David Hockney, Cliff Richard, Lord McAlpine, mysterious deaths and the VIP child-abuse connection

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Sicko artist, David Hockney, used to have a crush on wrinkly Christian singer, Cliff Richard.

He was so besotted with Cliff that he drew a pathetic picture entitled ‘Doll Boy’ to show his love.

According to Hockney:

Doll Boy was a reference to the pop singer Cliff Richard, who was very attractive, very sexy. I’m not a great pop music fan, I wasn’t then and I’m not now. But I’m a lover of music and a lover of songs and I like singing. Cliff Richard was a very popular singer and I used to cut out photographs of him from newspapers and magazines and stick them up around my little cubicle at the Royal College of Art, partly because other people used to stick up girl pin-ups, and I thought, I’m not going to do that, can’t do that, and there’s something just as sexy, and I stuck them up. He had a song in which the words were, ‘She’s a real live walking talking living doll’ [sic], and he sang it rather sexily. The title of this painting is based on that line. He’s referring to some girl, so I changed it to a boy.”

He then went on to produce yet another painting this time showing himself canoodling with Cliff called ” We Two Boys Together Clinging“.


Cliff has recently been the subject of child-abuse allegations.

Jimmy Savile was a big fan of the boy scouts and by a strange coincidence so are both Cliff and Hockney.

Some claim the scouts are a paedophile-infested organisation, deliberately set-up to provide a steady stream of boys to be abused.



David Hockney was a staunch defender of paedophile painter Graham Ovenden and believes that artists should be allowed to work with nude children.

Ovenden’s work was admired by scum-of-the-earth Lord McAlpine.


Despite claims to the contrary McAlpine did not die earlier this year but is in fact in a secret hideaway, bricking himself that he’s about to be discovered.

In March 2013, Dominic Elliott, died at the Bridlington home of David Hockney.

The media claimed he was Hockney’s assistant but he had been strangely ‘befriended’ by the painter at 15 years of age.

Dominic used to be a normal, rugby-loving lad but appears to have been groomed and corrupted by Hockney and his partner John Fitzherbert.

The night of the death is shrouded with mystery and initial reports that there were no natural causes was soon replaced with lurid headlines that Dominic died after swallowing toilet cleaner and was a heavy drugs user.

This is the same crap used against Peaches Geldof when she was found dead in similar circumstances.

(Cliff Richard was also implicated in the unsolved murder of Jill Dando and was questioned several times by investigating officers.)

David Hockney ran away to Los Angeles soon after the incident and according to the Mail, Dominic Elliot’s young reputation ‘was sacrificed to save the artist’


In a macabre twist, Tom from the BA blog made the following statement about Hockney:

not to diminish the tragedy of this young boy’s demise; but the past eerily catches up to the present, when chillingly, I am reminded of a late summer weekend, some 25 years ago in East Hampton, and learned from dear sweet David a lesson on the virtues of silence during a friendly late afternoon beach house cocktail party turned into a sweltering Berlin style smelting furnace floor bustling with eager middle aged trolls looking to jackhammer NY city boys awed by cash, names and fame.

Some great,near great and ne’er do wells of the NY art scene had their fill of heated sessions of “meet and greet” young future models while sprawled on mattress covered floors …David, not a novice to the new world’s debauchery, didn’t flinch, as years of sweltering romps have oil cooled this painter’s steely demeanor, so the passing of this boy from his own attic, is a single peg added to his bedpost of many who were previous conquests of years past…

Critics and the media has made more of David and his art than extended history will reward, but this will not be forgotten. That East Hampton beach house summer “fun”: not fondly remembered, but still recall vividly whispered taunts from an attic “playroom” where a young village boy mastering the rules of the game was told:

“… Slence is golden, but duct tape is grey…”

David is not so far from that East Hampton attic today’.


Isn’t it time we looked again at the f*****g sick world of David Hockney?



40 thoughts on “David Hockney, Cliff Richard, Lord McAlpine, mysterious deaths and the VIP child-abuse connection

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  2. There are so many utterly revolting and totally disgusting figures in public life in this country. It gives me the creeps.
    Who’s next, for heaven’s sake? “National Treasure” ******* Fry??? Tick-tock…..

    • “National Treasure * Fr* ” has already been spotlighted, just someone turned the light out….He was doing a play with Rick Mayall, and he ran away depressed/suicidal (In love with a 15yr old boy). The newspapers were on him, think its why he took “Time Out” then returned bigger than ever. Fing criminals.

      Jill Dando & Princess Di linked murders…..funny they were BEST friends with Cliff Pilchard, and when they were joining forces to use their celebrity/royalty to fight against human rights (Landmines/Weapons) and Child Abusers in BBC, then Di gets hurridely assassinated and so does Jill.

      VERY SAD that so many brainwashed/unwashed will turn up to their funerals and buy flowers, but WON’T try to find the monsters who ORDERED their deaths.

      • It’s interesting that Fry was doing a play with Rik Mayell when he ‘ran away’. Especially as Rik’s death is considered not to be quite as cut and dried as the MSM would have us believe.

    • I remember back in the 90’s watching Chris Evans show TFI Friday and one of the guests was Stephen Fry. The host (Evans) asked Fry to describe his ideal woman if he were not gay. So Fry went on to say how she would look and her figure etc when all of a sudden, Evans interupted by saying ”That’s not a description of a woman, sounds more like a 12 year old boy!” Which was followed by a huge studio laughter. But the moment the words had left Fry’s lips, that was when I knew he is a proper wrong ‘un!

  3. Lucian Freud was a friend of Hockney and painted his portrait –

    He was also a friend of the Krays, and I’ve heard that he ran up a MILLION POUND (in the early 60s) gambling debt with them.
    Imagine being a million pounds in debt to the Krays. Some others of Freud’s close friends were perv Francis Bacon. and JACOB ROTHSCHILD.

    Lucian was the brother of Clement Freud, who befriended the McCanns in Portugal.
    Just saying.

    • The Queen is a really creepy old woman. She’s certainly in good company with this shower of shite; totally at home in fact.

    • It looks like ‘Mad Madge’ is telling the perv to ‘pull my finger and make me fart’, girlish giggle! And ‘Pervo the Painter’ is thinking, ‘feck me, Savile WAS right, she is a nutter’!

  4. What a joke that Hockney’s toddler-esque daubings are considered “art”. The powers that be want us to think black is white, left is right, right is wrong, and up is down.

  5. Lucien Freud was a real nut-job, I watched him once fly into a temper and slash madly at a picuture canvas.

    He was not particularly talented but he had the name, and a strong Jewish clientele,and of course he claimed hundreds of sexual conquests.

    His picture of Robin Gibb the Bee-Gees singer was in homage in that Robin, like Savile ,claimed 1000 conquests, all kids of course.

    • “He was not particularly talented but he had the name, and a strong Jewish clientele,and of course he claimed hundreds of sexual conquests.”

      That applies to many other famous Jews. The list is endless….

  6. Hockney campaigned for nonce artist Graham Ovenden’s work to be returned after it was confiscated by Scotland Yard.
    From wikipedia:

    Confiscation and return of images

    A year later, in England, some of Ovenden’s photographs were confiscated by the Obscene Publications Squad from Scotland Yard but returned after a campaign by Lord Hutchinson and fellow artists Sir Hugh Casson and David Hockney.


  7. To everybody reading this, l will recommend something l have just read in the Irish Times today (23/08)

    It is a write up on the book “Hack Attack” by Nick Davies, and the critique by Michael Foley makes Davies’s book “a must” to read. For example, it tells of how Gordon Brown “lent” Chequers to Rebekah Brooks for a pyjama party. It tells of how the crocodile tears over the hacking of Milly Dowler’s mobile phone was because of damage limitation to allow the takeover of BSkyB

    The Irish press is free from British Government pressure, and there are never any photos of the self-important “royal” freeloading, lazy trollops, Beatrice and ‘Uge Aynie. However, this book about how Murdoch and his crew run the corrupt political scene in Britain must be told. READ the book

  8. Bloody ‘ell…they’re everywhere. Remember a few of the names from my old Soho days back in the 60’s…..I used to frequent Norman Balon’s pub ‘The Coach & Horses” and used to enjoy ‘ear wigging’ on their conversations………unbelievable. Jeff Bernard…now he was a character after my own heart…………

  9. A close friend used to watch the London army barracks on CCTV, to make sure no Irish nutters bombed it.

    One car was always pulling up there so often they got to know the numberplate, it was Cliff Richard’s car and he would chat to the young boys there and try to get them into his car, in the end they told him he was interfering with security there and he denied it was him.

    What a queer shit that man is.

  10. I really like the Lucien Freud paintings – his use of light and shade here is nothing short of genius. Definitely one of the greatest British figurative painters ever.

  11. You can’t deny that so I guess you won’t publish my comment. Why are the Brits such cultural Philistines when it comes to art? In any other country – particularly my home country of France – artists are lauded!

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