The Queen’s Lord Lieutenants

Queenies gone batty

Who are the Queen’s Lord Lieutenants?

According to Wikipedia:

” The title Lord Lieutenant is given to the British monarch‘s personal representatives in the United Kingdom, usually in a county or similar circumscription, with varying tasks throughout history. Usually a retired local notable, senior military officer, peer or business person is given the post honorarily.

Lieutenants were first appointed to a number of English historic counties by Henry VIII in the 1540s.

Lord-lieutenants are the monarch’s representatives in their lieutenancy. It is their foremost duty to uphold the dignity of the Crown, and in so doing they seek to promote a spirit of co-operation and good atmosphere by the time they give to voluntary and benevolent organisations and by the interest they take in the business and social life of their counties.

The lord-lieutenant is supported by a vice lord-lieutenant and deputy lieutenants“.

How very noble.

Or is it?

As with most things in filthy Britain, the Queen’s Lieutenants may not be all they appear to be.

It’s now been revealed that child-rapist and MP for Rochdale, the late Cyril Smith, visited notorious boy-brothel Elm Guest House, where vulnerable boys were trafficked from local care homes.

Poke in the eye for a paedo

As in the case of murderous Jimmy Savile, the police knew about Smith’s abuse for years but did nothing.

Were the police given a warning not to fully investigate by the intelligence services, who had been filming VIP child-abuse in order to blackmail the perpetrators?

In a moving eulogy to Cyril Smith, the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, heaped praise on the perverted paedophile:

Cyril Smith was a larger-than-life character and one of the most recognisable and likeable politicians of his day.

I am deeply saddened to hear the news of his death today, and offer my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

“Everybody in Rochdale knew him, not only as their MP but also as a friend.

“He was a true Liberal, dedicated to his constituency, always showing great passion and determination.

“Cyril was a colourful politician who kept the flame of Liberalism alive when the party was much smaller than it is today.

Rochdale and Britain have sadly lost one of their great MPs, and I think we can safely say there will never be an MP quite like Cyril Smith again.”

Why would Clegg pretend he knew nothing about Smith’s child-raping ways when he was obviously aware of all the rumours? Is Nick Clegg himself being blackmailed?

Cyril Smith was knighted in 1988 but less well-known was his appointment as the Queen’s Deputy-Lieutenant for Greater Manchester in 1991. Why were the Royals so fond of the larger-than-life paedophile that they gave him a prestigious and powerful role?

In a strange twist, BBC children’s presenter Mark Speight was implicated in the death of his girlfriend Natasha Collins in 2008.

He subsequently disappeared and was found hanging in a disused section of Paddington Station.

Mark Speight Paddington

We now know Rolf Harris is a pervert and has been jailed for child abuse linked to the paedophile ring at the BBC.

Jill Dando knew about the ring and was soon shot dead with a bullet to the head.

It also transpires that Mark Speight had done a lot of work with Rolf Harris.

Rolf and Mark

At Mark’s memorial, Rolf made an emotional and tearful address:

It was joyful to work with Mark.

‘I realise now that I never told him how much I appreciated his programmes.

‘You realise you should always tell people what you think, you should tell them you love them because it might suddenly be too late.’

Rolf sang Sun Arise, backed by a band complete with didgeridoos.

He also did his version of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven.”

We know Mark Speight did volunteer work for Childline and was one of their spokesmen and a high-profile campaigner.

Some say Childline is a “front” organisation used to filter out callers who may have been abused by VIP’s and is run by evil bitch Esther Rantzen.

esther savileEsther NSPCC

The coroner who held the inquiry into the deaths of Mark Speight and Natahsa Collins was Paul Knapman.

Knapman was responsible for many high-profile inquests during his 30-year tenure including the following:

He was heavily criticised for his bizarre and gruesome handling of the Marchioness riverboat inquest in 1989:

Marchioness Disaster

Chris Pond MP raised serious and urgent questions relating to the conduct of Westminster coroner, Paul Knapman.

He sought to highlight the shocking treatment of families of victims of the Marchioness boat tragedy by the creepy coroner.

For some unexplained reason, Knapman horrifically allowed the victims hands to be cut off and their body parts and tissues to be removed without permission and treated concerned family members with utter contempt.”

Naughty Paul Knapman

There are other significant cases where Paul Knapman was in charge and they relate to another notorious boy-brothel, this time based at the Dolphin Square complex.

In 1997 , the Conservative MP for Meriden, Iain Mills, was found dead in his flat in Dolphin Square, Pimlico.

Initially there was confusion over the cause of death but Westminster’s creepy coroner Paul Knapman soon recorded a verdict of alcohol poisoning.

Iain Mills, MP, was apparently found with extreme levels  of alcohol in his blood and was surrounded by gin bottles.

The media blamed his death on the stress of being a parliamentarian and it was assumed he’d had an alcohol problem for many years.

This was at odds however with members of his local constituency group who insisted he was a teetotaler and only ever drank orange juice during the 20 years they knew him.

His untimely death was soon forgotten and to this day is rarely mentioned, but that might be about to change.

Could it be that Iain Mills MP, who was close friend with brave campaigner Geoffrey Dickens, was aware of the high -level paedophile ring  operating in Dolphin Square and this knowledge led to his death?”

IainMillsMPGeoffrey Dickens

Another strange death occurred at Dolphin Square and yet again Paul Knapman was responsible for the inquest:

In 2007, the Honourable Judge Rodney McKinnon fell 50ft from his Dolphin Square flat.

Despite his family’s protests, Westminster’s creepy coronor, Paul Knapman, recorded a verdict of suicide.

A carefully spun tale of depression and anxiety was woven by Knapman to skew the evidence so McKinnon was portrayed as having suicidal tendencies.

But do the facts really stack up?

Rodney McKinnon’s brother, Warwick, is, by coincidence, also a High Court Judge.

He said at the time of his brother’s inquest:

“I don’t believe it was suicide and neither does anyone in the family or any friends I gave spoken to.

“There is obviously some evidence that could point towards suicide. I am not going to be unrealistic, but there is nothing like enough for it to fill the required standard.”

The bald oddity known as William Hague once lived in Dolphin Square.

Some claim that Hague is being blackmailed by Mi5 to do their bidding as they have compromising evidence of his less- than manly predilections.

Willie and pal

Hague once employed a style guru. The guru jumped to his death from his flat and it was Knapman who held the inquest.

The dapper fashion and etiquette expert John Morgan was hired by Willie and he immediately advised him to ditch the baseball caps.

” Hague is seeking help and has recruited the services of style guru John Morgan to spruce up his image.

Morgan, 39, described as a “Burlington Bertie” because of his dapper appearance, is associate editor of GQ magazine and editor of Debrett’s Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners.”

Unfortunately. less than 18 months after his appointment, he was dead.

“ The death of the man seen by many as the guru of style and good manners remains a mystery after a coroner recorded an open verdict.”

“John Morgan, the etiquette guru credited with persuading William Hague to abandon baseball caps, has died after apparently falling from a window.

Mr Morgan, 41, was found dead outside his third-floor flat in Albany, central London, in the early hours of Monday.

In 2008, Paul Knapman was made the Queen’s Deputy-Lieutenant for Greater London.

Was he being rewarded for his dubious inquests?

In yet another twist we find Operation Pallial which is charged with investigating child-abuse in North Wales children’s homes.

There is compelling evidence that boys were trafficked from these homes and sent to the Dolphin Square complex in Pimlico.

Bryn Alyn HallDolphin SquareJohn Allen Mr X

They were allegedly used by a filthy VIP ring which operated at the address.

This report, from the now-defunct Scallywag magazine, details how Westminster Conservative councillors allegedly knew of and indeed participated in the vile and sordid activities:

SCALLYWAG story on scandal in Westminster City

” As in the right-wing clique in Smith Square, with social headquarters in Dolphin Square, so they were able to put up a bold front in the Westminster City Council so discredited by the Dame Porter fiasco of selling council houses to pals for cash and support.

And here again, it was predominantly, and quite overtly, gay. Tony Karpel, now a special adviser to Kenneth Baker, was not only a prominent force in the council itself at the time, but had joined the CCO at the very same time as Julian Lewis, and shared his sympathies, both for extreme right-wing politics, and his fondness for male company.

You would be more than correct to put them down as bosom pals and political flatmates.

As you weave your way through the insidious net of dirty tricks, gerrymandering, the more sordid side of lobbying through sex, as we have, the more you keep coming across the name of Tony Karpel. Karpel and CO’s peers on the council included the crucial Chairman of Planning, Robert Davies, the Deputy Chairman, Simon Milton, the leader, Miles Young, and Cllrs Martindale, Alan Bradley, Alex Segal, Avery and Mortland.

Westminster CouncilWestminster Robert  Davis and Milton

All these belonged to the clique who invariably went out in small groups to the more insalubrious “Boys’ Clubs” in the Soho area where their council was, in fact, also the landlords.

Martindale even once toured the clubs in a Ministry car lent to him to go on a late night tour with a handful of pals. More often they would collect at one of the on-going soirées in Dolphin Square, where, of course, again, their council were the ultimate landlords.

While Karpel retained his very close relationship with the CCO, Deputy Chairman Simon Milton was helping Ian Greer and Associates – the lobby group specially set up to pander to the 100 known Tory gays in Westminster”

Simon Milton is allegedly dead ( although he may be hiding out in Israel), but his partner Robert Davis is still a Westminster Councillor.

By a strange coincidence, Robert Davis is also the Queen’s Deputy-Lieutenant for Greater London.

Isn’t it about bloody time the police looked again at the Royals links to paedophiles?

Why not start with the Lord’s Lieutenants?

We’re sure they’d be only too delighted to help.

Queen CorleoneSavile and Queen


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  2. You forgot to mention Stupid Death No4676: Stephen Milligan – Conservative MP for Eastleigh. – He dropped dead in 94, Silly Steven, somehow got into a muddle after somehow tying himself to a chair but not before carefully placing an orange in his mouth and slipping a carrier bag over his head.


  3. Laurence Fitzsimmons please note :- Stephen Milligan MP was not into perversion, I saw the intelligence file and it was a Mossad murder, thats what they do, they humiliate a person as they die.

    They burst into a hotel and slowly suffocated a Palestinian official who went to the UN, as as he died they wispered into his ear that his wife children and relatives would have their homes bombed.

    Stephen Milliagan criticised Israeli policy, and our people stood by and did not investigate it.

    He was a hardworking MP, I knew his sexual tastes and this was not it.

    Please everyone take note, I could name 5 famous people who have been killed in this way, the one common denominator is that they upset the Israelis.

    • I think my post is clear on that mate, I was being sarcastic with a tinge of facetiousness.. People don’t usually get themselves into that sort of predicament by themselves, now do they? He was murdered, true, but for standing up to Israel? Ummm..okay

  4. UKIP have their first MP yipper, there wil be no more sex abuse coverups
    homosexuals will no longer be able to abuse our kids, fabulous news
    we all must vote for them, hurrah !!!

    • Stephen was at one time married to that icon of the CONservative party, Julie Kirkbride who used to be Conservative Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport before becoming M.P. for my home town of Bromsgrove Worcestershire 1997-2010. She resigned in 2010 after having to pay back claimed expenses of £29,243 and her second husband M.P. Andrew MacKay, ex parliamentary aid to David Cameron had to pay back £31,193 on properties they owned and tried to claim expenses for! A total sum of £60,436 that mugs like us had paid in to the system to apparently, fund theirs and other like minded M.P.’s extravagant lifestyles! Aaah bless their little cotton socks! I wonder what they do now they’ve left politics? maybe selling time share apartments on the moon perhaps?

  5. The BBC after having denied they knew Jimmy Savile was a child abuser, have been running a campaign to say Savile
    was a pedophile who preyed on girls, but the tally of complaints is about 50/50 boys and girls.

    Early witnesses say Jimmy started off as homosexual.

    The government will soon legalise pedophilia and they cant allow homosexuality and not pedophilia as the two merge in so closely together.

  6. The Pop festival Shambala donates money to Peter Tatchell’s campaign for sex with young boys.

    The couple who run it, say if a boy of 8 or 10 years of age says ok, then so be it. But an underage child cannot in law give consent.

    These people are sick

  7. I am so fed up of this foolishness. The pedophile powers that be are running this propaganda
    E bollix scare, it’s all distraction. I will not be scared, fearful or terrorised by these evil Lucefarian soul less zombies. Every day now we are hearing more and more fear fuelled news but we don’t hear how we are basically a peace loving people who have no quarrels with our brothers and sisters.
    Isis is ( a private prison in Greenwich) an Egyptian Goddess , an Israeli spy agency ….. The mother of Horus …… Certainly nothing to do with the Beatles, unless it’s a scarab beetle.
    It’s all words and rhetoric and I beg you all to check out fakes, clones, doppelgängers and doubles because we are being fooled by holographic images.
    They are planning the next coming by project blue beam.

    • “They are planning the next coming by project blue beam.”

      They will need to be very confident indeed that they can pull off the ultimate smoke and mirrors trick. … certain their predictions of audience reaction on a huge scale are accurate … there will be no second chances.
      And if they have few or no doubts … could they have overlooked some small but crucial detail?
      Will we be awe-struck and afraid, really?
      Or will we be rolling in the aisles?

    • You are on the money with ISIS mate. This is why there’s been a mad handbrake turn in the media using it. They quickly, it seemed, realised their error and began to call them IS and ISEL..

      What’s coming next will blow your mind.

    • Check out Cleggs old school Caldicott. Seems to have been a paedophiles paradise from the head down . Institutionalised I’d say.

  8. The child abuse website Zoompad today gives proof that Jimmy Savile took boys out from West Lynn children’s home in Norfolk. How much more is going to come out about these evil homosexuals ? and no one did anything.

  9. While I was working at the Daily Mirror newspaper, Robert Maxwell was very strict in protecting the reputations of other Jews.

    People like Freddy Mercury, Robin Gibb, etc were promiscous homosexuals who deliberately spread the AIDS virus before they died, Kenny Everitt was not a Jew but he also died a promiscous homosexual.

    Jimmy Savile was said to be Catholic but he converted to Jewry and was said at the Mirror to be protected by the Israeli leader Menachem Begin, a known pedophile monster who had many small arab boys kidnapped raped and then he personally strangled and had them buried in the desert.

    There is a lot to come out, the police wont tackle this so it’s up to us to get the information out to the public.

  10. When the people are fighting a serpent ,it must be grapped by the head (top end)

    11-10-2014 22:08
    [Crimes listed here are those where the Freemasons have not managed to conceal their brother’s secrets




    We have been investigation this day and night for the last 4 years whilst the Dutch police have done nothing but try set me up again ,try and kill me and constantly threaten and intimidate Demi and Nirvana s mum while all of the time our daughters are in the house of a Dutch filth child abuser who was a detective and has 3 other children/stepchildren who are police.

    The other taken into care child was Dutch police officer Sander Vreeswijk who abused and then murdered 12 year old school girl Milly Boele in Dordrecht Holland,the case was brought before the court and sentenced (18 years) far too quickly.The reason being,he most probably was a CHILD SERIAL KILLER who was around the murder of two other Dutch children at the time.

    A few hard facts,
    We caught Dutch police officers in the middle of the night at the Dutch childrens home OCK HET SPALIER in Zandvoort where Demi and Nirvana were illegaly staying in a totally fake child protection order.

    The Dutch police intimidated our daughters and their mum every time we had a visit with them,the police would slowly drive past the childrens home at the end of the visit whilst we where saying goodby to Demi and Nirvana and stare at them intimidating.Of course all 4 of us at that time in tears at having to leave our darling daughters and on one occasions,i had enough of the vile bastards and went to confront them in their transporter Volkswagen van,they made off at high speed in Zandvoort NL and i lost them.

    Every single time we have a phone call with Demi and Nirvana,the bald nonce ex cop is sat next to our daughters just to intimidate them and hear what we say to them,the persoon called Joost Blok who used a false naam saying he was a child care worker was also a Dutch police officer.

    The woman who jointly runs the Meerzicht Zoetermeer NL abuse ring also a church diacon ? who uses different names like she has many peronallities,Wilma Bruins / Wilma Wijers Bruins / Wilma Weijers / Willy Aaltje Bruins etc etc.

    She is evil in the purest form who takes other peoples babys to bed with her and most certainly guilty of child murder,in a conversation with my partner (Leonie Minkema) she said DONT WORRY I AM NOT GOING TO SACRIFICE DEMI AND NIRVANA.

    They are BOTH WORTH GOLD,there by meaning to child abusers who this evil person has been supplying children and babys to for over 20 years,each child and baby that has being in her and sick familys hands damaged and seriously abused.

    Victims of these vile animals have on several occasions tried to kill them selfs,this also being the case of the police man Sander Vreeswijk (15 year old) when he was at school in Zoetermeer but in hands of this insane evil abuse ring.

    He like more of the TAKEN INTO CARE CHILDREN kept in their vile abuse ring and became Dutch police officers,Sander Vreeswijk went on to kill 12 year old Milly Boele,his partner also a Dutch police woman.

    They ,the Dutch police / justice put me in jail for 6 months and 3 months illegaly and under a false name they made for me, BRINK and there by using there SHADOW police / court system in which they can do nearly anything on their special court dates and times.

    In U.K same SHADOW police / court system to hold cover-up hearings.SATANIC ALLWAYS TWO

    13.30 being one of them and the time they used on several occasions to hold illegal corrupt court hearings in which sentences and litigation fines are upheld ONLY IN THEIR OWN SYSTEM and by all their victims of satanic organised child abuse.There are victims of this working in all offices,courts and police forces.

    They held 14 illegal totally corrupt court hearings to kidnap Demi and Nirvana and try and put me away to cover this up,they tried to kill me with BLACK OPERATION special force team on the 1 ste November 2011.


    First of all the following,freemasons take an oath to help each other whatever happens,if needed even convicting an inocent man for murder if thereby helping a fellow mason.So if a freemason,people usually dont know this is caught or arrested, when brought before a court freemason judges,clarks and lawyers wil allways try to help by which means necessary.

    Defendents / accused should therefor in all court hearings of which nature what so ever ASK THE JUDGE / JUDGES IF THEY ARE A FREEMASON ,by refusal or confirmation of this demanding the changing of the judge or judges.
    Justice cannot be present when the judge swears or gives his oath to his friends or Rotary / Lions club members,it must be given to uphold the law.

    U.K freemason cases and convictions,Dutch list nearly ready,the most horrific child abuse / murders in the world very often committed by freemasons,Satanic organised ritueel abuse is controled and organised by freemasons and the victims more than often TAKEN INTO CARE CHILDREN

    The Dutch what some call royals are freemasons,the U.K what some call Royals are freemasons,i have a different name for them and for now i wil let people guess what that is.

    Shining light on the Corruption and Deceit of the Freemasons in England



    Name Comment Source of evidence / Person’s Masonic Lodge
    Marcus Agius Former Chairman, Barclays Bank Plc Bilderberg participant (2010-13)
    Elizabeth Aldworth Only woman to ever have been initiated into Regular Freemasonry Doneraile Lodge, No.44
    Helen Alexander Chairman, UBM Plc Bilderberg participant (2013)
    Barbara Amiel Sunday Times Columnist Bilderberg participant (1993)
    Major John Andre British army officer hanged as a spy for assisting the traitor Benedict Arnold to betray his country The Illuminati outline of history
    Michael R. Angus Chairman, Unilever Plc Bilderberg attendee (1987)
    Timothy J. Garton Ash Fellow of St. Antony’s College, Oxford Bilderberg attendee (1989,1996)
    Elias Ashmole Alchemist and author of the book “Fasciculus chemicus” Warrington Lodge, No.????; Ashmole’s diaries record his Masonic activities
    F. D. L. Astor Editor, The Observer Bilderberg attendee (1957)
    Alice A. Bailey Occult author and leader of the Theosophical Society Co-Masonic hierarch
    Edward Latham Baillieu Stockbroker Empire Lodge, No.2108; Jubilee Masters Lodge, No.2712; 2011 Masonic Knights Templar Year Book
    Rev. Jonathan Baker Bishop of Ebbsfleet The Telegraph, 14 May 2011
    Sir John Banham Former Director-General of the CBI; Chairman of the Local Government Commission for England 1995 Masonic Year Book
    David H. Barran Managing Director of the Shell International Petroleum Co. Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1967)
    Jeremy Beadle Irritating TV Practical joker and Freemason Westminster City Council Lodge No.2882
    David Bell Pleaded guilty to defrauding four people in a Will writing scam Northampton Chronicle & Echo, 4 April 2009
    John Bell Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford Bilderberg participant (2013)
    Allan Bennett Member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Occult group) Isis-Urania Lodge, No.3
    David Berglas Magician Chelsea Lodge, No.3098
    Christoph Bertram Journalist and Political consultant Bilderberg attendee (1978)
    Annie Besant Theosophist, women’s rights activist & founder of Co-Freemasonry Founder, British Federation of the International Order of Co-Freemasonry
    Paul Bird Partner at Wilson and Bird Solicitors Vale Lodge, No.6632; Slough Daylight Lodge, No.9699; Sine Favore Lodge, No.9856
    John Samuel Binks Former Leader of Morley Borough Council Yorkshire Post, 16 June 13; Integrity Lodge No.380
    Vendeline von Bredow Business Correspondent, The Economist Bilderberg attendee (2006,2008-12)
    Bernard Bresslaw Actor famous for appearing in “Carry On” films Chelsea Lodge, No.3098
    William Brown
    Corrupt Architect jailed for his part in the John Poulson scandal Pentalpha Lodge, No.974
    Alastair Buchan Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies Bilderberg attendee (1964,1966,1972)
    Robin Buchanan Senior Partner, Bain & Company Bilderberg attendee (1997-98,2000)
    Martin Buckroyd Jailed for stealing £18,000 in donation and lodge fees, over 18 months Leicester Mercury, 24 April 2001
    Sir Billy Butlin Founder of Butlin’s holiday camps (Regimented holidays for the working classes) Scarbrough Lodge, No.7147
    Sir Paul Chambers Chairman, I.C.I. Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1963,1968)
    Sir Ralph Cochrane Vice-Chief of the Air Staff Bilderberg attendee (1958)
    John Cockroft Economic Leader Writer, The Daily Telegraph Bilderberg attendee (1971)
    Ithell Colquhoun Colquhoun joined the Order of the Ancient and Accepted Masonry for Men & Women; Holy Grail Lodge, No.5; Lodge of the Pilgrimage, No.1; and the Holy Royal Arch Chapter ‘The Tyrian Master’, No.1 Steve Nichol’s book “The Magical Writings of Ithell Colquhoun”
    B. D. Cooke Director, Dominion Insurance Company Bilderberg attendee (1957)
    Tommy Cooper St. Margaret Westminster Lodge, No.4518
    Roger De Courcey Ventriloquist best known for performing with Nookie Bear Chelsea Lodge, No.3098
    Sherard Cowper-Coles International Business Development Director, BAE Systems Plc Bilderberg participant (2013)
    James Craig Director General, The Middle East Association Bilderberg attendee (1988)
    Sir Frederick Crawford Former Chair of the Criminal Cases Review Authority Times Higher Education Supplement, 23 August 1996
    Aleister Crowley Magickian; Self-styled ‘Beast 666’ and Freemason His autobiography “The Confessions of Aleister Crowley” says he joined Anglo-Saxon Lodge, No.343
    George A. David Chairman of the Board, Coca-Cola H.B.C. S.A. Bilderberg attendee (2002)
    Ian Hay Davison Chairman, Laing & Cruickshank Bilderberg attendee (1990)
    Jim Davidson Obscene, racist, sexist, homophobic, unfunny comedian (#20 in a Channel 4 poll of Worst Britons) Chelsea Lodge, No.3098
    Arthur J. Davis Previously, the Chief General Manager, Lloyds Bank Book: “Secret Society of the Freemasons in Bradford”
    Ian Davis Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Company Bilderberg participant (2013)
    Alec S. Donkin Bilderberg Conference Organizer Bilderberg attendee (1986)
    Brian Dougan Solicitor who laundered £66,000 from a “red diesel fuel scam” Belfast Telegraph, 25 July 2006
    Alexander Frank Downie Member of the Legislative Council of the Isle of Man 2011 Masonic Knights Templar Year Book
    David Drage Accountant who shot himself before he was due to be questioned about £28,000 of missing cash BBC News, 31 July 2006
    Sir Eric Drake Chairman and Chief Executive, British Petroleum Company Bilderberg attendee (1970,1973)
    Robert Dudley Group Chief Executive, BP Plc Bilderberg attendee (2012-13)
    William B. Duncan No information found Bilderberg attendee (1980)
    James Eberle Director, The Royal Institute of International Affairs Bilderberg attendee (1984)
    Sir Ronald Edwards Chairman of British Leyland Bilderberg attendee (1970)
    John L. Egan Chairman and Chief Executive, Jaguar Plc Bilderberg attendee (1991)
    Sir William Elliot Air Chief Marshal Bilderberg attendee (1957)
    Dick Emery Actor famous for dressing up as women Chelsea Lodge, No.3098
    Keith Exford Chief Executive of Affinity Sutton Homes Group Suggested as a Freemason by an email contributor to the site
    Douglas J. Flint Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings Plc Bilderberg attendee (2011-13)
    Lawrence D. Freedman Head of Department of War Studies, King’s College Bilderberg attendee (1991)
    Gerald B. Gardner Father of Modern Witchcraft Jack Bracelin’s biography “Gerald Gardner, Witch” says that Gerald Gardner joined Sphinx Lodge, Columbo
    Sir Reay Geddes Chairman of Dunlop Bilderberg attendee (1965,1978)
    Lennie Gibson Criminal Freemason involved in the Essex silver bullion hijacking James Morton’s book “Bent Coppers” says he was Master of Waterways Lodge
    Frank T. R. Giles Editor, Sunday Times Bilderberg attendee (1974)
    Paul Girolami Chairman, Glaxo Holdings Plc Bilderberg attendee (1987)
    David Glass Freemason jailed for stealing £48,000 from two Northumberland Masonic lodges News Post Leader, 3 August 2007
    Gary Glitter Glam-rock Musician convicted of downloading 1000s of items of child pornography Suggested as a Freemason in internet discussion forums
    Sir Peter Green Underwriter, involved with the Lloyd’s of London scandal of the 1980s Lutine Lodge, No.3049
    Ronald Grierson Former Vice Chairman of General Electric Company Bilderberg attendee (1971,1980,1992,1998)
    David Griffiths Freemason convicted of swindling £90,000 from a care home, to pay off his credit card debts WalesOnline, 22 April 2013
    Stuart Gulliver Group Chief Executive, HSBC Holdings Plc Bilderberg participant (2013)
    Sir Arnold Hall Aeronautical Engineer Bilderberg attendee (1967,1975,1977)
    Tristan Hallam Personal injury lawyer with Russell, Jones and Walker Solicitors Sine Favore Lodge, No.9856
    Denis Hamilton Editor, Sunday Times Bilderberg attendee (1969)
    Thomas Hamilton Dunblane killer and Freemason EDM notes Garrow Hill Lodge, No.1417
    Michael Harris Bogus Doctor jailed after pretending to be a leading heart surgeon Aigburth Lodge, No.4103; Liverpool Daily Post, 13 October 2011
    Sir John Harvey-Jones Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries Bilderberg attendee (1978)
    Michael Hearn Builder who bribed Civil servants to get contracts from the Government’s Property Services Agency Queenswood Lodge, No.4718
    R. Henderson No information found Bilderberg attendee (1977)
    Simon Henry CFO, Royal Dutch Shell Plc Bilderberg participant (2013)
    Fred Heyworth Freemason who killed four children, after their mother sheltered his estranged wife from his abuse Daily Telegraph, 9 May 1997
    Frederick Hockley Occultist and member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia British Lodge, No.8; Alnwick Lodge, No.1167
    Christopher Hogg Chairman, Reuters Group Plc Bilderberg attendee (1991,1998)
    Robert B. Horton Chairman, BP Company Plc Bilderberg attendee (1990)
    Ellic Howe Occult author, who wrote extensively on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn St. George’s Lodge, No.370; Quatuor Coronati Lodge, No.2076
    Gareth Hunt Actor famous for advertising coffee Chelsea Lodge, No.3098
    Will Hutton Former Editor-in-chief of The Observer Bilderberg participant (1997)
    Philip Huxtable Freemason Solicitor found guilty of swindled clients out of more than £280,000 BBC News, 13 July 2005
    Robin Ibbs Executive Director, ICI; Former Head, Central Policy Review Staff, Cabinet Office Bilderberg attendee (1982)
    Roy Jackson Bigamist Freemason who claimed to be working in Malaysia, but was instead living with a new wife in West Bromwich. Jailed for forging divorce documents Birmingham Evening Mail, 31 January 2005
    Mary Jo Jacobi Head of Group Public Affairs, HSBC Holdings Plc; Former US Assistant Secretary of Commerce Bilderberg attendee (1997)
    Martin W. Jacomb Vice Chairman, Kleinwort, Benson Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1985)
    Lord Jellicoe First Lord of the Admiralty Bilderberg attendee (1964)
    Michael Jenkins Vice Chairman, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson Bilderberg attendee (1998)
    Rheinallt Jenkins Currently under investigation by Dyfed-Powys Police Trevor Kelway Lodge, No.8466; St. Elli Lodge, No.3942; South Wales Evening Post, 25 April 2013
    Simon Jenkins Political Editor, The Economist Bilderberg attendee (1986)
    Hargrave Jennings Freemason, Rosicrucian and Occult author Numerous sources list Mr Jennings as a Freemason
    Peter Job Chief Executive, Reuters Holding Plc Bilderberg attendee (1996)
    T. H. Jones Late Chairman of the Wool Trades Committee Book: “Secret Society of the Freemasons in Bradford”
    Anatole Kaletsky Editor at Large, The Times Bilderberg attendee (1998,2006-07)
    Elie Kedourie Professor of Politics, University of London Bilderberg attendee (1982)
    John Keegan Military Historian; Defence Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph Bilderberg attendee (1988)
    Geoffrey C. Kent Chairman and Chief Executive, Imperial Group, Plc Bilderberg attendee (1985)
    HRH the Duke of Kent Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England United Grand Lodge of England website
    Andrew Knight Former Executive Chairman, News International Bilderberg attendee (1975,1978,1980-96)
    Fred Lawlor Child abuser jailed for 15 years after forcing a 13 year old girl to have sex with around 50 men over a two year period Daily Post, 7 April 2006 (Trinity Mirror newspaper)
    C. W. Leadbeater Theosophist, Pederast and Freemason Initiated into International Co-Masonry; author of “Glimpses of Masonic History”
    Bernard Lewis Scholar in Oriental studies, specializing in the history of Islam Bilderberg attendee (1979)
    James Lloyd Serial sex attacker known as the “Shoe Rapist+B216 The Telegraph, 18 July 2006
    HRH Prince Michael of Kent Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex Admitted on his own website
    Sir Cyril Kleinwort Partner in the banking house of Kleinwort, Sons & Co Bilderberg attendee (1966,1971)
    Sir Arthur Knight Chairman, Courtaulds Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1977)
    Richard Lambert Independent Non-Executive Director, Ernst & Young Bilderberg attendee (2011)
    Peter McAdam No information found Bilderberg attendee (1977)
    Edward McBride Business Editor, The Economist Bilderberg attendee (2009)
    Neil McCall Deputy Chief Executive of Affinity Sutton Homes Group Suggested as a Freemason by an email contributor to the site
    Gerry McCann Father of Madeleine McCann, who went missing in Praia da Luz Suggested as a Freemason by an email contributor to the site
    Ally McCoist Former professional footballer Lodge Thorntree, No.512

    Tom McKillop Chairman, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Bilderberg attendee (2008)
    Robert E. Mabro Director, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies Bilderberg attendee (1997)
    S. L. MacGregor Mathers Rosicrucian, Occult magician and founding member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Hengist Lodge, No.195
    Judith Maxwell Former C.D. Howe Research Institute (a think tank) member Bilderberg attendee (1980)
    John Micklethwait Editor-in-Chief, The Economist Bilderberg attendee (1996,1998-03,2005,2011-13)
    Sir Peter Miller Underwriter, involved with the Lloyd’s of London scandal of the 1980s Lutine Lodge, No.3049;Daily Express, 6 February 1991
    John L. Mills No information found Bilderberg attendee (1981)
    Kevin Menzies Freemason caught sexually molesting a dog The Sun, 15 August 2008
    Michael Miskin Former Director of Waterglade International, wanted for Tax evasion Sunday Times, 10 August 2008
    William Modern Train Guard who stole £150,000 from the Chester Death & Retirement fund Liverpool Daily Post, 17 December 2010
    Bob Monkhouse Smug, oleaginous, perma-tanned comedian Chelsea Lodge, No.3098
    John Monks Former General Secretary, Trades Union Congress (TUC) Bilderberg participant (1996)
    Ralph Mortimore Stole £103,000 from the estate of a friend, after becoming Executor & Trustee of a Will St. Stephen Lodge, No.3145; Bristol Evening Post, 17 July 2007
    Trevor Nicholls Hotel General Manager, who was in charge when two of his Freemason colleagues beat up two men that accidentally walked into a Masonic event Victory Lodge, No.3932
    Kenneth Noye Brink’s-MAT robber, Murderer and Freemason The Independent, 14 April 2000 (Hammersmith lodge No.2090)
    David Omand Visiting Professor, King’s College London Bilderberg participant (2013)
    Sir Duncan M. Oppenheim Former Chairman of British American Tobacco Bilderberg attendee (1968)
    David A. Orr Former CEO of Unilever Ltd. Bilderberg attendee (1977)
    Gordon Park Freemason charged with killing his wife, when she threatening to divorce him Daily Telegraph, 29 January 2005
    Michael Palliser Chairman, Samuel Montagu & Co. Ltd; Chairman of the Council, International Institute for Strategic Studies Bilderberg attendee (1986)
    Alexis Papahelas Foreign policy columnist, TO VIMA Bilderberg attendee (2002)
    Joe Pasquale Squeaky voiced Entertainer Chelsea Lodge, No.3098
    Sir Gerrard Peat Partner in KPMG Peat Marwick 1995 Masonic Year Book
    Rupert L. Pennant-Rea Editor, The Economist Bilderberg attendee (1989)
    H.R.H Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh; 1st degree Freemason, but has risen no higher, because he considers it Silly Navy Lodge, No.2612; Bilderberg participant (1965,1967)
    Sir Harry Pilkington President, Federation of British Industries Bilderberg attendee (1954)
    Jonathon Porrit Programme Director, Forum for the Future Bilderberg attendee (1999)
    John Poulson Corrupt Architect jailed for 5 years for bribing public figures The Guardian, 28 January 2008
    Michael P. Pragnell CEO Syngenta AG; Director, AstraZeneca Plc Bilderberg attendee (2001)
    William Purves Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings Plc Bilderberg attendee (1998)
    Russell Race Chairman of T.Clarke (main electrical contractor at the Westfield shopping centre) Gavel and Staff Masonic Lodge, No.9835; Jubilee Masters Lodge, No.2712
    Gideon Rachman Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, The Financial Times Bilderberg attendee (2003-04,2012)
    John M. Raisman Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Shell UK Bilderberg attendee (1984)
    Prof. William Arthur Ramsden High Court Advocate 2011 Masonic Knights Templar Year Book
    Jonathan Rees Private investigator involved in News of the World phone hacking scandal The Guardian, 8 June 2011
    William Rees-Mogg Chairman, Broadcasting Standards Council; Chairman, The American Trading Company Ltd; Former Editor, The Times Bilderberg attendee (1972,1993)
    Robert P. Reid Chairman, Shell UK Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1986)
    Cecil Rhodes Unscrupulous & violent racist who used forced labour as a means of founding the De Beers Mining Co. Apollo University Lodge, No.357
    Sir Michael Richardson Robert Maxwell’s stockbroker Daily Mail, 2 September 1993
    Jack the Ripper Serial killer and Freemason Stephen Knight notes that the Ripper murders were Masonic
    Simon Robertson Partner, Robertson Robey Associates LLP; Deputy Chairman, HSBC Holdings Bilderberg attendee (1996-97,2013)
    Emma Rothschild Director, Centre for History and Economics; Fellow, Kings College, Cambridge University Bilderberg attendee (1995)
    Evelyn de Rothschild Chairman, N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1983,1998)
    David G. Scholey Chairman, S.G. Warburg Group Plc Bilderberg attendee (1988)
    Peter Sellers Comedian known for playing Chief Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther series of films Chelsea Lodge, No.3098
    Patrick Sheehy Chairman B.A.T. Industries Bilderberg attendee (1985-86,1993)
    Dr Harold Shipman Serial killer and Freemason Claimed as Liberty Lodge, No.5573 in internet forums
    Mary Ann Sieghart Editorial writer and assistant editor, Times of London Bilderberg attendee (2001)
    John M. Simon No information found Bilderberg attendee (1973)
    Robert Skidelsky Professor of Political Economy, Warwick University Bilderberg attendee (2005)
    Sir Norman Skelhorn Former Director of Public Prosecutions Suggested as a Freemason in internet discussion forums
    Walter Smith Assistant to Sir Alex Ferguson at the 1986 World Cup Lodge St.George, No.503
    Sir Michael Snyder Senior Partner of Kingston Smith Accountants Guildhall Lodge, No.3116
    Sir Bernard Spilsbury Over-celebrated Pathologist Gray’s Inn Lodge, No.4938; Sancta Maria Lodge No.2682
    Sir John Chalmer Stebbings Former President of the Law-Society Law-Society Gazette, 25 January 1989
    Jock Stein Former Scottish football club manager Lodge Major Ness, No.948
    H. Dennis Stevenson Chairman of SRU Group and the Tate Gallery Bilderberg attendee (1995)
    Martin Taylor Former Chairman, Syngenta AG Bilderberg participant (1993-01,2003,2005,2007-11,2013)
    Robert Taylor IFA and Mortgage broker Sine Favore Lodge, No.9856
    Gerald F.M.P. Thompson Former Chairman of Kleinwort, Benson, Ltd. Bilderberg attendee (1974)
    Henry Tiarks Director, J. Henry Schroder and Co. Ltd. Bilderberg attendee (1958)
    Sir Mark Turner Managing Director, Kleinwort Benson Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1963)
    Sir Harry Tuzo Chairman of Marconi Space and Defence Systems Bilderberg attendee (1980)
    Ben J. M. Verwaayen CEO, British Telecom; former director, Lucent Technologies Bilderberg attendee (2004)
    Andre-Francois H. Villeneuve Executive Director, Reuters Group Holdings Plc Bilderberg attendee (1997)
    John Virgo Former professional snooker player and snooker commentator Chelsea Lodge, No.3098
    Peter R. Voser CEO, Royal Dutch Shell Plc Bilderberg attendee (2012-13)
    Rick Wakeman Former keyboardist in the progressive rock band “Yes” Chelsea Lodge, No.3098
    Arthur Edward Waite Mystic, Occultist and co-creator of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck Runymede Lodge, No.2430; St. Marylebone Lodge, No.1305
    H.R.H. The Prince of Wales Prince of Wales Freemason Bilderberg participant (1986)
    Sir Siegmund Warburg Co-founder S.G. Warburg & Co. Bilderberg attendee (1965,1977)
    Mark Weinberg Chairman, Hambro Life Assurance Plc Bilderberg attendee (1985)
    Peter Weinberg CEO, Goldman Sachs International Bilderberg attendee (2004-05)
    Dr. Wynn Westcott Coroner, Theosophist, Qabalist and founding member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Parrett and Axe Lodge, No.814; Brotherly Love Lodge, No.329
    Sir Charles Wheeler Former BBC Washington correspondent Bilderberg attendee (1966-67)
    Graham J. Wilkins Chairman and chief executive of Beecham Group Bilderberg attendee (1977)
    Thomas Williamson General Secretary, National Union of General and Municipal Workers Bilderberg attendee (1954)
    Martin Wolf Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times Bilderberg attendee (1999-01,2003-07,2009,2012-13)
    Peter Wood Business Loans Manager at Foundation East Ltd Feltmakers Lodge, No.3839
    Thomas Wood Stafford Bank Manager charged with embezzling £250 from his employer Manchester Guardian, 21 November 1883
    Edith Woodford-Grimes Doreen Valiente claims that Woodford-Grimes was a Co-Freemason Harmony Lodge, No.25
    Adrian Wooldridge Business Correspondent, The Economist Bilderberg attendee (1998-02,2004-08,2012)
    Dr. William Robert Woodman General practitioner and founding member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn St. George’s Lodge, No.129
    W. T. Wren Chairman, Allied Iron Founders Bilderberg attendee (1957)
    David Wright Vice Chairman, Barclays Plc Bilderberg participant (2013)
    Michael B. Yahuda Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics Bilderberg attendee (1997)
    John Yarker Occultist, Author and Freemason Integrity Lodge, No.189; Fidelity Lodge No.623
    Stephen Young Insurance Broker found guilty of shooting and robbing a car dealer and his wife Daily Mail, 17 December 1994
    (Various Banksters) London based Masonic Lodge for Lloyds Bank employees Black Horse of Lombard Street Lodge, No.4155
    (Various Banksters) London based Masonic Lodge for HSBC Bank employees Holden Lodge, No.2946
    (Various Banksters) London based Masonic Lodge for London Stock Exchange employees Verity Lodge, No.2739
    [Crimes listed here are those where the Freemasons have not managed to conceal their brother’s secrets; a Masonic connection has been found, and then reported in the newspapers.]

    Gerry McCann Father of Madeleine McCann, who went missing in Praia da Luz DEZE IS ERG OPVALLEND !!!

  11. A scan of the real news sites on the net today shows that Liberal leader Davis Steele knew all about the antics of Cyril Smith and other homosexuals in his party including one who would pay rent boys to piss on him as he lay on the floor, this make Brooks Newmark MP seem mild in asking women online to strip for him.

    But I really wanted to talk about Jewish dissident Moishe Solomons radio exposure of Greville Janner, and his part in the Mossad plot to flood our streets with drugs.

    Glasgow and Edinburgh, London and Birmingham, were for some years flooded with drugs to destroy our young people and take massive profits back to build homes on Palestinian land.

    Janner who is president of the Holocaust Educational Trust, that Jew scam from W W II, which was really just another cash cow for Jews, is thinking of asking Janner to step down.

    Moishe Solomons did name who he thought would take over but I forget who he said.

  12. In the 1930s Lord Rothschild appointed Sir Anthony Blunt in charge of the Apostles, this was as a cut-out and firebreak, in case of trouble.

    One of the intelligence whistleblowers told of how Blunt got high flying men drunk at parties and then set them up in photos with known homosexuals, this meant a lot of important people could now be persuaded to push for another war for the Jews.

    This is what has been happening again, 70 odd years later, get a homosexual in place blackmail him over some pecadillo with small boys and ya got him-like William Hague and all the rest of the sick bastards.

    We need to clear the stink out of the stables, and not before time, and the Rothschilds too .

  13. The Roman Empire was said to have been destroyed by the Jews instructing them in homosexual debauchery, the Jews tried to do this with Germany but Hitler stopped them.

    Lord Rothschild brought it in here bigtime in the 30s, and now the UK and the USA are ridden with filth, and the BBC is a bad offender for it.

  14. A long list of names there but not enough Jews, we know the Jews are well into this but see this fab new vid by Anthony Lawson-its a great expose

  15. When the 12 year old girl actor from the film Poltergeist died from bowel problems the doctor suspected she had recently been brutally buggered- the word was the two directors were Jewish, and one was homosexual.

    The anaesthetist said kids this age dont get these problems, and only a circumcised man could have been so rough.

    Similar rumours made Jew director Roman Polanski run to Switzerland and Charlie Chaplin the Jew comic also liked kids for sex.

    This led the studios to blackmail him in WWII to run mesages for the Jewish underground to Russian communists.

    Chaplin later also had to run to Switzerland

  16. The child killer Robert Black, has said that he informed on Jimmy Savile years back, Savile was paying for sex with boys and girls and nothing was done about it. Black also said the present climate where homosexuals roam free will cost the lives of dozens more children every year.
    Mike Simons

  17. In May 2011 the MP Keith Vaz, had his office burgled at the Palace of Westminster, it was the week before US President Barack upyourbumma was due, and security was at an all time high.

    The thief managed to get past several security obstacles and pick locks to steal the MPs computers personal laptop and iPad.

    Operation Ore looked into homosexual antics at New labour and was known to have interviewed Keith Vaz.

    Someone did not want the info on his computers to become public.

    It was known that New Labour was rotten to the core with homosexuals, being put into place by Mossad.

    David Abrahams funnelled money through Lord Levy from Rothschild to Tony Blair for a war on Iraq, Israel wanted this but did not want any of their people killed.

    Some weeks after a police raid for drugs on a member of a Tottenham gang who claimed to be behind the 2010 London riots, one of the missing computers turned up, the boy said he found it.

    None of Keith Vaz material was on the laptop.

    But the boy said Peter Mandelson, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and others were implicated in sex with boys.

    The MP Chris Smith was later thrown under the bus and sacked as the scapegoat for homoesexual perversion in New labour.

  18. The music DJ named by Chris Denning, Tony Blackburn and Jonathan King in the past, Paul Gambacinni,
    has been released without charge.

    Paul who gave so much evidence against Jimmy Savile on condition he was never charged was later arrested by police, it seems another deal has been done, and another offender will be thrown to the wolves, but ‘mega snitch’ Gambacinni is safe…..for the moment…

    What a slime ball to preotcet himself he gives away other homosexuals to the police yuk !

  19. The government and the BBC have been fighting a rearguard action against any mention of Jimmy Savile etc and homosexuality.

    Some years ago after the death of my father I started going to a spiritualist church, I was only 17 and a bit green, but a medium chap asked me to come see him privately which I foolishly did.

    I did not know the Keith Hudson was a medium and into black magic. I went along out of curiosity and saw the medium Keith Hudson with boys who I believed was still at school, I also saw at black magic ceremonies some famous people.

    I was told Savile was a regular at these events.

    This medium was being a nuisance to me so I never went along again but some years after I met a man same age as me who said that Keith Hudson was abusing boys, and I felt I had a lucky escape.

    Actually reading the letter by Bulldog, i can tell you that the old spiritualist newspaper the Psychic News had to close because all the staff were homosexual and were spending the newspapers money at gay parties in a brighton seafront hotel.
    The magazine went bang and the editor who used the name Tony Ortzen as he had criminal convictions in his own name of tony miller against young boys.
    The magazine only promoted homosexual mediums and many are listed on the sex offenders register such as keith Hudson and others

  21. Douglas Reed’s book ‘The Controversy of Zion’ is well worth reading, as are the books he wrote before, during and just after the war, which describe all this as it was unfolding. The first of them – ‘Insanity Fair’ – was published in 1938. The best place to obtain secondhand copies is probably Abebooks. Reed was a foreign correspondent for the ‘Times’, who eventually fell foul of the Zionists because he pulled no punches.

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