Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame

Jill DandoGareth WilliamsPrincess DianaDr David KellyJohn Smith MPPeachesGeldofrobin-cook[1]Andrew Muriel-DLA PiperPaul CastleMark SaundersJacinthaSaldanhaGianniVersaceJean Charles De MenezesJames RusbridgerGudrun LoftusRikMayallBulic Forsythedanielmorgan1JamesForlongBrave GeoffreyDickensKristianDigbyNatshaCollinsMarkSpeightStephen+MilliganJustin FashanuMikeSmithDodi Al FayedIainMillsMPSeanHoare-NOWBarry MannakeeJonathan MoyleMichaelColvinAlexander McQueenLadyAliceEgertonGary SpeedMichael Hutchene and Paula YatesMichaelToddNeil MunroGottfriedvonBismarckKevin Greening BBC DJ mystery suicideRichard Chang-Abbey NationalGeorge SmithCameron and Christopher ShaleSgt Richard FullerSavile driver David SmithCaroleKasirKlaus WagnerJill grave

These are just some of the famous faces who have died in mysterious circumstances over the past 20 years.

Without a shadow of a doubt they met their end because they had knowledge of Britain’s dirty secrets.

How many more deaths have been passed off as ‘accidents’, ‘heart attacks’, ‘suicides’ or ‘bondage games’ gone wrong?

We may never know.

One thing we do know is that the British Establishment will stop at nothing to cover their filthy tracks.

And that includes murder.

Isn’t it about bloody time the police looked again at these and all other unexplained high-profile deaths that have occurred on this septic isle of ours?

After all, why the f*****g hell wouldn’t they?


50 thoughts on “Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame

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    • Yes it will, because, evil in the end destroys itself.This is happening now.They work in darkness, but the light is now being shone on their activities and peoples anger at the facts emerging will gain such a momentum that will become unstoppable.The whole “Establishment” is quaking in fear,and they know that more “Rotherhams” and more exposures of pervy public schools,pervy BBC types,pervy civil servants and so on, are just a few days,weeks,…months away.It’s coming.

      • Absolutely correct Peter…..evil always destroys itself. You just have to look back into the history of the World.

  2. We have been taken over covertly…The Police are there to protect and provide cover for this Elite evil. Don’t look to the State to protect any of us, We need to take the law back into the hands of the people or we are doomed.

    • Never liked Brandreth, that said, he didn’t deserve the treatment he got from ‘SIR’, and I can feel sympathy for him having no one to turn to! It’s very sad that there are such a lot of decent people being ‘suicided’ to hide the truth about how corrupt this country is! When I lived in the midlands, Rik Mayall’s parents move to Droitwich in Worcestershire and I was their chimney sweep on several occasions, never knew Rik personally, but his mom and his sister were top drawer people and there was always a cup of tea and some cake offered! When people die, we mainly feel sorry for their other half and any kids they have, but I feel for his parents and siblings too because they have lost not only their son and brother, but a good friend too! I’ve often wondered, when he had that ‘accident’ with a quad bike some good few years back if that was a botched attempt to shut him up! I’ll always have fond memories of his character ‘Kevin Turvey’ based as it was around and about Redditch in Worcestershire where I did most of my work, there were ‘Kevin Turvey’ characters everywhere in Redditch, he was spot on with that character!

  3. Why wouldn’t they? Cos they were started as a private security force for the elite and the Queen can do no wrong…its in your statute books. Gee, they really snookered you guys with the Hanover handover – and now finally it seems the world is waking up – which means they will abandon you and come down to New Zion as the seven plagues planned for you guys are let loose. Get the hell out of England now, before it is too late…London has burned 6 times…7 is the number of completion…

  4. Thank you for your story Giles.

    My son’s claim is similar, time and again I went to my son’s school and complained to the Headmaster as did other parents about Mr Chapel at Kes Senior School in Kings Lynn, Norfolk Chapel. An open homosexual would touch boys inappropriately, make lewd comments to them and keep them in after school-we told my son you come straight home and tell the head I told you to do this in the end we had to take my son out of the school.

  5. Its interesting the list which is incomplete by the way.
    The whistleblower Peter Wright who wrote spycatcher went to tasmania to live as he said they would prrobably get him over here, you would think they would have bumped of gerry adams and martin mc guiness, but no they just took them to kincorra boys home and blackmailed them for peace

  6. My solicitor Richard Wise ought to be there, he was a Human Rights champion in Staffordshire, and he suddenly died and the local media liad about what he died of, he was a really fit man up until his death, not terminally ill with liver cancer as the lying paedophile covering up media said he was.

  7. It is shocking, successive governments who could have ended the actions of the various ‘Bodies’ that run the country for their own benefit have not done the job. For a very good reason, Every government we put in place(?) fully intends to out do the previous one in the out and out robbery of our assets. This is no Democracy, they don’t go to war for the profit of the leaders but ours do, they drag us into conflict after conflict, killing our best and most able at the drop of the words ‘Global Peace’. We have been fighting shadows for decades when we should be killing shades. The lastest constructed threat of an Islamist state is well financed, very well financed. These are not ragged arsed malitia men with goat leg, single action guns, they got the latest kit and the benefit of covert sattelite services. Nice one, Saudia Arabia. The Romans had a saying, quo bene? who benefits? who will gain from all this? The Saudis gain a Cailaphit of pre-biblical proportions and its not in their name? Oil prices exist at the height they are only because of conflict. more conflict, higher oil prices. Keep up the conflict because there can be no retreat on that can there?.
    Brittain has a great shame on its government for its continued inclusion in this merry go round. It has a great shame on its current leaders for not doing the right things to its own populace, Hillsborough, etc. etc. the list is endless. from a corrupted and lawless police service that is nothing more than the mutuial Political protection service. Created in its present form by a Tyrant Thatcher to destroy anything communist or challenging to establishment. In other words, Fascist. not in the same frame as Hitlers construct but a more modern and ‘socially acceptable’ form.
    I notice with increasing disbelief the way the media converts the mass opinion of people, Making the oppressed and helpless civilians of Gaza into terrorists and therefore not suitable for our cocerns, to de-humanise them as we cheer the Zionists in the way they indiscriminately bomb and kill them. Malcom X said the very same or similar, ‘ soon, the Media will have us hating the victims and encouraging and supporting the oppressors.’ well, not in my name anyway…

    • John mate, Fascism is a left wing collectivist totalitarian ideaology very similar to Communism. They are not polar opposites but rivals.

      • Totally 100% WRONG. National Socialism is a philosophy, NOT a political dogma as is Bolshevik Marxism/Communism. In National Socialism the individual and his family matters. In Communism only the collective matters, not the individual, nor the family and that’s why we see families under attack in western countries today. Bolshevik Marxism is Jewish – international in thinking NOT nationalist in its thinking.

  8. I dont recognise all the faces here, but i can tell you as i am 70 years old that in my school days gran who, lived with us would always put half an onion in our school blazer pocket as protection against homosexuals

    • I’m stuck on the guy in the black&white photo, looks a bit like Phil Collins (no disrespect to his memory intended) wearing what looks like RAF issued overalls? I do recall many years ago reading about him. Was murdered and the bastards tried to make it look a bit homosexual? Even though his family said that was utter tosh! I need a name to get the full story.

  9. Jesus, what the hell has become of this country? Cromwell should be disinterred and what remains of his rotten, mortal remains fucked-off to his spiritual home, Bloody Israel.

  10. Prime Minister Edward Heath, by his behaviour, was subject to blackmail and pressure from the Soviets, Israel and Edgar Hoover had an enormous file on him, this means he would not be working for the nation at all, but for others.

    New Labour was a classic case and was known in politics as the homosexual party, the exception was John Prescott who was the only one from old Labour, because he knew what they were about.

    John was a filthy lecher who used his position not for perverted sex with boys but with grown women so many people saw him in a more positive light although he was a bit of a buffoon.

    What dropped him in terms of his respect with the British people was when an old lady threw an egg at him and he turned on a farm worker who laughed.

    This sort of bar room behaviour is not what we expect from our politicians, but it was John who told Tony Blair during the Operation Ore crisis, to sack Chris Smith who was known to regularly visit boys homes.

  11. Whats the betting that Alex Salmond has a mysterious accident in the not too distant future too? If they don’t rig the vote they’ll organise another false flag attack to help the NO vote. They’re that desperate.

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