The mysterious Rotherham child-abuse scandal

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The shocking scale of child-abuse against vulnerable white girls in Rotherham has been exposed.

The abuse was carried out by vile Asian gangs who preyed on the youngsters whilst they were in care.

Girls were subjected to extreme violence when they tried to speak out about their suffering.

South Yorkshire Police, along with the council and local politicians, have been accused of a massive cover-up lasting over 16 years.

By a strange coincidence, just days before the controversial report was released, South Yorks Police took part in a ‘botched’ raid on Cliff Richard’s home, which drew widespread criticism from the media.

Was the raid planned to coincide with the report in order to show the police in a negative light and cast doubt on their ‘evidence’ about Cliff?

South Yorkshire Police were also involved in the disgusting lies and accusations surrounding innocent fans who died in the Hillsborough football stadium tragedy.

Shortly before Parliament’s summer recess, Theresa May and David Cameron were under increasing pressure to open an inquiry into VIP paedophile-rings operating within the UK.

May conveniently appointed Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, to head the inquiry, knowing full-well that she had a tarnished past and would never be accepted by abuse victims and campaigners.

As planned, the inquiry was shelved for the foreseeable future, which has allowed Mi5 much-needed time to concoct one of their notorious smoke and mirrors cover-ups and ensure that no high-ranking politicians or members of royalty are exposed as paedophiles.

The Rotherham scandal has given the British public a new focus to vent their anger on.

After all, it’s certainly much more palatable to have immigrants and foreigners to blame for paedophilia, instead of having to face the horrifying fact that our children are also being raped by the cream of British Society.

The scandal has also managed to take the pressure off Leon Brittan and Greville Janner, who were both in the spotlight due to historic rape allegations resurfacing.

The security services in this country are desperately hoping they can keep a lid on the true scale of Britain’s paedophile rings for as long as possible.

By only exposing Asian gangs ( who may ironically be employed by them in the first place), Mi5 and their pals in the media are falsely turning this into a race -issue when it’s much more serious than that.

Thousands upon thousands of British children have been, and are still being, abused every single day in this shit-hole of a country, on a monumentally widespread and organised scale.

Many of these children are also murdered.

The abuse is perpetrated by royals, judges, MP’s, Lords, solicitors, members of the police and armed forces, showbiz stars and businessmen, to name but a few.

The Rotherham scandal was disgusting and it’s filthy perpetrators deserve everything that’s coming to them, but by focussing so heavily on one particular ring, remember this.

At this very moment, many high-ranking paedophiles are laughing their heads off because they’ve managed to evade justice whilst we’ve become distracted.

And that’s exactly the way Mi5 want it.

Of course, if they think we’ll stop fighting for the truth to be uncovered after all these years though, they’re even thicker than we thought.

The battle isn’t over yet you murderous, traitorous, paedophilic scum.

It hasn’t even f*****g begun.








39 thoughts on “The mysterious Rotherham child-abuse scandal

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  2. I wonder if it is more than a coincidence that Mrs May’s sudden upgrading of the terror alert status, (which isn’t really any greater than it was 6 months ago), was really to distract and deflect attention from other matters nearer to home, And the jingoistic flag and banner waving Camertwat pretending to be a national leader in the light of one defection to UKIP indicates to me that this government is scared of something.

    Three guesses

  3. I have written to two MPs about this and have received no replies. Can’t a member of the public not make a formal complaint about these people?

    • An MP is really only obliged to reply to those with an address in his own constituency. So if you have a dodgy MP, it isn’t easy to make progress unless you can get one from another party interested. As Coleman has proven, they stick together to protect themselves just like the funny handshake club,

      The fact that Camertwat would rather (pretend to) stand up to the Russians, than the royals and the House of lords, shows you where the power really is.

    • The hyping of the terror threat is definitely an elite ruse designed to convince the sheeple that we need a police state run by paedophiles……

    • No, as a voter you’re a common stock holder in the UK Corporation which has a total monopoly and MPs are management with the Cabinet as Directors. Camereon & Clegg are joint CEOs. Therefore does a common stock holder have any say in the day to day running of a corporation that has no competition?

      • Only if the Corporation is making a profit which, of course, it is not – it’s bankrupt and trading in a Chapter 11 type bankruptcy, hence our ‘money’ is only promises to pay – debt notes and you cannot pay a debt with debt only add to it when you purchase something.

  4. “The abuse is perpetrated by royals, judges, MP’s, Lords, solicitors, members of the police and armed forces, showbiz stars and businessmen, to name but a few.”

    An excellent piece, CE, congratulations. All those named above, and I would include, with few exceptions, local and county councillors, are, in the words of a Minister of not that long ago “Not fit for purpose”. And when the battle is engaged, there are many of us who will remember this and exact full and complete satisfaction.

    I shall be in the front row.

    If younger, fitter people push and shove, then OK, giving my failing health and advancing years, I shall settle for the second row.

    To Geoff Dickens’ Mate: You and I read this exactly the same. GOSH you must be bright! 🙂

  5. Two separate issues – each very important, but in different ways. Elite/VIP abuse of children (and adults) and the ongoing efforts by media, politicians and the judiciary to cover it up, are are extremely grave matter.

    This is something else. It is part of the ethnic/racial warfare that has been ongoing against the British (but really the English) people for the last sixty years. Flood (usually very poor) parts of the country with immigrants from some of the most ethnocentric, tribalistic, close-knit countries of the former empire, and crack down ruthlessly on anyone who dares to criticise them or draw attention to their misdeeds. What we end up with is rape and violence against our own people – but mainly vulnerable and impressionable girls and young women – with virtual immunity for the offenders (encompassing Pakistanis and West Indians – there is an epidemic of gang rape across London and the perpetrators almost all come from the latter “community”). In some respects it is the spoils of war – the invading army gets to rape the conquered foe’s women; and in others it is anti-colonial revenge (albeit inflicted exclusively on members of the working class who never had any interest in acquiring or maintaining an empire, or mistreating colonised peoples). There are clearly members of the political elites – particularly in the Labour Party – that take great delight in seeing white (especially white English) girls violated by black and Asian incomers. The fact that they are working-class girls from Labour’s traditional heartlands seems to make them enjoy it more, not less. And of course you have the Berelowitz/Oppenheimer factor, which I probably don’t need to elaborate on.

    The nexus of sexual perversion, blackmail, and psychological control is obviously broad and complex, but I genuinely think that this is substantially different and mostly separate from the VIP abuse scandal.

  6. A couple who love their son, remove him from a UK hospital in order to get WHAT THEY CONSIDER TO BE (rightly or wrongly), better treatment in Spain. They are discovered, and the UK police feel the need to fly out there urgently to interview the couple.

    Children are sodomised and abused in this country by Mr Savile, various others and now we discover, a racial minority in Rotherham. The UK police seem to find difficulty in interviewing anybody.

  7. Rotherham was one of the places where both Jimmy Savile abused boy scouts and Cyril Smith was known,
    how many others?

    I met Jimmy Savile on Scarborough beach in the late 60s and he was after young boys then, its now come out that the BBC knew and protected him, so they aided and abbetted crimes against children.

    I no longer pay my TV license and I dare officials to come and knock on my door…

  8. Warning contains some vile images.

    People need to see what these insane vile animals do on a large scale with taken into care children.

    Dutroux case, German Shepherd dogs used in the abuse scenes, Zandvoort Files,German Shepherd dogs used in images, Jersey Horror House ,again the German Shepherds used ,Casa Pia ,same again.

    Cold baths and showers where children are thrown under is part of turning out their feelings ,always long periods of being locked up in cages or cellars,always Diamorphine to be found in the childs urine or hair samples.

    Always electro-shock wires put into the child at the youngest age possible:

  9. To activists, journalists and other concerned parties

    An article has been published on the issue of child exploitaton in Rotherham at:

    I am Joseph Ball, a UK based Marxist writer. I have made an analysis of Professor Jay’s report into child exploitation in Rotherham. I show how the story that the report demonstrates that Asians have carried out abuse on a very large scale in Rotherham is false. The introduction to my article follows:

    On 26 August 2014 the report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham 1997-2013 was published. The author was Professor Alexis Jay. The British press declared that the report showed that at least 1400 children had been sexually exploited in Rotherham, a town of approximately 250,000, over the period in question. The press also stated that the report showed that the majority of those responsible for the exploitation of these 1400 children were Asian. Professor Jay, however, does not provide evidence that the majority of the abusers in the individual cases she studied were Asian. A close reading shows that her report does not even claim that this is the case. In addition, it does not show that 1400 children were exploited. The report does claim this but the claim appears to be incorrect due to a confusion between cases where exploitation is suspected by adults and cases where children themselves are reporting exploitation. Whatever the intentions of the author, the report clearly has potential to create serious racial and religious tension which could harm a large number of British people, old and young, male and female.

    Please reproduce my article as you wish. No copyright or other related legal restrictions apply to your use of my article.

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  13. I’ve said it more than once so I shall say it again, why oh why is there lots of talk about child abuse plus the mention of CHILDREN BEING MURDERED yet where’s the evidence and by that I mean real evidence , It’s all very well little snippets here and there but is the concrete evidence to the fact that it has gone on ? I doubt it.

  14. …And let’s not forget Butler-Slosh, clearly looking ready to measured for her box, thinking she’s some kind of expert in something – being a wrinkly old t**t, probably. Here we have a senile muppet who defends a man who clearly raped a 13-year-old girl – why? Because Slothy knows his mum!!! LOL!! What a f***** stoopid old t**t of a woman!! Go back to where you came, moron, as nobody wants you here!!

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