTIP, sovereignty will be all but gone, and the talking heads of Whitehall will get orders directly from the Corporations.

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  3. Giles: I’ve never been to Switzerland, but from what I’ve read about the Swiss system of government, I think perhaps we in Britain have something to learn from it, Of course Switzerland doesn’t have a monarchy with which to contend.

    Here are some attributes of the Swiss system:

    “Switzerland DOES NOT HAVE A FULL-TIME PRESIDENT; the representational functions of a president are taken over by one (or all) of the government members.

    “Switzerland’s [Federal] government is a TEAM, CONSISTING OF SEVEN MEMBERS WITH EQUAL RIGHTS. Each member of the government acts as head of a department of the federal administration, but all major government decisions are taken in weekly government conferences either by CONSENSUS or by majority VOTING of all seven members.

    “In Switzerland’s long tradtion of DIRECT DEMOCRACY, FREQUENT REFERENDUMS do have a stabilizing influence on parliament and government…Switzerland’s electorate has more rights of participation than in any other country and makes extensive use of them.

    “The federal constitution in principle reserves the areas of foreign relations, the army, customs examinations and tariffs, value added taxes and the legislation on currency, measure and weight, railways and communications to the confederation. On the other hand only the cantons (and some major cities) do have armed police forces, run hospitals and universities (with the exeption of two federal institutes of technology). Legislation on public schools is made by the cantons, resulting in 26 different education systems, but the public schools are actually run by the communes, much like many other public services (like water supply and garbage collection). The confederation, the cantons and the communes do collect income taxes to finances their affairs.

    “The cantons [member states of the Swiss confederations] are free to organize themselves as long as they do respect each other, the federal constitution and laws and the minorities. All cantons do have their own constitutions, their own governments (usually five members elected by the population) and most of them do have (unicameral) cantonal parliaments.

    “BEING A MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT IS NOT A FULL-TIME JOB IN SWITZERLAND (at least they are not paid accordingly …). Formally, parliament meets four times a year for several weeks. In between, each member has to read proposals for new laws individually and to attend one-day conferences of commissions.

    “The resulting system must appear to be rather strange to foreigners, but though it is undoubtedly very complicated IT DOES WORK ASTONISHINGLY WELL.”

    Extracted from:

    • Yes, Xray, I’m a Brit and I wouldn’t live anywhere else but Switzerland. I haven’t even been to London this year for a weekend. I can’t stand the hassle and the rubbishy ‘security’ checks which are only éput in place to cow the population. However, please don’t think everything is fine and sunny in the land of Heidi. Let’s just say it’s better than most countries and, being small, we tend to know what’s going on. But it is very involved in money laundering and the the usual blind eye is turned to the perpetrators of evil – it’s just focused on the minions who are easy to catch. The police can be violent and racist too as I have seen personally.

      As to the subject of child abuse (which goes on here, I’m sure), I used to be friendly with a Sicilian. When the people in his village found out a man there was abusing children they beat him to within an inche of his life. No police (corrupt or otherwise) involved. OK he could have gone somewhere else and started again, but perhaps he would have been too scared.

      • Very interesting first-hand observations, thank you!

        I’m sure that corruption occurs in every country. However, you’ve confirmed my impression that, on average and in general, smaller countries tend to be better-run than large countries because decisions are made closer to the people upon whose lives those decisions impact.

        Also, countries with large populations (Russia, China, the United States, the UK) tend to have the most ‘remote’ and unaccountable federal or central governments, with frighteningly large budgets for armaments, warfare, and questionable foreign adventures in general.

        Whereas, countries such as Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway etc appear (at least to this foreign observer) to be among the world’s most peaceful and non-corrupt countries.

        I reckon the greater the physical distance between a federal or central government and the electorate, the greater the opportunities for corruption among members of the parliament or congress.

    • Government and Democracy are both hoaxes – Period. We don’t need a ‘government’ and we certainly don’t need democracy – both should be swept away and those currently involved in those systems arrested and tried for treason. I’ll be happy to build the gallows.

      “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything” – Josef Stalin.

      “Democracy is indispensable to Socialism.” – V. I. Lenin

      “Socialism leads to Communism.” – Karl Marx

      • Hmmm. I think I know where you’re coming from.

        However, just because democracy is in many ways a sham in its typical 21st century ‘Western’ form (i.e. representative democracy), surely it doesn’t automatically follow that no system of democracy could ever be devised that would truly be “Of the People, By the People, For the People.”

        I mean, there’s much to admire in the idea of local *self-government* by Town-hall Meeting, for example, which involves the *direct participation* of every citizen.

        In the Town-hall Meeting form of government, every citizen represents himself/herself and contributes equally to governing himself/herself. No need for professional, corruptible, politicians!!! (at least not at the local level).

        Every resident of voting age is expected to stay informed about current affairs, attend the Town-hall Meetings regularly, contribute to the debates, and cast well-informed votes.

        “Town meetings are the last vestige of true direct democracy in the United States, and about as close as you can get today to the sort of government practiced by the Greek city-states that invented the form 2,500 years ago. Early New England settlers, whose quotidian affairs lay beyond the control and attention of the British crown, formally adopted town meeting as early as the 1630s, and that apparently gave them a taste for democracy.”

      • I have nothing against local administration, nor people having a say in their local areas which is all they can realistically control, but that isn’t democracy, that’s neighbourly participation in local affairs i.e. the maintaining of freedom as long as those freedoms don’t impinge on another’s rights for his/her freedoms. This means there must be a law of some description in place in order to protect people’s freedom. Freedom comes at a price.

        With freedom comes GREAT RESPONSIBILTY and where we have gone wrong is giving the responsibilty of OUR authority to so many scum criminal goons and thugs in Westminster to dispense an authority that no longer has the blessings of the people. We are now governed from Brussels, Bejing and Tel Aviv, not from Westminster.

        Democracy is mob rule by another name. Democracy is very easy to infiltrate and corrupt as Lenin accurately pointed out

        Voting is not electing. Only common stock holders vote and their votes change nothing.

        We have no need of centralised anything, let alone government. We should turn central London into a museum and an education centre for how NOT TO DO THINGS..

  4. For those interested in seeing real democracy for the people of the United Kingdom, I think the first institution to target for abolition must be the monarchy and the extended ‘royal’ family of parasites.

    Every member of the ‘royal’ family must be legally stripped of their preposterous/offensive titles, along with their tax privileges, taxpayer-funded grant entitlements, stolen property, entitlements to advise/lobby Government Ministers, etc. The institutions of monarchy and ‘royalty’/’aristocracy’ must not only be legally abolished, but constitutionally *prohibited*. These institutions are a disgrace.

    A ban on all honourary and inherited titles must be enshrined in a written (that is to say, codified) Constitution — a Constitution that describes how the legitimate sovereign power is ‘We, The People’ and no other.

    Further, legislation must be passed that makes it a criminal offence for *any* person to receive or give an honourary or inherited title of any kind, now or at any point in the future. No more CBEs and OBEs. No more Queens and Dukes. No more Sirs and Lords.

    This country must declare itself to be a true republic, and this must be enshrined in a legally-binding written Constitution.

    Once we have established that ‘We, The People’ are in charge here, and that this country is to be run for OUR benefit alone, we can then begin to reform or abolish every institution and root out the corruption.

    We’d need to thoroughly ‘clean house’ by taking a number of steps, including:

    1. Turn the City of London on its head, ending its secrecy and influence
    2. Abolish the House of Lords
    3, Exit the European Union
    4. Abolish First Past The Post elections in favour of Proportional Representation
    5. Establish direct voting for the Prime Minister and the Head of State
    6. Fundamentally reform or abolish the privileged position of Political Parties in our system
    7. Abolish the Westminster system of ‘Whips’ and *prosecute* any person who acts as a ‘Whip’ by attempting to tell a Member of Parliament how to vote or behave.
    8. End corporate welfare and expose the sinister lobbying organisations that operate in Westminster
    9. Legally reclaim stolen land and property that is currently in the hands of the ‘nobility’ and ‘royal’ family
    10. Sue the ‘royal’ family and a number of ‘noble’ British families for compensation for the slave trade and colonialism. Distribute the monies won in the lawsuits to the descendants of the victims of the Establishment’s crimes.
    10. Set as our goal a radically more equal society. End poverty and hardship and redistribute wealth and opportunity through the tax and education systems.
    11. Radically devolve power from Westminster down to the towns, cities, counties, regions and nations of the UK.
    12. Spend as much money on caring for, and protecting, children and other vulnerable groups as we currently spend on waging foreign wars and buying nuclear weapons.
    13. Reform land ownership laws. Basically, “use it or lose it” should be the rule.
    14. Disarm to the greatest extent possible.
    15. Make it a criminal offence to incite fear of religious, national, linguistic, ethnic or racial groups.
    16. Bring all current and surviving Prime Ministers to jury trial on the charge above, as well as on charges of crimes against humanity, and treason (serving another State ahead of one’s own).
    17. Turn MI5 and MI6 on their heads, abolishing them if necessary to be replaced by new intelligence agencies answerable to the British People, NOT Zionist interests. Bring current and former heads of MI5 and MI6 to trial, on the same charges as the current and former Prime Ministers.

    A daunting reform agenda, but it can only begin, in my view, after we have established — in a legally binding Constitution — that the UK is a republic, “Of the People, By the People, and For the People.”

  5. Coleman this almost reduced me to tears.

    Sydney Cooke the child killer while in prison gave information for a lighter sentence and named several big people
    including politicans, how many were interviewed by police? I bet none.

    A High Court judge (who was a single man) trawled the homes like Barnados for boys, he also preyed on drug addicted teens, low IQ boys and dropouts.

    We used to give 50 pence a week to a doctor who used to send money and medical supplies to be smuggled into Bosnia and Palestine, they would on occasion send medical volunteers to world trouble spots like Gaza to be smuggled in.

    This man mentioned earlier Ellis Taylor ratted on the authorities and he lost his job with the NHS and could not get other work so went back to India

  6. xray while I agree with most of what you say, it would be plain weird if I agreed with EVERYTHING. I don’t like the religion of peace and its build-up in the UK. I think it’s dangerous and I’d like to be able to say so without being arrested by the thought police. In the words of Pat Condell, “I don’t respect your beliefs and I don’t care if you’re offended.”

    Talking of thought police Laurance, I felt like I had to lay off Barnardo’s on twitter and facebook when their vile excuse for a human being of a CEO kept hiding behind political correctness even as he was swearing that he would no longer hide behind political correctness. I got the feeling that if I kept on asking my reasonable and legit questions I might get myself in a bit of aggro.

    • spenceriswrong, thank you for your feedback which I appreciate.

      You mention that you don’t like the religion of peace and its build-up in the UK. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I take it you ‘re referring to the pacificism?

      Please don’t misunderstand me. While I’m a pacifist by inclination (as I believe we all are), I do recognise that the world is full of people who have been so socialized into evil practices that they pose an immense threat to all of us.

      I am in no way opposed to people defending themselves and their communities from wickedness by any means necessary. In fact, I believe that we, the people of England, have a Common Law right to own and bear arms — including firearms — and that no Government ever had the moral right to disarm us.

      I mean, during the 18th-20th centuries in North America, it was so important to the white slave traders, overseers, and Southern US whites in general to maintain a monopoly over the use of force. Just about every Southern white man had a firearm. But black people who obtained weapons were tortured and murdered.

      How I wish the black people of the United States had been armed to the teeth when the white subjugators came around with their shackles, whips, and guns! No man or woman who is armed can be kept a slave for long … a truism of which white Southerners were only too well aware.

      Similarly, if only the poor victims of the second world war — Jews, Roma, Slavs, Jehovah’s Witnesses, people with disabilities, gays — had been armed to the teeth when the SS stormtroopers came into the ghettos with their dogs & guns to round up citizens into death camps.

      Just imagine what would have happened instead of the holocaust, if every one of the people that the SS tried to put into a death camp had had the means at their disposal to fight back!

      I greatly admire Americans for continuing to recognise & cherish the tremendously important right of a free people to defend themselves from aggression using arms when necessary..

      Personally, I have no wish to own a gun. I am a pacifist by inclination, as I say. But if any evil entity ever tried to enslave me…

      • I should clarify that the entities I would like to see disarm (to safe levels) are the nation states, not free citizens..

        I would like to see the UK, USA, Russia, Israel, Japan & others greatly reduce their arms stockpiles, down to a ‘reasonable’ level.

        My understanding is that, currently, each of the main world powers possesses sufficient nuclear arms to ruin the entire world *many times over*.

        This is an unjustifiable waste of citizens’ money, imo. Money that ought to be targeted to eradicating poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy…rather than enriching the shareholders of MBDA and the other weapons corporations.

  7. The Kinsey Institute-Exposed A Warning to Parents and Governments.Published On July 1, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard | Abuse, Child Protection, Human Rights, Uncategorized The Kinsey Institute-Exposed A Warning to Parents and Governments.
    PDF To The Kinsey Report Click The Link Here The Kinsey Report
    The Kinsey Institute another organisation funded by the Rockefeller Institute, the Rockefeller institute with their Billions of pounds could have used the Billions to protect the young children of the world from being sexualy abused and yet from 1947 the Rockefeller Institue funded the Kinsey Institue who has promoted that there should be sexual education for children as young as five as all children are born with sexual feelings. The Kinsey Institute has for many years kept world governments informed of their research.

    Now move forward to the 60s when P.I.E the Paedophile Information Exchange who were partley financed and supported by the British Governments wanted a law passed so that children from the age of four were to be taught sex.

    Move on to the 80s and after a lot of bad publicity against P.I.E. this was put onto the back burner of which governments always do when Parliament are under pressure not to pass a law, then years down the road in comes that same law under a different disguise and now we have the grooming of children legally from the age of four in all schools under the pretence of the sex education act in the link from the Daily mail you can see the explicit videos shown to school children

    Dailymail 29th June 2014 a paedophile has walked free from a court of law after he accussed a little girl aged 7 of sexually abusing him and he is the paedophile

    This latest case could be used as a landmark case for all paedophiles to put blame on the child as again can be read in 1979 LORD FALKLAND in the Spotlight blog from the news of the world reporting that Lord Falkland accused the little girls.

    Lord Falkland, Viscount Falkland | Categories: Sentencing | URL:

    To-days news Rolf Harris is awaiting sentence but due to ill health he may be another paedophile to walk free and as with many past known paedophiles in Governments most are now dead, so the British justice for the abused children is that most well known paedophiles are dead or have ill health or can now blame the children because children are taught sex and therefor know what sex is all about and will know what to do when asked by the paedophiles.

    So was it the Kinsey report from 1947 that instigated P.I.E and then the paedophiles instigated the sex education in the schools now with the paedophiles walking out of court free, I leave it to you all to do your own research and to join the dots.

    Maggie Tuttle The silent witnesses here lies the truth.

  8. I don’t know if anyone else watched ‘Who killed Jill Dando?’ on Tuesday night but what a load of old rubbish. Same old same old . Barry George was vilified even though his guilty verdict was found unsafe and he was later acquitted. You just got the feeling that we were in McCann quality ( not! ) detective work territory again . A couple of questions I would be interested to have answered were :
    1. If, as stated by the investigation team , Jill Dando was actually living with her fiancé Farthing and only returned to her home that day ( after kissing her fiancé goodbye on his doorstep ) to pick up some clothes, who apart from Farthing knew she would be there that morning?
    2. One of Jill’s neighbours said that Barry George was a well known face in the area but two men who actually saw the killer leave Dando’s garden failed to pick him out .Instead, picking out some other man.
    3. There was supposedly a single particle of discharge residue found in his coat pocket. A single particle !! . Sounds like a stitch up to me.
    I think the timing of this programme is also interesting . Are they trying to pre- empt the many AM sites that are currently asking questions about why Jill Dando was killed? Just a thought.

  9. I was clearing the garage and found a box of old magazines one was dated august 2002 and it said that after the date of 6 june 2006 a planetary configuration would bring out allsorts of whistleblowers to give data previously hidden from us after this date of 666
    i was stunned because the fatima secrets of the catholic church collapsing through homosexual abuse, started the rot then we learnt that the moon landings were faked, whistleblowers also told of the holocuast being a nonsense
    the article said about false diseases, and look at the manufactured swine flu bird flu ebola etc, but the best bit was when it said a certain group of evil people will have the spotlight of truth shown on them and after stealing much money round the world would scuttle back to their lair, and think about all the jewish banking theft by Bernie madoff etc all ran back to israel

  10. I just read thata sex offender walked free from court after blaming a 7 year old girl for forcing herself onto him.

    The small shred of respect I had for solicitors and judges has gone down the pan, if they have kids, then I hope someone does it to them.

    What a ridiculous state of affairs, its like the time a big black man was raping the elderly in their own homes across london, and the police said, ah but several of these people did not lock their doors and windows, so putting the blame on the victims.

  11. ……….and also by a former form master of an inner London boys school (1,200 boys!!!!!!) who became Tory MP for Ealing North after the great Geoff Dickens was asked (= told) not to re-apply for the candidacy in 1979.

    Who subsequently asked in parliament for retention of corporal punishment in schools. I wonder why he was so keen on it……………

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  13. When the homosexual lobby were trying to get homosexuality established in the 60s, I worked at a club where many of these people came, they had their own recognition signs, they would wear pink shirts, have odd mostaches wear their trousers back to front and ride lambrettas, today they are much harder to tell.

    The Killer Dennis Nilsen would come in and was a loner, if you spoke to him he would bore you with his stories of how solialism / communism would save the world…boring !

    I am so pleased its coming out about boys in care homes were rented out to homosexuals, its a vile trade in human flesh which I think still goes on.

  14. The government have been sacking servicemen weeks short of the time when they can claim pensions, this has angered them and an ex SAS officer is planning a tell all book about the crimes of the SAS starting with W W II.
    The Jill Dando is expected to figure and other high profile killings and and acts of terrorism, bloody good job

  15. Does anyone here think that there mite be a connection between George Michael’s alleged “pneumonia”, his “car accident” and the fact that some stinky stuff about him could possibly be revealed? Personally I mostly believe so.

  16. hello E Harris i well remember the homosexual lobby at that time riding lambrettas and wearing peacock clothes and makeup
    with perfume, there was a rhyme going round and i remember it so well
    SEE QUEER BOYS they were not all queer but it was the accepted uniform for those who were,

  17. Boy George on radio a while back said that he as a teenager and many others had to drop their pants to homosexuals to break into the showbiz/pop world, several exploiters he mentioned stuck in my mind such as actor Simon Callow.

    I personally think its wrong to exploit young boys in this way.

    BTW I used to live near a Dr Barnardo’s home and all the boys spoke about homosexual abuse back then.

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