Alan Farthing and Britain’s dirty secrets

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It was comforting to find that beloved Royal gynaecologist, Alan Farthing, will once again be in charge of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy.

Alan, who spends an unhealthy amount of time fiddling around in the Queen’s nether regions, can always be relied upon by the British Establishment to take part in one of their delightful scams.

In 2012, with his turkey baster at the ready, Doc Farthing worked a bit of gynae -magic and hey presto Prince George was on the way.

Kate and Wills apparently had George via surrogacy and it was all going swimmingly until poor old nurse, Jacinda Saldanha, found out about the ruse.

She was soon silenced with a convenient ‘suicide’ death and the ‘pregnancy’ continued unabated.

Of course, because Doc Farthing is now so deeply entrenched in the conspiracy, he’s had no choice but to be party to the delivery of royal baby number two.

Alan has had a meteoric rise through the medical profession and was the youngest ever physician to take control of the Royal’s private parts.

Some might query how non-descript Al has managed to reach such dizzy heights in such a short space of time.

The answer might lie in the VIP paedophile-ring linked to the BBC, Royalty and Government,

BBC presenter Jill Dando was mysteriously befriended by both Alan and Cliff Richard shortly before she was shot point-blank in the head on her doorstep.

After a whirlwind romance she became engaged to Alan and they made plans to marry.

Unbeknownst to poor Jill, she was being fitted up by the Establishment who knew she was aware of the abuse-ring and was going to publish her findings.

Cliff and Alan had both been coerced into finding out exactly what Jill was up to and then monitor and feedback to intel agencies about her movements.

On the day of her shooting in Fulham, only Alan and Cliff knew of her exact whereabouts and that she was planning to return to her Gowan Avenue home.

Alan pretended that he had unwittingly seen Jill’s killer and had somehow forgotten to tell the police but this was all part of the plot.

According to a Mirror article in 1999:

” MURDERED TV star Jill Dando’s fiancé came face to face with one of her assassins just before she was gunned down, the Sunday People can reveal.

Dr Alan Farthing thought nothing of the man sat in a Range-Rover parked near his London house as he left for work on Monday.

But when detectives told Dr Farthing they were hunting a mystery Range- Rover he recalled in horror he had seen it outside his house.

Cops have told him they believe the dark-haired motorist was acting as a lookout for the gunman lurking outside Jill’s nearby home.

A friend said last night: “Poor Alan went pale when he realised the connection.

“Now he is wracked with guilt and remorse that he could have in some way stopped the murder if he had reported the car.

“Everyone has told Alan – especially the police – that he must not blame himself. There was no reason for him to be suspicious.


“But he cannot get over the fact that he may have come face to face with the killer.”

A police source said: “We feel very sorry for Dr Farthing. It has caused him great pain to think he could have seen the killer.

“He is helping us as much as he can and it makes us even more resolved to hunt down her killers.”’S+CAR%3B+Grieving+Alan+’torn+apart+by+guilt’+for…-a060161212

An innocent man Barry George was deliberately framed for the murder and spent 8 years in prison before he was freed.

So you see with his links to deaths, suicides, and fake pregnancies, it’s clear that Alan Farthing is no ordinary gynaecologist.

Not by a bloody long shot.

He’s actually a fully paid-up member of the vile British Establishment.

Will this filth never end?

RIP Jill Dando.


32 thoughts on “Alan Farthing and Britain’s dirty secrets

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  2. check out the connection with the POW, aka the Prince of Greyness, has with this guy and his facility and consider why Charles acted more like a new father than a Grandfather…Jacinda Saldanha may have been strangled to keep her quiet, but that operation involving the Aussie idiots must have taken some planning – how come Jacinda did not talk at some stage, especially given that the prank was three days before the death? It is more likely that she was a sacrificial offering given the nature of her strangulation and her religion, and she being found with “injuries to her wrists” as was Robin Williams….

    The Romans always preferred their sacrifices to come from subjugated races. The death reportedly occurred 12:7:12, the preliminary inquest 12:13:12, and full inquest is due September 11-12 this year. Kate entered hospital for four days from 12:2:12 until12:6-:2. Now read up on what the 3rd is….and wonder what may have happened to Jacinda Saldanha and what she may have known or been witness to…or the subject of…

    Question, do the Prince of Wales (POW) and Elizabeth Regina (ER) together make the POWER? They like to think so, I guess…remember that it was the Wolf Bros, Romulus and Remus who started Rome, and it is still the progeny of Romulus which is reaming us, it seems…Wolf, Guelf, Welf…same pack of dogs been at it for all this time…

  3. Your pen is on fire these days, Coleman – great work as always. So many diversions & lies & cover-ups among the filth. I hope the end game begins for them soon. They don’t deserve to breathe the same air as humans do.

  4. I do believe he is innocent but why isn’t Barry George screaming from the rooftops for compensation? Strange. I always trust my instincts and they immediately told me that Farting ( ooops! ) was a wrong ‘un.

    • There was a case for compensation and it was thrown out by a very ‘just judge’. What amazes me is how the British people sit back in their armchairs and ignore such criminal injustices until it happen to them, of course, and then they whinge and whine like the selfish indifferent arseholes that they are.

      • To be fair, a lot of Brits have rather more immediate concerns at the moment, e.g. holding down more than one job just to keep their kids warm, fed and clothed.

      • To be fair many of them also know there is now a vibrant Alternative Media out here at the click of their mouse, but rather than investigate they in their ignorance just brush it aside as a haven for a bunch whack jobs and looney conspiracy theorists.

        The interwebs are the equivalent of the British Library, and some, at our finger tips and a miracle in terms of valuable information for people to do some research, but no they would rather spend their time watching X factor, booking their next holiday or addling their minds watching brain numbing infantile soaps. Microscopic inward looking doesn’t even come near.

        The reality is if they did their research they would soon learn they are being screwed financially up and down, inside and out and sideways and one wage earner would be more than enough working part time.

    • A very strong resemblance. Alan Farthing could easily have followed Jill to Fulham and got there before she arrived as she had stopped off to buy fax cartridges. He was the only one who knew she was heading to her home. The e-fit is not just a resemblance of Farthing it is absolutely identical. Why kill her? Perhaps she had decided not to marry him. He was already recently divorced and had only known Jill a very short time before their engagement. I smell a rat.

  5. Mr George is probably not screaming from the roof tops for compensation because he is terrified. The paedo filth locked him up for 8 years when he was TOTALLY innocent and have, I wouldn’t be surprised, told him to keep quiet or get more of the same.
    Incidentally the copper in charge of the Barry George fit up, Andy Redwood, is now in charge of the “investigation” of the McCann “abduction” in Portugal. He’s been there about 6 months… all expenses paid of course.

  6. The whole lot are coming into the glare now….MI5 have had their day and the whole nation is watching these filth. The day of reckoning is coming and I would not like to be in their shoes once this kicks off. No where to run and nowhere to hide. The Blood moon is rising and it don’t like the Jews.

  7. I heard Prince Edward was conceived in an unusual way: the Duke of Edinburgh had a wank whilst taking a bath and the Queen jumped in after he’d finished.

  8. Sinister happenings about nurse killing herself over a silly joke nope it just wont wash. Some very evil things went down behind those hospital doors.

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