The disturbing case of Ashya King

Ashya King

The recent horrifying case of Ashya King has highlighted just how far this fascist country will go to snatch children from loving parents.

Five-year-old Ashya was a patient at a Southampton hospital where he was being treated for a brain tumour. His family wanted him to undergo a specific specialist treatment but the doctors refused so his family decided to take him abroad and seek the treatment elsewhere.

This should have been the end of the matter as his parents were making a choice about their child’s health but in filthy Britain parental rights have been eroded to such an extent that rather than leave the family alone the authorities launched a full-scale European manhunt for them.

An International arrest warrant was issued and their photographs were splashed right across the world’s media.

Reports falsely claimed that they had ‘snatched’ Ashya due to their religious beliefs when this was not the case.

The media tried to paint the family as uncaring, irresponsible and essentially criminal.

UK social services illegally steal thousands of children from loving families every year and once they get their twisted claws on a case they will not back down. In fact they will happily lie, perjure themselves and fly half-way around the world if it means successfully stealing their ‘target’ along with their corrupted and sick partners in the judiciary and police.

When they were finally traced to Spain, his parents were arrested and jailed and Ashya was transferred alone to a Spanish hospital in a confused and frightened state.

His family have spoken about the vile travesty of justice: 

”  The family of seriously ill Ashya King have demanded his arrested parents be released and reunited with the five-year-old as he lay alone in a Spanish hospital.

Grandmother Patricia King said the international hunt for Brett and Naghemeh King had been “absolutely disgusting” and accused the police of going “much too far”.

It came as thousands of people signed an online petition demanding their release and the family was inundated with offers of financial help to pay for specialist treatment for Ashya, who has a brain tumour and just months to live

The Kings were detained in Spain on Saturday night following a two day police hunt launched when they took their son from a Southampton hospital without doctors’ consent.

But he and his wife, who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, were held under a European arrest warrant on suspicion of child neglect when discovered in a hostel near Malaga and have not seen their son since.

Ashya was being treated under police guard in a children’s hospital in the Spanish town while his parents were due in court in Madrid on Monday for an extradition hearing.

Mrs King said her son had gone to Spain to sell a family apartment in order to fund a £90,000 treatment known as proton beam therapy.

She said the decision was taken after doctors in the UK said there was no more they could do for Ashya but his parents were now being treated as criminals.

She said: “I am so upset. It has been an absolute disgrace and I have nothing but condemnation for the police.

“I cannot understand why they have taken the parents away from Ashya and they are not allowed to see him.

“How is that going to help the poor little love?”

She added: “I just wish they hadn’t been found. I completely trust Brett’s opinion on it all and he’s very angry about what’s gone on over the last few days.

“It’s absolutely disgusting to see our family all over the news.”

On the police hunt, she added: “It has been taken too far – much too far.”

An online petition launched by a family friend and demanding the release of the Kings has more than 3,400 signatures.

Ashya older brother Naveed also set up a donation page after being inundated with support, which has already raised more than £1,500.

He said on his Facebook site: “I have received hundreds of emails overnight of people wanting to donate to help Ashya.”

He said the family had not asked for external help but were thankful for the “genuine” desire by many to support his brother.”

What many social media commentators are also highlighting is the difference between the treatment of the King family who acted out of genuine concern for their son and that of the McCann’s.

As we now know, Gerry and Kate left their three toddlers alone every night whilst they went out on the piss and God knows what else, yet they were never charged with child neglect.

This was despite the fact that their daughter Madeleine disappeared and hasn’t been seen since.

The MP responsible for bringing in new laws to strengthen state child-snatching by social services was Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge, who despite knowing about abuse-rings in Islington, was still feted by Tony Blair and promoted to Children’s Minister.

Quite bizarrely, Margaret Hodge’s nephew Philip Edmonds was holidaying at the same Praia de Luz resort when Madeleine disappeared.

Instead of being pursued as criminals, the McCanns were immediately given the assistance of a high-ranking governmental spokesman- Clarence Mitchell.

Mitchell used to be a reporter and was strangely the first person at the scene of the assassination of BBC presenter Jill Dando who was killed because she knew about the VIP paedophile ring linked to Savile.

Her colleague Nick Ross is the founder of the Crimestoppers helpline which conveniently stopped working when an appeal for Jill was televised and is most likely a front organisation used to filter out reports of crimes by the Establishment.

He recently said he’d watch child-porn given half-the-chance.

In a strange twist the Police Commissioner responsible for the arrest of Ashya King’s parents is former Conservative Councillor Simon Hayes.

Simon Hayes was under investigation by  the police watchdog after he was accused of falsifying his eligibility for the post of PCC.

Before he took up the role, Simon Hayes was the chairman of the Hampshire branch of Crimestoppers.

How very strange indeed .

We can only hope that the publicity surrounding the Ashya King case will backfire on the authorities and will actually highlight to the world just how vile Britain really is.








54 thoughts on “The disturbing case of Ashya King

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  2. feel sorry for the family. 1400 kids got abused by the local government up North – fuck all said.

    Caring parents in jail in Spain for what?

  3. Very well said. The last time I looked the youtube had over 350,000 views with most in favour of the parents looking out for their OWN child.

    I am utterly disgusted with this whole thing and cannot believe how this world is just getting worse every day.

  4. Much is made of the plight if this poor lad but his parents when registering his birth signed away his life to the state and if you think that rubbish check if out for yourself. The parents are merely looking after the child for the state.As for arresting them …it’s laughable and shows you just how pathetic the police are.,,,because at the back of all of this is the fact that the chief constable is a belts and braces prat.

    • I know all this old bollox….which parents knew at the time they were signing up to this state control? It is all very well being a smart arse after the event….

      • They didn’t know, but ignorance of the ‘law’ is no excuse, unfortunately. However, now is the time to inform people of what’s gone on, so don’t knock Steve for what he is saying.

        The ‘enforcing’ of the registration of a live birth (berth) is a Tort (torture) against the parents of all children and the government should be charged with such.

  5. Interesting how Spain dealt with these CARING parents compared to the pair of parents in Portugal who willfully neglected their child leading to it going missing.
    Strange old world isn’t it…

  6. You dont hear of gypsies or foreigners being nicked for no car tax or insurance because they did not sign their lives away with a birth certificate, similarly they can’t have their homes taken either.

    But I wanted to talk about the rottenness of the BBC.

    That crap kids prog Teletubbies was slammed as being total bollox so the BBC went on a drive to push it claiming that kids wanted it, when they did not understand illiterate creatures living in the ground with TV sets in their bellies.

    Then the BBC said look one of them ccaries a handbag and minces about with make up, and look he’s queer !

    For Gods sake this is a pre school programme-F–CK THE BBC

  7. “But he and his wife, who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, were held under a European arrest warrant on suspicion of child neglect when discovered in a hostel near Malaga and have not seen their son since.”…………………….So how come the McCanns were not arrested for neglect then eh?

  8. What more proof do we need…the whole thing is corrupt. Cant have people making their own decisions about their children anymore. We are all screwed if this is allowed to happen. They are coming after us one by one. If we don’t speak up now we are finished and our kids have no future. A dying child is separated from his family and his parents under arrest for caring. Disgusting and barbaric !!

    • The state considers parents purely the economic providers for their children. The ‘people who pay the bill’, as they say on Blue Peter. Whilst you are on state property, be it a court, a school, a hospital etc., you *are* state property.

  9. Watch Richard D. Hall’s/Rich Planet’s documentary on the McCanns. The whole thing smacks of fronts, money-laundering, hoaxes, paedophile rings, hidden agendas & corruption of the highest order.

  10. What I find more disturbing is that this has happened and everyone knows it’s happened and yet no one, not me, not you, no one, is able, willing, or compelled to do anything about it. We have all been turned into spectators.

    • Since the ‘Beast’ – the system – was imposed on us by Rome, we have always been powerless spectators. No real revolution or revolt has *ever* occurred on this Earth that hasn’t been infiltrated. We have always been livestock, farmed & managed by bloodsuckers. When we thought things were ‘good’ it was only because they needed us to build the war machine. When things are bad we get a little more of the mask slipping.

      But only a little.

  11. It would not happened without the NHS silly games, the NHS is not meant to judge its patients and their families, what ever happened to the right to privacy? This will surely not entice me in trusting for the NHS to care for me, indeed sometimes I feel I should leave the UK so that I can live a better life and old age without having to argue about treatments!

    • Well, Pat, I live abroad and don’t even want to visit the UK for a weekend. I’m so glad I got out when I did. Nowhere’s perfect, but there are certainly masses of places that are better.

      • Well, The Jews were only let back into England by Cromwell long after it broken with Rome. Some people will twist themselves in knots to avoid directly blaming Jews for anything.

    • @ Michael Saunders

      Not so, Henry VIII remained a Roman Catholic in spirit all his life and never rescinded his Pope gifted TITLE – Defender of The Faith. He was only ever a Protestant in name. Had I lived in 16th century England with my beliefs I would have been put to death for sedition/treason and blasphemy – if caught that is. LOL

      Likewise, Her Maj is still defender of that same satanic faith.

      The Tudors did allow some Jews back into England, but Cromwell was the real villian in that regard because he sold out to the Jews completely for the financing of his Round Head Army.

      The Jews hate monarchy and The Stuarts were the first monarchy to bite the dust. 140 years later it was the turn of the French monarchy, then the Russians in 1917.

      In all, 27 monarchies have been removed from European thrones by the Jews.

      • It doesn’t matter what he was in spirit, it’s his actions that count and he certainly didn’t uphold the Catholic Faith.
        The Protestant ‘monarchs’ have falsely usurped the title and applied to the Protestant ‘faith’ , it doesn’t mean that are really Catholic.

      • Well clearly he did uphold it because nothing in the churches really changed and what someone does in SPIRIT is THE WHOLE MATTER – anything and everything else is a lie or a charade – smoke and mirrors. Henry VIII wanted a divorce and Rome’s wealth and land in England and that’s all there was to it.

        Protestant monarchs have never existed in SPIRIT with the exception of young King Edward VI who was guided by Protestant guardians and Elizabeth I. All the others were Catholics in all but name or were secular in their views and thereby indifferent. This, though, is just academic, because none of them rescinded the TITLE. The authority of a TITLE cannot be changed unless it is revoked and done away with and certainly cannot be reapplied to something else.

        The TITLE Defender of The Faith means defender of The Roman Catholic Faith and none other.

        Protestantism is just watered down Catholicism.

    • Henry wanted to have his cake and eat it; hence we have his creation the Anglo-Catholic Church. He should have rescinded his Defender of the Faith title since he signally failed to do it. He was the only monarch to persecute both true Catholics and Protestants at the same time.

      • Never mind what Henry wanted or didn’t want, the bottom line is that he didn’t rescind the TITLE Defender of the Faith and that’s because HE believed, albeit erroneously, that the Roman Cult was the Church.

        The other point you failed to mention is that all the alleged Protestant monarchs that followed him also FAILED to rescind the TITLE. This means that British monarchs have only ever paid lip service to the Protestant faith knowing full well that it is just a schism of Rome which, ironically, your use of the term ‘Anglo-Catholic Church’ proves.

        I was brought up in the Church of England as it was then known so I know how it works and can identify all the Popish/Catholic signs within it.

  12. You have the city state of Washington DC. the City of London PLC & The Vatican city state. They are always coming at you from 3 different angles – 1. Communism/Socialism for us & Fascism for them. 2. Freemasonry/Luciferianism & 3. Christianity/Zionism. The one ring that rules them all is the money because in itself it means nothing, but it is how they control & steal the value of our labour & therefore our lives.

  13. The case was very strange in the fact the Consultants should have lain out the options for the child. This they may not done this or if they did was it because of langauage difficulties. The whole thing was blown out of all proportion but does raise the difficult question of parental rights, the rights of the child and the rights of the state to protect its subjects.

  14. Hello coleman When chief constable Julie Spence closed over 100 foreign run brothls in operation radium, we got one of the rescued boys sent to us. He was 13 and spoke no english, he was from russia and had been used by homosexuals,
    he was very afraid and it was weeks before he trusted us his foster parents, after about 6 months he would come to the park and play ball, but if anyone shouted near him he would drop to the floor and cup his hands over his head in fear.
    We can only guess what happened to this boy, he wa slearning english and attending school when social workers took him away and we were allowed no more contact

  15. BBC News 3rd September
    “Hampshire Police commissioner Simon Hayes said the force had been correct to pursue the arrest warrant.

    Mr Hayes said: “I’m confident with the evidence that I have that it was the right thing to do.

    “Hampshire Constabulary were given information by Southampton General Hospital that said Ashya was in grave danger and he needed to be found for his life to be saved.”


    Okay. So why was all this scenario brought about in the first place?
    Because the UK was not interested enough for his life to be saved. Not a priority.

    Try doing the right thing in the first place:
    UK tax payer first
    Asylum seekr and illegal last.


    The furore about Tony Blair being chosen to be the Middle East envoy,

    and soon E.U president, is more simple than it seems.

    Peter Mandelson is the official firewall between the Rothschild’s and New Labour,

    The cutout man, who out ranks both Blair Brown and Cameron.

    Jon Mandelsohn is known as the New Labour Mr. Fixit,

    and in 2002 Jon Mandelsohn was the chairman of Labour friends of Israel,

    Now since this time a certain David Abraham’s, has made huge donations to New Labour, in the names of 4 of the party workers, this was cover for the secret unknown surrogate donors, whose names David wanted kept secret, these secret donations were divulged by the Daily Telegraph as totaling more than 670,000 pounds, to influence British New Labour policy to be completely pro-Israel, E.G. in the Palestine land grab, Iraq W.M.D fiasco,

    the Libya and Syria attacks, the Afghanistan war and the coming war on Iran, fought possibly again on fictitious W. M. Ds

    David Abraham’s is both a county counselor and property developer and a director of 6 property companies in the Newcastle area., his officially rated assets were 144,000 pounds, and has officially has never made a profit,

    and paid no rates on his business premises,

    David is alleged to be well known figure on the gay scene and said to have several different names and birthdates, it is known that his father was a Russian Jewish immigrant who became a former lord mayor of Newcastle, and both are said to be very well connected.

    The cash for honours enquiry, which named David among several others, was halted so police say from someone very high up the political food chain, it was hinted to be the same person who halted Operation Ore,

    The U S investigation into top drawer internet pedophiles, to protect 7 in high office here in Britain.

    Since Gordon Brown’s time as leader its business as usual with crooked donations, with official denials that anyone knew the financial donations were from fictitious sources, David boasts he is close friends with Gordon Brown, and both the daily Telegraph and the Guardian say also with Israeli ambassador Zvi Hefeitz, Sir Ronald Cohen, Russian mafia boss Ivan Lewkaszewski, Peter Mandelson, the Millibands lord Levy, Jon Mendelsohn and former prime minister James Callaghan’s daughter baroness Jay, and the late Nick Rabet, the odd thing is that we learnt through the Chris Cooper Investigates telephone intercepts both Harriet Harman and Jack Straw were allegedly tipped off by Mossad operatives to get cleaned up just before the recent Politicians expenses scandal, Harriet Harman’s husband Jack Dromey Is the accountant for New Labour, and claimed he still did not know where the pro Israel donations came from. ? while he watched porn films of young boys being sexually abused.

    Just remember if our politicians are working for Israel, they are not working for Britain

  17. Going back to the Ashya story for a moment……glad to hear the parents have now been released and, as I type, are apparently being reunited with their son. But there’s 3 serious issues that need investigation:
    1. The 2 doctors, both named in the father’s video, allegedly told him that if he asked them any thing else about alternative medicine to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, they would obtain a court order barring him from seeing his son. Bear in mind that this now left him with 3 options, to allow them to treat the boy with what he & his wife believed would be more harmful than good, continue asking about alternatives and risk the court order, or take the boy from the hospital, LEGALLY, and sort the alternatives out yourself. What gave these doctors the right to bully the father in such a way? What is being done about these doctors?
    2. What type of power must the medical authorities hold when, if 2 regular doctors get pissed off with somebody, they can arrange a man hunt involving the British, French and Spanish police, especially when you consider that NO LAW WAS BROKEN?
    3. Thanks to his post on YouTube, the general public got to learn of the family’s plight and it is quite obvious that it was social media and not mainstream media that resulted in the parents’ release and their being reunited with their son. The question needs to be asked though, if they had not possessed the resources or the time to post that video, what are the chances that they would have been extradited and arrested on a trumped up charge with the general public oblivious to . What had transpired, and is it not therefore possible, indeed MOST LIKELY that innocent people are suffering from this kind of illegal treatment by the authorities regularly simply because they couldn’t make the public aware through social media?

    As for the Jews, you just gotta read and re-read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion which, when you do your research, you will find is most likely NOT a forgery as claimed by the Jews, if for no other reason than it was not signed.

  18. “His family wanted him to undergo a specific specialist treatment but the doctors refused”

    I was planning to mock proton beam therapy because it sounds like a ridiculous plot element from a Buck Rogers story. However, it seems that even the Mayo Clinic is beginning to use it. Regardless of this treatment’s lack of clinical history…I guess it’s not really the same as relying on prayer to heal the kid. Parents should be free to pursue whatever treatment they wish…it’s not up the government.

  19. There is nothing wrong with the Catholic Faith most of you obviously know nothing of it if you did you wouldn,t make such ridiculous statements,yes there is much far too much wrong with the body of the Catholic Church where there are very many that profess the faith but do not/cannot live up to it.I dare anyone to go to mass anywhere anytime and find anything untoward being said or done,what you will find is prayers for peace/generosity/humility/forgiveness/gentleness if this so offends your sensibilities then you are in need of our prayers,if this horrible world had more of my faith of the Buddhist faith then the world would be truly a better place,there appears to me that a lot on here have lost their spirit their inner self if that is the case then they are in trouble,remember this triangle will collapse with only 2 sides, body/mind/soul father/son/holy ghost ying yang if one is out of synch then the others are less.

  20. Today our (hopefully soon to be former) Home Secretary, Mrs May, has told us that the administration of the blue light services (fire, police, & ambulance – coastguard too, but that one always gets forgotten), TO SAVE MONEY. This government is running out of money and with the last election well over 4 years ago, and the next one only months away, the government can not longer blame it’s predecessor for its own fiscal ineptitude and selling assets (to its chums) at less than market prices.

    So the government has NO money. (It cannot raise interest as it will not be able to pay the interest on its own borrowings). The obscene amounts of money going to the royal family and the house of lords (which is MORE THAN double the size it needs to be), is NEVER questioned. Police can go to Spain to question this family, (now deemed and admitted to be unnecessary AND THEY COMMITTED NO CRIME), but there is no money for proper enquiries into child abuse. The problem seems to be that there are far too many unnecessary layers of administration in government, the health service, social services and government, that the private sector just cannot afford. And it is these unnecessary layers of admin, that are actually the barrier to things being done properly. The private sector has known this for 30 years, and companies that didn’t adjust in time, went to the wall, but the public sector never does. YOU just pay more and more to fund it.

    I recommend this book to all: “Utopia 14” by Kurt Vonnegut The first edition was titled “Player Piano” but reprints had the new title. He wrote it 60 years ago with predictions for 2014. This book is a MUST read.

  21. About the satanic & pedophile practices of the English royal family

    The elite pedophile ring in England isn’t a myth unfortunately. In the 80’s we heard of a pedophile ring in Kincora Boys Home in Belfast created by the MI6. Shortly afterwards it was the orphanages in Wales. Then those of London, Scotland & finally Jimmy Saville went down. Today everything is done to cover up the biggest scandal of all: The implication of the royal family in this pedophile ring. So we’re going to talk about Satanism, pedophile crimes & a strange affair of a ceremony going wrong in the south of France. :

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