A word of warning to Britain’s CSA criminals: Parietes habent aures

Walls have ears.

We have a word of warning for the malevolent filth out there who are trying to keep a lid on the exposure of Britain’s VIP paedophile rings.

As you meet in darkened rooms, in your secret societies, in your synagogues, in your ‘gentlemen’s clubs, in your freemasonic halls and in your palaces, planning your next nefarious move, know this.

Your secrets wont be secret for very much longer- you have our word on that.

You can try every trick in your satanic book but it will make no difference at all.

Very shortly, a tidal wave of evidence will be unleashed that will expose to the whole world the depravity and sickness of your crimes.

Did you not know that in ancient Roman times, many  Emperors were bought down because shocking information was leaked to the public by apparently trustworthy insiders?

Through these insiders, the Latin phrase ” Parietes habent aures” , which literally translates as ” the walls have ears”, was born.

According to a passage by Ammianus Marcellinus, a Roman author who wrote about the fall of the Empire:

Excogitatum est super his, ut homines quidam ignoti, vilitate ipsa parum cavendi ad colligendos rumores per Antiochiae latera cuncta destinarentur relaturi quae audirent. […] ideoque etiam parietes arcanorum soli conscii timebantur.”

After these events, it was devised that certain unknown men, who were little to be feared on account of their utter unimportance, were sent to gather rumores throughout all the corners of Antioch and to report back what they heard. […]

And so even the walls, the lone confidantes of secrets, were feared.”


Your child-raping and murderous ways have been recorded and will be used against you when you least expect it.

Proof of your own vile antics will cause your much-deserved downfall and bring justice at last to abuse victims who you hold in such contempt.

Be aware then: ” Parietes habent aures”

Walls have ears.

Your dirty secrets will soon be laid bare for all the world to see.

It’s only a matter of time…


41 thoughts on “A word of warning to Britain’s CSA criminals: Parietes habent aures

    • We all know their names Sean but real justice will come through factual, evidential exposure.

      Once the evidence is released it will pass like wildfire over the net and they will be unable to stop it.

      Despite appearances to the contrary, they’re absolutely petrified behind the scenes and working flat-out to orchestrate a cover-up.

      Although it’s frustrating waiting for the breakthrough, when it finally comes it will rock this country to its very foundations.

      We are winning and they know it.

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  2. When I left the care home I was in in 1980 I went to the police and they almost laughed me out of the station, and many of the other boys had an identical experience.

    The police kept no records and even today 1400 kids abused in Rotherham and the police did nothing about it.

    I have a friend at the BBC and she said Simon Callow the actor is a big suspect, I had never heard of him and meant to google him.

  3. I am with the good people who tirelessly and fearlessly work to expose this. There are many people now in the US who know that Princess Diana was murdered! thanks for what you do!

  4. The names are getting out there, and you can be sure those who have violated children are bricking it. Little by little the truth is being revealed.

  5. “Your secrets wont be secret for very much longer- you have our word on that.”

    Who and when is it going to be revealed? Especially who? Do you know the “who”?

    We all talk about the “evidence” endlessly but nobody takes any notice or actually does anything. The mainstream World continues without the slightest concern. Many sites are chucking endless muck at the wall but none of it sticks.

    Dear Coleman, with all due respect, when I see:- “Very shortly, a tidal wave of evidence will be unleashed that will expose to the whole world the depravity and sickness of your crimes.” I have to ask. Who and when? Do you know know the who? Do you know the when? Or is this just a feeling you have.

    • Mr. Silver, your question makes no sense to me at least for one. Terrible grammar!!
      When Mr. Coleman makes a statement like that, things do tend to happen. He has inside info clearly. A little patience on your part wouldn’t go amiss. 😉

  6. MPS to get 10% payrise

    Marcial Boo admits using NLP when he was a teacher !
    Common Purpose speak of diversity and changing values.

    So does Marcial Boo

    The NAO has recently reintroduced a
    new set of Values, tell us about that?
    I’m really pleased about this. I happened to be the one to recommend these words (Independent, Authoritative, Collaborative
    and Fair) after having talked to people in various workshops. Now five months on,the debate has moved away from whether we should have values and what the words should be – they’ve been accepted quite naturally. People are now thinking
    about how they should be embedded in
    everything we do. The values have already helped shape our Diversity Strategy and the review of our Performance Management System which is great.

    CIA mind kontrol programs have been long been associated with images of butterflies.

    A young Marcial Boo (21) wrote a book, he mentioned this in 2012.

    “I wanted to work with words,
    and maybe be a writer of some
    kind. I published a children’s
    book when I was 21. Words are
    important in my role at the NAO”

    the childrens book is entitled “The Butterfly Kiss”

    According to online reviews

    The butterfly finally finds a home when a grandfather and grandchild accept the butterfly kiss.

    Used for “UGH…Bugs!” Storytime-September, 2010.

    sources http://www.nao.org.uk/keep-in-touch/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2013/05/In_Touch_June-2012.pdf


    So how are you so good at
    communicating and where do you get
    your confidence from?
    I’m a natural introvert but I am genuinely interested in people and I enjoy hearing from others’ experience. I learned thatthe trick is sometimes to tell yourself that
    you’re good at something you’re nervous about (such as presenting to large groups)even if you’ve not done it before. It really works. It’s a tip I learned from NLP
    (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) when I
    was a teacher many decades ago.

  7. Marcial Boo gets excited about firing a tazer & working with MI5 before 7/7.

    Is Marcial Boo a Common Purpose graduate ? He speaks of “making a difference”.

    Thirdly, it would have to be the NAO…
    the Knowledge, Communications and
    Strategy team are great. I really enjoy that we can come up with an idea, execute it and then have people notice that it’s made a difference.

    What has been your favourite
    experience in the world of work?
    Working for David Blunkett was quite an interesting time.

    The other most interesting experience
    was when I worked at the Home Office
    when Counter Terrorism had become a
    major issue. It was just after 9/11, but before the London 7/7 bombings, and I was responsible for leading CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) threats. I had a team of scientists, police officers, civil servants and emergency planners, and my job was
    to ensure that we were safe from threat and able to deal with it if it happened. I worked with MI5 and got to see some pretty interesting things…I was once allowed to fire a Taser gun among many other things.

    source Page 8 & 9


  8. As hospitals are closed … Filthy Parliamentary Benefit Parasites are rewarded again. Where is their 10% increase in performance what of “austerity” what of “equality”

    MPs’ pay will rise by 10 per cent next year, taking their salaries to £74,000, the new head of Parliament’s expenses watchdog has said, despite warnings from David Cameron that such an increase would be “simply unacceptable”.

    Marcial Boo, the chief executive of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), said that MPs did an important job and should not be paid “a miserly amount” for their services.

    Boo who is a bit a luvvie is a fellow of the Young Foundation.

    According to The Young Foundation


    The UK is the fourth most unequal society in the world, threatening our wellbeing and undermining out economy. There is growing evidence and increasing public and political awareness that our society is becoming less equal and more divided between the “have” and “have nots”.

    As predicated by Michel Young as early as the 1950′s these growing social gaps are limiting the potential of millions of individual people and weakening the very fabric of the society we all us of rely on.

    Actions of course speak louder than words.

    It seems that despite his sexed up philothanpic facade Marcial Boo is in reality working towards a less equal society by rewarding feckless and filthy MPs with a fat undeserved payrise.

    On the upside he has managed to further undermine the already shitty public image of the WESTMINSTER HOUSE OF FILTH bringing forward the day it will crumble into the cess pit of history.

  9. Coleman, I think you are being very optimistic – or maybe just naive – to believe that justice is going to be done regarding the many people you accuse of these vile crimes. Of course, they should be punished – if guilty, but I don’t believe that those in high positions will be. A few minions might be sacrificed in an attempt to satisfy the call for justice – and that’s what has been happening lately of course. The problem is that most people don’t believe (or don’t care) what you and others are saying about the elite of this country. So I think you’re fighting for a cause that’s already lost. The really important thing is to ensure that children are kept safe now and in the future. There is clearly value, though, in making those who would abuse their power (and children) aware of the fact that their dark secrets are now much harder to keep. That is probably the real value in what you and others are doing: you are (inadvertently) helping to reform these sinners – although, I’m sure you’d disagree! But try to imagine what Jesus would say about all this…

      • Or maybe: ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’. I imagine there might be something about love and forgiveness said as well? The point I was really trying to make is that the kind of spiteful, hate-filled diatribes that Mr Coleman is so fond of do not do him or his ‘followers’ any good whatsoever. It achieves nothing and merely stirs up a poisonous and paranoid lust for baseless revenge! People who harm others are always punished eventually, in ways we often don’t see or understand. There is enough violence and hatred in this world already…and what you put out you get more of in return. I think everyone should try to think (and feel) of better ways to make this world a better place – and it starts within ourselves.

    • “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea”.

      Matthew 18:6 KJV

  10. We know the who! we know the how! and we know the why…The names are all out there. They are protected and have set up their own walls….we are the ones who must tare their walls down now. It is time to set our own courts of justice up we have enough evidence to put them all away for a very long time. Diago Garcia would be ideal, cut them off from civilisation and make it a holding ground for the criminally insane inbred . No-one is safe until this happens and I mean no-one. Just let us get on with this or there will be no tomorrows.

  11. Idque apud imperitos humanitas vocabatur, cum pars servitutis esset
    Translation: Because they didn’t know better, they called it ‘civilization,’ when it was part of their slavery.
    Gaius Cornelius Tacitus

  12. Zandvoort Files,83.000 images of horrific abuse,even babys in the images with wires hanging out of them,all part of the electro shock treatment.We now have several parents who s children are in the vile images.These children were taken into care children by the Dutch courts and judges for there own wel being,instead like fucking predators the so called elite abused them in a horrific manner.
    In the U.K / NL its allways taken into care children who suffer this horror,WHEN THEY RUN AWAY ,WHO BRINGS THEM BACK THE FILTH POLICE ,

  13. @ AW & Ruby Harper

    The BBC IS full of “raving queer thespians” plus another shedload of raving queers who are not thespians,

    People like Dale WInton, Michael (now done a runner, and we all know why) Barrymore are modern examples of what has been going on there for years, (Godfrey Winn was known as ‘Winifred’ back in the ’50s). Who actually WANTED to see the pathetic Larry Grayson, “Danny La Rue” and their ilk? Not very many, but the British people had it thrown at them and were almost forced to watch their mind numbing tripe. There are hundreds more within the BBC as staff. We need as license payers to have a way of withholding the annual t.v. license payment and so “No more” until you flush the infestation which will be like flushing the Augean stables

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