Breaking News: Joan Rivers is Dead

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Decrepit hag, Joan Rivers, has died in strange circumstances following throat surgery.

The announcement was made by her daughter Melissa.

According to the Mail:

” Legendary comedienne Joan Rivers died in a Manhattan hospital today, a week after she went into cardiac arrest during a routine throat procedure.

In a statement, her daughter Melissa said the 81-year-old passed away peacefully, surrounded by her family.

The legendary comedienne was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital a week ago after going into cardiac arrest during an outpatient procedure on her vocal chords at another clinic, which is now under investigation.”

Of course, what the pathetic Mail conveniently forgot to mention were the disgusting comments made by Rivers during the recent Israeli assault on Gaza, where she sickeningly claimed that Palestinians ‘deserved to die’.

When told by a reporter that 2,000 people had died in the conflict, she replied:

Good. Good. When you declare war, you declare war. They started it. We now don’t count who’s dead. You’re dead, you deserve to be dead. Don’t you dare make me feel bad about that.”

“They were told to get out. They didn’t get out. You don’t get out, you are an idiot. At least the ones that were killed were the ones with low IQs.”

By a strange coincidence, shortly before her death, she also claimed that President Obama is gay and Michelle Obama is a transvestite.

It’s most likely the White House were less than amused by the comments and may well have had a hand in her unexpected and unusual demise.

Ultimately though who gives a damn how she really died?

Her filthy, obnoxious mouth has been silenced permanently and that’s all that counts in the end.

God really does work in mysterious ways.



29 thoughts on “Breaking News: Joan Rivers is Dead

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  2. She died after 6 days in limbo and 1 day of rest – 7 days. She outed Caesar in Augustus, and died in Sept(7)ember. Her daughter is 46 (same age as Vin Diesel when Paul Walker got whacked and an occult “power” number along with 64) and her grandson 13. But wait, it gets better! the 4th of the 9th adds to 13, and it is the 247th day of the year (13). She officially died at 13:17hrs. The 17 signifying a Masonic hit? She was hospitalized on the 28:08:2014 – adds to 7, then spends 7 days in Coma before croaking on 04:09:2014 – adds to 11 or 2.

    Whose next, Ellen DeGeneres? She is in her 11th season, and 11 and or 2 means destruction…22 is double destruction. 11th of November could be interesting…

  3. So, she’s dead ‘eh? Well, it’s a start at least, I’d normally never celebrate anyone’s death, but for bitch bastards like her and Thatcher and fuckwits like Lizard Lizzie and her ilk, I’m prepared to make exceptions! Burn in hell you piece of Zionist shit, and I hope the ghosts of all those killed in the Gaza haunt you for eternity, you remodelled Frankenstein monster, your plastic surgeon should be struck of the medical register if he knocks out second grade work like your face! Horrible Zionist shitbag!

  4. Oh, just a thought, but she IS dead, isn’t she? or is she faking her death to avoid Michelle O’bummer getting his husband Barry O’bummer to send a hit squad after her? Get someone over to Paris and check out the Notre Dame cathedral, make sure she isn’t hiding out amongst the other gargoyles, you never know what these Zionists are capable of! After all, Charles Laughton hid out up in the bell tower for years until Esmerelda came along!

  5. To quote… ‘Ultimately though who gives a damn how she really died?’

    Yup!… one loudmouth less to make disparaging comments about the Palestinians.

  6. Joan Rivers was an evil hater, racist comments like she was prone to give should have seen her banned.
    one point we try not to use zionist language here in Britain so please no mention of the word “gay ” its homosexual.
    and please no more “boy-nobbing” its called child abuse.
    Good riddance to joan rivers and her real name was Joan Molinsky,
    and BTW joan molinsky in numerology is a 5 number the number of the communicator
    Joan is 1615 which is a 13, rivers is also a 37 number as is milinsky
    jews use the cabbalah which is a seperate system of numbers all amount to an evil woman who was very male

  7. Good riddance, hope she really died. Sadly but no wonder there are still brainwashed idiots who looked up to her as talented or a role model. Role model for what more exactly? So what if she said what she did about Obongo and Moochelle? She was allowed to, she was Jewish, double standard. If a non-Jew/non-Zionist would have said that, imagine what could have happened…. Do u think Jon Stewart got reprimanded or punished for that? Take a look:

  8. My opinion is “She’s dead. Let’s move on”.

    I think there are actually much nastier people nearer to home who need to be ‘exposed’ whilst they are still drawing breath.

    l’d like to think that the truth about Mark Thatcher (the fact that he is not allowed in the US as an ‘undesirable alien’ speaks volumes) should come out, and how about looking at former boys’ school form master and former Tory MP Harry Greenway?

  9. Nevermind all that mickey mouse Cabbala BS gobbledegook nonsense, Joan Rivers was a Canaanite Jew and one of The Tares – The Devil’s Seed as is Obama – keep it simple.

    Interesting that she was taken to Mount Sinai hospital and Moses didn’t turn up to save her – I wonder why? LOL

    • Dave Lee Travis? Is this this former DJ best the “authorities” can come up with to prosecute? – a mere groper? What about all the child rapists and torturers in politics past and present? Are we expected to forget all about them and focus on this has-been nobody the ‘Hairy Cornflake’ AKA Travis? It’s a fucking insult.

      • Mark is right

        People are going to get hung out to dry now, to deflect attention from the main offenders,
        DLT is a mere minnow in the cesspit compared to the really guilty ones

        The BBC has always been infested with these people > since Godfrey Winn back in the 50s, J Saville, K Everett, Kenneth Williams, Wilfrid Brambell, ‘Cliff’, and many others since. DLT has been thrown to the wolves to deflect attention from the others. But l bet they are getting rattled

  10. Hey Coleman,

    Have you ever thought of doing a piece on Barbara Windsor with her Kray gangster connections and her five abortions plus her being a regular at one time with the British Buggery Corporation’s East Benders.

  11. When told by a reporter that 2,000 people had died in the conflict, she replied:

    “Good. Good. When you declare war, you declare war. They started it. We now don’t count who’s dead. You’re dead, you deserve to be dead. Don’t you dare make me feel bad about that.”

    “They were told to get out. They didn’t get out. You don’t get out, you are an idiot. At least the ones that were killed were the ones with low IQs.”

    Is this a comedienne speaking? Fake!

  12. No need for anyone to kill her. She hated everyone. Jokes about 9/11 the same week? At 81 just wait, it’ll happen anyway. Shouldn’t someone be making a vile and offensive joke about her death? Its what she would’ve wanted…

  13. I love this site, I check it regularly. But not everything is a conspiracy. I deplored Joan Rivers recent comments about Gaza. Truly disgusting. And now she’s dead too. But the reality is, there’s no conspiracy about that. She was just old. She may have been able to make her face look a bit younger, but the rest of her was worn out and expired.

  14. One less big mouth kike to deal with. Good. Someday, I pray, Americans will rid this country of the evil minded Jews and their pet monkeys… . Lies and violence. That’s all you’ll ever get from these animals.

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