Britain’s missing children and the VIP child-abuse connection

Savile SatanJersey care home scandal

The horrific child-abuse and murder scandal linked to the BBC, Parliament and Royalty shows no sign of abating.

This excellent article by T. Stokes gives a chilling insight into the depraved and satanic world of the filthy British Establishment and how it links to the abuse and disappearance of thousands of vulnerable boys in care.

” British police ran Operation Arundel which was to grow into Operation Ore and later to Operation Radium, Arundel was a cleanup of the pop music scene, many of those who became early DJs were there to sexually exploit teenagers, in almost every case boys at teen discos and later from care homes.

Chris Dennning, Joe Meek, Allan “fluff” Freeman, Jonathan King, Bill Goldsmith, Jimmy Saville, Brian Epstein and other heterophobics were complicit in enticing boys into sex acts and to parties where they were given drinks and drugs then molested.


Some boys were still at school and some were the androgynous scooter riding teenage lads on motor scooters called Mods, which the DJs called ” nancy boys”.

Operation Ore explored this sordid interest into new realms including politics, especially Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair’s New Labour, so damaging was this shaping to be for the New labour cabinet that Blair used the D Notice system to sweep it all under the secrecy carpet.

Blair Cover Up

For the final sweep in Operation Radium we owe a big debt of thanks to ex-Chief Constable of Cambridge Julie Spence who ignored political correctness to close 119 migrant brothels in the Cambs, Lincs and the Norfolk areas, releasing women and boys from the awfully sordid lifestyle.

The Russian mafia is extremely active in the general area and imports in youngsters who are forced into prostitution and sometimes killed.

Because the Queens estate is at nearby Sandringham Norfolk, the Royal protection officers had some input and I am grateful for some of the info given here and from Scallywag magazine, the underground student newspaper Rsouls, and workers at News International which as they said “should really be in the public domain” plus London social workers who spoke out along with a retired police doctor who was seriously hassled by a Gay pressure group.

Prince Andy Paedo

So while all 3 operations were loosely intertwined, one thread ran through them all, the care homes scandal which has always gone on and is nothing new, and is often related to freemasonry/occult/black magic sacrifice.

Edward Paisnell “the beast of Jersey “was the Satanist who terrorised boys into keeping quiet about what was being done to them over many years at the Haut De la Garenne children’s home.

Jersey Satanic Horrors

Children were tortured, sexually abused and at times killed, the only time this stopped according to Christian News reporter Michael Newman was when the Germans ruled the Island in WWII where any homosexual acts would be punished severely, and word was perpetrators would be hung in the market square.

Literally hundreds of mainly boys go missing from care homes each year and many “snuff” movies bought at boot fairs are said to be made of various ritual sacrificial slayings.

The passage in Leviticus 53:2-5 then God said; : “take your only son Isaac, whom you love and go to the region of Moriah, sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains” that the Jews of the Old Testament did sacrifice children there can be no doubt as confirmed by Rabbi Teitelbaum and many others.

Greville Janner

The huge numbers of children going missing each year in the UK and never found, suggest just how big this problem is.

William Mcgrath was housemaster at Kincora boys home and was in the same huge sex ring as Ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath, Edward Paisnell, Nicholas Rabet, Sydney Cooke, Neil Hocquart, Tom Driberg ,Sir Anthony Blunt and grand masonic master Sir Knox Cunningham, Blunts close friend.

Kincora filth

Neil Hocquart who blackmailed old single men to make him beneficiary in their wills, died mysteriously during investigations and from him police found Walter Clack also known as William Clack and Wallace Crake who had massive files of childporn who also died before justice could be served.

Clack had links to the Jersey care home and to Islington care homes and to bigwigs in the Evangelical church in Norfolk, Clack had lived in Cambridgeshire and had known Anthony Blunt in the fifties.

Jason Swift

Special Branch has photographs of boys bound and gagged in the back of a van off to a “party”on the Isle of Wight, the photos were said to be taken in the 1990s, no one was ever charged for these offences, but child killer Fred West did say that several missing kids would be found there.

Labour party operative Tom Driberg was a member of several rings, his British MI5 file was numbered as 2573 and was listed as a PF or “personal file ” he was alleged to have partaken in child sacrifices with Aleister Crowley, his file was later changed to a PP file and these came under Victor Fergusons section GI, both were intel informers.

Lambeth abuse enquiry

Dr. Alexander Cannon at the Colney Hatch Hospital treated many in public office for disturbed sexualities long before the Maudesley Hospital took over with experts like Ruth Sieffert and Joyce McDougal.

Documents presented in the Operation Arundel’s court case against DJ. Jonathan King, were that he invited back boys from the Walton Hop club, and would also drive round in his Rolls Royce outside schools enticing boys into the car to help him with a pop quiz, he had a secret ‘fantasy room’, a large rectangular suite in his Bayswater mansion bedecked in lush black leather sofas, large swastika flags hung ceremoniously from ceiling to floor.

Although Jewish he had commissioned elaborate faked photo blow-ups of himself in SS uniform, shaking hands with Hitler, he also screened 16mm projections of Nazi films which seemed to excite him.

Jonathan King filth

Boys were told if they mentioned to anyone what had happened the police it would be told they had taken drugs and would be in serious trouble.

So the boys in the main kept quiet, one report shown to me said these DJs were regular visitors to the 12 London care homes and boys taken out were known as “the sweety boys” as they always came back with sweets.

Margaret Hodge (Oppenheimer ) was the children’s minister who was accused of hiding up the child abuse scandal, she was alleged to be close friends with Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Jonathan King.”

Mandelson and Hodge

Make no mistake about it.

Justice is about to descend on this septic isle of ours and, when that happens, the filthy scum who are embroiled in this scandal will f*****g pay for their sick crimes.

It’s only a matter of time…

The Real BBC





26 thoughts on “Britain’s missing children and the VIP child-abuse connection

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  2. Interesting reading the articles in the Daily Mail about Greville Janner and how his filthy activities were protected by senior police officers. I’ll wager others among the “great and the good” also enjoy their protection. When you look at the attendees that gather at ACPO conferences, there’s no humanity in those faces. They’re completely devoid of all human feeling and empathy, which is probably why they’re chosen for those senior positions by others just like them.
    ACPO = Association of Contemptible Paedophile Offenders.

  3. I was told some time ago that Yorkshire Television made a documentary back in the early 70’s called Johnny Go Home – About a young lad from Scotland who ended up in London’s ‘chicken market’. Apparently, unlike most documentaries, it will never see the light of day again, due to the fact that cameras filmed a few ugly ducklings ten years or so before they grew up to be swans faces and places.

    • His name was Tommy Wylie.He was sort of employed as a “potman” in the “Pineapple” pub in Hercules Road,Lambeth.He was always wearing a shabby,cheap suit and tie to make himself appear older.He behaved like an old man when he was actually only about fourteen.He spoke with a thick Glaswegian accent.He dissapeared around the time that “Johnny Go Home”was aired on TV.I was gobsmacked when I saw him on this documentary,after seeing him only two or three days before in the flesh.He reminded me of “The Artful Dodger” from “Oliver Twist” His “Fagin” was “The Bishop of Medway”I found this picture of him on this video clip.It’s the first time in 42 years that I have seen this.

  4. Although this article is an old one, I just heard the old Manfred Mann hit ‘Blinded by the light” This song was explained to us at a talk at the friends meeting house the author of the above article who gave a talk just before his stroke some years back, where he explained, the lyrics, Blinded by the Light = illuminati, wanting a ride = obvious, in fact the whole of this song can be explained in terms of child sex.

    The 60s “sexual permissiveness’, as it was called, was used to summon in homosexuality, the ‘nancy boys’ with their make up, eye-liner, perfume and Carnaby Street clothes were an early attempt as feminising men.

    This only succeeding now with the massive rise in homosexual activity.

  5. I bet the police would not close a brothel nowadays run by foreigners beacuse of accusations of racism.

    Did you know that they have to nick equal numbers of foreign nationals to UK people

    That’s why a policeman told us they will often nick a UK citizen for something trivial so the numbers equalise.

    But yeah, great article

    • Bollox, the Met Police have admitted to being ‘institutionally racist’ (Stephen Lawrence Inquiry/cover-up) and their own figures show that they stop and question black people 9 times more than whites and Asians 6 times more than whites. Anyone trying to make out ‘foreigners’ are treated better than whites is a Daily Mail reading, spoon fed moron. I bet police would not close a brothel nowadays run by foreigners because their freemason Chief Constable bosses, freemason local councillors and freemason rank and file copper mates are all frequent visitors to all of these brothels. As for Rotherham, how convenient that all came out just as this country was gearing up to bomb another Muslim country, again……shock, horror, surprise!

      • Police stop blacks 9 times more than whites because they are 9 times more likely to be committing a crime – especially drug crimes and rapes – usually of white women. They shouldn’t be here in our white country. Stop spewing Jew propaganda.

  6. It’s a shame that the article did not mention the projected number of child murders round the Jewish holidays,
    as this would have been seen as very important for readers, another criticism is that more detail to flesh it out would have been helpful.

    Not just the author of this article but other whistle-blowers like Maude Dib, Christopher Bollyn, Chris Cooper and Nick Kollerstrom have all suffered from hate emails trolls and shit mongers, the usual thing said is that they are secret gay boy-nobbers, Jews, alcoholics, mental cases or dreamers.

    As soon as I see people throwing dirt I think ahah, a shill or shitmonger at work.

  7. There is one well known homosexual DJ here that has been missed.

    Maurice Cole was treated under NHS psychiatrist, Joyce McDougall and was cured of homosexuality for almost 4 years.

    Maurice, better known as Kenny Everett, got married but this later broke down as he was enticed back into old habits by other DJs. almost all of whom were homosexual.

    Elm Guest House had visits by Kenny under his real name of M Cole.

    DJ Paul Gambaccini gave much info to police especially of Jimmy Savile’s homosexual conquests on condition his own name was not dragged into enquiries, later police decided Gambaccini’s own sex crimes were too important to ignore.

  8. Some years ago, it would be early 70’s, a lady spirit medium contacted the BBC after seeing Jim’ll fix it on the TV.

    She said she was convinced Savile was a child abuser, the BBC told her go away, she then rang the NSPCC and they laughed at her.

    She told her local police and they threatened to prosecute her, I cant remember her name but she was a well known psychic at the time……

    It now seems some countries are clamping down on homosexual abusers-see this

  9. Hello Colman, just to let you know that Chris has been arrested again within the last few hours, cans say to much now but they forced there way into his house after he refused entry, they smashed in his front door and back window.

    As we know more we will update on the site.

    Hope you are well.


    • This is extremely disturbing news Gallows and shows how desperate the ptb are getting.

      What the f*****g hell are the filth playing at is the question- Chris had no bail conditions so can’t have broken any.

      Please keep us updated as soon as you know any more.

      All the best,


  10. A woman who was outed by Sky journalist Martin Brunt for “trolling” (read: criticizing) the McCann’s on twitter has been found dead in her hotel room, supposedly a suicide. It is not being treated as suspicious.

  11. There was a Leicester GP some years ago who said Greville Janner had abused up to 200 boys, he also said a massage therapist or chiropractor (he could not remember which) could back up the claim.

    The police enquiry was then closed down before Janner could come to trial-this pervert MUST appear in court.

  12. Janner used to be highly letigious, threatening legal action whenever accusations of child rape surfaced. Been unaccountably quiet lately, though, hasn’t the filthy old pervert?

  13. Children did go missing in the 80’s as I know from a reliable source. Childrens homes residents were too terrified to speak out as they were raped in their beds and totally demoralised. Some are not the pitiful wrecks they were socially engineered to be. If /when these cases reach court, they will speak, that is, unless the judiciary are involved as well. I think they are. There is a whole subculture out there who protect each other’s interests.

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