Cliff Richard quizzed by South Yorkshire Police over child-abuse claims

Cliff Richard Serious Charge

Beloved singer, Cliff Richard, has finally been interviewed under caution by South Yorkshire Police.

According to the Mail:

” Sir Cliff Richard was interviewed yesterday by detectives investigating claims that he sexually assaulted a schoolboy at a Christian rally almost three decades ago – and denied the allegation.

The veteran star returned to Britain and voluntarily met officers from South Yorkshire Police but was not arrested or charged, said his spokesman.

He ‘entered South Yorkshire police premises by arrangement,’ said a statement released by the force, and was interviewed under caution.

It is claimed that he assaulted a youngster under the age of 16 at an event held by American evangelist Billy Graham at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane stadium in 1985.

The development comes nine days after a controversial raid by police on the 73-year-old’s £3.1 million Berkshire apartment that was broadcast live on the BBC.

Last night his spokesman said: ‘Sir Cliff Richard voluntarily met with and was interviewed by members of South Yorkshire Police. He was not arrested or charged.”

Of course, as the country’s leading Christian figure we can have full confidence that Cliff told investigating officers the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help him God.

In fact , all he need do now to restore his tarnished image is to make a solemn oath, Bible in hand, and proclaim the following:

” I, Cliff Richard ( b.Harry Webb):

Have never visited the Elm Guest House and used the pseudonym, Kitty.

I have never been involved in any inappropriate activities with any youngster at anytime, ever.

I had absolutely no involvement with the death of Jill Dando.

I know nothing about the VIP paedophile ring linked to the BBC, government and royalty.

During my 50-year career I have never once been arrested by any  police force either in the UK or abroad.

I have not hoodwinked my fans, Jimmy Savile style, by pretending to be something I’m not.

I am exactly who I’ve said I am for the past half-century:

A celibate, heterosexual, Christian singer with a penchant for ill-fitting wigs and tight trousers.”

Go on Cliff.

You know God wants you too.



102 thoughts on “Cliff Richard quizzed by South Yorkshire Police over child-abuse claims

  1. I wish I could understand how he is getting away with the Elm Guesthouse connection, especially as you have so heroically outed the vile reptile. Why is there no mainstream media coverage of this?

    • Re mainstream media coverage it goes or works like this:

      “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.

      It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.

      But now the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a World Government.

      The supra national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practised in past centuries.”

      David Rockefeller – Council on Foreign Relations June 1991

      It’s the same here as in The States, just change the name Rockefeller to Rothschild and their goon Murdoch.

    • Cliff was never there – otherwise it would have been Operation Yewtree the alleged incident had stayed at. All bullshit and lies!!

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  3. My family used to run a small posh restaurant in Epping Essex, Cliff came in several times with bisexual black singer Cy Grant, who has also featured in boy-nobbing revelations.

    It was obvious what these two men were, Cliff is a disgusting wretch who should apologise to all real Christians

    • ABSOLUTELY. I have already posted that I went through a `born again` phase during the 70`s to the 80`s, and never met one christian who accepted him as such. Far from it. Just his name was like a dirty word to be avoided if possible. It was apparently common knowledge he is a fraud with faith, even though he clearly fooled some. However, how many of them were actually christian as opposed to his fans who attended rallies to see him, regardless of religion? My guess is quite a lot.

  4. The throwing of these erstwhile, ” comfortable” entertainer types to the wolves would seem to me( and many, so I am told) to be as much about destabilising our sense of who and what we can trust as hoping to satisfy public outrage – it won’t- in the light of what has come out since the Savile stuff onwards. Hopefully not long now until all of the festering pile of those corrupt rotten apples behind the scenes – and those doing their bidding at all levels – evaporate into their own rottenness.

  5. There has been a ban on newspapers printing any details, He did not go voluntarily to the police he was told to hand him self in for questioning. If he gets found out then so are all the MPs who will be bricking it.. This certainly is a cover up by a sick corrupt government..

    • I think it’s called “brazening it out”.

      Trouble is, no amount of scrubbing with brasso could get rid of the horrible grime stuck to the brand. Tarnished forever (not just the Cliff brand either ..).

    • And Paul O’Grady played wired for sound on his programme yesterday afternoon. He had received hundreds of requests for Cliff apparently. Obviously going to get off.

  6. Perhaps they’re worried that a guilty Cliff could be the tipping point? By that I mean he’s cultivated a saintly, christian,
    butter-wouldn’t-melt image all his showbiz life. If he’s found to have taken part in the things that coleman and others have said, then I would expect even the most brian-dead man or women in the street to rightly assume the rest of the entertainment industry must be as bad, if not worse.

    It will be interesting to see the christian church’s reaction to all of this in the coming months.

  7. As a close pal of Blair’s he couldn’t sink any lower in my estimation, whatever happens over the child abuse allegations.

  8. When I was around 14 years old, I had a friend whose mother worked at the BBC. He told me she had told him that after he had been found cottaging, Cliff cut a deal with the authorities whereby he would publicly espouse Christianity if the PTB would keep the cottaging matter quiet.

    I’m 59 now and I believe my friend told me this 45 years ago!

    All of which begs the question-just how long has Cliff been taking the piss?

  9. “During my 50-year career I have never once been arrested by any police force either in the UK or abroad.”

    I didn’t realise he had ever been actually arrested.

  10. They`ll find him not guilty, same as the coronation street lot. If a person were halfway decent he or she would refuse to work with pervs, so I tar them all with the same brush. As for Richards, the same as many he probably wasn`t abused himself as a kid, but went that way because it was the quickest, surest way to a succesful career. He, the same as any of them, could have walked away from that at the start and been a postman or whatever, but have been as good as the next man but oh no. Too sociopathic to prefer an anonymous but decent life. Had to have the fame and fortune. To hell with him and his mates. As for Christian, I have already posted about that. He wasn`t, isn`t and never will be.

  11. Allegedly got a caution (in his real name- not Kitty, the other one) for importuning in toilets at Southport whilst appearing at the Floral Hall.l

  12. The BBC prog Up Pompei had a smattering of vile homosexual innuendo, the BBC considered giving its homosexual star of the prog Frankie Howard a 20 minute slot on childrens TV, similar to and possibly the actual “Jim’ll fix it ” which helped make Jimmy Savile.

    Frankie Howard was a compulsive aggressive homosexual who males of any age were said at the BBC to be at risk, Up Pompei was like Round the Horn, Captain Pugwash and some Doctor Who progs, as an advertisement for homosexuality.

    The BBC has consistently defended the atrocities of Israel and the perversion of its programmes and this is why we must join together and not pay our licenses.

  13. Just in case you haven’t come across this list yet, published on a Spanish blog first, apparently: for making sense of the non-sensical, especially with the aid of Google Translate!

    And do take into account my appeal to the Home Affairs Committee:

    Or where do we stand between accusing the perpetrators and consoling the victims?

  14. There does seem to be a lot of support out there for Cliff, e.g. the reports of fans trying to get him to Number 1 in a show of “solidarity”…. It always amazes me when people like Cilla are quoted in the press as saying they are : “absolutely positive” of anything (in this case, Cliff’s innocence) in cases such as this. We may all have our thoughts but we can’t KNOW anything for sure without more evidence. For example I found it interesting that Cilla’s friend Paul O’ Grady played Cliff’s ” Wired for Sound” on Radio 2 yesterday ( Some of Cliff’s songs indeed have intriguing lyrics)… am wondering if indeed the BBC _ perhaps among other media) are now involved in some retrospective PR for Cliff, albeit he, on the face of it, and for a while, has looked like he must surely be persona non grata in some circles?…..and I say that as someone who secretly enjoyed his singing when he was already firmly out of fashion….

  15. After my brother got married my elderly grandfather had too much to drink and when he did so would ramble on about the war, he said that before WWII a man who was repeatedly removed from outside a local boys school looked the exact image of Gen Montgomery.

    We all used to laugh but I just read the man was in fact a homosexual pervert, I’m shocked to say maybe my grandfather was right and it was Montgomery.

  16. “In the children’s BBC programme “Tracy Beaker” about life in a care home, the home is called “Cliffside” in one series, “Elm Tree House” in the next.”

    Informally known as “the dumping ground”. The programme (and the books it’s based on) glorifies life in a care home, fostering and adoption, and portrays parents as feckless, irresponsible and incapable. Most of the author’s books, aimed at girls in pre- and early teens, deal with “dark” subject matter such as domestic violence, mental illness, extreme poverty, family and stepfamily conflict and instability. In some primary schools, the libraries and book corners of classes in years 3-6 have very little else for girls to read than books by this author.

  17. If he is guilty, so be it. I don’t condone what he is accused of. He deserves any punishment coming to him if he’s found guilty. But I learned from life never to kick any man when he is down. A little bit of charity here folks?

  18. “Because its true.”

    You really sold me on that. But I’m curious and maybe you can back up what otherwise sounds spurious, at best?

    (As for Cliff, it prolly is true!)

  19. What ever Cliff has done or not done, its not up to us to judge him here or anywhere else. Its up to a court of law, with a jury of his peers. As for him being in EGH, we were not there, so cannot put him there ourselves. As for the so called list, how on earth do you know its real? could it not be just another distraction to put the police on the wrong scent? I hate to see people jumping to conclusions and judging others, when they have totally no proof other than what they have read in MSM or social networks. Forgive me while I puke!

    • My nan always used to say: “There’s no smoke without there’s fire.” And your mealy mouthed comment does our children a massive disservice. Furthermore, if you realised how corrupt and perverted our judicial system has now become, with judges themselves paedophiles, you would realise that there is much support in this country for a peoples Grand Jury to bring corrupt judges to book and restore real justice. Time you had a wake up call.

  20. Oh come on. I suppose princess diana faked HER death too. News flash…. All dead celebrity’s are alive and well people! All faked their own deaths! Really now get a grip.

  21. The homosexual community has rallied behind Cliff Richard and is lobbying to have no charges brought, their attitude is that its fine to have sex with boys
    I wanted to talk about Aberdand house i went there in 1963 and saw boys ona daily basis sold for sex with homosexual visitors
    i am sure Greville Janner was one of those, my old frend freddy jones said he thought he recognised Lord Tonypandy as well.
    those boys who fought and refused were punished by the with holding of food from them, and it was not uncommon for boys like this to collapse from hunger.
    I write to Harold Wilson and he replied to me and said homosexuals will intrude themselves into these positions where boys can be abused, i will give your letter to the appropriate people, – and i heard no more
    Tony Colins

  22. No Liverpool jury was ever going to find Ken Dodd guilty of tax evasion, so he elected for trial by jury in Liverpool, and got off

    “Kitty” will do the same, and have a jury full of dotty old biddies. All others in the potential jury will be challenged.

  23. Is the Daily Express having a laugh today? 5 down on its crossword…” Kitty pursues different things at club”’ ( 9 letters ) Whatever the answer is it’s ******P**. Anyone got any ideas?

  24. Not directly related to celebrity/VIP sex abuse (probably), but today a report has found that *at least* 1,400 vulnerable children and adolescents in Rotherham have been sexually abused, tortured and trafficked over the last fifteen years. This is just ONE not particularly large or remarkable town. We already know of individual teen-abuse rings in other places such Rochdale, Oxford and Telford

    Oh yes – the one fact that the media is doing its best to suppress, as it has done for decades, is that the abusers of these young girls are all Asians, preying exclusively on white English girls. This fact has been officially not-noticed or – even worse – actively covered up – everywhere the issue has arisen. It starts to feel like a conspiracy between the authorities and these “vibrant” immigrant communities to ruin the lives and prospects of as many of our young girls as possible. Sue Berelowitz, the “children’s commissioner” has vigorously denied that race has anything to do with any of these crimes. I wonder if she would have said the same thing if gangs of Englishmen had been targeting Pakistani girls for industrial-scale sexual abuse (or girls from Berelowitz’s own tribe – just imagine…). I wonder if she is friends with Margaret Hodge? They certainly have a lot in common.

    Gardeners know how to handle invasive species. Maybe it’s time to take a new approach to this problem.

    • I have been unashamedly advocating enforced repatriation for ALL foreigners for years. Please note, I do not consider our white Commonwealth kith and kin as foreigners like our treasonous scum politicians do.

  25. The government cant very well clamp down on boy-buggery because they have been promoting homosexuality all over the place, in subliminals on the BBC in soaps, magazines and newspapers, but worst of all in schools, we can no longer call them poofs or homosexuals but “gay ”
    which is odd because most of the poofs i have met have been unhappy disturbed people

  26. The Gov’t is getting worried and Tory HQ is sending out e~mails (via its trained sheep) calling Rotherham a “rotten borough”
    Well, what about the London Borough of Westminster once led by Shirley Porter (Con) who sold acres of west London land (cemeteries) at just 5p per cemetery. Is that not rotten too???

    • Aye…..and she skipped to Israel when the heat in the kitchen got too hot. I believe she is back now enjoying life and never had her collar felt by the odd bod squad – why not?

  27. According to the MOS , the Earl of Sandwich ( and I quote ) ”……………confused lust with love ” …………………..when he raped his 7 year old son, Robert, and continued to abuse him over many years .Confused love with lust? NO HE DIDN’T, a man like that only understands lust and hasn’t an inkling what love really is. The Earl of Sandwich was a disgusting incestuous paedophile . The MOS statement infuriated me as it’s almost saying that the poor old aristo couldn’t help it. Disgusting !

  28. @Julie Roberts: Your naiveté, or should I say, your ignorance is astounding. Do you seriously believe that a jury of Kitty’s peers would convict him??? His peers practice the same perversions as him, and would use their connections to prevent an untainted judge (if such a creature exists) from locking him away where he belongs. It’s from spreading the word and exposing these monsters that the public will start to wake up and pressure the law to pursue justice, so that something might finally be done. You are right about 1 thing though: none of us were at the EGH …. but Cliff (aka Kitty) WAS.

  29. @Christinne Radu: If “Because it’s true” is the only answer you can give me in response to a genuine question, I’m afraid I’ll have to suspect the veracity of all your comments.

  30. @thetruthnotdoctrine: I too believe Paul Walker’s ‘death’ was faked, but I think Princess Di was murdered. While she was alive, she posed a threat to Pip and kin because of what she knew and her choice of associates. I think she had a genuinely kind heart, unlike the rest of the ‘firm’, and she also knew she was at risk, even predicting how her death would be arranged.

    • Hi Suze, Yes and if we follow the usual Psy-op hoax strategy, Diana talking about her ‘death’ prior to it happening is classic par for the course behaviour. Like all the twin tower images with planes hitting them before it happened. I think we need to keep an open mind on this one – question everything. PS not forgetting that she disassociated herself from many charities also just prior to her ‘death’ or disappearance.

  31. Let us remember from history that the British press has always suppressed things about the ‘royal’ family that were common knowledge overseas. The 1936 Wallis Simpson crisis and subsequent abdication is a prime example, but there were many others, especially ‘princess’ Margaret and also Edward VII’s infidelities. Surely by now you all know who controls the British press?

    So its a case of “Here we go again”, and “Princess Kitty”, (aka Harry Webb) seems, like Saville and others, to have attracted some sort of royal celebrity status. Look how the Mail turned 180 degrees on Diana once she put the royal family at risk of exposure. Yet “Fergie” is safe as she is so dependent on royal protection from Andrew that they know she’ll never squeal.

    They do extremely well in Ireland as they have voted in a president for 7 years, and then he’ll be replaced by another elected head of state. Elected by every citizen, and not just a group from the ruling party. Higgins is making a great Presidency in Ireland, but at the end of the 7 year term, he’ll stand down. That’s what we should have in the UK.

  32. i cry for Engand, i cry for its people, the born and those yet to come.
    but there was a man, one man who promised to stop the perversion, give jobs and homes to our people,
    watch this short vid here and weep

  33. During W W II it was Jewish men exploiting young kids sexually in exactly the same way as is now done by Muslims.

    Some years ago the TV celebrities Barbara kelly and Isobel Barnet went to minister Barbara Castle and told her of MPs and others buggering small boys in care homes on a massive scale.

    The BBC threw Isobel Barnet off TV as a troublemaker and gave the hit show to Jewess Esther Rantzen and changed the name to ‘That’s Life’ from the Braden Beat.

    Barbara kelly was married to the programme’s originator Bernard Braden, who along with his wife and Lady Isobel Barnet were never again seen on TV.

    Some short while later Isobel Barnet was accused of stealing someything worth 87 pence from a shop and allegedly took her life.

    She had been compiling a dossier on government ministers involved in homosexual shenagigans with young boys-
    in those days it was not a gay sport called boy-nobbing it was called child abuse and was hushed up.

  34. Individuals for the ‘celebrities’, but gangs for the proles.

    We want the ring Mr. Webb was involved in. We want all the rings & their links, but most importantly, we want THE ONE RING THAT RULES THEM ALL.

  35. So the Earl of Sandwich has been exposed as a homosexual, big surprise eh ?
    How many other men get married just as a cover to hide their perversions ?

    • How many other men get married just as a cover to hide their perversions ?

      Very, very many of them. However, wives were much more tolerant when they discovered the truth about their husbands. Thankfully, those days are now behind us.

  36. Much as I like your stuff Coleman isn’t it about time you withdrew from Cliff and wiped it? Maybe try him from another angle…. just keep it fresh.

  37. If it states that Cliff came voluntarily he did just that!!! Cliff is a good Christian all the rest is fabrication and lies. No one has any proof of any wrongdoing. I know just as many people who can verify that he is a good Christian. Why shouldn´t he be. He is an easy target because he is not married and lives with his best friend, but he is a good man.

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