Margaret Hodge, stolen children, corrupt social workers and the VIP paedophile connection

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Time and time again we hear tell of social services departments across the UK turning a blind eye to complaints of wide-scale child abuse rings and in some cases being implicated in them.

Who the hell gave them the power to snatch children in the first place and why would they?

One of the most horrific paedophile scandals involved Islington Council and led to the tragic death of Jason Swift.

Thousands of children were abused with the full complicity of the council and whistle-blower social workers were vilified or sacked.

The disgusting piece of filth, aka Margaret Hodge MP, was part of the Islington Mossad Mafia and was an integral player in the procurement of boys who were snatched from homes and raped and often murdered.

She has, quite unbelievably, been allowed to put her councillor son-in-law Joe Caluori, in charge of a new white-wash investigation into the scandal.

Hodge (nee Oppenheimer) is best pals with some of the scummiest, most psychopathic, bastards ever to have walked this earth.

They include Tony Blair, Peter Mandeslon and Charlie Falconer, to name but a few.

Blair has recently been in the news because of his links to the Lambeth care-home ring which again saw social workers supplying boys for politicians.

Hodge’s family the Oppenheimers are close chums with the sadistic, money-grabbing Rothschild, who run Britain from behind the shadows.

What a f*****g shower of shyte.

Her nephew Philip Hodge was holidaying at the Praia de Luz complex at the same time as Maddie McCann disappeared.

Her late husband, Henry Hodge, ran a solicitor’s firm Hodge, Jones and Allen.

We have it on very good authority that they have worked with corrupt and lying social workers in order to deliberately to snatch children from loving parents.

Was Margaret Hodge behind this vile travesty of justice?

Did she want to ensure her political buddies had a steady stream of lads to bugger?

Most definitely, yes.

You see, when Blair promoted Hodge to Children’s Minister, one of the first pieces of legislation she concocted was the horrific 1989 Children’s Act.

Under the guise of ‘ putting the child first’, what the CA actually legalised was much more sinister.

It came jam-packed with many, many nefarious clauses that strengthened social workers legal rights to put children into care and also to gag parents with the threat of prison if they dared to speak up.

It all makes sense now that we know what sort of person Hodge really is and why she was hell-bent on increasing the powers given to social services.

Once you realise what the bigger master plan was, it all falls into place.

So many loving parents have suffered unimaginable pain because of the sick machinations of Hodge and Blair et, al, and some may never see their children again.

In the London borough of Richmond, it’s now been reported that social services knew full well that children were being abused at the Elm Guest house.

In Sunderland, former Director of Social Services, Colin Smart, tried in vain to alert his superiors about abuse taking place in children’s homes but was vilified and dragged in front of the High Court for his efforts.

According to a report by Nick Davies:

Cover-up has become part of the story of child abuse, particularly in the children’s homes which were swept by a wave of rape and assault during the last three decades. Over and over again, somewhere in the midst of this wave, a lonely figure would appear, yelling for help, only to be ignored or submerged by the powers that should have reached out a hand.

In North Wales, it was Alison Taylor, the manager of a children’s home, who spent five years banging on the door of her employers at Gwynedd Council, the police, the Welsh Office, the Department of Health, and the Social Services Inspectorate. All turned her away. Undaunted, she compiled a dossier of 75 separate allegations, won the backing of two local councillors and finally secured the conviction of four men for an orgy of abuse. As a result, the Government finally ordered the vast public inquiry which has now heard nearly 300 former residents of homes make detailed complaints of physical and sexual assault against 148 adults.

By that time, however, Alison Taylor had been suspended and sacked.”

In the case of Mr X, Bryn Alyn, Westminster Council and the Dolphin Square scandal we find that, rather than stopping child-abuse taking place in children’s homes, social services departments were actually throwing millions of pounds at the owners.

If, as we’re now beginning to discover, a wide-scale VIP child-abuse ring has been operating in the U.K. for decades, who’s been supplying children to the filthy abusers?

Who else could it be but social services?

Under the guise of ” child protection”, disgusting social workers have been able to gain a steady stream of victims from often poor and powerless families who’ve been unable to fight the system of secret courts and harrassing social services.

According to the Telegraph:

” Hundreds of social services staff accused of disciplinary breaches, including paedophile offences, were left free to look after vulnerable people while decisions about whether they should be suspended or struck off were delayed.

Hearings into their cases were put off for months, and in some cases years, so that the regulator could delay paying the costs, according to a report for ministers. Some of the most serious cases were abandoned with “little or no” investigation, by staff who felt under pressure to shelve cases regardless of the dangers to the public.”

Many decent social workers have deserted the profession, or been sacked, and that’s left the gate wide open for only ruthless, aggressive, and sociopathic social workers to remain.

Are these not the perfect characteristics needed for guilt-free child-snatching to satisfy VIP abuse rings?

Just what Margaret Hodge wanted.

Does she rub her hands in glee when yet another family is split apart and she can offer a child up to one of her sordid, raping, murderous chums?

Yes, she bloody well does.

But we have a word of warning for Hodge, her pals and her gang of sicko social workers.

This vile injustice, which has not been seen since the biblical times of Pharaoh, will soon be over and they will find themselves on the receiving end of the most mighty of punishments for what they’ve done.

In fact, they’ll regret the day they were f*****g born.

The axeman cometh.

It’s only a matter of time…


25 thoughts on “Margaret Hodge, stolen children, corrupt social workers and the VIP paedophile connection

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  2. The glue that holds the whole sickening thing together is starting to drip away. This will cause a Tsunami of emotion in this country. They will be dragged through the Boroughs of this country and strung up. That is a day of reckoning Coleman, they truly are a tribe of sickening vile degenerates, Hanging is too good for the scum that have gained positions of power. They are truly a parasitic curse on this planet. Good riddance to this Evil race of Zionist scum.

  3. Tick tock, tick tock…… it’s just a matter of time for Lizzie scumbag and your ilk, watch the clocks as they tick and tock. And sew your diamonds into your frocks – just having a laugh ? Well you lot have been taking the piss for years, it’s about time you faced the music – and jacked.

  4. It beggars believe that we pay these people to look after children and we sit here and do nothing ,perhaps it’s time to stop paying taxes to a rotten government and kick them all out of their jobs, 40per cent of our money goes to keep them abusing ,it’s sick , and they’re obviously sick people time for men in white coats to take them away

  5. Remember the stories of a couple (m & f) arriving at the houses of people, I think they may have had Social Work involvement, claiming to be Social Workers and trying to remove children. Allegedly if challenged they would eventually back down and leave. There were quite a few of these incidents reported. I don’t think it was always the same people but they were well dressed, plausible and were going to the right homes. I wonder how these fit together with what we know now about political, security service and known offender involvement in the paedophile ring supply line.

  6. Social worker’s are taught that when a couple split up always blame the man, in court if you have to lie, lie for the womann involved, it makes me sick.

    Please see the England is Ours website because they have a campaign here for abused children

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  8. Watch out for the Names Denis (social worker) and Aideen Jones Aideen Jones, formerly chief executive of Southdown Housing Association (OBE) in 2013 who worked at Bryn Alyn..

  9. Well this one went under the radar to some extent. Because of recent events I thought it was worth a re-visit. The man is surely insane and the British Labour Party had this insane man as their leader from 1994 to 2007. Surely they must have seen through him by the end.

  10. Social workers in willenhall Coventry BeckyOBourne and Emma Lane …have made my life hell and traumatised my kids soon they will legally take my kids because i am being accused of Neglect when it is all lies ..
    My kids statements have been ignored but
    replaced with more lies
    I cannot take any more i cannot watch the evil bastards take my kids
    they can say what they want and we have no say in a court which is corrupt and dis honest

  11. Emma Lane had my kids sold before they had rigged a case based on lies false statments corrupt docters and police ..
    I am accused of being a bad parent that neglects my in many ways all total lies .
    my parental rights stole my human rights violated
    i cannot even proove the lies i could becauae a solicitor is also working for them .
    my heart has been ripped to shreads i cannot watch
    this happen i will do anything to protect my kids but feel it will not be enough i done Absolutely NOTHING wrong and

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