Cry baby Cameron

Cry baby Davie

Blubbering wreck David Cameron broke down in tears today as he pretended he actually gives a damn about Britain.

According to the Mail:

” David Cameron today pleaded with Scottish voters not to use the independence referendum to give the ‘effing Tories’ a kicking.

In an extraordinary intervention, the Prime Minister appeared close to tears during a speech in Edinburgh in which he acknowledged the unpopularity of the Conservatives in Scotland but warned the result of next week’s vote will stand for 100 years.

He cancelled his appearance at PMQs to travel to Scotland, leading Alex Salmond to claim Team Westminster is ‘panicking’, adding: ‘The movement in Scotland is decisively towards Yes.’ “

Of course, Dave’s tears had nothing to do with Scotland at all.

He couldn’t give a shit one way or the other what happens with the vote.

He was crying because he knows the game is up.

And so do the puppet-masters who pull Dave’s strings from the shadows.

 Dave has let them down big time.

He’s made a most fatal mistake.

You see, he’s been unable to keep a lid on Britain’s dirty secrets.

And for that his masters will make him pay.

Social media and child-abuse campaigners have put the heat on the establishment to such an extent that they are literally in a state of blind panic behind the scenes.

They have no idea what to do next as their usual smoke and mirrors tactics are coming unstuck on a daily basis.

For the first time in history we are witnessing the slow and painful death of a corrupt and vile elite, crumbling away before our very eyes.

And one day soon, these child-raping, murderous criminals, will be dragged from Parliament, paraded through the streets of London and then thrown to mercy of the British Public.

When that happens they’ll regret the day they were f*****g born.

Is it any wonder then that David Cameron is crying his eyes out?

He knows what’s coming to him.

It’s only a matter of time.



23 thoughts on “Cry baby Cameron

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  2. Tell you what, instead of all our politicians having to be Friends of Israel, why dont they instead be Friends of Britain ?

    How about that ?

  3. Both him and fat arse Broonie should be in East Enders crying the earts out effin tossers and to think that we whether in Scotland or England even consider voting for these charlatans is a continuing source of utter amazement/dismay.

  4. Imagine the sea change in British politics that Scotland going independent could trigger. Not just Scots MPs leaving but Scots Lords too and just how DO YOU define a Scottish Lord? They’ll be forced to reform parliament, forced to look at devolved powers for England. This may dislodge some of the fat cats and this will revitalise British politics.

  5. I think this is great – living proof that they are hand picked for their acting ability and nothing else – hence they are unemployable. Now you know why they pass ACTS in Parliament – it’s all make believe only some would call it by its real name – fraud and misrepresentation.

  6. The final report into the death of at the pool of Michael Barrymore was released and damning-
    days after the man Stuart Lubbock died those at the party were saying Barrymore drugged and homosexually raped him and threw him in the pool to drown.

    The BBC has been awash with similar talk for some while:

    * the act of drugging and homosexually raping someone has become known as “Barrymoring”

    • It was more than anal rape, I think they used a broom handle and virtually impaled him with it, such were the horrific nature of his internal injuries. Barrymore is one evil so and so and should be hanged for his crime.

  7. If the good people of England could find it in themselves to support us Scots going for independence then what a difference it would make to them in their quest to rid these Isles of the corrupt/perverted fcukers that have ruled over us forever and a day,regardless of the outcome on Thursday the radical movement in Scotland is not going away.Saorse Alba.

  8. Cameron’s disabled son, Ivan died of intractable fits. Fitting in children is controllable and once on medication, if they begin fitting, they’ve either not had that medication, they’ve had a growth spurt or there was an underlying infection. Cameron found out that as a listed building, number 10 could not be modified to accommodate Ivan’s wheelchair. Some might say that Ivan’s passing was convenient. It did make me think.

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