Why the bloody hell is Fiona Woolf heading the CSA Inquiry?

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If you thought for one minute that Theresa May and David Cameron are serious about investigating VIP child-abuse in this country it’s time to think again.

The announcement today that Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf will be replacing Elizabeth Butler-Sloss as head of the CSA inquiry is all the proof we need that a major establishment  cover-up is on the cards.


Fiona Woolf is a top-ranking lawyer and close ally of the money-laundering bankers who operate from the City of London financial quarter.

She is allegedly related to Baron Harry Woolf, the former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.

Harry Woolf was instrumental in denying a right of appeal for Barry George who was falsely imprisoned for 8 years for the murder of Crimewatch presenter, Jill Dando.

His Wikipedia entry contains some most interesting facts:

” Woolf was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, on 2 May 1933, to Alexander Susman Woolf and his wife Leah (née Cussins). His grandfather Harry was a naturalised Briton of Polish or Russian Jewish origins.”

”  He  went to Fettes College, an Edinburgh public school, where he mostly enjoyed his time and had supportive friends; however, being the only Jewish pupil he was teased and occasionally bullied”

” Woolf, an Ashkenazi Jew, first met his wife Marguerite Sassoon, a Sephardi Jew, at a social event which was organised by a mutual friend at the National Liberal Club. ”


By a strange coincidence, Mossad rent-boy, Tony Blair also attended Fettes, along with his very close chum Charlie Falconer:

” According to the Aangirfan website, Tony Blair attended a private boarding school called Fettes, in Edinburgh.

One of his teachers, Knox Cunningham, was involved in a high-level paedophile ring.

Blair, who liked to call himself Miranda, absolutely adored Cunningham.

By a strange coincidence, the Fettesgate Scandal of the early 90′s uncovered a “magic circle” of corruption and rent-boys allegations going to the very top of the Scottish Legal system.

” A group of gay judges and lawyers were conspiring to ensure soft treatment for homosexual criminals, or so went the rumour that spread through Edinburgh legal circles in the late 1980s.

The talk was of a “magic circle” reaching the highest levels of the Scottish legal system and the potential blackmail of judges by “rent boys”.


Tony Blair went to school with political weirdo Charlie Falconer, who lives in Islington:

” The friendship between Tony Blair and Charles Falconer goes back 30 years to when they were both at school in Scotland. But they have always made a curious pair.”

”  He and Blair first met as teenagers, in the latter’s room at Fettes”.

” Falconer’s Islington home was the venue for campaign meetings during Blair’s drive to become Labour leader, and shortly before the election.”

” Falconer is one of the least known members of the Blair circle. But his appointment to 14 ministerial committees last week as “the eyes and ears of the Prime Minister”, as one member of the Government put it, confirmed what everyone suspected. Lord Falconer, known affectionately at the Cabinet Office as “the man with his shirt hanging out”, is one of the most powerful and important men in Britain.”


In a curious twist, Fiona Woolf sits on a board of trustees with Charles Falconer:


Falconer also acts as a shady Mr Fix-It in the House of Lords along with Rothschild bumboy, Peter Mandelson.

It’s highly likely they know all about the VIP abuse ring which has been operating within the UK for decades and may have lots of important information for investigating officers.

Mandelson, Blair and Falconer were all neighbours of Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge who was implicated in the Islington care-home abuse rings.

Hodge knows all about covering up for her political chums sick predilections.

She is also personally responsible for bringing in disgusting changes to the Children’s Act which strengthened the power of social workers to steal children from loving families and throw them into abusive council-run homes.

By a bizarre coincidence, her nephew Philip Edmonds, was holidaying at the same resort with Madeleine McCann just before she disappeared:


Former top-tory, Leon Brittan, has long been suspected of being involved in the Elm Guest House boy-brothel scandal.

Despite this fact he has never been hauled in for questioning by the Met.

His cousin is Malcolm Rifkind who controls all British Intel agencies and works for Israel on the sly.


Quite incredibly, it has now emerged that Brittan and his wife are close work colleagues and personal friends of Fiona Woolf.

Talk about a bloody conflict of interests- it’s more like a full-scale war.


Another dubious peer is child-raping scum, Greville Janner.

Janner, who has a penchant for sodomising young lads in care homes, has conveniently developed dementia and can’t be quizzed about his crimes.


Harry Woolf once wrote a book with Janner called ‘ I Am Jewish’:


Janner was  nominated for his knighthood by Tony Blair and is absolutely adored by Times editor Danny Finkelstein.

The brother of Finkelstein runs the Jill Dando UCL Crime Institute along with her former co-presenter Nick Ross.

Nick Ross pretended to grieve for Jill but was actually party to the conspiracy to kill her because she was about to blow the lid on the paedophile-rings.


Ross recently said he’d watch child-porn given half the chance.

He is married to the cousin of Esther Rantzen and is involved with both Crimestoppers and Childline which are front organisations used to filter out victims of VIP abuse and silence them.

In a macabre twist, the former editor of Crimewatch is Angela Neuberger.


Her husband, Lord Neubereger, is the highest judge in the land and used to work for the Rothschilds.


He recently claimed that social media is out of control and Twitter should be sanctioned.

On of his closest friends within the judiciary is none other than Baron Harry Woolf.


So you see is it any wonder Theresa and Dave want Fiona to head the CSA inquiry?

In their eyes she’s the ultimate establishment cover-up queen.

But a word of warning to the treacherous filth who rule this country from behind the scenes.

If you think the appointment of your tainted pal Fiona Woolf is going to prevent the whole truth about Britain’s dirty secrets being revealed you’re even more f*****g deluded than we thought.

Get it straight you scumbags.

It’s way too late for your pathetic charade now.

The clock is ticking…it’s only a matter of time.










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  2. Reblogged this on Floating-voter and commented:
    Fiona Woolf to replace Butler-Sloss as chair of child sex abuse inquiry
    City of London lord mayor to lead inquiry into historical abuse after Butler-Sloss stepped down over potential conflict of interest – Ya couldn’t make this shit up!!

  3. Oh very well said! With this appointment, I was beginning to despair of truth and justice ever being afforded the victims of child sexual abuse, but you have given me heart again. Onward & upward!

  4. We have seen the dementia ruse before. The Guiness trial involving the related to Rifkind & Brittan Ronson family.

    There we all were in the Court of Appeal press gallery listening to what promised to be a long- haul medical debate on whether Ernest Saunders was suffering from pre-senile dementia. Beneath us sat banks of bewigged lawyers. And there was Ernest, ashen faced, out on a day trip from Ford Open Prison where he was serving five years for fraud. An eminent neurologist was attempting to show, with the help of flip charts, diagrams and scans, that Ernest’s brain was abnormally small for a man of his age. It was showing shrinkage of the type normally associated with disease. “Well there you are,” whispered the man from the Sun. “Not even Ernest is capable of conning a brain scanner.” A few weeks later, Ernest was released, having served only 10 months of his sentence.

    Five years on and Ernest appears to have made a recovery so miraculous that he is now heading a consortium bid for Queen’s Park Rangers, the football team he first sponsored while chief executive of Guinness. To some extent he is also succeeding in rewriting history. His offences, the organisation of a secret share support operation of unparalleled scale and the payment of pounds 25m to his co-conspirators, are now seen by some as little more than a series of largely technical breaches of City rules. Many think him unfairly treated.

    And here is the third thing you need to know about Ernest. He is essentially an outsider, a fact that explains both his determination to succeed and his refusal to accept compromise. The son of well to do Austrian Jewish emigres, he was bullied at school because of his German accent. Later he changed his name to one picked out of the telephone book.


  5. The Guinness share trading fraud was one of the most famous British business scandals of the 1980s. Guinness shares were to be inflated in order to assist its takeover by the Scottish drinks company Distillers. Ernest Saunders, Gerald Ronson, Jack Lyons and Anthony Parnes were the perpetrators of this crime. They were caught after testimony by an American stock trader Ivan Boesky. Three of the defendants served a prison sentence while one of them Lyons did not because of poor health. Three members of the scandal were British Jews which led to accusations of anti-Semitism in the pursuit of the perpetrators.

    A secondary trial was also conducted against Patrick Spens and Roger Seelig. This case however collapsed and charges against them were dropped.Despite their acquittal, the defendants had to pay heavy lawyer’s fees and suffered a loss of business. An official reports released by the DTI stated that the biggest buyer of Guinness shares was J Rothschild Holdings, the investment group then led by Lord Rothschild. His company spent an estimated twenty eight million pounds which exceeded the twenty five million support from companies owned by Gerald Ronson (Milne, 1995).

    Find out more from UK Essays here: http://www.ukessays.com/essays/finance/guinness-share-trading-scandal.php

    • I’m reading a Philip Pullman book at present and he has the Canaanite woman who approached Jesus to help her sick daughter as a Gentile……Jesus is reported as saying he was there to help Israel not Gentiles…….I’m confused.

      • He came primarily for Israel and the Israelite peoples who are not one nation, they are twelve nations or twelve tribes. Each of Jacob’s sons was a Patriarch i.e. twelve progenitors of twelve nations, not one.

        However, He gave His disciples strict instructions to go only to the Ten Lost Tribes scattered abroad:

        Mat 10:5-6 (KJV) These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: 6 But go rather to the lost sheep of The House of Israel.

        Only Paul went to the so called ‘gentiles’. The problem here though is this word ‘gentile’ which is a Latin word, not a Greek (NT) or Hebrew (OT) word (the original languages of the Scriptures). Gentile means someone who is not a Roman citizen and has nothing to do with being a non-Israelite. Herein lies considerable confusion which I am still working on.

        These are The Twelve Tribes of Israel:

        (Ephraim – Joseph’s son – Birthright Inheritors) England and Her Commonwealth Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa – now given away.

        (Manasseh – Joseph’s son – joint Birthright Inheritors) Anglo-Saxon USA

        (Simeon) Scotland and Scottish descendants elsewhere.

        (Levi and The Levites – The Priesthood) Wales and Welsh descendants elsewhere, plus the Cornish and The Walloons of Belgium.

        (Judah – Royalty) Northern Ireland and Scotland.

        (Dan) Southern Ireland.

        (Benjamin) Norway – Iceland – Denmark.

        (Zebulon) Holland and the Dutch elsewhere.

        (Reuben) Northern Gallic France – The Franks are Germanic.

        (Issachar) Switzerland.

        (Naphtali) Finland.

        (Gad) Belgium

        (Asher) Sweden

        The Jews are Canaanites, not Israelites hence Yashua Messiah called the Canaanite woman a dog – which would make Him a racist by today’s PC Pharisee standards.

      • By the way thanks for your history of the Twelve Tribes….I have read “Joseph And His Brothers” – by Thomas Mann and gleaned some more information on those times…..

  6. During the time Edward Heath was Prime Minister, Peter Wright (who wrote Spy Catcher) contacted the London Metropolitan police about reports from young lads that they were being taken from childrens homes and being sexually abused and Heath’s name was just one of those mentioned.

    I knew one of the investigating officers who told me they had been shut down from the top and Peter Wright told to butt out. The policeman I knew said all the police were very angry as we were all family men.

    Peter Wright believed as did a group of intelligence men, that high level traitors still existed within British Intelligence and some how the abuse of these boys was linked with this.

    Whistle-blowers in the intelligence services have their old age pensions withheld, and when Peter Wright retired and the government tried to swindle him out of his pension because he rocked the boat over the abuse of boys.

    But Peter moved to Tasmania and fought back by publishing spycatcher, Lord Rothschild insisted the first chapter be taken out and said he would ask for Peter’s pension to be reinstated if he dropped the book, the government office said no to his pension and if he published he would go to prison, Peter then had it published.

    Sir Anthony Blunt claimed the royal family were secret jews and participated in child sacrifice, particularly the Queen Mother.

    (Please note this is not my real name or email address)

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  11. .Why do the Muslims really want Israel for?! Is it the Ark of the Covenant that everyone is after?! including the Satanic power. remember jimmy savile?!

  12. Palestinians were moved from their land to make way for Jewish refugees after WW2. The Jews were given the best lands and access to seaports. There was no real way of determining whether they were actually Jewish or not, the US wanted influence in the Middle East and Israel was created in1948. Churchill and Roosevelt had big hands in it. They knew they were stirring up a hornets nest, placing Jews on former Muslim held lands.

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