It’s time to stand up for Chris Spivey

Chris Spivey Header

Brilliant journalist, Chris Spivey, has been exposing the filthy British establishment for years.

His hard-hitting articles have played a pivotal role in a growing awareness that we are being ruled by treasonous, psychopathic, Satanic, child-rapists, who have managed to avoid detection by operating under the guise of ‘government’.

Of course, by investigating and publishing evidence of this country’s sicko leaders, Chris has put himself on the line with his writing and as such has now been subjected to violent and illegal harassment by Essex police ( in cahoots with corrupted social services).

This harassment recently culminated in a most disturbing and disgusting police raid in which his home was damaged and he was arrested in front of his family and neighbours.

When Chris was finally questioned, the agenda of the sick f***ks in charge of this country became clear.

In true sociopathic style they tried to project their sordid predilections for children onto Chris and accused him of having child-porn on his laptop.

This was the very same laptop that they had illegally stolen from his home during an earlier raid in July.

The filth appear to have used their most devious and insidious modus operandi by planting incriminating evidence on somebody they wish to silence.

In this case though it wont f*****g cut it.

Do those sick bastards seriously believe that anyone in their right mind would accuse Chris of this knowing full-well that he’s spent years exposing elite child-abuse?

Indeed it must be a sign of extreme desperation on their part that they could think of nothing more imaginative than this blatant and pathetic stitch-up.

Chris has also issued an appeal for people to get off their rear-ends and start protesting about his treatment and that of his family and his daughter Stacey has bravely come forward and written about their ordeal:

The pressure is starting to build on the powers-that-be and they will try anything at hand to stop the truth from emerging.

But know this.

It’s way too late now you deluded pieces of scum.

Very soon, every detail of your child-raping murderous ways will be laid bare before our eyes and when that happens you’ll regret the bloody day you were born.

And listen you f****ng Mossad rentboys.

Back-off from Spivey if you know what’s good for you.

It’s only a matter of time…









49 thoughts on “It’s time to stand up for Chris Spivey

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  2. His exposing the Lee Rigby/Woolwich fraud is brilliant detective work. The morons who would frighten a young mom out of her wits are scared of this man. Which tells me he must be onto something big!

    • It just does not make sense. Chris is vilified for telling the truth and David Cameron rewarded for being a lying nasty vile threat to the populous. He is an evil megalomanic like GW Bush and wants to section everyone for being human. He is the one who should be sectioned along with his Luciferian devil controlled handlers he answers to. Unfit to hold public office good bye.

  3. Dennis, I suspect that in exposing Woolwich he has shown that, in reality, the secret services and much of our police forces are not actually all that bright. Far from being well planned operations, these false flags are really quite amateurish. Chris has embarrassed them publicly and they don’t like it.

  4. Northumbria police have been trying to set me up for the last twenty years because I know too much. Even at this minute they are refusing to return items seized from my home on the 10 December last year. They won’t even provide me with access to the items to take copies contrary to Sections 21 & 22 PACE & The Police Property Act 1987.

  5. What is very sad,the sick people in authority are targeting Big C,s grandson.VERY sad and it makes me so angry..What can we do when our family are targeted by SCUM. ..

  6. The problem is that we are the good guys. There is no one else. It’s not a matter that if Detective Morse gets on the job everything will work out ok. We are being ruled by evil, and the only way to get justice, the only way to stop the child buggerers is to get rid of them.

  7. I just hope that Chris has a deadly dead man trigger somewhere & let know the scums homopaedos that it will blow in their face, should anything happen to him. With International exposure.
    Smile Chris! You have them creaming their pants!

  8. This is not only an attack on Chris ,but an attack on all of us who believe this to be part of Camorons attack on free speech and independent journalism by those who should truly be spotlighted, and their corrupt minions…who should be ashamed of their path, and in fear for their souls….

  9. Threatening to find kiddie porn on any computer they take away is a standard tactic, one Royal Navy man about to whistle blow on homosexual bullying in the Navy was told this, and took his life, this was just after the Deepcut Barracks homosexual murders.

    But Chris Spivey has had so much shit thrown at him, this shows how desparate the PTB are to discredit him.

    We heard through Truthjuice that two articles upset some powerful people, his exposing piece on the Jewish holocaust and the death of Screaming Lord Sutch after he wanted to bring in a Bradbury type currency.

    At a Truthjuice meeting we heard that someone called Alice Tailor was behind much of the dirt throwing at whistle-blowers.

    But at the end of the day Chris Spivey needs our support, and long may he continue exposing the filth

  10. Hello everyone, love this website. In coventry we have a pub called the kings head where every fortnight in the big clubroom we hold meetings on what the PTB call conspiracy theories, Chris Spivey and his research is revered by us all and we have all heard the evil rumours put about about both him and other whistleblowers.

    So moving on its important that we all stay behind Chris spivey,his work on the fake beheadings and child sex rings has been of immenese value.
    PS i hear Ben Fellowes has been in touch with UKcolumn and we wil soon be hearing more from him too

  11. If this is the case then they’ve (Police) have fucked up royally. Computers IT specialists are easily able to determine WHEN images were and were NOT imported onto a hard drive. It’s child’s play this. All Chris’s defence team need to do is challenge this evidence. Pleb gate all came out in the wash, so will this.

    The pop festival shambala, gives money secretly to peter tachell of ‘boy-nobbing’ fame
    It does no hard to these boys he says
    Well the boss of shambala festival gives large donations to peter tachell for his abolish age for sexuall consent campaigns
    her name in Annette Blazier
    Derek Gane

  13. I’ve sent emails to the Social Services and Police in Essex as Chris asked but can’t leave a message on his website to tell him and send him my support. As others have probably found, when you press the ‘send’ button there is a loud and obscene message. So I’m sending it here instead. He really is showing us what the people paid handsomely to ‘protect’ the public are capable of doing. Disgusting.

  14. But its not just chris spivey, the shits and shills throw dirt at all whistleblowers, look at Richard D Hall, Ben Fellowes
    Kevin Field Chris Cooper Christopher Bollyn Maude Dib etc etc in fact i dont trust anyone who has not had the shills muck throwing.
    It was widely reporteda month or so back that Rupert Murdoch was paying people to do this.

  15. The conspiracy pub in Coventry, the kings head was a meeting place for all real news types, its underginga lengthy refit at present and hope the new refit will not make it too noisy for us.
    We get a lot of big names come along and we hear all the gossip.

    What we need to do is ignore what is said about Chris Spivey and make sure he gets our full support for his investigative efforts in the future
    “good on yer chris ‘

    • The rich robbing the poor, as per usual. I wonder how much they rip off from Red Nose Day. Nice and lucrative for the devil worshipers, who pretend to be human.

    This October 23 marks the 83rd anniversary to the day of the birthday of Diana Dors ) 23 October 1931 – 4 May 1984.
    Diana Dors was born Diana Mary Fluck and became the equivalent of the American Marilyn Monroe type of dizzy sexy blonde actress.
    She came to public attention through sexy modelling, and signing with the Grade brothers who ran British entertainment in the after years of W W II expected to break into the bigtime.
    The Grade brothers ( Winogradski) were Bernard Delfont, Leslie Grade and Lew Grade who was known as low grade for being so mean with money.
    These Russian Jews came to Britain and lived in a part of the East End where only Yiddish was spoken, but in 1954 they got financial backing to buy the newly created Independent television or ITV.
    These 3 Brothers dominated all aspects of British Entertainment, and only dealt with Jewish theatrical agents who only wanted to push Jewish acts, and the Grade brothers entered into contracts with the US entertainment industry to bring American jews to Britain to perform in front of British audiences, so this dominance meant for Diana Dors to get her career going she had to make some personal sacrifices.
    Her American counterpart Marilyn Monro put it very eloquently when she like Elizabeth Taylor both became jewess’s.
    ‘now i will no longer have to suck jewish cock’
    Diana was told she would be expected to host lavish parties for freinds of the Grade Brothers, and whore for whomsever they told her to, and if she refused some nude modelling photos she did for the London camera club when she was young and broke would be spread out across the worlds Jewish press.
    Diana was at first resistant she became a favourite on daytime chat shows where she charmed both men and women alike.
    winning the Actress of the year award should have helped her career but Rank films were 18 million in debt, so Diana appeared with Joan Collins and Ruth Ellis in a cheap crap B film, Diana described herself as the only British sex symbol since Lady Godiva.
    Ruth Ellis was later to become the last women to hang in the UK, it was said to keep quiet her affair with the Duke Of Edinburgh
    at the Astor mansion where Christin Keeler and other lovelies seduced the rich and famous.
    The Beatle John lennon had said that all Djs at that time were homosexual and many of the theatrical agents and promotors,
    and were only into teenage boys, but all were jews, and if they did not want to sleep with you, others they knew would,
    and to advance your career it was expected of you.
    Show biz parties at Diana’s Berkshire home had 8 MM cameras in all the bedrooms and everyone who was seduced by hot young actresses of the Lew Grade stable soon knew they would be in the grip of the jews.
    Diana now desparate for money sold her story to the down market scandal news paper “The News Of the World” which was serialised over 12 sunday editions, followed by 6 weeks of sensationsl stories, the Archbishop of canterbury Geoffrey Fisher described Diana Dors as ‘a wayward hussy ‘
    Bob Monkhouse and Freddie starr were just two very dubious close jewish freinds.
    Bob Monkhouse once said ‘the problem is that after an orgy you are never sure who to thank’
    Freddy Starr also said, ‘if all the lovely girls at Diana’s parties were laid end to end they would reach from Lew Grades home straight to Dianas door’
    Bob Monkhouse over many years bought up all the silent comedy films, all the old music hall routines and gags and would recycle them as his own work to much acclaim.
    Diana Dors died on May 4 aged 52 from Ovarian cancer and was buried at Sunningdale Catholic Cemetery.
    After her death her husband Allan lake burnt all her fabulous dresses then went into his young sons bedroom and blew his head off with a shotgun 16 years to the day since they first met, how he wished he had taken his beautiful bride away from the shown biz filth, but he knew the Jews had such a grip on them it was impossible.
    As Allan was the only one to know where Dianas savings were and he had killed himself, expert cryptologists were called in to decipher coded markings on paper, and several of the wartime codebreakers at Bletchley said it was the Vigenere cipher, this meant little,
    and then the verdict from computer specialists Inforenz who said that same as the Bletchley wartime people.
    Diana was much loved and everyone who met her were impressed by her warmth sincerety and beauty.

    ( lovely pic of diana which did not come out )

    Diana’s money if there was any left was never found, and many banks will confiscate redundant accounts as quick as they can.
    The tragedy of Diana affected her family her freinds and the country.

  17. Dear The Coleman Experience…… I just want to thank you for supporting Chris, I am an avid reader of his excellent articles, The truth will eventually come out…. only by people like Chris and yourself that it WILL get out. Thank you again, Trish x
    P S I will be an avid reader here now. tc x

  18. I wanted to say 2 of the blog websites today are saying we can expect a couple of big scalps
    in the sex with little boys investigations, George Michael is alleged to be one, dont know the other one just yet
    but it sounds like Michael Barrymore

  19. Absolutely agree so have cut and pasted the link to Chris’s site on Linked in 9,900 followers and Twitter around 8K followers

  20. The ‘guise’ is not only national, but also local ‘government’ and ‘judiciary’, I’m afraid. Social Services can’t take children without Police. Police can’t keep them without CPS, secret family courts and the Court of Protection. Courts can’t do it without Judges…

    Someone is suggesting that Police are turning against the Judiciary…

    • ah poor little ruby harper,of course lord fraud isn’t Jewish,nope,not Jewish at all. as homer said- in case you didn’t know,I was being sarcastic. as marge replies -well duh !

  21. Thanks Coleman for this post its truly disgusting what is being done to this beautiful family by nothing other than goverment sponsored sociopathic scum .
    Cheers to all the whistleblowers!!!

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  23. Reblogged this on vivicom4 Blog and commented:
    What a brave man. There should be more people like him. He has the balls to tackle what should have been done years ago. Fair play to the man. Everyone should support him and we should all be like him and stand together on this.

  24. Christopher Spivey is Correct to point out what an Evil Tyrant Margaret Thatcher is

    Christopher Spivey is Entitled to some Freedom of Speech

  25. He’s bruttaly candid, profane where it is called for, incredulous at the apathy of the incredibly dumbed down flag waving Blue Hair Rinse Squad, the idjitesque Royal watching twits…kinda brings to mind the old Monty Python sketch about the twit olympics and the plod is absolutely disgusting for their corruption…I s’pose they don’t apparently screen them well and I can say some pf the newer hire , of the last 15 years in the US seem to be rather idiotesque as well. The hip hop generation more or less.For GOD’s sakes man! You have the power to ruin a man’s or woman’s or kid’s life. AND cops who beat homeless people do death have abrogated everything they swore to stand up for….That BADGE is not a hammer thereby making everything else into a NAIL. I fed people, I gave people all kinda slack on stuff that didn’t amount to a hill f beans. I called kids parents when I caught them driving their ridiculously powerful cars way to fast and the instructions were always , when I said “do you want me to pass along anything else to your kid” was TELL HIM TO BRING HIS ASS HOME NOW…Better than fucking up Dad’s insurance rates cause of a dumb ass kid…I didn’t write many tickets for NORMAL people cause if I gave my self a ticket every time I committed a traffic offense (even not running code II or III) I would still be writing myself tickets from the first week.
    I think the cops in the UK are largely scum, spoiled fraternity boys or nonces from the parasites friends families…I ut a County Commisioner in jail for DUI and trying to pick up poor rural black pubescents cause he was so drunk he thought they were 20 yr old skinny crackheads and then the black community presumed it would be covered up…SURPRISE!!!! NOT HERE! GUILTY DUI,RECKLESS DRIVING, & RESISTING ARREST. The parents didn’t want to pursue any other charges and scare their little girls more. A “distraught Vietnam vet trying to commit suicide by cop cause his government had totally fucked him over a friendly fire incident that he was in no way . I didn’t we got him fixed and I jumped him and took his gun. He’s a fixed healed man. You ain’t been humbled until a man and his wife thank you for not shooting him outside the courtroom. You can help people when you can and some people refuse to be helped preferring to wallow in filth, misery and useless crime. You ain’t supposed to be the politicians tool but uphold and defend the Constitution. Period. if you can’t uphold that oath don;t bother to take it and don’t sell out. And don’t go and do stupid shit and live like the shitheads. Dancers ( psychos and doper most of the time or undercover hookers too…Bad biker boyfriends,,,run, police groupie? Most all move to crack and then newer generations didn’t “evolve”. Don’t run with the hookers and dancers I knew 2 who got fucked up and became dopers cause they could not get any another way…one is still a good suspect in a murder of a guy at an all night Chevron service station… 1990. I” bet he did it too cause he should never been hired…… trash begets more trash and trashy behavior…Just the thoughts of a 2 year retired US Cop who never, NEVER has to hang my head cause I got compromised, let the brass compromise and make me their whore and never took a dime that wasn’t mine….Cheers.

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