Breaking News: Kate and William expecting baby No 2 (how very convenient)

Queenie and co

It’s been announced that Royal freeloaders, Kate and William, are expecting their 2nd child.

How bloody convenient for the British Establishment.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for them.

As Kate has her kiddies by surrogacy anyway it’s very easy for the powers-that-be to plan a precise date for conception and arrival.

They can then use the announcement to flood the media and take the spotlight off the following:

1) The imminent Scottish Independence Vote

2) The VIP paedophile ring scandal

3) The little-publicised bedroom-tax defeat

4) The fake ISIS scam

5) The build-up towards a possible war in the Balkans and Middle East

6) The loss of many Tory MP’s to UKIP

Etcetera. etcetera…

Of course, Wills and Kate are themselves living a lie and they probably had little say in whether they wanted another sprog or not.

They are merely a front, used by the real rulers of Britain who operate behind the scenes, to maintain an image that this country is ruled by elegant and regal Royals.

What a bloody joke.

Wills is know to be a raging-homosexual who actually despises Kate and can’t bear to be in her company for any length of time.

He used to own a flat in the notorious Dolphin Square complex where intel services operated a child-abuse blackmail racket and filmed VIP’s with young boys for later use.

In fact, several months ago we were privy to a most disturbing rumour about Prince William.

Allegedly Wills has a plaything who he likes to spend his spare time with.

That plaything is not his son Prince George.

According to this source the plaything is a 10-year old boy.

Is there no f*****g end to this filth?



37 thoughts on “Breaking News: Kate and William expecting baby No 2 (how very convenient)

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    • That is god smacking, who is playing who here. Am lost for words with any and all of these, who on earth tells the truth. Good sound track but odd you chose it given your mans Pete’s so called research into paedophiles ! just saying

  2. I think the UK monarchs wanna be the emperors of the one world government its really the imperialist British establishment who are leading & pushing for the NWO.

  3. Hey Coleman, that’s pretty strong stuff about William. Can you vouch for that source?

    I have read that Kate with her no-knickers has been likened to a temple prostitute – ready for action at the drop of a hat – I had to say hat. LOL

    • You are having a larf……Camilla let it slip – in her cups – that ‘Gold digger Smith’ couldn’t have sprogs….barren apparently. Why do you think that nice Indian lady was suicided? I think she said something along the lines of……both babies are fine….HELLO!!!!!! is it just me?

      • I think this unfortunate woman must have stumbled upon something that she was’n supposed to see.Some “Eyes Wide Shut” kind of ceremony perhaps…

    • Compared to the glorious heights of propaganda! Do you really believe the “William and Kate” love story line? He was told to marry like his father before him. William is gay, get over it. Harry is the straight bro, don’t you know. And if he’s fathering the sprogs they must be desperate cos he’s a Hewitt (oh Di, you went and left and permanent reminder there!)
      Of course the timing stinks but so did the 1981 love match between Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in the summer of the Brixton riots. She was the 80s diversion from the Thatcher onslaught and having served her purpose was dumped (well they both were but Thatcher lived to tell the tale)
      But a 10 year old boy? Now that is pretty shocking.

  4. If the PTB are hoping that this little story will serve as a distraction from keeping our eyes on the ball they’re sadly mistaken. Apart from the fact we will have yet another parasite to keep, WTF gives a damn about this pathetic pair ?

  5. You’ve only got to read the body language to see that Goldsmith prefers Harry’s company to William’s . I wouldn’t have thought Silly Billy was a homosexual …………………..more of a hermaphrodite in my opinion………………like a worm. Maybe the Goldsmith gets her little pleasures from the bro. Who knows? Who cares? One can only speculate.

  6. There is nothing real about this totally screwed up dysfunctional Adams Family…its all a charade. Keeps the masses in there place and lowly. They are fakes and weirdo’s. Nothing would surprise me anymore about this farce that has been played out in fancy dress like a sick pantomime.

    • Some people were saying Kate’s last pregnancy was really a prosthesic bump and it is true that Kate did not show some of the classic signs of a genuine pregnancy such as swollen ankes and a ‘glow’. So who knows? One thing is for sure, a LOT of people will be watching out for signs of fakery this time around.

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  8. Another reason to smile cynically now we are going to have another useless mouth to be fed by the taxpayer.
    Prince Phillip should be up in arms about this population explosion. He’s always banging on about the fact that there are too many people in the World.

  9. Not that I doubt anything in this article but,I need the evidence of Big Willy being a poof before I start telling anyone as they just ain’t going to just take my word for it so,help me out please!..

  10. I can’t believe how naive I’ve been.I knew that the establishment were greedy,selfish,lying,two faced bastards.But I didn’t realise that they were child raping,murderous, criminal,deranged madmen.Who are quite likely being blackmailed by some Mafia or secret service.It was Saville what got me thinking, and I’m utterly disgusted.

  11. Prince Charles does not produce sperm and this is fact rather than speculation. So why are we expected to fund these charlatan “Princes”, let alone Kate and her baby! Does anyone seriously think that Harry would have escaped marriage if he were a true Royal. Prince Charles has medical issues and his marriages to both Diana and Camilla are shams. I truly believe that Diana was murdered for what she knew.

    Queenie used to sleep with her Lady in Waiting because she was “afraid of the dark”.

  12. I want to chime in about the ‘plaything’ … William , and I have met him so I can tell you this, he is a down-to-earth person… goofy.. and he flirts with the girls. I met him at something, before it was known he and Kate were dating. He was sitting next to hear, and he introduced me to everyone but Kate. I introduced myself to her and she rolled her eyes then glared at me and said nothing in return.

    • That is Barren Kate’s basic behaviour – God, those Middletons are low, grasping creatures. But William is a sly, arrogant character. Has the backbone of a worm.

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