Why is Cliff Richard running away to Barbados?

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Raisin-in-a-wig, Cliff Richard, has slyly announced he’s moving to Barbados.


Cliff, who is the subject of a sexual assault allegation, has been hiding out in Portugal for several months.

Why hasn’t he been in England making an attempt to clear his name?

Because Cliff and his pals in the British Establishment have planned this whole scenario from day one.

Firstly, they had to implicate the corrupt South Yorkshire Police and BBC in their ruse.

When they ‘raided’ Cliff’s Berkshire flat there was worldwide condemnation of his treatment.

That’s exactly the way they wanted it because we immediately focussed on Cliff as the ‘victim’.

Next, they wheeled out decrepit, showbiz pals, including Michael Parkinson, Gloria Hunniford, and Cilla Black to speak about Cliff’s ‘torment’, ‘ agony’ and ‘suffering’.

Again, this was all part of the plan to make us feel sorry for Cliff’s ‘pain’.

Finally, we have today’s news that he is planning to start a new life in Barbados because of the ‘witch-hunt’ against him.

Of course, what people may not realise is that Cliff has been permanently based in Barbados for years anyway.

Cliff no longer pays any tax to HMRC.

“I’m officially a non-resident, although I will always be British and proud of it,” says Sir Cliff.

His spokesman, Bill Latham, confirms that Sir Cliff is a citizen of Barbados, where, after selling his house in Weybridge, Surrey, in 2006, he now spends most of his time…

..the singer, who retains a flat in Sunningdale, Berkshire, has not paid tax to the British Government on money he earns outside the country for some years.”


He even managed to wangle himself full Barbadian citizenship, much to the surprise of many Islanders there, as the granting of citizenship is reserved solely for foreign spouses.

According to the Barbados Free Press:

” Sir Cliff is a full citizen of Barbados.

Is this report correct? Did I miss it in the Barbados news media?

Sir Cliff is always pushing Barbados and we thank him for that. We have no issues at all with him acquiring Bajan citizenship and we welcome him to the family.

We do have questions though – about who gets Bajan citizenship, the process and the rules. We can’t find a comprehensive guide published by the Barbados government and we wonder if the whole process isn’t quite arbitrary.

We’d love to hear from some Immigration staff on this one!“

Another commentator said:

“ I was under the impression the only way to become a citizen was to marry a Bajan! Otherwise you apply for residency, I’ll be very interested to hear the official outcome of this.”


Of course, another reason Cliff may have chosen Barbados, is because it’s one of the few places left that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the UK.

Great Train Robber, Ronnie Biggs managed to escape justice too courtesy of this legal anomaly:

” In 1965, Biggs escaped from prison and after stays in France and Australia, he fled to Brazil, which did not have an extradition treaty with the UK.

In 1981, Biggs was kidnapped by British ex-soldiers who hoped to collect a reward for returning him to Britain. The kidnappers brought Biggs to Barbados expecting him to be extradited. However the Barbados Supreme Court ruled that such an extradition would be unlawful as the Barbados Parliament had not ratified an extradition treaty with the UK.”


Did Cliff predict that one day his secrets would be aired and was advised to relinquish his UK residency before that happened?

Most certainly, yes.

You see Cliff Richard is not the affable, ‘ Christian’ singer we’ve all been led to believe.

He is actually a tool of the British Establishment and has been used by them for decades to do their bidding.

Cliff is implicated in the Elm Guest House scandal and also the death of BBC presenter Jill Dando.

He knows all about the VIP paedophile ring which has been operating in this country for decades and is linked to government, royalty and Jimmy Savile.

Cliff even went on a porno-tour with Savile in the 70’s , pretending they were interested in the negative effects of pornography, but actually laughing their heads off behind-the-scenes at how easily they had managed to hoodwink the naïve British Public.


He even lent his Barbados home to warmongering, scum Tony Blair, claiming at the time it was because Blair was looking ‘haggard’ after starting the Iraq War.

The real reason was much more sinister.

Blair was also in on the murder of Jill Dando and works on the sly as a rent-boy for Mossad.

He and Cliff shared their intimate secrets together and how to get out of any shit they might find themselves in if the truth ever emerged.

They also shared a bed.

How sick.

The following disturbing comment was left on a post discussing Cliff’s penchant for young boys:

Anybody who was around at the beginning of the 60’s and frequented the Soho area will tell you that Cliff Richard could be seen kerb crawling for youngsters.

In fact this has been mentioned in a book by a nameless Call Girl I knew. Many of us knew his tendencies but knew it would be a usual ‘Coverup’ by the powers that be.”

So dear readers, do not be fooled for a second by the media reports surrounding Cliff Richard.

Yet again they are in the full throes of a cover-up to protect one of their closest chum’s and keep a lid on Britain’s dirty secrets.

But despite that the truth will out anyway.

It’s only a matter of time…






59 thoughts on “Why is Cliff Richard running away to Barbados?

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    • Do your research “Maria” before making a fool out of yourself with uneducated comments like that.. Did you say the same about Savile when he began to be exposed for what he really was?

    • Exactly, Maria!! He has done nothing wrong, but he is an easy target because he has never been married and lives with his best friend. Then the trolls make up all those lies about him. Cliff is a good Christian.

  2. The man behind the now defunct radio show’Chris Cooper Investigates’ learnt his trade as an army intel phone tapping specialist, but Chris, was tapping Rupert Murdoch while he was tapping Milly Dowler’s and other murder victims familes and also the families of whistleblowing soldiers from the Iraq war.

    He played these on the radio and also a call from the madman Benny Netanyahu.

    Chris also tapped the bedroom phone of Tony and Cherie Blair and clamed their marriage was a total farce, he also said Cliff Richard was a grade one pervert whose calls with Tony Blair were taped, and they were vulgar crass and very personal.

    • Barbados does have an extradition treaty with the UK because it is part of Commonwealth. Cliff wants to go to warmer climates as he get older. I would too if I did not have family ties. He has lived in Barbados since 2000. Nothing odious about that.

      • Wrong, Barbados does not have an extradition treaty with the UK. No quiz points for failing to answer my question.

        Re being odious, some might say that as a Christian he should sell up and give at least 80% of his money to the poor and needy and then go and follow Jesus Christ, but then we have to make allowances, because he’s too busy handing out free junkets to corrupt has-been nancy boy politicians.

      • Barbados does indeed have an extradition treaty with the UK as the island is part of Commonwealth. Cliff gives at least 10% of his income to charity each year, and he gives conceets where all the money goes to charity like the concert on August 4th in his winery. Look it up. You know nothing about Cliff and his Christian life. Do a bit of research! !

      • I have done the research and there is NO EXTRADITION TREATY between the UK and Barbados.

        Re charity yes it’s amazing what a guilty conscience stimulates in people isn’t.

        10% eh just like a good Pharisee Judaiser with his tithe = the minimum.

        I suggest you read the Bible story of the WEALTHY young man who had to give up ALL his wealth and THEN follow Yashua Messiah.

        It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a wealthy man to enter The Kingdom of God.

        All of us here KNOW about your grubby sodomite idol. Let us know when he’s ready to come clean (repent) and confess his sins and we’ll come to his full immersion Baptism.

  3. Would you stay in a country where the police break into your home and invite the media. Then ask you about someone’s wild allegations. Then saying he went to guest houses, well he was an entertainer. No poof No evidence

    • Big poof – LOTS of evidence. Cliff Richard truly is a disgusting creep. C’mon, haven’t you seen his new calendar? It beggars belief, it honestly does – but if you look carefully, you’ll spot the fear in ‘his’ eyes, behind the fake, plastic smile. This creep KNOWS he’s busted, only thing is he’ll probably be in the grave before the main stream runs with the news, more’s the pity.
      ….Harry Webb, FOAD! creep

      • NO EVIDENCE whatsoever of Cliff being anything but a nice, gentle and good Christian who loves his family, his faith and his fans. Just because you do not like his looks doesn´t mean he is guilty of a crime.

  4. Are you guys idiots? He has been in England talking to police. He’s had a home in Barbados pretty much since he started his career.

  5. I could never understand why people who condemn child abuse were called anti-Semitic.

    I gather from the radio its because in Jewish law sex with children is ok as long as they are not Jewish kids.
    now I still feel it’s wrong, and I think Jewish law is wrong about this, dont you ?

    • your question is really funny…is Cliffy a pervert…yes or no..oh yeah..he is going to say…let’s go lads…let’s have a drink and toast on to my being a pervert…come on…if he is…it will be proven..if he is not it will be proven…the truth somehow will come out right…and justice will be for all.

    • Cliff is indeed innocent. Why would he build up a clean image in order to destroy it from within? On the day of the alleged incident he was with a person he really admired ie Billy Graham. Do you think for a second he would engage in sex whilst being a worshipper? No, of course not!! I bet the accuser is after his money. Why wait 29 years? Because the allegation is all lies! ! Cliff has already been interviewed under caution and he was NOT charged NOR arrested!!! This is no way to treat an innocent man, who will coorperate.

    • Now is not the time to insult one of the finest movies and one of the best songs ever that young Cliffy sang and starred at…I love this movie and it reminds me of my childhood…it was innocent, fresh, romantic…and deliciously sixties…The young ones will remain a fantastic british movies of that time, decade…please be more sensitive towards others…and have more respect about the time and the place…Cliffy might now BE A PERVERT, a gay bastard…or whatever…but what was then was then…and until he is proved to be all of these…let the good times of that decade and in that innocent movie of the sixties roll by.

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  7. Cliff has been interviewed by the police – and he has even stated that he will talk to them again and answer all questions put to him!! He is not running away. He wants to clear his name.

    • Cliff has indeed been in the UK and has been interviewed by the police under caution and he was NOT charged NOR arrested. He is free to treavel whereever he chooses and the allegef victim is looking for. …money!!!

  8. sometimes I wonder, why people like Cliff if that is the truth about him would ever indeed risk all of his hard work and popularity, fame and fortune to then out of the blues lose everything…another question is this…why are we all blaming the jewish people about all of this…What has the Israeli great nation, got to the with the evil paedophilis ring around and in Britain and even outside..? the way I see what has been happenning..is just plain and simple…abuse of power…it happens everywhere…and it always goes against the weakest, the poorest…and the defenceless…and as ever the innocentest…it can be anywhere…anytime…instead of pointing fingers at everything possibly where they can get the blame..how about finding a soluton…? hope everyone hears me…thank you…but then again I do enjoy this kind of debates….

  9. it is the easiest thing in the world to open your mouth and express tittle-tattle as if you have a right to do so. Remember you are playing with someone’s life when you do this. I haven’t read or seen anybody charge Sir Cliff Richard with some wrongdoing so until then I will trust that Cliff is the person we all believed him to be. Maybe it is Cliff’s misfortune to have been taken in by Jimmy Saville, but that goes for half of the country. Nearly everybody thought he was their friend.

    Did anybody stop to think that the pressures of show business and the illness and death of his mother could have played a big part in Cliff staying in Barbados. No too many people always want to think the worst. Well maybe their turn will come for this seems to be the way people think now-a -days making up their mind like sheep.

  10. Why should the idea of Blair and Cliff Richard sharing a bed be considered “sick?” Deceitful certainly but sick? Whether there’s any truth to these bizarre allegations or not, I’ve no idea, but the homophobic tone of some of your piece was a bit off-putting.

  11. Apparently CR let something slip a while ago whilst wearing a radio microphone. A reporter in the street with a radio scanner recorded the comments. Keep an eye on the press.

  12. A friend mentioned to me 4 years ago cliff Richard was caught in soho in a raid in bed with a young boy back in the sixties , the retired copper from leman street nick was called swearing Pete and before he died told my friends Richard liked young boys so there you go , people told me years ago about cliff Richard and it’s been covered up

  13. I seem to remember Cliff got nicked under his real name Harry Webb years ago, 50/60’s, for indecency, linked also to the Kray’s boys home which supplied the upper crust on which Cliff has all the goods, they have to protect him, or else.

  14. I very trusted friend of mine went to school with someone, who in 1978, confided in him that he had been abused by Cliff.
    In 1978 he told my friend this! Long before any of the ‘witch hunts’ (as they are being called) today. The details are shocking, and involve the inflicting of pain to Cliff.

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