Breaking News: Chris Spivey has been arrested again

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In their desperation to keep a lid on Britain’s dirty secrets, the filth who run this country have resorted to bully-boy tactics and yet again arrested Chris Spivey.

Chris, who has been brilliantly exposing the depraved underbelly of this septic isle, is obviously rattling the cages of some extremely evil, panic-stricken c***s.

According to his website:

” This is a quick message to you all to let you know Chris, within the last hour, has been arrested.

Reports from home say the police asked to come in but had no warrant  so Chris refused, they then went about breaking in the front door and back windows to get to him, unfortunately they got him and have taken him away in handcuffs.

At this point this is all the information we have.

As we get more we will let you know, in the mean time hit Facebook, twitter, emails and blogs, let every one in the AM know that yet again another one of us has been kidnapped by the state.

This is not acceptable, get angry and make a noise.


Of course, if they think that’s going to stop the truth about the twisted British Establishment emerging, they must be even thicker than they look.

They are also severely underestimating the level of support that Chris has.

In a week that saw Brenda Leyland, a so-called McCann ‘troll’, being horrifically hounded to her death, and now this violent arrest, it’s becoming blatantly clear just how shit-scared tbtb really are.

We look forward to hearing from Chris about this disgusting incident as soon as he is released but in the meantime we have a message for the scum who run this country from behind the shadows.

We’ve told you before and we’ll tell you again.

Arrest, kill, lie, perjure, rant, scream, abuse, vilify.

Do whatever you f*****g well want.

It’s way too late now.

The truth will out anyway.

It’s only a matter of time…

Chris Spivey- Intel nemesis


Thankfully Chris has now been released but look at these disgusting photos to see the level of violence and damage used by the police-sickening and unjustifiable stuff:




45 thoughts on “Breaking News: Chris Spivey has been arrested again

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  2. I agree with everything that you have said. Chris is a true friend of mine and in my humble opinion a true hero. We must all support him in anyway that we can. Take care Chris, we all Love you mate.

  3. What station is he at? Anyone got a number?
    We need to jam the switchboard to send them a message and check on Chris’ welfare.

  4. I had expected this to be honest, I have a feeling it has something to do with the reposting and reaction to the story from ‘Rani’ -who had complained to the Police several days ago. I believe this may have been a ‘set up’ – totally legal arrest in spite of many peoples protestations – we have allowed successive Governments to come to this state of affairs by sneaking in so much legislation on Criminal Justice that undermines individual rights it is impossible under the present system to go back.

  5. Looks like some of your more informed commenters are right, Coleman: there is high level collusion between senior Filth and the elite paedo networks.
    If Spivey wants to set up a fighting fund to gain redress, then he knows he’s only to appeal to the blogosphere for funds. I’m sure he won’t be left wanting for support of all kinds once the news of this travesty gets out.

  6. This arrest is undoubtedly connected to cunt Camerons extraordinary outburst at the UN where he said non violent bloggers should be arrested/stopped.Looks like Spivey is becoming too popular and influential.The jew editor of the daily chimp needs to be cornered on the street for attempting to silence free speech.

  7. Good morning .It has come to my attention that a man has been arrested after police entered his home against the wishes of the occupant, smashing windows and doors without a warrant. I am worried for the other members of the household and the terror, trauma and emotional distress said domestic violence caused .
    Apparently some people have been able to see for themselves and
    have made this atrocity known globally.

    Police Code of Ethics
    Policing principles
    Every person working for the police service must work honestly and ethically. The public expect the police to do the right thing in the right way. Basing decisions and actions on a set of policing principles will help to achieve this.

  8. The ziocrims who run the nation from the shadows see Chris Spivey as their latest target.

    There have been a succession of whistleblowers who have had exactly thesame accusations thrown, alcoholic, daydreaming homosexual, secret Jew, a fraud, and all nonsense.

    At Truthjuice they unmasked a psuudo occultist / maverick hypnotist charlatan who was behind most of this
    lets hope he gets his comeuppance- we are behind you all the way Chris.

  9. Hello Coleman, what we need each time they lift one of our people is another to immediately take his place.

    The man behind Chris Cooper investigates went into hiding but all his files are backed up in several places so if the authorities het them , it will still all come out.

    Good luck Spivey.

  10. Mrs Leyland (R.I.P.) given the Dr Kelly treatment and now Chris taken away again. Is this the start of the PTB beginning a severe clampdown on our internet freedoms?

  11. The Needle Blog published details of the charges against Grevile Janner who was known to the police (like Jimmy Savile) as a pervert.

    Germany has legalised pedophilia, they had to and it will come here too, you cant legalise homosexuality and not pedophilia as the 2 run together.

  12. As Michael Tsarion has stated so many times, we are ruled by an Atonist ( Luciferian, Freemasonic ) cult. It is a pyramidal structure, built so that all levels will have psychopaths and sociopaths in charge. The secrecy between levels is paramount. Chris’s arrest is structured along these lines ………… orders have been passed down ( we don’t know the exact details of course, or the manner of their execution ) to Essex police. It doesn’t look like the average bobby has been employed for this job……………….these thugs were carefully selected by personality tests. Of course we are on the end of a waiting game. They will do whatever they have decided. But…………. I believe that the tyranny that rules us is running scared. There is a Universal Law that they are disobeying. Would you accept that it is THEY who are frightened by Chris? The chickens will come home to roost and good will prevail. QED.

  13. Greville Janner is Chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust, this body thrusts the fake WW2 nonsense down the throat of school children, but notice how the Trust is starting to distance itself from Janner as if they know he’s guilty and public pressure is demanding he stand trial.

    Figures released yesterday suggest he may have abused 200 boys, but this cannot be confirmed.

  14. Rabbi calls for all Muslims to be exterminated-hate rants like this should be prosecuted under racism laws.

    What an arsole this man is.

    • Tell the Rabbi to piss off. Judaism is not a nationality but a religion. They cannot be prosecuted under racism laws as they are of the Jewish religion. Khazars and a lot of Arabs converted to Judaisim over the centuries. That idiot is an ignorant fool. Also anti-semitism is not anti-Jew it’s anti Arab. Fuckwits. Let him go and have sex with the Wailing Wall, filthy unwashed git. Sick of these degenerates controlling the world and the BBC and telling everyone what to do. Let him go and live in Israel, he and his ilk are behind the mass genocide of the poor Palestinians. Land thieves and parasites. Its scum like him who are trying to turn everyone against Muslims. It’s people like him who should suffer what he wishes for Muslim people.

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  16. Lets be proportionate here… Individuals who feel aggrieved make statements usually embellishing the truth with the help of a Police Officer hoping for a result- other individuals then get questioned as a consequence and arrested. The government passed a consolidated number of Policing Acts to allow for officers to nick you at home- the police use them daily. Individual cops on shift will just be briefed to arrest so and so on behalf of C.I.D./Met. etc; and this is what they’ll do. No different training-no spooks-no Govt.ministerial order- just the day to day drudge of the Criminal Justice system. Is it right? Is it fair? Not always but theres sod all to be done usually other than get your free legal advice at the Police Station and wriggle out of any trumped up charge with a strong experienced Criminal Solicitor. It’s the system and there ‘aint no opt out at present.

  17. I was accosted by the Police once for complaining about a civil nuisance. I was told there were grey areas of the law, as if I’d breached these. I had broken no law so the pig was speaking complete bullshit right through his arse. Good luck mate and long will we continue to speak for the truth out there, not ‘official’ ‘versions’ that try to brainwash us into thinking something else. I detest this brain-washing bullshit by the state as much as anyone.

  18. While getting split from my criminology lecturer partner her Cop friend called me and threatened me with the full force of his corrupt ways. I told him to call to my house, leave his friend, his badge and his warrant card in the car and come out my garden as 2 normal men and we could see if him acting tough was behind the uniform OR as a man! Fortunately he decided to not bother as he knew I did martial arts for many yrs, goes to show how cowardly they are. He DID state if he caught me driving he’d do me, then I explained I had all of this on tape IF he or his friends TRIED that. Very tightropey, but kept him in check… Some of them are worse than the criminals, who wants to protect child rapists? I know OUR Police, makes me sick to pit of stomach.

    Good luck Chris, I’m writing my mails to the MPs now.

  19. This is part of Truth….. these monsters should know they will be reincarnated into life situations where they will get a taste of the evil they have been doing to others. Saville is probably in that situation now because his deeds caused him to be reincarnated immediately. No chance at living a blissful existance in the Spirit dimension. The guilty royals, the guilty establishment figures, might have the power to choose to do evil now, but their time is coming when they will have to go back to the Spirit dimension. How will prince phillip react when he comes face to face with Diana in our Spirit Home? He will pass away this year.Chris Spivey and his colleagues are being helped by Spirit to overcome these evil people. Bet there are a lot of indifferent police force members doing a lot of soul searching. Let’s hope more whistle blowers come out.

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