Who wants David Cameron’s head on a pole?

Poor old Davie

Things are going from bad to worse for top-twat David Cameron.

Oh dear.

According to the Mail, fake-baddies ISIS desperately want his head on a spike.


What a shame.

Of course, ISIS may not be alone in wanting to see Davie’s head on the end of a long pole.

There are many in Britain today whose lives have been totally ruined by his despicable policies and hatred towards vulnerable groups.

There are also thousands of child-abuse victims who have been taken for a ride by Dave’s deliberate stalling in establishing an independent CSA inquiry.

There are plenty who realise that Dave doesn’t give a flying-f**k about Britain but works solely for his Israeli masters.

There are those who want to know what Dave did with the illegal nuclear weapons he stole with his paedophile-loving chum, Margaret Thatcher.

There are others who can’t understand why Dave hired all-round shady person, Leon Brittan, as soon as he won the election in 2010.

There are also those who want to know if Dave had a hand in the mysterious death of Christopher Shale and why he is close pals with sadistic boy-rapist and VIP pimp, Derek Laud.

You see, when the nefarious truth about David Cameron and his traitorous, paedophilic thieving cronies is finally revealed, it wont be just random, make-believe jihadis, wanting their heads on a bloody spike.

The whole of f*****g Britain will too.









32 thoughts on “Who wants David Cameron’s head on a pole?

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  2. Some few years ago, l was told by quite a senior Tory figure, that Cameron was leader ONLY because he is able to be manipulated. The actual quote was “Cameron is too stupid to be prime minister, but he is easily manipulated by those who are far too intelligent to ever want to be prime minister”

    At the time, l took this with a pinch of salt, but it has proven to be 100% accurate. The Daily Mail is already seeing Cameron as a loser, and a few of their recent articles are beginning to ridicule him, whilst still supporting the Party. The Mail knows (1) that Milliband will be the next PM unless Camertwat goes before the next election, and, (2),Part of UKIPs success is because of Camertwat’s personal unpopularity.

    Potential Tory leadership contestants are already taking soundings and making manoeuvring tactics. Some are desperate to prevent Theresa May from getting the job, and that is why Boris is going to stand in the next election. Osborne and May hate each other with a passion and Boris is an Osborne man. MANY senior Tories know that Camertwat is an election liability irrespective of the fact that Rebeka Brooks was found innocent – that shows the world how easily he is manipulated. The next Tory leadership election is going to be a bloodbath. Bring it on!!

    • Camoron, Cleggie, Milipede, they’re all the same. I think it was Eustace Mullins who said that if you put the Bushes in an employment queue all the other candidates would be taken and the Bushes left i.e. totally unemployable in any meaningful or productive place of work.

    • It is rather doubtful that Mili-twat could become the next English PM if the Scots were to vote Yes on September 18th 2014 and he loses all his 41 Scottish (ex-British) Labour MP’s… how say ye, Sir?

      • If he’s the PM who goes down in history as the PM who lost Scotland, no peerage for him! AND if the Scot’s go, it’s MUCH easier for the Tories to keep power in England AFTER he’s gone.

        But that’s for the future > > he could face ignominy in less than two weeks and be for ever personally discredited! I am sure HE is the reason why some Scots will vote “Yes” because they cannot stand pompous English Etonian twats

  3. Most of the evidence about alleged human beings like Brittan and Sir CR is pretty obvious with many many witnesses but where does the info about Wills being gay and the kid being from a surrogate come from??

  4. I would pay good money for Cameron’s head to be on a nice long pole.

    After it came out that Tony Blair had lied about Iraq and the WMDs, and we killed over a million Iraqis, a bunch of soldiers put money in a hat and offererd 5 grand to anyone who would kill the bastard, we need an ex SAS man to come forward and do it for the country.

    (Christ, can you think of anyone worse to run the country that Miliband?)

    • (Christ, can you think of anyone worse to run the country that Miliband?)


      Theresa May, Clegg, “Lord” Hanningfield, Mark Thatcher, Prince Charlie with the biscuit factory, “Dame” Shirley Porter, Mr LAUD (who has details removed from google), yes, there are even some worse than Milliband, (Camertwat is living proof)

      • …………and “Little Willie” Hague

        We would be at war with the Russians by now if Hague was P M

      • Hiya, what were the Laud details? I believe that even though google has wiped them, other search engines can find them?

      • @ spenceriswrong

        I don’t know where you can find the Laud details that have recently been deliberately removed from google.

        I understand they still might be available somewhere else, but l do not know where

  5. As Cameron is in such favour of homosexuality, lets offer his bottom to a bunch of the nasty perverts
    before putting his head on a pole.

    “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander ”

    Let him have a taste of what its like

      • A quote from the wife of Cambridge spy Guy Burgess’s wife””If the British Establishment did not want their children to be buggered,they would not send them to Public Schools”‘…..

      • Most, if not all, nobs consider their children to be a nuisance and an inconvenience hence they bundle them off to public schools. I would imagine they couldn’t care less whether they get buggered or not. I presume this is why these boys become emotionally and even romantically involved with other boys – no affection or attention at home. E.g. Alan Clarke the wealthy womanising Tory minister despised, hated and loathed his father – I wonder why?????

  6. It does seem like Cameron is about to be given the bum’s rush and for me it can’t come soon enough. My only concern is that Boris is being offered up instead as the great white hope , God help us. The whole wretched lot of them have got to go including the so called opposition parties (opposition? some joke ) Why is it not possible to have a government ‘of the people’ and working FOR the people ? Capitalism, Socialism, Communism and the current vogue , Selfism , have all failed We need someone with altruism and vision to create an entirely new form of government that brooks no interference from secret agendas and overseas agencies. A government that works for US.

    • The only way forward is direct self-government which eliminates the ‘need’ for a parasite class entirely. There are movements around the world now demanding direct self-rule – and they’re gaining ground.

  7. Haha @ Fiona but you know what? He would probably enjoy it! Especially now that he and all his gayboy paedo MP friends have awarded themselves a 10% pay rise so they can afford even more pain inducing sex toys. And that they are gonna widen the gap between rich and poor with the introduction of an “attitude test” for unemployed people where if you got the ‘wrong attitude’, firstly you won’t be able to claim benefit and secondly you will have to be ‘re-educated’ which is another word for ‘brain washed’.
    You couldn’t dream this stuff up….give me that pike I wanna be first in the queue…

  8. I spent some years at Barnabus house, it’s had several name changes but the building is the same. Not just the 3 homosexuals on the staff but outside homosexuals would come in and take screaming and kicking boys out.

    Its time these evil men were named and shamed for the filth they are

  9. When someone brave enough takes a pop at any of the men in tights this whole country will celebrate. They have far worse than a pole to fear. The whole British nation will tare them limb from limb.

  10. @ John D

    The right wing Tories ARE in power.

    They pull the strings because Camertwat is their puppet – that was the deal struck. He could be PM if he did what he was told, And those right wing Tories are bankers etc……………………


  11. Hi, I am really upset, I thought this was an Ebay listing, as in: For SALE 1 owner, used Cameron head, not much wear and tear on brain. Very bad reliability, performance but will become a good investment, comes mounted on own pole. £32 or near offer.

    “Who wants David Cameron’s head on a pole?” hmmmm 😉 Me but would prefer the complete set, EVERY evil, criminal, corrupt and weak politician is MY Full set.

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